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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 02-18-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings my fellow lane hackers
this shall be my first report on the happenings of this last week I successfully passed my recruitment to find a Unioner under the name of UN|Hellion was stalking me whilst my first thought was to evade any hostile action in my ill equip civilian shuttle I had the urge to stop running this led to a conversation about the blockade and how they were wanting to sue for peace I played stupid as if I didn't know about it in any shape or form, we were rudely interrupted by a navy battle cruiser a gunboat and a few fighters noticing I was outnumbered and outgunned The pilot of the hellion instead of leaving me to my fate assisted me in my escape this turn of events wasn't expected UN|Hellion's papers. I have all the logs if requested.

In other news, a stubborn universal shipping transport pilot who was smuggling black-market arms to who knows where was discomboulated because he was so awestruck to see a living lane hacker he never responded to my hails, this has been the first time I've ever had to take a life in anger.
I will remain vigilant for any hobbledehoys under the employment of the corrupt Libertarian government and companies that support them

I was contacted by Ms. Mayu Akiyama a member of the Golden Chrysanthemums who was needing an escort from Allentown base to ames research station where she met up with a more suitable ship to take her to the Hokkaido system.
by using my extreme knowledge of the safest and efficient routes we met up with the ship of the callsign .:j:.stagecoach that was going to accompany Ms. Mayu to her destination.
I responded to the hail because I was performing a Cardamine delivery to Niverton Base, we followed a route of from Allentown to Appalachian Asteroid Field and though the California jump hole and from there we crossed open space to the jump hole to Ontario to making a direct beeline for the Colorado jump hole and to finish the trip we went through the Kepler jump hole coming out closer to Nome base for my liking the trip was overall uneventful I was well paid for our services

this concludes my report

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 02-18-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings my fellow lane hackers
I am reporting the successful extortion of a transport vessel of the callsign OS&C|Barbuda without support while piloting a dromedary this should complete Determination criteria he was wise enough to transfer the requested 1 million credits with a little extra, as he and his crew never expected the trip to become risky it must have been a shock to the system to his passengers. After payment was received I agreed to do a close flyby in a manner of saying farewell

this concludes my report this one is a bit shorter than my last one but I decided this was notable and proceeded to ledien as fast as I could to compile this report

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 02-27-2020

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]

Buonasera Professors,

I would like to report the donation of $500 million to the LH~R&D fund, collected over the last few weeks via smuggling activities.

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 03-27-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings my fellow lane hackers
I am reporting the newest location of Destroyer Insidious its location is attached It is just before the Virginia jump hole in Alaska I hope this will help on intelligence-gathering operations, Also attached is A prisoner Transfer for the Relentless criteria

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 03-31-2020

[Image: 158b.png][Image: 2.png]

Today myself mr.ling and an outer circle member who was going under the name of Mactan ambusher went on the hunt for the corporate lapdogs whilst our ambushes were foiled by us being outgunned or outmaneuvered as Mr.ling and Mactan ambusher was both flying bombers not well suited for fighting very heavy fighters and me in a vindicator in our first engagement we suffered critical damage and was forced to flee back to buffalo base, our second ambush was foiled when our target LNS freedom turned out to be a liberty carrier so we beat a quick retreat but I noticed that we were being followed by a bomber and very heavy fighter Mactan ambusher targeted the bomber leaving be with the very heavy fighter whilst I was dealing with 5th|Nazawo. Ayato Mactan ambusher got hit square on with a snac cannon I bested my foe at the cost of my own ship my gun cam footage of his id was corrupted from the extreme damage but the information attached names them as a member of the 5th fleet, this should count as my first kill for Deadliness

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr.Ling - 03-31-2020

[Image: 138a.png][Image: 2.png]

