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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Kress - 02-29-2008

...hack initiated..decryption.failed..
Incoming Transmission..
Comm ID: Admiral Kress
To: Lane Hackers
Re: Captivity

How dare you..?

Well, this must be Launders' fault, but we don't have much time for the bloody details. As I recognize from the recent reports, Jake Benson is being kept under detention in Mactan. Now, I could dispatch a specially trained squad of naval corps to bomb your base down to the ground and exfiltrate the area to return with the mentioned pilot, but I don't trust the Rogue presence of Alcatraz. They would look for possible ways to ambush our convoy, for sure. Jake ain't a regular pilot yet and it is true that he doesn't know much compared to his superiors. So, I must request from you to release the pilot at once without harming him. In return, a reasonable sum will be transferred into your accounts.

Ending Transmission..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 03-01-2008

...hack data...

The Jump Hole to Newcastle has been located. After a very thorough search in Manchester, I managed to follow a Bretonnian Armed Forces patrol. They passed a jump hole to "Salisbury" or somewhere, then to the Newcastle Jump Hole. A group of Gaian ships emerged from the Jump Hole and annihilated the Crusaders. I was thankfully out of scanner range, hiding in a small cloud of dust.

Here is a picture of the jump hole. It is located in 4.7 C.6.

[Image: NewcastleJumpHole2.png]

After locating the Jump Hole, I activated the jump sequence to explore what was on the other side. When I emerged in Newcastle, a group of Mollys were attacking some Bounty Hunters. I moved to assist but my ship was atomised by a nuclear mine. The Molly leader tractored my escape pod in.

The Mollys eventually won the fight and brought me back to Mactan. I told one of them my assignment, and he gave me a map of the Barrier Nebula in Newcastle.

[Image: NewcastleMap.png]

From what I saw, the jump hole is a common pathway for both the Bretonnian authorities and pirates. During my intel gathering, my scanners showed Bounty Hunters, Gaians, Mollys and the Bretonnian Armed Forces patrolling or using the anomaly.

Awaiting my next assignment. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 03-01-2008

//Software failure, encryption not permitted from this terminal.
//Warning, recipient is known terrorist and enemy of the state, legal priveledge to organise defence with any and all witnesses necessary invoked, message transmitted successfully.

Damn, typed in the code myself and it still doesn't work, atleast this isgetting through.
An LPI cruiser froze my dodgy engines after I loitered around Manhattan too long, advanced thruster always fails, but the greed of targets affected my judgment, should've left the area.
After having engines frozen, a boarding party proceeded to enter the ship and search the cargo bay.
Recommend development of adequate hiding places, and a secret hold.
Am currently in custody in Manhattan, organising legal defence.
We know the courts in NY are biased, no Judge in Manhattan ever let a Lane Hacker go, so I'm dedicating the majority of my time to this as I am no good to the Lane Hackers if in a lockup on Manhattan, and the only escape route appears to be the legal method.
My apologies for disregarding orders to stay out of Manhattan space in violation of previous command directives.
Unwilling to discuss further due to security concerns and the right to a fair trial which may be jeopardised.
Only got this message out through an unsecured civillian prisoner terminal.
Recommed Moriarty confirms via pm to either me or Drax, any further public communication regarding this matter may jeopardise safety based on the known usage of using any and all communications suggestive of guilt or wrong doing against an individual.

//End message, Message sent.

* LPI notes. Due to content of message we advise full search of prisoner and elimination of communication rights along with an extended period of custody prior to trial, prisoner has been denied bail due to previous breaches and evasion/resistance of police along with destruction of LPI pilots after ejection.

Noted reference to most wanted criminals, strange that the AI didn't pick this message up as a threat and automatically reject message protocols, appears a technical glitch has occured with the AI systems.

Further notes: Shame the engine crippler worked, would have been appropriate to assassinate this suspect under circumstances of Martial Law considering the crisis we face.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 03-01-2008

...hack data...

