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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Vesper L. - 03-12-2019

[Image: 134c.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Esteemed colleagues, i will be brief.

James Erzie, apparently, has severe memory complications, and completely forgotten he was prohibited to enter Liberty as his pathetic diplomacy did not let him slip through the case.
I have noticed his vessel being picked up by Spyglass network in Colorado, and immediately manned the closest possible asset to intercept this mongrel. As i succeeded with the interception - i have caught Erzie's Serenity-class transport filled to the brim with Cardamine right by the Kepler anomaly in Colorado.
He was reminded of his sins for which he was banned from Liberty. He was reminded of the consequences.
I have ensured he left towards Kusari before rerouting back to Colorado anomaly in Kepler, keeping in mind that a Xeno Alliance Pilgrim Liner have been passing by, and they could send someone to investigate.
It have happened, indeed. I have encountered a Xeno fighter not far from Nome base, the hideout of these pests.
We held a brief conversation instead of having each other at a gunpoint.
I'd assume it was worth my time, however, the approaching Ion Storm have forced me to break off and seek temporary shelter at Ames.


To: Lane Hackers LH~: Subject:SOS - Stefan.Pomerov - 03-15-2019
...connected via unencyphered burst message....

This is Stefan Pomerov... **STATIC**

...woke from cyros.... **STATIC**

..'ave slight memory lo... **STATIC**

..mmand codes revoked, aside from... **STATIC**

...Trade... **STATIC**

...Commandeered ship. Headed to Home Base.. Send instruction...**STATIC** Stefan Pom.... **STATIC**

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brutus Clay - 03-16-2019

[Image: kTjMZIp.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]

Dear colleagues,

Recently, while I was travelling between our bases of operation, I came across a duo of Xenos. While I was met with the hostility one would expect from such backward troglodytes, they obviously had no idea they were dealing with a member of the Professorship. This allowed me to test the waters somewhat.
See for yourselves:

As you can see, the Xenos seem to retain their irrational hatred for anything remotely enjoyable or profitable, Cardamine included. However, like the obnoxious little magpies they are, they can easily be distracted and placated by a shiny trinket.
This seems to be the best method of dealing with them, short of the aforementioned frying of the brains.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Elektra King - 03-16-2019

[Image: 20a.png][Image: 5.png]
[Image: 14.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]

Report on recent Xeno Alliance encounters

Log #1 - 826-03-10
First encounter involved a Xeno bomber, callsign Sidewinder. The bomber accompanied the Hellfire Legion 'Arbiter' class battleship Annihilation to California and offered assistance in the destruction of Liberty Navy forces present in the system. Myself and two passing Rogues had found ourselves accosted by Navy forces at Planet Mojave and were attacked by four enemy snubcraft and a single gunboat. Two enemy craft were neutralized by myself and the Xeno and a third fled the scene while LNS-Tijuana was occupied with the Rogue gunboat. On the Tijuana's return the captain of the Annihilation bade them leave the area, which they did.
Apparently, the captain was not truly deterred by the battleship's threats and returned shortly afterwards at the helm of a siege cruiser - regrettably, they were able to knock my ship out of action with a surprise attack.

Log #2 - 826-03-12
Encounter number two took place within range of Buffalo Base. Contact was made with alliance vessels Night and Sonora and the pilots' language suggested aggressive intent. However, Sonora, a Grizzly class freighter, left the scene after sustaining damage from one of Buffalo's patrols and the remaining Eagle was quickly dispatched by an accompanying Lane Hacker affiliate when provoked.

Log #3 - 826-03-16
While calibrating a newly constructed bomber I was alerted to the presence of a Xeno Alliance member, Phantom 6, within the Magellan system, an unnamed associate flying Mactan Aggressor requested that I not attack the contact. Curious as to their activities I accompanied the two to the Coronado system where the Xeno was given a tour of the system by the pilot of Mactan Aggressor. I was then left with the Xeno who fortunately appears to have had no ill intent for the time being and we parted ways in Cortez. The reason for this excursion and the identity of the other Lane Hacker allude me - I leave it up to the professorship to conclude what to do with this information.

Despite recent communications from the Xeno Alliance all Lane Hacker pilots are advised to remain vigilant. Their motives are unclear and some of their pilots clearly still harbor an aggressive disposition towards our organization.

They are still a hostile faction until the professorship has decided otherwise.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Ambrose - 03-18-2019

[Image: square-portrait-hacker.png][Image: 1.png]

Greetings Colleagues,
After detecting unidentified signals originating nearby Mactan Base a small patrol consisting of Meltdown and myself were dispatched to investigate. We ended up in the Vespucci system where we ran into a Legionnaire pilot named Samuel Locklear. Unfortunately for him we had caught him while he was packing his bags and leaving to Barrier Gate. Some Hellfire Legion reinforcements of his arrived shortly after along with a Hacker affiliate named "Hacker". Combat ensued shortly after and all four legionnaire vessels were destroyed while our side only took minimal damage.
Samuel.Locklear|| No Evidence Of Destruction
[HF]-Raisu|| Destruction
[HF]-Caleb.Oh|| Destruction
[HF]-Gamma.1|| Destruction

I believe this will be satisfactory in completing Survivability.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr.Ling - 03-19-2019

Greetings. I have good news, and news that is a matter of opinion. In my attempts to be promoted to operative, I have entirely completed one of the missions. However, in my haste, I did not read the instructions carefully, and instead of doing in-house smuggling runs, I have done long-distance runs, specifically to and from planet Malta. As I have mostly committed to these runs, I inquire whether I should continue, or switch to in-house runs.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 03-19-2019

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]


As I am a bit less than more familiar to our new systems as I have returned to the ranks of the Inner Circle.
I have a new name for my rank, and new requirements to which I have to dedicate myself to.

