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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - KageTenshi - 08-18-2019

[Image: 147a.png][Image: 2.png]


I have completed the promotion criteria Reconnaisance.

The route the convoy was set to follow was New York -> Texas -> California -> Cortez -> Magellan. Starting from Buffalo, and ending at Mactan. No tradelanes or jump gates were to be used during the trip, to avoid detection and unwanted attention.

The convoy consisted of:
Elliot.Carver, Lane Hacker transport
LH~Justin.Vek, Lane Hacker transport
LH~Kage.Tenshi, Lane Hacker bomber escort

Below is a summary of how the operation went:
I met with Elliot Carver outside Buffalo base. Justin Vek communicated with me to inform me that he was on his way, and i opened an encrypted communications channel so that we could talk there with no fear of detection. Justin Vek arrived at our location, he filled up on cargo, i explained the route to them and we started to go towards the jumphole to Texas. Notice the Bounty Hunter that is tracking us. After seeing this, i knew this would get rough.
We took the jumphole to Texas and proceeded normally to the next waypoint, which was the jumphole to California.
This, unfortunately, is the last piece of visual information i could gather from before the fight started. Notice that Elliot's ship is left behind, he had a malfunction and his cruise engines wouldnt start. I immediately headed back to him to help out, and asked Justin to stay where he is. At that point the Bounty Hunter jumped to Texas. Elliot managed to get his cruise engines to work. I told both transports to continue their journey, and i stayed back to buy time for them. I knew that the Bounty Hunter was there for them.
I managed to attract the Hunter's attention, and he engaged on me. After a long 10 minutes of playing cat & dog with the Hunter, his 120 Cruise Disruptors were gone. I intentionally acted like i would fire my cruise engines every 4-5 seconds, to make him waste a disruptor on me everytime, scanning his cargo from time to time to check out his reserves. When his ammo was empty, i knew that this is my chance. I activated my cruise engines and headed to the California jumphole. He, of course, followed me. So i thought i would engine kill, turn the ship around, and fire one of my own disruptors on him. So with him a bit far behind, i continued my way to the jump hole. At the jumphole, there was backup waiting for me, the Hunter scum called for help cause he knew he would never get me. The second Hunter kept the jumphole busy so i couldnt dock, as seen, but he mistakenly assumed id take the jumphole myself, and he went throuh, to wait for me in the other side. At this point, the first hunter is sure im dead, but he doesnt know me well. I open my map and set a route for the closest tradelane, while dodging his fire of course. This is a chatlog of our talk. Using the same engine kill technique described before, i manage to reach the tradelane with the Hunter being 3K away from me. I dock with the lane, and drop a mine as i do so. Here is a piece of visual proof of the Hunter watching me being in the lane that i just disrupted for him.
After this, i knew i was gone. I did the same meneuver on the next tradelane, and after finishing that tradelane journey too, i headed back to the jumphole to California, using my cruise engines of course. Here's a few more chatlogs of the convoy's conversations, and me going to Mactan after all of this to celebrate the successfull operation.
Visual proof of Cardamine reaching Mactan provided by Justin Vek
Visual proof of the entire route, that i was unable to have myself because of the fight, provided by Elliot Carver

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Elliot Carver - 08-21-2019

[Image: 43b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10s.png][Image: 23s.png][Image: 30s.png][Image: 40s.png]



I have completed all three requirements for the Fixer perk, and request my Mactan Network profile be updated to reflect so.


Although I am not an Assassin by trade, I managed to capture all 25 required pilots via forced ejection from their once intact ships. These prisoners were promptly transferred to the Mactan Interrogator, as the visual evidence will show.


Through a series of runs utilizing our various Repossessors, I have completed the required amount of unique Export/Import trade routes. Below you will find visual evidence for three of those runs.

Counterfeit Software (Export)
Energy Field Equipment (Import)
Hydrocarbons (Import)
Three Additional Routes


Medusa Gorgon reached out to purchase two cloaking devices and four codename medusa weaponry, as she knew our valuable supplier network would be required to acquire these items as anonymously as possible. We discussed terms, and I accepted the request. As we don't work for free, a 50.000.000 donation was made to start the deal, with a 50.000.000 donation to be made when finished. An invoice was submitted, and a final meeting location was discussed via private channels.

