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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 03-03-2008 data..

In the Ontario system I encountered a strange group of 3 Xeno ship one LSF and one Liberty police ship. Unable to choose sides in this battle I sat back in my pilot chair and waited... then suddenly a senzor malfunction denied me to follow the battle.

When I restarted my sensors all Xenos hips were gone.. only the LSF and Police ships remained. The female LPI officer requested me to drop my cardaMINE whych I off course refused.

Shot were exchanged and soon the policeman called the LSF bomber to help. After some fighting this bomber was destroyed:

[Image: 31.jpg]

And the police officer started to flee...

Beeing curious I wanted to take a close picture of the cockpit with my gun-camera. After all you don't see a female policeman ever day.

I pursued the Liberator trough Colorado to New York... where she decided to make her stand... calling all forces against me.

A transport undocked from Manhattan and opened fire on me.... after beeing warned his ship was destroyed:

[Image: 32.jpg]

Then a Raven Claw fighter came to attack me but after a longer fight got destroyed as well:

[Image: 33.jpg]

I decided to give up on the picture and with her on my tail fled via Westpoint to the Badlands. When I was leaving Westpoint the police ship was destroyed by some unknown force...

[Image: 34.jpg]

...sad as I was hoping to see her again. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 03-04-2008

……comm.ID.Refrigerator recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……
An urgent message to all Lane Hackers and friendly vessels:

ALWAYS break formation prior to taking a Jump Hole. They are not guaranteed to be 100% safe, and they never be. You surely don't want to overload the narrow Jump Tunnel. The results can be severe, and in extreme cases, deadly. There are pilots who have never been heard from again. This may also be one of the reasons why Ontario is uninhabited. Jumping from there to Colorado is a top-rated risk activity. Don't do it, for your own sake!
[Image: screen1.gif]
Fortunately, Alec is back and seems to be fine. YOU don't have to be as lucky as he was. Inform all your friends and relatives whenever possible. Fridge out.
………hack terminated……
[Image: Specialist.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-04-2008

The Frozen family of hackers have been assigned the task of Logistics coordination with our friends in other clans. They are now our Logistics Specialists and will oversee the profitable disposal of valuable commodities that come into our possession. If you need valuable cargo disposed of, contact Looter, Frosty or Refrigerator. They will also be responsible for coordinating focused cargo acquisition in the border worlds.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 03-05-2008 data..

Today me, Chiffre and Emilio were pursuing a trader into the Leeds system, when we learned from our long range sensors that a KoF ship was in the system.

We immediately scattered to the exits from the system but the ship somehow managed to get trought. Just as we were turning back to Magellan me and Chiffre got attacked by a combined force of 1 BAF Templar and 3 BPA Hussars.

The templar was destroyed by a double hit from me and Chiffre.

[Image: killfx8.png]

Then a Hussar exploded to a mine dropped by hi colleague

[Image: 51.jpg]

Another hussar fell to my guns:

[Image: 52.jpg]

After his death the last remaining one fled and we returned to Magellan system. Only to receive reports about a BHG Gunboat responsible for destruction of Looters ship was near Freeport 4.

I'm pleased to report that this corporate lackey was dealt with:

[Image: 53.jpg]

After this episode me and Chiffre went to hack the Lanes in the Texas system. Several traders donated to our cause. Then a trader escorted by a BHG Battlecruiser came into range. They laughed at our requests for donation but the laugh soon froze on their face:

[Image: 54.jpg]

After this the Battlecruiser slowly drifted out of range and left the scene.

Moving to New York we teamed with Svengali to execute a brave operation aimed ad eliminating one of those dishonorable dealers that supply those corporate servants with powerful guns. We almost succeeded in exploding his ship but he managed to make an emergency landing on baltimore shipyard in his damaged Bretonian destroyer.

In the Forth Bush area we got immediately engaged by a crazy mix off different ships... raging from heavy tanker over Rheinland Cruiser and Gunboat to various (and numerous) fighters.

Me and Chiffre fought for our lives in the nearby field of scrap and killed a large number of opponents and forced to flee most of the others:

[Image: 55.jpg]

[Image: 56.jpg]

[Image: 57.jpg]

Chiffre managed to make his escape. But I was still in the area when another Liberty fleet arrived...

no less than a Dreadnought, Battlecruiser, Gunboat and 4 fighters. My ship disintegrated while I was attempting to flee.. but not before the Gunboat took some heavy damage. Luckily Refridgerator was passing 3 kilometers by and tracked my escape pod. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 03-05-2008

……comm.ID.Refrigerator recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

[Attention Please: High Level Intelligence Gathering Mission]

The Refrigerator is offering a special bonus of up to $1,500,000 for any information regarding the person hiring Bounty Hunters in purpose of causing damage to each and every of the following:


Remember: the monetary reward is a motivation for you strong hedonists. This would improve our relations with certain operatives, which in turn would bring more profit. Therefore the bonus is rather an investment. Leave a personal message, or transmit the data via another private channel. Fridge out.