Today was a good day. As I flew the Buffalo Aggressor, an Order pilot, flying the Order|CV-Luxor, came to New York for the purpose of intercepting a shipment of Artifacts. I assisted him in the matter, which ended in the destruction of the cargo transport AMCybercom. Before the incident with the Cargo transport, we exchanged brief words in relation to the state of organisations surrounding us, and during which they gave talk of assisting me with a Lane Hacker Weapons Project.
[31.03.2020 15:28:23] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Greetings
[31.03.2020 15:28:33] Rules Tip: Discovery Freelancer is a role-playing server. All attacks against another player must be the result of some form of written role play. One-Word engagements such as "Engaging" or "Halt" are not considered sufficient.
[31.03.2020 15:28:39] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Ling: Greetings to you as well.
[31.03.2020 15:29:20] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: L: what brings you to liberty?
[31.03.2020 15:29:58] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Some rumors regarding an artifact smuggler, I doubt it's something serious, but it would be sloppy not to look into it
[31.03.2020 15:30:17] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Dont suppose you've seen anything like that over the lanes?
[31.03.2020 15:30:44] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Lanes are filled with LPI tracking right now.
[31.03.2020 15:30:53] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Speaking of which, I should take care of that.
[31.03.2020 15:31:08] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: *Chuckles* Suppose we all have our battles to fight
[31.03.2020 15:31:26] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Tell me, the LPI is privatized right?
[31.03.2020 15:31:38] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: I have something personal with the liberty law enforcements.
[31.03.2020 15:32:04] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Yes, LPI is. They care more about income than the people.
[31.03.2020 15:32:36] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Pff. trusting companies to enforce laws. Reminds me too much of the Core
[31.03.2020 15:32:49] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Whereas the Navy and the Security force are more focused on themselves more than the people.
[31.03.2020 15:33:21] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: And their corperations, more focused on money than the lives of those that work for them.
[31.03.2020 15:33:57] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: And yet, they get to remain. A sad state of affairs
[31.03.2020 15:34:09] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Truely it is.
[31.03.2020 15:34:53] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Still, I can't say I've seen much LPI around. Are they losing recruits?
[31.03.2020 15:35:19] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: We've been putting the pressure on them for a while now.
[31.03.2020 15:35:35] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: I should think that they would learn their lesson once or twice.
[31.03.2020 15:36:10] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: It's gotten to the point where the primary fleet has to send Battlecruisers to attack our fighters.
[31.03.2020 15:36:10] CONSOLE: Base Mr.Trakais SpaceTech Shop is under attack by LPI-Patricia.Lyons[C]!
[31.03.2020 15:36:31] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Heh, we thought the same about the Core, but they are content with sending fresh troops to their graves
[31.03.2020 15:36:49] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Either they get destroyed in suicide missions against the Order, or the Nomads get to them
[31.03.2020 15:37:10] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: I still dont understand why the bounty hunters made their own... government?
[31.03.2020 15:37:27] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: They call themselves an empire, believe it or not.
[31.03.2020 15:38:21] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: I suppose they do run one whole system.
[31.03.2020 15:38:50] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: It's been a while since I made it out to the Omicrons.
[31.03.2020 15:38:50] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: But oh well, people get arrogant. Suppose that's true for everyone that doesn't pay attention to it
[31.03.2020 15:39:05] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: *chuckles* not many trade lanes out there
[31.03.2020 15:39:49] 2020-03-31 15:39:51 SMT
[31.03.2020 15:39:49] Death: Sooshi was put out of action by LPI-Patricia.Lyons[C] (Wasp/Hornet).
[31.03.2020 15:40:07] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: I should, though. I need materials for building a new weapon for ourselves.
[31.03.2020 15:40:23] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Oh? What sort of materials?
[31.03.2020 15:40:28] CONSOLE: Possible cheating detected: OS&C|Pride.of.Eerie
[31.03.2020 15:40:57] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Something that will foucus the energy of the Hellflurry into denser rounds.
[31.03.2020 15:42:05] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Hm, interesting idea, not much of a scientist myself but the Order might be willing to try and help out. If only with the
[31.03.2020 15:42:08] Order|CV-Luxor: materials
[31.03.2020 15:42:45] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Very well then. When the time comes, I'll look towards yours for assistance.
[31.03.2020 15:43:03] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Consider it done. It's quite the coincidence really.
[31.03.2020 15:43:19] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: The Order had intended to reach out to your organization
[31.03.2020 15:43:30] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Perhaps a twist of fate
[31.03.2020 15:44:01] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Perhaps, but I lost my hope in fate on the streets of Pittsburgh.
[31.03.2020 15:44:20] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Hmm..I've heard the rumors. Slavery is big there, right?
[31.03.2020 15:44:36] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: That, and DSE job lots.
[31.03.2020 15:45:04] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Most people who live there die there, and die young if their lucky.
[31.03.2020 15:45:37] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: And that in the 'gem
[31.03.2020 15:45:48] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: 'gem system' of the Republic of Liberty.
[31.03.2020 15:46:20] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Liberty is proficient about lying about her malpractices.
[31.03.2020 15:46:50] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: All too familiar with that. Core members are propoganda made flesh.
[31.03.2020 15:47:14] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: There haven't been many who have escaped the bowels of Pittsburgh.
[31.03.2020 15:47:31] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Since the Rheinland war, only me and my brother have.
[31.03.2020 15:47:31] 2020-03-31 15:47:33 SMT
[31.03.2020 15:47:31] Death: .:j:.Cypher was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
[31.03.2020 15:47:45] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Nobody has done a raid to try and free people?
[31.03.2020 15:48:26] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Many attempt. The LSF usually brings far more weaponry than we have ability to counter.
[31.03.2020 15:48:49] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Hmm, seems we're getting closer to the lanes. Engaging cloaking device.
[31.03.2020 15:49:00] Rules Tip: If you die to a player/players, you must not only leave and not re-enter the system you died in for one hour, but you must also not attack the players you died to for one hour on ANY of your characters.
[31.03.2020 15:49:05] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Tracking devices online.
[31.03.2020 15:49:32] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: The locals don't take too kindly to the Order *chuckles* then again, I suppose you are in a similar situation.
[31.03.2020 15:49:39] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: In good health, may you have safe skies, Order.
[31.03.2020 15:49:46] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Indeed. Good luck.
[31.03.2020 15:50:10] AMCybercom: safe fliying
[31.03.2020 15:50:24] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Please hold it right there.
[31.03.2020 15:51:29] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: The smuggler is trying to make a break for it.
[31.03.2020 15:52:15] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Closing in. Prepairing a speed launch.
[31.03.2020 15:52:21] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Cut your engines.
[31.03.2020 15:52:38] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Much appreciated.
[31.03.2020 15:52:46] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Do you have any idea how dangerous your cargo is?
[31.03.2020 15:52:57] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: High density cargo pods full of artifacts.
[31.03.2020 15:53:16] AMCybercom: yes i need money
[31.03.2020 15:53:51] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Look I get it, people can struggle to get by. But Artifact smuggling is a bad, -very- bad idea.
[31.03.2020 15:53:59] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: You could start a whole second Nomad war.
[31.03.2020 15:54:18] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Where were you taking them?
[31.03.2020 15:54:40] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Probably to sell as trinkets to the Manhatten upper class.
[31.03.2020 15:55:11] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Long range scanners are picking up a Liberty Navy Ship above capitol size.
[31.03.2020 15:55:31] AMCybercom: a rochester base
[31.03.2020 15:55:43] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: *sigh* look tell you what. Drop the Cargo, I'll even wire you some credits. Just clean up your act or next time I'll have to
[31.03.2020 15:55:46] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: destroy you.
[31.03.2020 15:56:28] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: All of them, if you please.
[31.03.2020 15:56:54] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: LPI on long range.
[31.03.2020 15:57:13] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Trust me kid, the LPI is going to be far less friendly then I am.
[31.03.2020 15:57:23] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: They're going to arrest you and toss you in jail.
[31.03.2020 15:58:08] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Bad choice kid. Weapons locked and loaded.
[31.03.2020 15:58:18] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Hoped this wouldn't have been needed. Hope your pod arrives safely.
[31.03.2020 15:59:19] 2020-03-31 15:59:21 SMT : AMCybercom is attempting to disconnect from the server
[31.03.2020 15:59:24] 2020-03-31 15:59:26 SMT
[31.03.2020 15:59:24] Death: AMCybercom was put out of action by Order|CV-Luxor (Gun).
[31.03.2020 15:59:55] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Well, that was a shame he didn't listen to reason. At least we took over four thousand artifacts off the market.
[31.03.2020 16:00:31] Order|CV-Luxor: ?: Thanks for your assistance, he would've gotten away otherwise.
[31.03.2020 16:00:42] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Ah, good hunting, friend.

