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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-23-2008

Today the Hellfire Legion intercepted a =LSF= incursion into Magellan at Freeport 4. I assisted our allies HF in obliterating this pathetic force of corrupt commercial lackeys with zero losses to friendly forces. I personally vaporized one of the =LSF= fighters myself.
[Image: LSFSerpicoKObyMoriarty.png]
The Hellfire Legion after action report (post #1277) is uploaded there.
Hackers should be aware that one of the =LSF= ships was carrying a Nomad Energy Cannon, which I retrieved after the engagement. The use of this alien technology by the so-called guardians of Liberty is quite disturbing, and points to some nefarious plot that we mut begin to unravel. The weapon has been transferred to our R & D Division for analysis. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 02-24-2008

...hack data...

The day started with my supervisor giving me some easy missions against those Bounty Hunter scum.
They were all successful, as expected.
All pilots are transferred to Mactan for interrogation.
After that, I was scouting the are when one transport ship appeared.
I finally managed to hack one corporate lackey, by myself!
He was foolish enough to use the Jump Hole from Leeds and he payed for that mistake.
He was, however, reasonable enough to pay for his evil deeds, so I didn't have to kill him.
My Dagger is proving to be a very good strategic ship.

Uploading data now :


Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-25-2008

Due to their continual wickedness and corporate deviousness, combined with their flagrant flaunting of their filthy rich coffers, [KOF] has been promoted to the High Priority Hunt List. Their Universal Shipping Identity papers has earned them a universal mandate to be hunted by The Lane Hackers. Vaporize their combat craft with extreme prejudice, and bankrupt their transports with financial hacks at every opportunity.
You aren't a REAL Lane Hacker if [KOF] isn't willing to pay some scum for vaporizing your ship! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 02-26-2008

Last few days were under the banner of corporate flunkies and their above normal activity turned to collect a bounty on my head placed by those corrupted, worthless and pitiful oligarchy of blind ignoramuses. Here is they first attempt:

[Image: bh1cw7.png]

2nd with assistance of Emilio:

[Image: bh2uw8.png]

Also today while Emilio and me were "inducing" with our peacefully methods those patsy traders to rethink were their businesses should be truly directed, we have been engaged in Magellan by BH Gunboat. With assistance of UOG friends we have managed to atomize him rapidly:

[Image: bh3cz9.png]

Here is a 2nd attempt of today, also with assistance of Emilio:

[Image: bh4im4.png]

Ion Storm prevent us from any further actions.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-28-2008

Hackers, our forces experienced a highly profitable day yesterday. Svengali, Emilio Largo, and Le Chiffre successfully hacked several traders passing through our territory. As soon as they entered California to pursue further opportunities, our informants notified us of a large patrol of Navy and LSF heading towards Magellan. They regrouped in Magellan, and while Svengali began hacking the Navy communications network, Moriarty and the Lane Hacker Assassin Schiavona joined Le Chiffre and Emilio Largo. Our team then advanced to California. We travelled halfway to California Minor and the LSF and Navy team soon sprung our ambush. Their forces consisted of 4 fighters, 1 bomber, and a Gunboat.
I and Schivona focused our fire on the Gunboat USS-Hornet while Le Chiffre and Emilio Largo kept the fighters busy. The GB stupidly led us beyond the rest of the fight where the fighters could not assist him, and was obliterated.
[Image: USS-HornetKObySchivona.png]
The mercenary DarkAngel arrived too late to assist the gunboat and engaged us. A Liberty Cruiser had joined the fight so Schiavona and Moriarty moved back into range to assist Le Chiffre and Emilio Largo. The Cruiser suffered heavy damage and eventually withdrew from the battle.
Our collective attention then turned to the SA and LSF, who were destroyed one by one.
[Image: LSFKoaceKObyEmilioLargo.png]
[Image: DarkGladKObyMoriarty.png]
[Image: DarkAngelKObyLeChiffre.png]
[Image: LSFFirebatKObySchiavona.png]
[Image: SA-JohnTalonKObyEmilioLargo.png]
[Image: SA-CSMKObyLeChiffre.png]
Towards the end of the fight, another mercenary and a BHG capital ship arrived to assist the now non-existent lawful forces. The mercenary [/JG\]-Space.Trucker had his Kusari GB obliterated despite his cowardly attempts to flee. The BHG, Jgd.Panzer, we left helplessly floating in space amongst the debris of the ships that we had destroyed. Presumably he tractored in the escape pods of the destroyed pilots and returned them to their base.
All told, The Lane Hackers triumphed over 2 Gunboats, 1 bomber, 1 Liberty Cruiser, 1 BHG capital ship, and 5 fighters with ZERO losses to The Lane Hackers. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 02-29-2008

Greetings. Today the fridge and I echanged fire in friendly combat, and I was thourouly chastized. I needed the training, especially agianst his mines. I look forward to the opertunity to train with the use of my mini razor agianst fighters in the futur agianst more gulible taargets.

In other news, I believe I have completed the requirements for the rank of 'Hacker'. I would request more information.

......Hack over.....