………hack terminated……
[Image: Specialist.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-06-2008

All Lane Hackers are directed to re-read the first and fifth posts in this comm channel. Procedures have been changed. When these posts contradict other documents, these posts have priority and the other documents should be changed.
Of special note is the removal of the 10% taxation on certain affiliated vessels.
Any additional rules that you think should be added to the new Clan Code of Conduct in post #5 should be sent to me via private comms. The Clan Code of Conduct is in force immediately.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Aris Kristatos - 03-06-2008

greetings fellow hackers. I thought it would only be appropiate to let myself be known around here. So guess what?I'm your newest member. *woopy*. Anyways, my real name isn't important, so Aris should do it for me. If you want to know more just trace this message and you'll find my little biography.
Ok, well my parents think I'm off to visit my sister in Bretonia, however once I leave manhattan I'll work on my reputation and will arrive at Mactan as soon as I can. So yeah, I'll do my best to help bring down Interspace and help the common man of Sirius. I'll see you soon.
ps- just because I'm 17 don't think about bossing me around, I bite... hard...



The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-07-2008

While I'm writing this report Ernst and Emilio are still fighting 2 BPA vessels in Leeds. We came there after looong trip around Texas and NY but Ernst and Emilio will surely report everthing more plainly. Anyway there was no sense in staying there no longer couse they were going fine. Just before that we had been seeking for KoF flunkey hidding in Leeds. And I was that lucky. He didn't even give me a chance to say a word so I didn't make any other attmept to solve it by taxing his dirty ship. During taking down his shields NCC.Trekker in GB and some liberty police pilot engaged me. But just a few minutes later there was a big booom!

[Image: frlncr20080307005544mq2.jpg]

Trekker became my next target. After long tough fight, with no bats and nono he demostraded, and bealive me very, I must admit veeery brave attempt of landing on planet Leeds without use of docking rings!

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 03-07-2008

...hack data...

Hackers, I have a report to finish about yesterdays action.
We were pirating in Texas system, when we noticed some KoF lackeys in New York, on our long range sensors.
Ernst told us about his very bold plan, and after few minutes, we were in New York.
We separated, each of us taking one Jump Gate to watch. I was appointed to Texas JG, Chiffre to California JG and Ernst to Colorado JG.
New York was crowded with Navy and police at the time, so this was a very risky operation. We decided to stay hidden at all cost.
It wasn't long before Ernst spotted one KoF near Colorado JG.. When I got there, there was DW-Suzana, that KoF guy in his Raven Talon and one Bounty Hunter in Rheinland Cruiser..
We engaged the KoF, and soon he fell under our guns.
[LR]-Drax was there to help us, though his ship was vaporized by several lawful vessels later.
Ernst got out to Rochester while I was covering him, and then I tried to do so as well.
I was chased by 2 cruisers, 2 gunboats and around 5 fighters.
I managed to dodge them all on my way to Colorado JH, which was some 30k away. That means 30k of dodging and thrusting.
They scored 0 hits on my hull.

Once we jumped in Colorado, we were waiting for them, this time with Chiffre besides us.
However, they dared not to follow us. We were on our way back to Magellan.
While in Magellan, we spotted [KoF]-Chakotay and NCC-Trekker in Leeds.
We immediately decided to take one more action against those corporate scum!
We had a bold plan once again.
I was supposed to lure Brettonia Police officers near Trade Lane which leads to New London.
Once they followed me there, Ernst came to help me deal with them, while Chiffre had total freedom to seek and destroy KoF vessels, without being bothered by the BPA.
Ernst and me were doing fine. We were fighting against 3 vessels, 1 Mandalorian in Stinger VHF and 2 BPA in Hussars.
I was distracting BPA most of the time, so Ernst could deal with the Stinger.
In the end, I was the one who gave the final hit :

[Image: nakarye7.png]

We concentrated our fire on 2 remaining BPA then, and Bruce.Scott soon fled to planet Leeds.
The other Police officer was braver, and he tried to fight two of us on his own. That was a bold try, but foolish as well.
It didn't take long before his ship collided with my Nuclear mine :

[Image: bpado0.png]

Nothing was left, except some tiny scrap metal pieces.
We were on our way back to Magellan.

Earlier that day, one Mandalorian came to Magellan, seeking for me. And found me he did.
His Viper met 3 or 4 of my Nuclear mines, and was left without a single weapon.
His ship was then finished by my mighty Hellfurries :

[Image: 10065844jy9.png]

It seems Mandalorians would like to pick up that bounty on my head.
Well, they will have to work harder for it, I guarantee that!

It was a glorious day, all in all, 3 KoF and 2 Mandalorians destroyed, as well as one BPA.

Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-08-2008

Last night I met one of the most not challanging and pitiful bounty hunters in the whole Sirius. They made ineffective attempt to collect bounty from my head in Magellan. First came BH in Orca. Shortly after Moriarty and [HF]-Corax showed up as well as another patsy in this time in a bomber. That didn't take long before:

[Image: bhlbz9.jpg]

1st Bomber fell under guns of Corax:

[Image: chimpinvadormg9.jpg]

2nd bomber left for Moriarty:

[Image: chimploverue8.jpg]

And only what left after this Chimp familly was debris field all around the Magellan.

Logging out. terminated...