Naturally, I reached out to our neighbors at Freeport 12 for their services in manufacturing this requested equipment. After some negotiation, a price, a time, and a location was confirmed.

With Medusa paying the invoice in full, and all the items acquired, we met at Leiden Base in Galileo to complete the hand off.

Although Medusa has yet confirm via our communication channel the completion of this business transaction, I believe you will find all this visual evidence provided in this report sufficient in any case.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Ambrose - 08-23-2019

[Image: 139a.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]

I haven't been keeping up with my paperwork so this message will be longer than you probably want. During this time I have completed several criteria and will await for approval on them. The completed criteria along with their evidence can be seen below.

I sent video evidence directly to the professorship and will await your response. I believe it will more than qualify.

I was able to destroy three fighters during a single engagement near Fort Bush. Visual evidence provided below.
Scan of 5th|Charlie.Davidson

Scan of 5th|David.Nelson

Scan of Josh.Atano

Only three are required but I will provide a few extra so feel free to pick your favorite.
Scan of YT-RoboGamerMc

Scan of =LSF=Fiddler's.Green

Scan of [*USI*]J.Harrison[CSO]

Scan of LN_Foxtrot12_Red_Queen

Scan of [Navy]-Palo-Alto

Scan of 5th|R&D-Nox

Scan of LPI-Dawn[O]

Scan of LPI-Alban.Jankowski[RO]

Scan of FTI>'Specimen'-A

Scan of Bubba.Joe.Trucker

Scan of Terrance.Maynard

Scan of LPI-A,Ashford[O]

Scan of MRG|Marcel-Patulacci

Scan of LPI-Dawson[S]

Scan of Robert_Smith

Scan of LP-S.Anderson

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Elliot Carver - 08-23-2019

[Image: 43b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10s.png][Image: 23s.png][Image: 30s.png][Image: 40s.png]



During a routine Honeytrap attempt on a known Interspace transport, this potential intelligence was gathered. I was posing as a freelance trader who was looking for some advice on her current route, with the intention of requesting a fly along. Of course, this means an ambush.

The potential intelligence is this line: "Word has yet to reach pirate factions that Interspace Commerce can third party trade with warring factions."

I attempted to press her for more clarification by feigning ignorance on the value and what this truly meant, with the intention of having her correct me. Of course, this lackey's IQ was too low to engage is such activity, and instead more or less replied with "Yeah, basically"

I will admit, my study on the current trading relationships of Interspace Commerce is a bit rusty. I will allow the professorship decide if this information is of any value to us.

Additionally, I would request this counts for at least Espionage. However, considering this could potentially be a informational security breach by an official Interspace Commerce employee, I would want to explore leveraging this for Infiltration if the information is determined incriminating enough.

If you have any further questions, I can be contacted here, or in person at Leiden Lounge.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max_Zorin - 08-24-2019

[Image: 149a.png][Image: 1.png]

IC - Determination


After engaging a fool of the LPI with the assistance of one of our colleagues (I fear the harassment would have never ceased otherwise). I traveled to the Pennsylvania System to see what was ripe for the picking. I happened upon a Deep Space Engineering Transport filled with Neon! After a pleasant negotiation, he understood the comfort and security our transaction would bring me, and was kind enough to donate to our cause.

Recorder footage of the negotiation was attached. Unfortunately, my cockpit flight recorder malfunctioned for part of the encounter, hence the scan is not recorded, however the voice transcripts and transaction confirmation did survive.

Mission Report

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Elliot Carver - 08-24-2019

[Image: 43b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10s.png][Image: 23s.png][Image: 30s.png][Image: 40s.png]



Allow me to apologize in advanced for this incredible information dump. I have been hard at work completing promotion criteria, and I am enjoying every moment of it. My hope is that you see this at steadfast dedication to our cause, and my eagerness to advanced through the inner circle. Below you will find my three reports in regards to Saboteur. Once approved, I will begin preparation for my aptitude test immediately.


