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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Bajaknight - 04-01-2008

I have completed my current objectives, along with documented proof of such.

Maximum Lane Hacker Reputation:

Lane Hacker ID purchased and equipped:

Many Bounty Hunters were slain this day, despite their amazing ability to fly through asteroids unharmed
(perhaps we can utilize this technology?) and continuous malfunctioning of my targeting computer. I am docked at Mactan and awaiting further instructions.

Scaramanga out.

UPDATE: I have captured 10 Bounty Hunter Pilots; they have been transferred to the interrogation vessel and are undergoing mania-interrogation. I do not pity them.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 04-03-2008
...Le.Chiffre.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Here is a short ilustrated instruction for all new members concerning Agiera/ICO vessels:

1) Once you meet one of them announce that it is high time to pay for his corrupted and vile deeds.
2) Secondly couse him to discern his fate:
[Image: agieranearlydeadhs6.png]
3) And at the end take a great delight in atomic disgronification of his vessel:
[Image: blowpu6.png]
[Image: annoucementhp9.png]
4) Tractor his escape and hand over to our mania-interrogation specialits.

All pilots are encourage to develop point number in a various ways (according to LH protocols). Creativity and invetiveness are highly desirable. That was only pattern draft. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Aris Kristatos - 04-03-2008
...Aristotle.Kristatos.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

I woke up not to long ago, so I think I'd better tell you what happened yesterday. Note it was very hectic and I might not remember something.

The day started wonderfully. I upgraded my Dagger and am proud to fly our signature ship, the Slipstream. After that, Max and I decided to go off to work. We waited in Magellan a little for someone to pirate, but then moved to Cortez. After that we went to Ontario and Colorado. This is when things became hectic. There was chatter in the universal system, but we kept quite. But not long, KOF Trekker appeared on our scopes. Max demanded a donation of 2 million, and he was kind enough to pay. I kept the trade-lane down and made sure he didn't try to escape. By the way Max, a million of that is mine, hehe. But yeah. Unfortunatly, this was done over the universal coms as well, and so a Xeno found and engaged us. He went by the name of "Spear". Luckily, an HF member in a gunboat joined us, He went by the name "HFB-VIRCRUZ". We fought for a while, but hey that Xeno was good.
[Image: 5e990308e83d6b70f6e61259ff8fad50b34b88ca.jpg]
Things were going well when we noticed LSF on our scanners. InfraRed, Maximus, and Pluto engaged us. I broke away from the Xeno and engaged Pluto who was flying a bomber from Ageira. I figured the rest did this as well since Spear seemed discusted with them. My plan was to keep the HF alive, his gunboat could be of great use to us, so I attacked the bomber.
[Image: 16833f3340c46b9a46e572e7a60870fed33ae35c.jpg]
Then surprisingly enough, an Outcast named "Saphira"came out of nowere. It seemed to me he was flying a Kusari ship, but I'm not sure anymore... well anyways, shortly after his arrival we managed to destroy one of the LSF, Maximus.
[Image: 98459719bf11879b75cdd8083011e6d8f0026e7a.jpg]
Then things got even worst for us. 2 SA pilots appeared out of nowere. The LSF must have called in back-up. The pilots were John Talon and Jake Benson.
[Image: b7cee3871b2e8b099b09f8ff764293ce8ff909e9.jpg]
Then regretfully, our fellow HF was destroyed. All of the Liberty ships must have concentrated fire on him. I hope he's alright now.
[Image: 50fa7cb17ba7e86053d2e4358724b2f23205426d.jpg]
Now things weren't too great. I was out of Shield batteries, and 2 of my guns were destroyed. On the good side, we finally killed that Pluto guy.
[Image: 03037181a3d206321435fc302f5826f1a1b7cef6.jpg]
By now I had almost forgotten, but that Xenos Spear was around the whole time. Well obviously not long, because he died shortly after Pluto. To even things out, a DW showed up, so now we also had bounty Hunter in the fight. Suzanna it was.
[Image: 0846e4326a2e9125cf063bdbeedc421f45656aef.jpg]
By this time, I was on the tail of John Talon. He was flying a Raven's Talon... coincidence, isn't it? But I wasn't doing too good myself. By now I had lost 4 guns, end everything but my Mines, but I was out of them. I was out of bots and bats but still continued to chase Talon. But I didn't last much longer. The next thing I knew, I was pushed against the console and the world shined a bright white and then nothing.
[Image: 60bfcbccb926dc875e50f6a4cc2f22d41cee2a1c.jpg]
And now I'm in the medical center in Mactan. I'll be back out as soon as the doc. releases me. But I feel fine and hope to be flying soon. My ship seems to be salvaged, it's back with all it's equipment. I'm really curious as to what happened, so any info on that would be really usefull. Hope it turned out alright. But I need some rest now, logging off.


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - maxzorin - 04-04-2008

Fellow Hackers, I can present to you definite proof of the shipping and usage of Nomad weaponry within Liberty space.
And what is even more distressing: I can confirm that the Kusari Naval Forces are involved.

