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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 03-08-2008
Earlier today, I was relaxing at Rochester Base with some Outcasts when I heard over the unlawful news channels of a successful cardamine shipment. I decided to harrass a prestigous Southern Alliance officer over secure comms. Here is a copy of the script printout.

It shows how corrupt and incompetant the Liberty Navy lapdogs really are.

[Image: LaneHackerharrassmentscript.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 03-08-2008

My Mania interrogation finally worked!
Result is that one LSF officer resigned the LSF, and one trader is no longer willing to pay the taxes to Liberty!
He chose to pay to the Lane Hackers instead..

[Image: maniafa0.jpg]

Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 03-09-2008

While I was on my mission, getting certain weaponry, in New York, I was engaged by some crazy Mercenaries in the Badlands.
I tried to run, but they were persistent in their cruise disrupting, so I turned around and fought back.
One was a BHG bomber, strangely armed with Corsair weaponry, while the other one was in BHG gunship.
While I was dealing heavy damage to the bomber, Gunboat was supporting him with repair bots, otherwise he would be dead pretty fast.
Soon, Ernst came to help me, but he was noticed by 2 more mercenaries near West Point, so they followed him to my position.
We then decided not to risk anything, so we started fleeing to Texas JH.
In Texas, we set coordinates to Puerto Rico JH, while mercenaries were right behind us.
They even followed us trough Puerto Rico and jumped to Vespucci right after us.
It was here where we set up a trap. [HF]-James.Moore and Le.Chiffre were there waiting for all of us.
One mercenary fled immediately, while other 3 fought for their lives.
First one to die was a Gunship, by my fire, but my camera failed to catch that moment.
The BHG bomber followed :

[Image: hiro2ig5.jpg]

The third one, our 'brave' Ibanez, fled after he's witnessed his friends dying.

Before this interesting event, I'v managed to hack one [KoF]Jack payed for his life, 1 million Sirius credits.
A bit after that, NCC-Trekker's gunboat was destroyed by Moriarty, Ernst and me :

[Image: trekkerdy0.png]

As well as one brave Xeno who tried to rob my weaponry in Galileo :

[Image: xenobd9.png]

And in the end, one police officer in Arrow light fighter, who engaged me while I was pirating in California :

[Image: surdjjv4.png]

That's about it for today. All in all, pretty successful day.

Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-09-2008
<span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%]Priority Communication
<span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%][color=#ff0000][size=medium]Operational Orders
Lane Hackers :
For some time now I have been tracking the activities of one "Joshua Crews" who is putatively a high level executive for Interspace Commerce. While monitoring his communications yesterday, I discovered a series of files and documents that he had up until then been able to keep hidden from my hacks. The documents contain highly sensitive data about a project that he has been working on for several months now.
[color=#ff0000]All Lane Hackers are ordered to familiarize themselves with the
[color=#ff0000]logs that I have retreived from his files
The other documents are being reviewed for useful data. You may expect further orders relating to this matter in the near future.
Hacker Highwayman has already been dispatched on a mission relating to this matter, and has already reported in on his successful operation [post#122 in this channel].
For now, all Lane Hackers are ordered to keep especially watchful for the use of Nomad technology in Liberty Space, and report fully on all relevant data.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Aris Kristatos - 03-10-2008

Hello everyone,
I'd thought for a while I'd drop the "formalities" unless they are absolutely necessary. I'm only 17 and all this formal stuff is itching me, but I'll show respect and refer to most, if not all by sir's, since I'm probably the youngest. Anyways, a little after mid-day standard time, I launched from Mactan and found Ernst Stavro Blofeld, as well as an HF, Jason Moore in space. Shortly afterwards, I recieved an anonimous tip from a Junker in California that there was Corsair BattleShip there aswell. At this time, our group had men in Magellan, also in California, and quite possibly another system that I don't remember. We decided to go check it out, and headed to the Freeport and then to California. However, once we arrived at the Freeport, we picked up a hostile ship on our scopes. It was a Police tagged, Merc ID'd pilot named Old_Dirty flying a Bretonian Gunboat. I was double checking all my equipment when I noticed we had engaged the enemy. I knew that all I could do was cruise disrupt them, since my ship isn't veru usefull at this stage. Old_Dirty only had missile turrets on his ship, so even I was easily able to dodge them.
[Image: dea57fdc549614bc980e7a73b130e3dec558e759.jpg]
The fight didn't last to long, shortly thereafter, Old_Dirty was destroyed, and tractored in, surely for interrogation.
[Image: 623cc2565592c5a79d73ff806939ed4f803ea14d.jpg]
After this, we headed towards California.
I lost track here, so many people! I tried to follow Ernst around, and was available to do so, but got lost since it was really hectic and I didn't have time to look at my NavMap. The first person we engaged was a KoF engineer named Scotty. Here, our combined forces took him out rather quickly.
[Image: 8a6b08cecf178d488834ed47a25913282f093d40.jpg]
From here in it was chaos. The next person we engaged was NCC.Trekker. At one point, he targeted me but my agility saved me.
[Image: 3157bd16b64ed09f7c74df831e029325b113ad24.jpg]
He didn't last long either, he was destroyed shortly after.
[Image: 87a3bb8513112e41a0eb0b472d431c9fd8125e20.jpg]
Right after his destruction though, my shield mysteriously fell. I brought them up again, but yet they fell again, and in less than 5 seconds I was knocked unconcious.
[Image: 927ec850fe32aff2fd770f8718c931b354102736.jpg]
I awoke back in my bunk at Mactan. I thank whatever pilot recovered me and brought me back home. It is here were I am writing this report. My left leg is in pain, and the doctor recommended I stay in bed for a while. My nimble fighter was good, however after so many enemy engagements, my ship did fall. I think from now on I'll do what I can do earn a promotion so I can upgrade to the Scimitar. It would be my exact ship, but much more heavily outfitted... and I could do more than just Cruise Disrupt the enemy!
I also noticed, that every enemy we engaged was in a gunship class vessel or higher. We seemed to be the only fighters and bombers around. Heh', just goes to show how cowardly lawfulls are. They deserve to gasp for air in space.
Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'm going to take my pain-killers and go to sleep, I hope the conflict turned out alright. Good night.