Later on, I found a Police identified Freelancer who immediately opened fire on me. My quick reflexes and the strength of my combat training led me to best him despite several Jump Gate usages. In the end, he begged for his life and admitted the superiority of the lane hackers at my command, and given that I was needed elsewhere, I spared the pitiful thing. I believe this counts for the Manipulation criteria.
[31.03.2020 16:34:16] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Well well well.
[31.03.2020 16:34:27] GORDO: hi
[31.03.2020 16:34:32] GORDO: th
[31.03.2020 16:34:43] JohnAllen: #huhu
[31.03.2020 16:34:51] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Alrighty then
[31.03.2020 16:35:33] JohnAllen: byebye
[31.03.2020 16:35:45] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: If that's how it's gonna be, then so be it.
[31.03.2020 16:37:23] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Care to beg for your life?
[31.03.2020 16:37:29] JohnAllen: yes
[31.03.2020 16:37:31] JohnAllen: why not
[31.03.2020 16:37:43] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Then beg.
[31.03.2020 16:37:53] JohnAllen: pleas dont kill me
[31.03.2020 16:37:57] JohnAllen: *please
[31.03.2020 16:38:06] JohnAllen: you so boku
[31.03.2020 16:38:16] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: So you know that your kind is no match for the might of the lane hackers?
[31.03.2020 16:38:17] JohnAllen: much much bigger p
[31.03.2020 16:38:37] JohnAllen: the lane hackers are the best
[31.03.2020 16:38:40] JohnAllen: and strongest
[31.03.2020 16:39:07] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Fortunately for you, I'm feeling merciful.
[31.03.2020 16:39:17] LH~Buffalo.Aggressor: Get lost.
[31.03.2020 16:39:20] JohnAllen: thank you great buffalo
[31.03.2020 16:39:57] /time
[31.03.2020 16:39:57] 2020-03-31 16:39:59 SMT