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-29-2008

Robin Hood has been promoted to the rank of Hacker.
I am considering simplifying the reputation criteria for advancement to Hacker to simply require a Lane Hacker Guard IFF on that hacker's existing combat vessels rather than the complex list that is now in place for that promotion. Any objections to this should be made ASAP. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 02-29-2008 data...

Sr. Director Moriarty,

You mentioned a while ago your interest in an item obtainable only in the Omega systems. I have taken the Liberty of tracking down said item, but so far have been unsuccessful (//already been looted). The system it is located in is a dangerous one, full of Nomad-controlled Rheinlanders. Skilled pilots without their supplemental modifications. I did manage to collect an interesting Power Cell, however and I am currently analyzing it. The Hessians (with whom I have taken refuge until I can complete my work and collect your item) have offered me a full one-million credits for it. I thought I should bring it home to Mactan first, however. Also, I have found the locations of possible other "goodies" in the same system as the Power Cell. However, it was too dangerous to go in for a close look (// also looted).

When things seem to quiet down, I will return to these systems and attempt to salvage both your items and anything else of real value that can be located. Will report again soon... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-29-2008

All hackers should check their personal comm channels [email] for receipt of our Intelligence Database. All items in this database should be verified and dates updated regularly as the opportunity presents itself to you.

[size=small][font=Fixedsys][size=medium]Technicians Hugo Drax, Ned Kelly, and Emilio Largo :

[font=Fixedsys]Intelligence reports have led me to believe that the Bretonian authorities have constructed some sort of research facility in the Newcastle system. Our astrogation technicians suspect that there is a jump hole from the Manchester system leading to a region of Newcastle close to this installation. Reports of BAF convoys carrying large quantities of mines to the Newcastle system lead me to believe that the installation is surrounded by a minefield. Your mission should be a joint operation involving at least two of you acting together. Your objectives are as follows:

1. Locate the jumphole from Manchester to Newcastle and locate the secret Bretonian research facility.

2. Find a route through the minefield to the facility and secure both BAF and Civilian personnel from the vicinity of the facility for mania-interrogation.

[font=Fixedsys]3. Reconnoiter the defenses of the facility, including any military activities.

[font=Fixedsys]Each of you should specialize in carrying out one of these objectives and provide a separate report in this comm channel. Coordinate data and holo-scan documentation should be provided for EACH objective along with any other notable data collected.

[font=Fixedsys]If only two of you are able to carry out this mission at the same time, the third objective should be left for the remaining team member to accomplish.

Completion of this mission is critical for your advancement to Specialist rank. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 02-29-2008

...hack data...

It was quite a messy day, again. But glorious one for Hackers.
After dealing with few corporate fools who were trespassing into Magellan, we were invited by [LR] flagship, Graviton, to aid Rogues in an attack in California.
We didn't hesitate, so we assembled what we had and headed to Alcatraz depot.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Graviton battleship, HF gunboat, one LR fighter and me set the course to planet Mojave.
Soon after arriving, massive Liberty fleet approached us from the New York direction.
Their forces outnumbered us again, they had 2 Cruisers, 5 fighters, and 2 mercenary bombers, who joined them later.

Graviton easily managed to crack trough first Cruiser's hull, and then targeted another Cruiser.
But Graviton's shields couldn't hold fire from so many enemies any longer, and it was destroyed soon after the first Cruiser fell down.
However, another Cruiser was critically damaged by Graviton's fire, and tried to flee.
Luckily, we managed to CD him in the last moment, and finish him off.
Hellfire Legion gunboat scored the final hit.
It was then when a Nuclear mine found it's way to LR fighter, and vaporized it to pieces. We'v found the pilot's pod, however.
Proserpine[merc] and Nakar'mir.Entye[M] arrived to help the lawful forces.
While I was covering the GB by chasing down Proserpine's bomber, Ernst Stavro Blofeld managed to make some chaos among LSF/SA forces.

=LSF=FireBird fell first :

[Image: fir.jpg]

=LSF=Nimbelwright followed :

[Image: nimb.jpg]

A Magnetic storm interrupted us, but not for a long time.
After it, Le Chiffre joined us, and we engaged the hostiles once again.
Only 2 bombers and 2 fighters remained on the opposing side.
Hellfire Gunboat couldn't sustain the fire from 2 bombers, and it was soon after destroyed.
Only Hackers survived, so 3 of us continued to fight them off.
We concentrated our fire on a Mandalorian first, and it wasn't long before his ship was divided into tiny pieces :

[Image: largo1xg2.png]

Proserpine was next, and he was soon destroyed as well :

[Image: chiffre1ba1.png]

2 SA fighters left only. One of them, Jake Benson, tried to flee, but we were there to stop him.
After a long chase, all the way to NY JG starting from Mojave, he was destroyed :

[Image: largo2er5.png]

The last one fled successfully.

After searching the debris around New York jump gate, we found the pod of the destroyed Avenger.
Pilot Jake Benson is currently on Mactan base, where he awaits the Interrogation.
Maybe he's more worth to those scumbags then to us?
He's a regular soldier, my personal opinion is that he is of no use to us.
But at least we can trade him for a huge amount of credits on our accounts.
We will see.

Emilio Largo. terminated...