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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - KageTenshi - 06-25-2020

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I will be reporting the outcome of a trade convoy beginning from Malta and ending in Buffalo. I believe the following report should suffice for the promotion criteria Entrepreneurship. Earlier today, as reported by Fixer Glass, me alongside him and Konrad von Glöda ran the first part of the trade route, as per his criteria. After that, we grouped up once again, this time both me and Glass carrying Cardamine back to Buffalo. Our route back home was relatively peaceful, up until 2 Corse ships stopped us. I managed to talk my way through them, and manage to pass by their little blockade unharmed. Just a few jumps away, Konrad, being our scout, came across a vessel that was identified later on as a hostile, as he opened fire. Unfortunately the way home through Baffin could not be taken due to the hostile ship's presence, but I lead Glass through Leeds, and then to Magellan, from where we jumped to California and proceeded normally towards Pennsylvania, and finally, New York. I set up a rendezvous point in the Pennsylvania jumphole, so Konrad could catch up to us and proceed to scout ahead in Pennsylvania and then New York. We reached Buffalo safely and dropped the Cardamine at the station, giving an end to our journey.

That is all, Subverter Tenshi out.

2 Deadliness - Glass - 06-25-2020

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Today becomes more and more fortuitous by the minute. I had a chance encounter with a blip on my scanners, a battle between an Outcast and an officer of Liberty's finest. By the time I had arrived to render assistance, the officer was dispatched. But a straggler remained, an LSF bomber. The Outcast kindly offered me the fight and despite the cowardice of the pilot, now residing on Buffalo, the military hardware was made into dust. That's one less Upholder for us to deal with.

This complements another kill I had made earlier, by a strange Rheinlander, murdering Rogues, invading the badlands. They too earned swift death for their intrusion. In each case, they had severely underestimated the importance of manoeuvrability, and the capability of our proprietary adjusted border-world series Scimitars. I'll have to pay some tribute to our engineers in return. I had also managed to disrupt the business of a Deep Space Engineering ship in Manchester during other business, but that was less exciting, admittedly. Did you know that reinforced alloys burn gold?

\\:[] []

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Konrad von Glöda - 06-25-2020

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As Ms Tenshi and Mr Glass have already reported on I was their protection and scout for their convoy the first trip was routine, but the trip back to liberty was much more momentous,
firstly I ran into 2 Corse ships I tried to warn the convoy but the vessels were on top of us Ms Tenshi talked herself and the convoy out of harm's way it was then uneventful until we tried to use the Baffin corridor where we got intercepted by a sabre very heavy fighter this time my warning came in time and Ms Tenshi got away unscathed Mr Glass had a few issues with the trade lanes computer mostly because they were so archaic,

Ms Tenshi wanted to return to help Mr Glass but I advised otherwise and Mr glass was away safe and sound leaving me with this unknown contact all my sensors were able to pick up was the callsign, Cipriano Adimari his transponder was completely alien as well as some of his equipment, once Mr Glass was clear and out of scanner range this vessel assaulted me forcing my hand to activate my offensive systems I was unable to finish off the vessel but it was bearly space worthy by the time that I broke off to reconvene with the convoy knowing that this threat was no longer an issue.
I have attached my data that I got from the unknown ship


Enlightenment: Predictive Risk Isolation - Glass - 07-10-2020

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CLASSIFIED: Report on Predictive Risk Isolation


Over the years, a consistent thorn in our side has been the interference and time-consumption of the Bounty Hunters Guild. What renders these fopdoodles particularly irritating is that many of their ilk come from within the rank and file of the unlawful denizens of Liberty and Sirius at large. As a result, they are oft privy to information concerning routes, jumpholes, watering holes, fences, and bases. A not inconsiderable amount of time and effort on our part goes into arranging and rotating new dead drops, exchanges, routes, and entertainment venues. In light of the risk imposed and the work incurred, an initiative was established to reduce the leakage of information to the bunters and reduce this burden, whereby we would prevent those dwelling within the underbelly from crawling out to whatever heinous anatomy refers to the back-stabbing traitorous paste-gobblers that are the bounty hunters.


The first and most important part of the process is analysis and detection of members or clients portraying increased risk of betrayal. Through profiling, behavioural and pattern recognition, we assess the risk of all outer circle members, clients of our data, and where possible, the members of other organisations within our reach. Few, if any members of the inner circle have been stupid enough to attempt to defect, reflective of the intelligence and thoughtfulness of our group to recognise that such an action would put them into an intolerable position. The only devised scenario for such a circumstance would be when an associate is left with no other choice, and so tolerable alternatives must be made for transgressors. Needless to detail, such an abandonment of the Lane Hackers would result in the loss or severe scrutiny of access to cardamine, the usual pleasures of membership, technology, information, and would render them a target of the highest priority. It would be a condemnation to solitude, disconnected from lawful and other groups alike. While members of the outer circle of the Lane Hackers comprise few of the traitors, they are under the greatest surreptitious scrutiny, in consideration of their access to our technology and information. Wingmen of the Liberty Rogues, and other groups known for infighting, turbulence and dissatisfaction are a greater risk for attempted departure, though a lower relative hazard than those from within our organization.