Ah, the "Big Three" and their insignificant pet the DSE. Allow me to express the joy I have had hunting down and extorting their pathetic lackeys, stripping them of various levels of profit and peace of mind. Mark my words, for as long as I draw breath, these corporations will think twice before sending out their Transports while I roam the systems. Below you will find three examples of such extortion. These are not the only, and they certainly wont be the last.



Interception System: New Berlin

What I thought was going to be my Fraudulency report, has turned into my Insidiousness report. A great Lane Hacker knows when to seize a bird in the hand, despite the lure of two in the brush. Allow me to explain. During my Honeytrap attempt on an Interspace named Meg Rivers, my interception was thwarted when another Interspace Transport got caught in my ambush. My instinct to abandon the Honeytrap and extort this new target proved to be the right call, as Meg admitted to sending him in first to "test the waters"; not long after, passing our interaction cloaked. Had I let this one go, to salvage the Honeytrap, I would have left with nothing.


The Setup

My mark was a freelancer named Craft Lawrence. Our Spyglass Network Scanner had him identified as an extortion target who flew a mammoth. Under a stealthed transponder, but with Lane Hacker IFF and ID, I made first contact.

Our conversation began at one of my favorite interception spots, 17k behind the Kansas Jump Hole. I greeted my target as I do all my potential victims, as to get confirmation that my identity is unknown to them. To my dismay, he implied that we may have met in California once. Shame, clearly I must have pirated him at some point. Lucky for me, a quick denial was enough, and our conversation continued uncontested.

Quote:Elliot.Carver: Greetings Freelancer. Have we had the pleasure of speaking before?
Craft.Lawrence: Greetings. We've met at california, if I remember correctly
Elliot.Carver: Have we? I don't leave Pen very often. I repersent the Copper Storage facility in Kansas. Have you been?
Craft.Lawrence: My bad, must've mistook you for someone. I'm currently on contract with Synth Food, haven't been to Kansas - I hear it's nice

I introduced myself as a representative of the Copper Storage facility in the Kansas system, as well as asking if he had been before. With confirmation of his ignorance, I knew which play I wanted to go for. As I had been waiting at this jump hole for hours, I wanted to trick this mark into mining me some ore; with the intention of extorting him for it after completion.

Unfortunately, this Freelancer was not mining capable, so I quickly changed tactics. I pretended I was attempting to out bid his current contractor, and fed him some corny line about Copper being the blood of Liberty. With his interest peaked, I informed the freelancer how he could make those sweet credits.

Quote:Elliot.Carver: What is Synth Foods paying? I am sure we could do better. Copper is the blood of Liberty I always say.
Craft.Lawrence: So they say
Elliot.Carver: Are you mining capable? As we have Jobs to Freelancers willing to mine some Copper Ore for us.
Craft.Lawrence: Well, I cannot do it myself, but I can ask a friend of mine
Craft.Lawrence: I'm not much of a miner myself
Elliot.Carver: The job is simple. Fill up on Copper Ore, either by mining in our Copper zone, or purchasing from our facility.
Elliot.Carver: Our prices are the best in Liberty, not to brag
Craft.Lawrence: Well, I could buy some to have a taste of your business
Elliot.Carver: Once you have a full shipment, you must bring it to our secondary location in Vespucci. When the Silver Mine shut down...
Elliot.Carver: We have had less traffic, but business MUST continue.
Elliot.Carver: Will you or your friend be willing to take this Job soon?
Craft.Lawrence: I can probably make that detour about naw

The idea was simple. Convince him to purchase a full shipment of Copper Ore at the Kansas facility, and deliver it to the new facility we opened in Vespucci. You know, the one that definitely exists and did not fabricate. After confirming his cargo space, I used this opportunity to reposition to the Kansas Jump Hole in Vespucci.

Once he agreed to try this new fabricated route, it was just keeping casual conversation going from there. We discussed route profit, backstory, anything to keep it interesting. With only two complications along the way, I received confirmation of the pickup. As I eagerly waited for the jump, I came to the conclusion that this was actually going to work.

General Conversation
Quote:Craft.Lawrence: So, I shall fill up in Kansas?
Elliot.Carver: You are a lifesaver. Do you know how to get to Kansas from California?
Elliot.Carver: Yes please. You can either mine it at no cost, or purchase at around 3k per unit at our Copper Storage facility.
Elliot.Carver: Our facility in Vespucci pays less then Honshu, but it is much closer.