After I received all necessary info about the Newcastle jump hole, I proceeded on my mission.
I headed to Manchester, found a jump hole with the help of Hugo's map and jumped.
I found myself in that Barrier Nebula. I took the Trade lane towards North, where the minefield should be located.
While using Trade Lane, i was avoiding populated areas, and jumped before the final destination.
Soon after, I have found the Ancient Mine field.

[Image: minefieldsn0.png]

After investigating it for a while, I have found two ways to bypass the minefield.
First, harder, is to find a small gap, which is much harder to find when entering the field, but much easier when trying to get out of it.
I have found it, looked around me trying to find a way to remember where it is, but to no avail.
Everything around me was the same, with exception of the sun behind me :

[Image: minefield2kn5.png]

Another, easier, way would be to go around the minefield. It is possible from both North and South.

I continued further into the minefield, searching for the research station, when all of the sudden I'v spotted a huge object in front of my eyes.
Luckily, I was hidden in the cloud, so patrols were unable to spot me at the time.

[Image: minefield3pg9.png]

I have never seen anything like that. I suspect it is either an ancient Alien technology under the investigation of Brettonia authorities, or a new technology that is being made by Brettonia itself.
However, I have no idea what that technology could be.
Our friends, Mollies, might be interested for these activities.

I continued towards the object, until I spotted the research station that I was supposed to find.

[Image: minefield4cd7.png]

I'v found some Clydesdale freighters around, transporting machinery to the station.
I quickly engaged them and captured the Civilian pilots.
BAF patrol then spotted me, and headed towards me to kill me as an intruder.

[Image: minefield5cq7.png]

I managed to destroy 3 of their inferior ships, and pick up their pods.
I headed to Manchester Jump Hole then, where a Police patrol awaited me.
I managed to loose them, and I safely arrived at Mactan base.
Pilots are currently awaiting Mania Interrogation on Mactan base.

I have made a map of the Minefield, station, and a nearby Battleship :

[Image: mapash0.png]

Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-01-2008

[Image: th_Project1.png]
Svengali stood before the prisoner, who was laser-cuffed to an interrogation chair in the small detention cell inside Mactan Base. Six hours of mania-interrogation had not yet revealed any useful intelligence, but Svengali knew that the prisoner was close to the breaking point. In fact, he sensed that the pivotal moment had just arrived.
He leaned in close to the prisoner's ear and whispered in his most hypnotic cadence,
"Admit it, you pusillanimous toady : the LSF is staffed entirely by monkey-loving, fratricidal philatelists, isn't it?"
The look of utter confusion on the prisoner's face betrayed the truth.
"I KNEW IT!" Svengali triumphantly declaimed.
"Director Moriarty will be most pleased to hear of your admission of guilt."
The totally discomfited Jake Benson stared as Svengali stalked out of the cell.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-02-2008

Last night being almost not bothered by any lawful forces at all Ernst, Emilio and me magnaged to set a up a trap for servants of Agiera and Interspace between Fort Bush and Planet Manhattan. Shortly after Ernst and Emilio had to move on called by their own personal businesses. A while later I was engaged by police vessel. His pathetic attempt was ended by Emilio who suddenly came out from a Colorado JG:

[Image: emiliosta2.png]

He left as fast as he came so once again I left alone, but not for long. I recived message from friendly Outcast Destroyer that he is in fight against GB and other forces near Manhattan. I came to aid as fast as was possible. As it turned out Bomber and Figher belonged to KoF was there as well so I was very pleased to see them there. When I reached their possiton GB was nearly destroyed and it took just a few seconds till his ship fragmentation. Then we concentrated our fire at that KoF scum. It didn't take long before they realized what fate is waiting for them if they stay a bit longer. Both of them hit cruised engines and managed to leave the fight. We chased them for not too long couse =LSF= vessel prevented us. When they saw that we were stopped by this lackey they enagaged us once again...few minutes later:

[Image: minevg8.png]

Seems that was clear sign for them to begin definitive flee. At Rochester we refilled and on our way back we met once again KoF vessel. We start pursuit, he was headed to Colorado JH. Emilio was informed about his direction and with help of him we caught him at Pueblo Station. All this way Emilio was chased by BH name Cowboy in a Gunboat. Fortunately we had Outcast Destroyer with us so he brough his attention and soon destroyed him. While he was doing it we managed to make a huge damanges to KoF Super Heavy Fighter. When he was nearly dead in a last moment he got permission to dock at Pueblo Station. He was lucky this time...

