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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 09-06-2019

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 13i.png][Image: 23i.png][Image: 30i.png][Image: 43i.png]

Greetings. This will be a rather brief report.

After our colleague Glass reported that a Liberty Battlecruiser was sighted in the Kuryo Cloud, in Kepler, I decided to perform a solo intel gathering sortie.

Glass' findings turned out to be very accurate: exactly 17.1 clicks from the Galileo Jump Hole, according to my scanners, is located an 'Interdictor'-class Liberty Assault Battlecruiser, with its hull designation being Wyoming. Upon nearing it, as expected, its defenses came live on me. From the scans I managed to obtain, it does look the same as every other Liberty Battlecruiser, maybe slightly older than the others.

I will proceed in gathering more intel about this - so, dear Professors, expect an update as soon as I obtain the required information. Guncam footage archive direct link located below.


Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - "Paragon" - 09-12-2019

[Image: 152a.png][Image: 1.png]

I am pleased to report the completion of the following criteria.


I encountered an ALG vessel in New York after it had jumped through from Texas. Upon being requested to stop, the ship's captain readily complied and addressed me politely. He reported that his cargo would fetch a valuation of roughly 1,700/- per unit. Not wanting to argue or render myself exposed for too long, I asked for a presumably fair donation of 170/- per unit amounting to a total of 850,000 credits. The Captain paid this sum readily and even requested for permission to depart, I did not occupy him any further.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Raphael Drake - 09-29-2019

[Image: wyZzKrt.png][Image: 2.png]


I finally had the chance to lead a Raid. Together with Master Assassin Mildred Wolfe and Assassin Kurt Ambrose we engaged five different combat-ready vessels and took them down with precision one by one. After the destruction of "LNS-Monitor" both remaining vessels "Toga" and LP-S.Anderson tried to escape but they were pinned down by Master Assassin Mildred Wolfe and we managed to catch up. Their escape brought us very close to the West Point Military Academy where we took down the remaining vessels. Since the beginning of our raid, a Xeno vessel followed us around, taunting the fleeing Navy and Police vessels, however, while we were fighting around the station a Liberty Rogue destroyer showed up to hold off the AI defense mechanism of the station a special thanks to Rogues-Sinister at this point. The Xeno was engaged and taken down by Master Assassin Mildred Wolfe in a very impressive duel between both pilots. During the battle, another Liberty vessel "Shotblast" showed up and took the Trade-Lane towards Planet Manhattan and we decided to go to Buffalo to repair and refuel our vessels. Both Assassins changed to bomber craft and we engaged the Liberty Navy in combat above Planet Manhattan as I managed to take down one of them. Realizing that we could not take down the remaining vessels I called the raid off and we returned to Buffalo.

That's all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Raphael Drake - 10-09-2019

[Image: 144a.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]

This'll be short notice.

Greetings Professors, inner circle, today I've discovered an Outpost in our territory. The station was rather neutral to my presence and the automated defense remained silent. I suggest one of us gets in contact with the owners, maybe there will be something to gain for us.

This is all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konstantin Chernov - 10-11-2019

[Image: 153c.png][Image: 1.png]


A quick message to inform you that I completed the Determination criteria today. I met an empty USI transport on the tradelane linking the Pennsylvania Jump Gate to West Point, in the New York system. After telling the captain to stop at once, I extorted him. He complied readily, paying the sum I requested. Then, I authorized him to go and I left the situation myself not to be caught by a potentially bigger vessel packing a punch I could not have withstood. You can find the corresponding data from my flight recorder here.

Yours truly.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Sol.Horowitz - 10-12-2019

[Image: 154d.png][Image: 2.png]

Good evening.

I have successfully completed the Determination criteria. I managed to intercept an Orbital Spa & Cruise luxury liner coming from Colorado and carrying several passengers. This one seemed to be smart enough to cooperate without hesitation. I had him wire me 1.600.000 credits, after which I let him go on his merry way. I've uploaded the data logs from this venture.