None the less.

I wish to dedicate myself to the 'Influence' criteria.

With my Cyrosleep medical problems coupled with my prolonged lack of my Cardamine... I'm having some difficulty in recalling all of my criteria.
I am having to conduct some deep data mining in order to provide accurate records of my actions.

As of right now, I have had a deep net dive (With assistance) proving that I have had donated in at least 650M SC to the faction.

I have performed missions such as followed:
Mission 44: Info
Mission 63 Phase 1: Info
Mission 65: Info (this includes further entries into Mission 63 phase 1)

Special Mission:

Girl Scout Cookies, 2017-12-09 19:00 UTC
Archived invite to LR And Junkers - Mission Completed

<Should be handled as 'Entrepreneurship'>

Further updates when found.

Very Respectfully,
Stefan Pomerov

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mildred Wolfe - 03-20-2019

[Image: square-portrait-hacker.png][Image: 1.png]


Initial objectives upon acquiring the EL-HiL27 "Rhino" Liberty Freighter yielded success with some obstacles along the way. Immediately upon acquiring the vessel I proceeded to collect and deliver various pilots to Lane Hacker superiors at Mactan for "re-conditioning". Quickly after I made way to the New York system along side several other operatives, we met at the scene of what would be a very face paced battle at West point. Against four liberty navy fighters, two of them belonged to "Gold" wing, their outfitting seemed to reflect that of the collective. I took scans in case of future encounters, the battle began, and I quickly disabled one of the fighters with a mine before being focused down and damaged myself. With little combat experience in the EL-HiL27, I wasn't able to effectively fight the BDR-804 "Guardian" Liberty Very Heavy Fighters that sat behind me.

Fortunately, repairs to my freighter were done in haste back at buffalo, and I proceeded to begin the distribution phase of my initiation. Before I could deliver the first set however, I detected and tailed a transport hauling helium to Planet Erie in Pennsylvania. At first, I thought it would simply dock, but the vessel had an interest in leaving the system alive - thus I successfull extorted two million S.C. from the transport before embarking on my journey. Evidence below outlines cardamine distribution to all 3 Lane Hacker installations covered in the manual. Upon return each return I delivered a full cargo hold of Counterfeit Software.

I will await further instruction on Mactan, where my freighter currently resides.

- Arrival (Airdrie Hideout) - delivery

- Arrival (Leiden) - delivery

- Arrival (Mactan) - delivery

- Trade vessel - Demand - Successful extortion.

- Gold 9 Scan

- Gold-11 Scan

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Franz O. - 03-20-2019

[Image: 141b.png][Image: 1.png]

Dear Hackers,

after recieving the transmitter and a small amount of credits, I started my journay with some jobs from Mactan, mostly hunting down Rookie Bounty Hunter Pilots. After a few well paid jobs, it was time to request a Interrogation Vessel so this Rookie Pilots won't get bored on my ship while also becoming useful again

After the successful transfer, I headed towards California to intercept some corporate vessels that are passing through this system. It didn't took that long and I already found my first ship that happily donated some credits. While I already planned to relocate myself, another transport and his captain decided to be so nice and donated another chunk of credits. With this two donations, I was already happy enough and prepared my trip towards Buffalo, but out of no where a third transport arrived and was willing to give me the last donation for this day.

I'm currently at Buffalo, refitting my freighter and preparing for the next operation.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mildred Wolfe - 03-21-2019

[Image: square-portrait-hacker.png][Image: 1.png]


In accordance with the requirements for Cautiousness I've taken detailed scans of two hostile vessels encountered while on patrol today and during a distress call response from another Lane Hacker in Shikoku. The first encounter took place in New York at the Texas Jumpgate, the vessel in question was a Universal shipping Surveyor on its way towards the Texas system. The vessel was equipped with a standard armor, thruster, shielding system, A.D. Scanner, Screamer mines, firestalker missiles, and a full set of Garand six tachyon cannons. After attempting to fleet the vessel was engaged by a fellow Lane Hacker, using the Jumpgate as cover from the attacking Hacker vessel, I moved in to destroy the Surveyor with a single mine.

The second vessel in question was a Coalition military "Saboteur" class Heavy fighter escorting several other Coalition transport vessels. The vessel was equipped with a standard armor, A.D. Scanner, anti-laser "Champion" shielding, Coalition-made thruster. The vessel was armed with a mosquito cruise disruptor, nuclear mine dropper, two Dragunov class EMP cannons, and four Kalashnikov class tachyon weapons. Engaged in a brawl with another Lane Hacker, the vessel was terminated.

Scan details:

- USI (contact) - Confirmation

- Equipment Scan - Weapon scan (1) - Weapon scan (2)

- Coalition (contact) - Confirmation

-Equipment Scan - Weapon Scan (1) - Weapon Scan (2)