[Image: enginerax8.png]

Second later some Corsair scum arrived and enagaged us immediately. It was just a matter of minutes when he stand out of all batteries and nonobots. Nearly dead he suddenly dissapeared...I couldn't bealive my eyes, there was just no sight of life after him, he just vanished from both short and long range radars at once...

For me that was enough action for a single night. I headed safely at Mactan for well deserved rest.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 03-02-2008

……comm.ID.Looter recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

[status report]
I understand it's been long since you heard of our family. I have outfitted a new Scimitar, a ship I have never flown before. I forgot to install a long range transmitter on it I'm not as young as you boys ... sometimes I just forget. Except for that minor glitch, the craft is running fine. The paint and shapes seem to be designed not for the Barrier, but for the Dark Matter Clouds near Leiden and in Kepler, therefore I have decided to test the camouflage. It was well worth it, several corporate traders have lost their cargo before they knew what was going on, and when they figured things out, I was back in the clouds.

I have also learned that there is a bounty on my head, so the hunters are not making things much easier. They pose only a minor threat with their Barracudas, though, as well as the occasional KNF patrols in the area. Something has crossed my mind. There might be an interesting event coming up, I'm waiting for the Sr. Director's approval before making it public.

[Image: k9.gif]

[Image: k1.gif]

………hack terminated……

[Image: Technician.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 03-02-2008

……comm.ID.Refrigerator recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……
I've tried to keep a low profile for the time being. It has become a common knowledge that there is a 30 million bounty on my head, or rather my ship's destruction. Nothing is perfect, although I must admit this pilot sounded scared to death, much like the others.
[Image: screen13.gif]
I was dealing with Junkers at that time, dirty black market business as usual.

I'd like to keep 5 seconds of silence in memory of the following pilots who died under my guns:
[Image: k32.gif]

[Image: k31.gif]

[Image: k10.gif]

[Image: k05.gif]

[Image: k03.gif]

[Image: k36.gif]
Rest in peace.
………hack terminated……
[Image: Specialist.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 03-02-2008

……comm.ID.Refrigerator recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

Although lacking digitally signed evidence, I'd like you all to know that:
Quote:Death: Ibanez was killed by LH~Refrigerator (Gun)
The annoying Liberator in the constant state of Temporal Flux with even it's amok-running-though-not-so-smart pilot has been incinerated today about 15K north of Freeport 4. This is a message to all Bounty Hunters: those 40 million on my head aren't there just for fun. The amount has a reason.

When I finished searching through the debris, and believe me, more than I could take - that guy was stuffed with Nukes - I intercepted TrekInterSiriusFreight who gladly shared his income with me and was escorted to the California Jump Gate.

Moreover, both escape pods of - LH~Ernst.Stavro_Blofeld and LH~Moriarty have been safely recovered, even with their personal bags of Cardamine. Good to have you back, folks!

………hack terminated……
[Image: Specialist.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-03-2008

Congratulations to Le Chiffre and Highwayman for achieving the distinction of the rank of Hacker!
As a sign of thanks for your devotion and hard work on behalf of The Lane Hackers, the clan will purchase a bomber for each of you if you desire one for your personal use. Note that a bomber for general clan use will soon be deployed once it is acquired (probably within one week from now). So you may wish to simply rely on this one instead of maintaining a personal bomber, but that will be up to you.
Also, all Lane Hackers be on the lookout for our returning Lane Hacker, Trainee Jean Le Rouge, and our new Recruit Francis Drake.

All Lane Hackers are instructed to recover as many ARCHANGEL weapons as possible and transfer them to LH.R&D or the interrogation vessel in Magellan if R&D is unavailable. [Loot that weapon with ALL of your LH ships!]