Visual data

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Raphael Drake - 10-13-2019

[Image: 144a.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]

Assassin Raphael Drake reporting my completion of the following Warfare criteria


Professors, I hereby announce my success in combat by taking down three combat-ready vessels - alone. I have demonstrated my superior skills in front of Operative Sol Horowitz who took a lesson from what he has witnessed. The three piloted vessels were no match for me and have been destroyed. If this is not clear enough, I will gladly proof my abilities again.

This is all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Raphael Drake - 10-14-2019

[Image: 144a.png][Image: 3w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 33w.png][Image: 40w.png]

Assassin Raphael Drake reporting my completion of the following Warfare criteria


Professors, I hereby announce my success in another Assassin criteria as I have mentioned above. I have scored a total worth of 79.000.000 S.C of bounty claims paid by the Liberty Rogues. This report also includes all claimed kills on the Lane Hackers Job board scoring a total worth of 110.000.000 S.C which are not paid out yet. My total worth bounties claimed on both boards are 189.000.000 S.C exceeding by 3.78 times the required amount to complete the criteria.

This is all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr.Ling - 10-22-2019

[Image: 138b.png][Image: 2.png]

My my, its been a while. My current report is of my participation in the attempt to reason with the Unioners. I believe this falls under the Reliability criteria in accordance with a special assignment by the Professorship outside of standard mission assignments. Attached are Guncam images extracted from a lengthy recording. Should you wish to have the entire recording, I will be happy to provide.

Due to higher authorities command, I have attached the transcripts of the scanning done to both the Sirene and Virlande Prison.

[22.10.2019 18:10:14] LH~Mr.Ling: <electromagnetic reading: 2147483647>
[22.10.2019 18:10:16] Maximillian.Largo: :: Compensating EM readings ::

[22.10.2019 18:11:53] LH~Mr.Ling: <gravitational.reading=true>
[22.10.2019 18:12:40] LH~Mr.Ling: <gravitational reading: 99999999999999999999>

[22.10.2019 18:13:18] LH~Mr.Ling: <recalibrating.sensory.array>
[22.10.2019 18:13:19] Maximillian.Largo: "Those abnormal EM readings are due to power flow leaks."

[22.10.2019 18:13:50] LH~Mr.Ling: <Reading target: -SLF- Sirene>
[22.10.2019 18:14:00] LH~Mr.Ling: <calibration>
[22.10.2019 18:14:39] LH~Mr.Ling: <WARNING: Target electromagnetic to personal gravity ratio unstable>
[22.10.2019 18:14:46] Maximillian.Largo: "What do you get so far, Mr.Ling?"
[22.10.2019 18:15:10] LH~Mr.Ling: The ship itself isn't happy with what its wearing
[22.10.2019 18:15:32] UN|GEIST-SLF-Sirene: Number three: <static> "Affirmed, Lane Hacker. The ship posseses outboard tesla anodes to mannage the overflow as...
[22.10.2019 18:15:36] UN|GEIST-SLF-Sirene:  "radient electrons."

[22.10.2019 18:17:46] LH~Mr.Ling: <radial scan: Target; -SLF- Sirene>
[22.10.2019 18:19:37] LH~Mr.Ling: <Target Radial Scan: Rhineland 48%, Bretonia 2%, Liberty 44%, Kusari 6%>
[22.10.2019 18:19:50] LH~Mr.Ling: <High Levels of Azurite Gas detected>

[22.10.2019 18:28:33] LH~Mr.Ling: <Replication Scan: Target; Virlande Prison>
[22.10.2019 18:30:31] LH~Mr.Ling: <Reading: Capacitator 2662 not recognized. Capacitator 5312 not recognized.>
[22.10.2019 18:31:38] LH~Mr.Ling: <reading: Active capacitators operating compensator 52001 and compensator 83204>
[22.10.2019 18:31:56] Maximillian.Largo: :: Recompensating for EM leaks ::
[22.10.2019 18:31:56] LH~Mr.Ling: <calculating...>
[22.10.2019 18:32:47] LH~Mr.Ling: <Target: Virlande Prison power station command modules>
[22.10.2019 18:34:08] LH~Mr.Ling: <target: Alpha substation>
[22.10.2019 18:34:43] LH~Mr.Ling: <Confirming...>
[22.10.2019 18:35:53] LH~Mr.Ling: <reading: Station "Virlande Prison" Compensating for Target "-SLF- Sirene" Electromagnetic emissions>