Cargo and Profit
Quote:Elliot.Carver: What is your cargo space sir?
Craft.Lawrence: I can carry around 2000 units
Elliot.Carver: Well, our transports typically take around 4 to 5k metric units from us. So we might need you for two trips.
Elliot.Carver: Will this be an issue? The route is one jump hole away.
Craft.Lawrence: Not an issue, as long as it pays
Elliot.Carver: Well, the Kansas facility sells around 3k per unit, and our Vespucci facility pays 6k per unit. As I said,
Elliot.Carver: It pays less then Honsu, but we need a reason for Independents to move ore from one facility, to our other.
Elliot.Carver: I miss our Silver trade, but what can you do huh?
Craft.Lawrence: indeed. I'll be arriving at Kansas about now

Complication #1
Quote:Craft.Lawrence: Can you provide the coordinates to facility?
Elliot.Carver: It is in C6. Where the old Silver Mines use to operate.
Elliot.Carver: I will be docked at the Facility if you have any questions.
Craft.Lawrence: this is embarrassing , but I cant seem to find the Facility
Elliot.Carver: I am showing you are still in Kansas
Craft.Lawrence: I'm orbiting Colby at the moment
Elliot.Carver: I am so sorry, you were asking where our Kansas facility was. Not this one.
Craft.Lawrence: Yep
Elliot.Carver: Please accept my most sincere apologies, I had assumed you meant where this facility is. Most have our base on the map by now
Craft.Lawrence: Sorry, haven't been to Kansas before
Elliot.Carver: If you head to B3, you should find it on your Scanner

Complication #2
Quote:Elliot.Carver: How are you back in Californa?
Craft.Lawrence: Autopilot malfunction ran me through a planet
Craft.Lawrence: Rescue team was on their way to Cali, it seems
Elliot.Carver: Ouch, I am willing to pay for any damages or time wasted. Are you on route back?
Craft.Lawrence: Yes, I'll be back in Kansas immediately
Craft.Lawrence: Nevermind, my ship was ensured

The Ambush

As he jumped to Vespucci, I immediately took control of the situation, and warned him what would happen if he attempted to run. I wanted no misunderstanding of what was happening here. I casually explained how valuable he has been to the Lane Hackers, and proceeded to make my demand. Which in this case was 2 million credits, or 700 copper. Of course, my demand with made without fuss. I collected the cargo, and delivered it to Mactan Base.

Pre Jump
Quote:Craft.Lawrence: Found it!
Elliot.Carver: Great! A DSE contractor should have filled it up. If not, someone is getting blacklisted.
Elliot.Carver: Just give me a heads up as you jump to Ves. I will undock, and come meet you.
Craft.Lawrence: Everything is fine so far, 2145 units of ore are on it's way to Ves
Craft.Lawrence: Ves jump

Post Jump
Quote:Elliot.Carver: Halt Freelancer. I know this must be confusing. But lets have a chat eh?
Elliot.Carver: If you take that jump hole, I will be forced to chase you and take all that ore. This is not what I want.
Elliot.Carver: This copper ore is very important to our cause, and we thank you for playing such a vital role.
Craft.Lawrence: I should have guessed
Elliot.Carver: This took much longer then I thought it would.
Elliot.Carver: As I did put you through all this trouble, I will only demand 2M Credits, or 700 units of that copper. Your choice.
Elliot.Carver: Our cause is important, but I won't rob you more then what is required.
Elliot.Carver: If you take the rest to Planet Honshu, you will make this back and more.
Elliot.Carver: So what is your answer Freelancer?
Craft.Lawrence: I can share copper, That'll allow me to earn smth as well
Elliot.Carver: Wise choice. Thank you for supporting the our faction.
Craft.Lawrence: Now my contious is clear for giving you all that trouble

As a bonus, I entertained the idea of using this Freelancer as an informant for future deceptions and intelligence. I doubt it will bare fruit, but there is no harm in planting seeds.