Pattern Analysis

Demographic predictors aside, data are gathered from three key types of metadata through the network and all of our available infrastructure. These include that of communication logs, target interception information, and ship logs. Marks have been shown to tend towards sudden changes in communication patterns, including increased adherence to security protocols, decreased engagement with routine contacts, and repeated, predictable, or excessive contact with unidentified contacts. There have been instances where our network has detected obvious and unencrypted contact of a non-derogatory nature with authorities, and public bounties for the summary execution of such space-for-brains have been quickly issued and easily completed. Suspect clients also tend to access fewer packets of target acquisition data concerning trade convoys, and pay greater time and attention to identified patrol routes of authorities, potentially to arrange a protective custody. Finally, ship logs can show unusual instances of rookie pilots who would normally only fly with a wing venturing out for extended periods alone, or to unusual locations. Scout wings, especially sensor ships, always fly with a complement, and are the only wings that routinely explore poorly charted areas. Rookie ships returning alone from combat with more experienced pilots are flagged for further monitoring and decreased clearance as they may have been susceptible to being made an enemy asset.


In the event that a mark is identified from the data, they are indicated for further scrutiny and active engagement, undertaken through a variety of measures. One of the simplest ways is to contact them anonymously, with idyllic claims of opportunities for their escape and security. A systematic approach is utilized to differentiate the depth of their damnation, determining how far they will go to undermine and betray us. This method is customised according to the attending agent. Often a neutral option is first offered, freedom and anonymity in the lawful sector or on a Zoner installation in the edgeworlds, then demands are increased, for information, for backstabbing, for resources, technology, and so on. How far these reprobates will go to back-stab their own will determine with how they are dealt. Minor infractions and uncertain fools may simply be reconditioned, released to their owner under close watch. Others may simply be put to death, or sold to the fields of Malta. Valuable assets may be considered for mania-reconditioning. Anonymous network contact is not always sufficient, and so at times more complicated ruses must be improvised to ensure that the mark is not alerted to the deception. Meetings in space can be arranged, transfers to allied vessels masquerading as complicit traffickers, whatever is necessary and practical to maintain security. In the event that scoundrels slip through the net, bounties are issued, and assassins dispatched. Public bounties are extremely useful as any party willing to contain this leak, freelancers or the LPI themselves, must be encouraged. It is often possible to provide an anonymized bounty, issued through a third party, which will result in the death of a target by the guild themselves, as the defection and subsequent recruitment is not always internally publicised. In tandem or separately, information, evidence, and slander can be leaked to render the idea of harboring the traitor unacceptable, and their death morally warranted, for those so inclined.


Using these methods of profiling, data analysis, testing and preventative or retrospective intervention, loss of information and pilots to the Bounty Hunters Guild has been impeded. The maintenance of information and technological security is of utmost importance to preserving the superiority of the inner circle and the Lane Hackers at large. This initiative is of course, classified, accessible only to select members of the inner circle who have proven themselves undoubtedly loyal. Any person devious or mischievous sufficient to imagine such a measure is, we intend, driven to such paranoia that their hopes of an 'escape' are made futile. It is however doubted that this is possible, given the intellectual capacity of those who contemplate such an action. Existence of the program should be denied, and those inquiring designated for recruitment assessment and monitoring.

Diplomacy - Glass - 07-13-2020

[Image: 143a.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 13d.png][Image: 20d.png][Image: 30d.png][Image: 40d.png]


At the request of Professor Yoshida I had brokered a deal with a faction of the Bundschuh, Die Weiße Rose. We will now be able to use their bases on ventures into Rheinland, and them ours. We will provide them any information of interest to them, likely to regard primarily the imperialist-federalist conflict, and they will provide information of interest to us, hopefully detailing valuable targets within the Unioners.

A formal treaty and a diplomatic channel have been established to maintain our new relationship. Thankfully, we are able to look past our previous disagreements with far less sensible sections of the Bundschuh. Now, for the effort I have invested into these niceties, I believe I will help myself to the rewards.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Andross - 07-31-2020

[Image: 161a.png][Image: 2.png]

This is Andross, reporting in.. There seems to be an issue with the gun cam captures previously taken, as the cameras were malfunctioning and only gather part of the footage needed for evidence.. This should clear things up and be further proof I have accomplished the requirements for Determination.

This is Andross, signing off!