[22.10.2019 18:37:02] LH~Mr.Ling:
[22.10.2019 18:37:28] LH~Mr.Ling: ::target.friendly.reading.::
[22.10.2019 18:37:57] LH~Mr.Ling: ::error..IFF.glitch::
[22.10.2019 18:38:47] LH~Mr.Ling:
[22.10.2019 18:39:58] LH~Mr.Ling: ::data.log.hardware.scan::
[22.10.2019 18:40:27] LH~Mr.Ling:
[22.10.2019 18:41:35] LH~Mr.Ling: I have some more interesting information...
[22.10.2019 18:41:40] Maximillian.Largo: "Spit it out."
[22.10.2019 18:42:00] LH~Mr.Ling: It apears that the sirene must return to this station every two cycles
[22.10.2019 18:42:09] Maximillian.Largo: "How come?"
[22.10.2019 18:42:42] LH~Mr.Ling: The capacitators and Tesla coils aren't enough to match the stray electrical output from the missmatched engine system
[22.10.2019 18:44:46] LH~Mr.Ling: The total energy output is just right to run a spyglass scanner on top of our weaponry
[22.10.2019 18:45:19] LH~Mr.Ling: The unioners have more energy efficient weapons systems, leading the energy system to overload
[22.10.2019 18:45:52] LH~Mr.Ling: the entire ship is electrified to the point of instant destruction of smaller objects touching it
[22.10.2019 18:46:18] Maximillian.Largo: "It means that the Sirene requires a 'power sink' to compensate."
[22.10.2019 18:46:31] Maximillian.Largo: "Something like our Spyglass Scanner."
[22.10.2019 18:46:44] LH~Mr.Ling: Exactly
[22.10.2019 18:47:40] LH~Mr.Ling: However, I find that a reverse engeneering of the ship would not yeald the same results
[22.10.2019 18:48:28] LH~Mr.Ling: The power core is Liberty built from rhineland parts
[22.10.2019 18:49:44] LH~Mr.Ling: They've managed to replace the engine with something reminiscent of a Atlantis class engine with their own parts, or something-
[22.10.2019 18:49:48] LH~Mr.Ling: of the like


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mildred Wolfe - 10-22-2019

[Image: 7OuXe4o.png][Image: 4w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 34w.png][Image: 43w.png]


Following previous Professorship task directive, I, deceiver Largo, Emissary Weisen, Assassin Drake, and Operatives Onatopp / Ling made way to meet the KKS-Siren's captain and Unioner representatives at Vierlande base in the Hamburg system. The meeting in short was a repeat of the original communication only with more reiteration from the Union's leadership-on-scene, as well as the supportive directing by "John Silverstone" Professor Hunter's informant. Silverstone kept the Union on the directive that contradicted with our own agenda, I decided to pave it out bitter and simple for the Union while Emissary Weisen decided to be more sympathetic. Still, even in offering a more grand prize, the Union did not budge. As of [22.10.2019 18:54:29] I made the call to formally withdraw from the allied status in respect to the mission's outcome. As it stands Direktor Frei is still peddling the original offer to have the Sirene inspected on the Union's terms.

Obviously with the recent meeting everyone else will anticipate hostilities and we won't be able to conduct the investigation as thoroughly as we would've been able to in our own custody back home.

A side note, Professor Hunter's informant's actions angered Emissary Weisen to the point of hostility. Upon return from the meeting to Hudson Mr. Weisen made the call to attack the Armored freighter. Assassin Drake and Mr. Weisen's craft were damaged in the process but in the end Silverstone's vessel turned up a wreck as well. He gave me a call later threatening to hunt down our pilots with more aggressive weaponry.

Aside from that, nothing remains to report. Any further task direction will be taken into account.