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 03-31-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello my esteemed comrades
Today's operation began with me providing escort to Kage Tenshi. While she kept malta well supplied with slaves and counterfeit software in return we both were loaded up with Cardamine that was handed over to the loadmasters at buffalo base I kept a sole unit for personal use after returning our first load I noticed a hostile on my scanner bracing myself to intercept and remove the treat it turned out to be a republican trade ship that was unarmed and had a bare cargo hold so I extorted the for the sum of 1 million credits but was sent 2 Million instead as Kage Tenshi assisted me in the extortion I offered her the extra million credits. Still, I was told to keep them this should count as my first extortion for Ruthlessness.

After Kage Tenshi left I returned to hunting down pilots for my Relentless criteria when I was set upon by a gunboat patrol understanding that they had the upper hand I was getting ready to evade. but after using my skills with nova torpedos I felled the gunboat in two volleys the snub craft was caught in the blast radius making them have an unplanned rapid decompression of their hulls bringing my tally to 25 pilots. just after leaving the combat zone, I stumbled on two bounty hunter ships whilst woefully ill-equipped to atomically disintegrate them I decided on a risky tactic to use my nova torpedos as an anti snub craft weapon by a stroke of pure luck one hit its mark causing the second torpedo to explode turning the bounty hunters ships into little more than slag around them im surprised that the escape pods still worked. There are the 25 pilots I need, including the 23 I gave to the Mactan interrogator beforehand Prisoner transfer including the gunboat pilot completing the Relentless criteria.

After flying around new york with a band of outcasts and other lane hackers and a few hobjockys was quickly vaporized while I didn't get the kill, I was heavily involved with the death of 5th|Nazawo. Ayato a hoodwink I've already dismantled once before.
I was doing standard drone hunting, so I have some unwilling slaves for the Cardamine fields when a Police identified freelancer who immediately opened fire on me he was no match for a pair of Nova torpdeos he wisely charged me, so my ship was stuck in the blast range totaling my transgressor Mr.Ling had already had an Id scan for the trigger happy freelancer and after my own was lost he was willing to allow me to use his. this should count as my second kill for Deadliness

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Amelia Wolfenstein - 04-01-2020
...{Operative}.{Amelia Wolfenstein}.recognized...encoding.transmission...

I am going to be brief. Wanted to test my little sting shippie in combat, but all i managed to find while traversing space was a sniveling trader in a Tanker. I was very polite when i told him to make a donation to the Lane Hackers or i will tear him another one. He was very polite in paying. I hate polite people. In any case here is proof of extortion and i believe this qualifies for advancement.

Amelia signing off....


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 04-01-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello my enlightened colleagues
this one is going to be brief as little of note happened other than the fact that I had a report of a navy vessel hunting down a Xeno alliance ship in new york I was too late to remove the Xeno but I did manage to vapourize a hoodlum and corrupt official of Liberty navy by the name of [LN] James. Davis he was no match for my enhanced skills this should count as my third kill for Deadliness completing the criteria.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr.Ling - 04-04-2020

[Image: 138a.png][Image: 2.png]

Brethren... Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a long one. During my downtime in Liberty, some signatures that I didn't recognize came across the scanner. I was in the middle of ship maintenance, but these unknown targets "dissippeared" a whole Liberty fleet off the scanner. Unfortunately, I did not go out to investigate. I regret it now. the second part of this happened at around 0-dark-hundred. This communication was broadcast Sirius wide. I can't tell what exactly is in the photo attached to it, but it's not human. I took it upon myself to research these attacks. Accompanied by Kage Tenshi and Konrad von Golda, I made my way to New Berlin. Since we have a status of "avoiding hostilities" with Rheinland law, I took this as an all clear to question them.

The contents of my conversation with the Rheinlanders is attached below. It is lengthy, so I will give a short version here: Upon arrival, we were greeted by a Rheinland cruiser, suspicious of our motives. We clarified our presence, and made it known why we were here. After a lengthy conversation, he mentioned several things of interest. The first, this Vice Admiral's history with the nomads. The second, "things in the dark regions of space beyond the borders of human space that even they fear". The third, his distaste for Liberty. The forth, a directing towards his commanding officers communication network. And the fifth, the information that Gallia is helping Rhineland build trade lanes of Gallic style. I fear the worst, and hope for the best in this situation. They neither confirmed nor denied alien involvement. I would like to request that I be authorized to reach out to the Order and the Rheinland Admiralty concerning this issue.

If any of this information seems to be enough, I would like to count this operation for the Espionage criteria.