Quote:Elliot.Carver: Fair enough. If you are willing to sellout other Freelancers, we would be happy to pay for real intelligence.
Craft.Lawrence: That was a strange first impression as far as courses go. I'll consider your offer
Elliot.Carver: Now that you know my true identity
Craft.Lawrence: That was the most valuable asset of our meeting, yes
Elliot.Carver: If you are willing assist me in future deceptions such as this one, it will most beneficial to both of us.
Elliot.Carver: I will be in touch.
Craft.Lawrence: That is fascinating that you trust me with not setting up mirroring response. I'll consider your offer
Craft.Lawrence: and any beneficial activity, for that matter. I'll be in touch
Elliot.Carver: Freelancers have no allegiance. Other than credits. This was not personal, only business. I am sure you understand.
Craft.Lawrence: Sure. For us freelancers, all of sirius can be considered a marketplase with strategies and opportunities to unfold

Visual Scans

Transport Scans
Jettison Confirmation
Mactan Delivery Confirmation

Miscellaneous Files

Attached: Condensed Transponder Logs
Attached: Full Transponder Logs (for authenticity)

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Xenia.Onatopp - 08-24-2019

[Image: 148a.png][Image: 1.png]

1C - Determination


I have completed the task as instructed. I was able to intercept a Freelancer ID'd ship hauling basic alloy in the Shikoku system. I extorted him for 2,5 million credits, and sent him on his way after he transferred the funds. The evidence of the incident is submitted in a separate link below.

Cargo- and ID scan plus communications log

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max_Zorin - 08-24-2019

[Image: 149a.png][Image: 1.png]

At approximately 1635 hours I was transiting Manchester en route to Leeds to join my brothers and sisters there. I was approaching the Leeds jump hole when I was approached by the [SIS]-HMS-Crumpets. I took no aggressive action and radio silence was maintained until I was struck by a cruise disruptor. I was then told that Leeds was off limits. After a couple of tense exchanges in which the ship dropped my shields. I warned him to desist or I would have to retaliate. He did so again. We engaged in ship to ship combat which, unfortunately, the battleship prevailed in.

Flight Data Recorder

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Ambrose - 08-24-2019

[Image: 139b.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]

I completed the Raid criteria today with the help of Yoko Kayabuki, Max Zorin, and Vladimir Scorpius. The details of the mission and visual evidence will be provided below.

We mobilized in the Magellan system for a strike into Leeds where we hoped to encounter some Gauls. Instead, we encountered two Bounty Hunter gunships near the Manchester jump gate. They were after a bounty on us and proceeded to open fire. The Mactan Retaliatory was brought out and we made quick work of them, they were obliterated with the extra firepower. With the two hunters destroyed we proceeded with the initial mission and entered Leeds.
Expecting heavy opposition we instead encountered a plethora of convoys from both sides of the war. They were transporting refugees from the planets surface. We made the best out of the situation and extorted credits from an Interspace Commerce, MRG, and IDF transport. There was also a small Gallic Royal Navy Freighter that was destroyed in our wake. Before leaving Leeds and heading home we ran into a Bretonian Secret Service bomber, it was dispatched of with the help of the Jigabachi's missiles. Unfortunately Max was hit by a nuclear mine and sustained critical damage. His escape pod was located and brought back with us to Mactan base.

Visual Evidence:
Scan Of Frank.Murphy

Scan Of Richard.Lymangood

Scan Of L'Astucieuse

Scan Of [SIS]-Victoria.Price

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max_Zorin - 08-24-2019

[Image: 149a.png][Image: 2.png]

Incident Report: California, 1850 Hours

I was awaiting the arrival of an incoming transport on the trade lane between the New York Jump Gate and Riverside Station. Unfortunately, minion of the law S. Anderson came into my operational area. While we exchanged unpleasantries, freeman. a freelancer whom Anderson believes is affiliated with ALG waste disposal, came upon me and fired without warning or provocation. Unfortunately in the two on one situation, I was unsuccessful.

Anderson is a regular thorn in our sides but as a flunky of Ageira and the other corporate criminals, he is predictable. This freeman., however, should be referred to our colleagues in the Warfare section for immediate interrogation and liquidation.