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-10-2008

All Lane Hackers be advised that a contract is now in effect with the Darkside mercenaries. -[DS]-
View this comm channel for details.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-11-2008

For several weeks all of the genius and concentration of The Lane Hackers had been focused on one goal : obtaining data about a Lane Hacker convoy that had been lost in action. The convoy was composed of an elite wing of bodyguards that had been transporting representatives of The Lane Hacker Command Council from a high-level diplomatic meeting with the Mollys. Fortunately Sr. Director Moriarty was absent from the convoy and had only participated via virtual conference because of a tight schedule . The convoy was en route to Magellan from Dublin when its last communication with Mactan Base was received five weeks ago :

Quote:...its a trap!...[deafening crackles]those vile patsies caught us...[ deafening crackles] they came out from nowhere...[ deafening crackles]how did they know [ deafening crackles]we are under heavy fire...[ deafening crackles]there are too many of them[ deafening crackles]for god sake we are surrounded all around[ deafening crackles]Im requesting immediate aid[ deafening crackles]I repeat, Im reques[transmission interrupted]

The message did not contain any details about the assailants. Thirty-four days have already passed from the day that the message was received. Mere days ago, a group of sophisticated and experienced Lane Hacker Specialists certified in the most state-of-the-art hacking methods intercepted a large quantity of encrypted data being sent between New London and Manchester. The complexity of the encryption gave them a clue that those messages went through Bretonian Armed Forces secure comm channels. After further hacking, more accurate data has revealed the following: a comm connection was made from Newbury Station directly to BPA Newgate Prison:
[Image: prisonmf4.jpg]
located in Manchester and the main title of the communication was Lane Hacker. At this point there is no doubt that the Bretonian Police Authority is preparing a large-scale operation which is somehow connected with the missing convoy.

Shortly after receipt of the BAF comm message, an elite network of Lane Hacker spies was assigned to orchestrate one of the most complex, dangerous and unpredictable missions of their entire career: to directly initialize a hack inside Newbury Station in the Poole System to obtain all possible data about the missing Diplomatic Convoy . In case of being apprehended they all had been prepared for years against all possible methods of interrogation and even instructed to commit a suicide if necessary. Minutes after they successfully sneaked into Newbury Station, the first terabytes of data were sent to Mactan base. After long hours of constant work everything was clear:

The Bretonian Police Authority had prepared a trap which resulted in catching all diplomats from the Lane Hacker convoy. Unfortunately there was no sign of how they had been able to obtain information about this meeting and the convoys route. Information contained in hacked data indicated that all of them were still alive. Most importantly, BPA was preparing to move the prisoners from Newgate Prison to Newbury Station in Poole where they will be condemned to life imprisonment or even death. Transportation of the prisoners is scheduled to occur within the next few days.

Now all Lane Hackers are preparing to rescue the prisoners, whereas the Bretonian Police Authority takes steps to insure a secure transfer to Newbury Station. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-11-2008

