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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-15-2008

Lane Hackers :
You will find a new method of displaying your career promotion criteria in post # 2 of this comm channel.
If anyone has difficulty with this new method, contact me through private channels.
Hopefully this new method will be simpler for all of us.
Note that the criteria have been reorganized and put into a different order than they have been in up to now.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 03-16-2008

Greetings my friends. I have evaded the grasp of Liberty Police, those in a hot pursuit of me, having to confront some resistance on the way to Magellan. Rogues at Buffalo offered a good deal for a bunch of pilots in my hold, including some Xenos as well. Fortunate to report that, I have landed on Mactan with my Dagger as of now and the data disks are safe in my suit case.

[Image: screen29-1.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-16-2008

Lane Hackers :
As you know, our Research and Development Specialists have been hard at work constructing our new superweapon. Recently, we have experienced severe shortages of certain items that our Junker suppliers have been unable to transport to us.
Today, an elite team of Lane Hackers ventured into the very heart of Liberty Space and seized HFuel from the Depots at Baltimore Shipyard while LSF and the Southern Alliance floated aimlessly in space, helpless to stop us.

[Image: th_BaltimoreShipyardRaidforFuManchu.png]
After this success, our team headed to the Galileo system, where we procured vital superconductors from a hapless flunky of an irrelevant commercial interest.
[Image: th_SuperconductorSeizureforFuManchu.png]
Next, we defied the Bounty Hunters Guild by seizing their luxury comforts right out from under their nose at Deshima Station. These supplies will now reward our Hacker Specialists who have sacrificed so much for our cause.
[Image: th_DeshimaRaidforFuManchu.png]
Finally, Sheffield Station was hacked and optical chips seized which will guarantee the lethality of our superweapon when it is deployed.
[Image: th_SheffieldRaidforFuManchu.png]
All of these supplies were conveyed to Phoenix Shipyard where they will be integrated into the superweapon's systems before it's deployment.
[Image: th_CargoDeliverytoPhoenixforFuManchu.png]
All Lane Hackers are congratulated for their steady efforts against Ageira and Interspace Commerce. Liberty is entering a new era due to your valorous actions!

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 03-17-2008
...uploading data...

Need to admit that, the latest records have proven to be tough. As I'm getting used to our understanding of matters, it has also been quite viable for me to breach several stars and sacred locations for the good use of Lane Hackers. Despite being in the restricted zone of operations' group, I believe Newcastle does possess a quite potential, harboring a production facility and two friendly bases that could be used in the name of supplying our strikes upon Bretonia.

[Image: screen46.jpg]

On the other hand, my initial setup is nearly complete and I'm currently working on decrypting several codes in the data disks, I have brought along at Mactan. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 03-17-2008
...uploading data...

Being busy with the scouting of uncharted stars, I have come up with a list of progress that should be reported here.
  • Hacked the security protocol codes of LPI Sugarland in Texas.
  • Discovered Zone-21 and the Alaska jump gate.
  • Discovered Minnesota, Quebec, New Hampshire, Mackenzie, Coronado, Inverness, Cassini, Tau-45, Yukon, Alberta, Ontario and the adjoining systems in our zone of influence.
  • Hacked reputation with Junkers and Unioners.
  • Completed the initial equipment setup.
  • Enforced shippers to donate 2.5 million credits to our cause so far.
The current affliations with red color on my hud are as follows;

Bounty Hunters Guild
Liberty Police Incorporation
Liberty Security Force
Ageira Technologies
Universal Shipping
Republican Shipping

As for the remaining ones, the priority goes to the Liberty Navy and then the Corsairs to match the required reputation stats. I'm now requesting permission to purchase a Stiletto heavy fighter in order to engage heavier duties.

[Image: Stats.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Alec Trevalyan - 03-19-2008

I am hereby requesting to be transfered to the Lane Hacker smuggling division. I have been told that I will not fully recover from my injury and it has been advised that I avoid combat situations. I wish to continue furthuring our work and will do so from the relative comfort of my smuggling rig.

I accept any demotions this transfer will necessitate and will relinquish pilot access codes as appropriate.

I am looking forward to meeting you all again, as soon as I get off this cardamine saturated cargo hauler. I thought we were die-hard cardies; I had forgotten that on Malta you don't use Cardamine, Cardamine uses you. Mactan will be a pleasant ambient change. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 03-20-2008

The Diplomatic Reference Chart at the bottom of post # 1 has been updated with several new clans.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-20-2008

Last few days I spent on testing Falcata Bomber, which is our main possessions against large vessels. Long time I have been wondering what ship can resist fire power and maneuverability of this ship and what I have found out you see now. First I turned my eyes to California looking for some moving traget. It didn't take long before I met fresh and fully kited navy patrol. It took some time to get to the "main course" - Liberty Cruiser. And here is its end:
[Image: navylb9.png]
I found among debris field and tractored beam all escape pods of the highest rank from LNS Yellowstone. All of them are waiting for mania-interrogation on board of our Interrogation Vessel:
[Image: navypilotsbi7.png]

After I headed to Mactan base for re-supply and repairs I found some time in a bar to get some idea about next targets. I wasn't still satisfied couse I knew that was 100% of abilities of this technological wonder. Shortly after technicans made all system efficient I headed to Manchaster.

I didn't find anything worth of my attention at Sheffield Station so I moved forward to Birmingham Station and just after I dropped the TL Bretonia Destroyer with tough escort appeared on my scanners, and they firstly become my first target. When destroyer left alone nothing stand on my way:
[Image: bretoniaok6.png]
Also all Bretonia pilots are awaiting for mania-interrogation. I'm sure that we will get from them a couple of worth informations but if not they will regret that he were ever born.
[Image: brpilotstg4.png]

This convinced me that this ship in hands of skilled and experienced pilot is a deadly weapon against anything which can fly.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Aris Kristatos - 03-21-2008

Recently I've been occupied trying to fullfill my are of operations task. Unfortunatly, I'm not sure were sme of these systems are, not not sure at all how I'm supposed to infiltrate a Liberty guard system. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I will come back to full duty as soon as I'm back from visiting my sister in her university, haven't seen her in a while. Till' then!

-Aris out terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 03-22-2008

In about hour ago I teamed with a HF comrade. We met in California. Long range scanners were indicating presence of a hostile Interspace vessels. We made a run around California begining from the Alcatraz Depot passing by California Minor, then to Riverside Station and finally to planet Los Angeles where we found that corrupted scum.

[Image: lc1sf7.png]

[Image: lc2xw9.png]

Orca and Civilian Bomber didn't stand too long, their resistance was so weak that they didn't even manage to drain shields of HF in LH Gunship.

Shortly after that we spotted 3rd corrupted flunky but this time he was too far from us so we couldn't get him. While we were trying to find him all around the California numerous lawfuls vessels entered the Cali system, about 6 [SA] and =LSF= ships in total. We didn't think too long and headed safely to Cortez JH.

Logging out. terminated...