Lane Hackers have been preparing to this opartion for a several weeks. There was no doubt, that this was going to be one of the most challanging and unpredictable operation of Lane Hackers for years. After we obtained all possible informations from data recived from our spies, HQ sent us a final orders. Following Hackers, chosen from most skilled and expirienced elite of LH fighers, were assigned to that mission: Hacker Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Hacker Le Chiffre, Specialist Svengali and Specialist Emilio Largo. We all were steady and ready. Our objectives were:
- reach BPA Newgate Prison unnoticed
- localize the Prison Liner
- eliminete any sing of resistance
- obtain access to the Pirson Liner and bring it to Mactan Base
Orders were concise and clear. All required informations have been uploaded to our systems as well as navigation point on ours nav maps. When everthing was ready we moved to Manchester. Unnoticed we sneaked next to Sheffield Station and shortly after we jamed all possible comunication frequencies all around a Manchester. We were closing to Newgate Prison.
[Image: 1almostthereuz6.jpg]
When were close enough to it our mine sensors were going crazy. After we reached our destination, it turned out the whole prison is surrounded by deadly and dangerous mine field. Space appeared to be sown with this bloody things all around. Only narrow pass lead to the prison however wide and high enough to let the liner class ship get inside. Four Bretonia Police Authority vessels appeared on our scanners: BPA)Shaun.Roxburg BPA)Samuel.Vimes BPA)Joshua.Cooper and and BPA)Heather.Barclay. We lost contact with this last one, it looked like he had some general system malfunctions and he surely made an emergency docking. They knew they had now way to escape. They also couldn’t call for aid through jamed communicators. Obviously we made a demand for hand over the prisoners and „promised”, in act of our kind-heartedness that they won’t be subjected our most sophisticated and cruel method of mania-interrogation in case of beeing caught. But they didn’t listen and struggle begun.
[Image: 2fightxo3.jpg]
Mines were all over the place. You made one wrong move and there was no chance to surive. Long time took us before we managed to shot down the first of their vessels, but just a minute later one of ours flew directly into one of mines with no regained shields. We tractored his escape pod immediately. Anyway final result wasn’t settled yet, until one of theirs vessel passed by mine and she got activeted by a missle from one of our train cruise distruptors. That decided that the scales turned in our favour and they had no more chances to prevent us from liberating the prisoners. Last standing fled to save one’s own life. Shortly after we easily hacked into the Prison Liner, setted its fly code and moved to Magellan under our escort.
[Image: 3headingbackir9.jpg]
[Image: 4routebackbx5.jpg]
At Mactan base all Lane Hacker prisoners were safely moved on board of our Interrogation vessel:
[Image: 5mactanbf3.jpg]
All civilian ship crew from the Liner was transfered as well.
Ship was destroyed, here is result of it’s hull discombobulation:
[Image: 8annoucmentma2.jpg]
[Image: 7blowww5.jpg]
Civilians were transported to Freeport 4 from were some random traders coud give them safely ride to home:
[Image: 9freeport4dockingnj9.png]
[Image: 10spaceshipcrewreturnedfb6.jpg]
Celebrating after this night was endless. We achvied a total victory over BPA and punished them for theirs vile methods which they apply against Free Liberty. Without dobut that was a great lesson for Lane Hackers. After this incident all security system have been modified to prevent any further attempts like this.

Mission Accomplished

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-11-2008

Yeterday me and Emilio were engaged without a word of any announce and reason by 2 passing by Independent Mining Guild vessels, one in BS, the other in GB. There was a couple of our friends from Hellfire Legion around Magellan so they showed up immediately. GB was first to fell under our guns:

[Image: img1qk7.png]

BS didn't put up any resistance at all so it was just a matter of time. Almost no challange for such a team.

[Image: img2mm2.png]

After this incident we teamed with those HL members and moved to NY to teach corrupted flunkies, that Free Liberty will not tolarate any act of supporting those oligarchical hyenas with any kind of supplies.

Now short quiz for the other Lane Hackers, which of the following: Ageira Technologies, Interspace Commerce & Universal Shipping you recognize on this picture:
[Image: tlkhyenasuo9.png]
Well the answer is simple: you can see ALL OF THEM here. It could couse a lot of problem if you want to match them exactly but I think it doesn't matter at all. Why? They all are the same.

Back to reporting. After we reached NY we set up ambush between Norfolk and Texas JG for incoming traders, but this time [SA] lapdogs arrived unusually fast. Also 1 =LSF= showed up shortly after them. Emilio this night had great sense of mines and here is a proof:

[Image: jbte123fi0.png]

[Image: mineax1.png]

[Image: img4qd3.png]

We managed to shot down first BH GB as soon as he showed up, minuts later another one arrived and with him Liberty Cruiser. Under heavy fire of lawful forces we have almost killed 2nd GB.

[Image: gunln2.png]

[Image: jbt213pz1.png]

But this time we didn't want to risk our lifes, outnumbered we gave up the fight and safely escaped with only one casualty on our side.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Domingo Espada - 03-12-2008

...hack Espada.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Hola hackers. Let me introduce myself. I am Domingo Espada but you may call me Domingo or Dom. I have recently joined your ranks as a trainee and have acquired a Dagger. I am very eager to engage and outwit Ageira and the other Liberty fools. My name on the streets of liberty was the Matador, an ancient earth gladiator who would use his skill and superior intellect to outwit the bull. I shall endeavour to bring those skills into space.

I believe you all have amassed quite a reputation, for on my first act of piracy the trader Santigo Alveraz gave a nice "donation" with little trouble. Sadly he had no cardamine.

Unfortunately my video recorder missed the actual transfer of credits. I shall have the issues with it resolved shortly.

Well enough chatter for now. I shall see you all in space.