As per our recent assignment I was patrolling Liberty in search for vessels carrying alien technology.
I decided to try my luck in New York and made my way over to Rochester base, from where I planned to do a circular sweep of the system.
As I entered the system I noticed an unusually high activity of bounty hunters in the area, so I had to stay on my toes. Fortunately the long arm of the law was apparently somewhere else shoving donuts into the chubby face of the law, so I had only the bounty hunters to watch out for.
I had just left Rochester behind me, when I spotted my first target near Fort Bush, a Turanic Raiders Freighter broadcasting no IFF and bearing the callsign 'ToolBox'.
I approached on an intercept course, taking care to stay well out of range of the government installations and the scanners of the group of bounty hunters that were hanging around New York.
As I came within short range I commenced scanning his cargo and weapon loadout and to my surprise, it turned out my first target of the day was a score. He had a Nomad Energy Blaster mounted and a Nomad Energy Cannon in his hold.
Of course my otherwise trusty flight-recorder chose exactly that moment to malfunction. I have no idea why that happened, because I assure you, I keep my equipment well-maintained and in perfect shape.
Nevertheless, I managed to download a datadump from my scanner buffer to an external storage, which allowed me to capture the perpetrator's callsign and one of the two Nomad weapons he was carrying, as you can see here:
[Image: nomad1smallhz2.jpg]

After this, I returned to Rochester to fix my flight recorder.
One of its circuits had apparently overloaded, most likely due to enemy fire I had received in a recent battle.
I replaced the circuit with one I acquired from the Junkers and set out again to resume my patrol.

The bounty hunters had either gotten wind of me or just had a stroke of dumb luck (probably the latter) and I ran into two of them in very heavy fighters shortly after.
I wasn't about to take my chances against that kind of opposition, so I quickly retreated to Texas.
Once there, I received an encoded transmission from one of our Outcast allies, Carlos Traversi, warning me of a heavy bounty hunter presence in Liberty, including a gunboat.
He also expressed his concerns about an increasing activity of Corsairs in Liberty, something I was hitherto unaware of. I was rather surprised to hear that those lowlifes had the nerve to conduct operations so far from home, in the heart of Sirius, right on our doorstep.
Carlos informed me that the Outcasts had plans to step up operations in Liberty as well, mainly by providing heavier escorts for smugglers, to counter the Corsair presence.

I wasn't yet satisfied with the single recording of possession of Nomad technology, but wary of the bounty hunters in New York and Texas being rather deserted, I decided to circle all the way around through California and Ontario to Colorado and try my luck there.
Once there, I took up a spot just within scanner range of the jumpgate to New York and close enough to the Ontario jumphole for a quick getaway.

I didn't have to wait long. The second ship that passed there turned out to be another score.
And this time, it was a vessel of the Kusari Naval Forces. He didn't appear to be interested in engaging me, so I took advantage of that by recording his possession of no less than three Nomad Energy Cannons, as you can see in the flight-recorder data below:
[Image: frlncr20080404151123xo3.jpg]
[Image: frlncr20080404151101lu5.jpg]

I hung around for a little while longer, scanning two more ships who turned out to be clean, and then returned home.
As I was passing through California on my way back to Mactan, I spotted something that confirmed the Outcast's concerns about Corsairs in Liberty and I recorded a Corsair flying right over Los Angeles!
Within range of the battleship Yukon, nonetheless.
[Image: frlncr20080404152043nh6.jpg]

Not surprisingly, only seconds later my scanners picked up the energy spike caused by the destruction of his vessel:
[Image: frlncr20080404152130uc8.jpg]

Max Zorin out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 04-06-2008

All Lane Hackers are directed to intercept the Mercenary Eisenherz and convince him to return the Lane Hacker Gunship that he managed to illicitly purloin from our Mactan Base facility.
This wretch has declared to me personally that he will gladly engage and terminate Lane Hackers using a vessel of our own creation if he is paid to do so.
If words cannot convince him of the error of his ways, then our Hellflurries shall.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 04-06-2008

1) All Lane Hackers are instructed to hack this comm channel and submit their recommendation ASAP.
2) A more secure communications system has been devised for our use and is now operational. Registration is found HERE, via the link in the upper right hand corner. Please register using your current LH Alias (without the LH~ prefix).

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 04-13-2008

I have extremely disturbing news to report. While giving the commercial villains of Liberty a much needed thumping in California, our five man team of Lane Hackers was villainously set upon by the corrupt Southern Alliance and LSF, who also hired some rotten mercenary to assist them.
Those patsies who did not flee were vaporized.
After the last of them fled back to the New York system, we discovered that we had recovered Nomad technology and biological material from the wreckage.
[Image: th_frlncr-20080413-141231.png]
It appears that the perfidy of Liberty's authorities now extends to active cooperation and collusion with the Nomads! They are voluntarily providing themselves as hosts for the infestation that nearly destroyed our galaxy! All Lane Hackers should be extra vigilant to document all cases of Nomad infestation that they find.
Liberty, no, the galaxy is depending on us to eliminate this menace, and The Lane Hackers will NOT fail!
The dangerous Nomad technology and biological material has been transferred to our Research Department for study, and eventual destruction.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 04-14-2008

My little operation just then proved the incompetance of the Liberty corporations and their military schills. After vapourising various Xenos in Texas, I moved to New York, eager to punish corporate trading vessels. Soon, my presence was discovered by the local authorities.

The first foe to line up to the Hellflurry stream: [LPI]-Matt.O'Brian[i]. This fool was using Nomad technology on his Ageira-made bomber! Thankfully, the LSF cannot design an effective nomad-based weapon. He couldn't even hit my ship, must be a error in the barrel-computer calibration systems.

[Image: StrangeNomadConspiracy.png]

Soon after, a whole attack force of Government officials arrived. Two [SA] pilots, another LPI vessel and a Liberty Gunboat! I engaged the foes, knowing my Hellflurries will teach these lapdogs a lesson.
(see ref.04543, hostile contacts: Davik-Kang, [LPI]Brandon.Willis[i], [LPI]-Matt.O'Brian[i], [SA]-Leo.Goodman and [SA]-Greg.LaCroix)

...And what a lesson it was. The first LPI bomber was heavily damaged by my Hellflurries and had to retreat (I targeted his engines to force his flight).

The second LPI vessel, an Avenger heavy Fighter, was so afraid of my fearsome Sabre that he fled. He cited something about engine trouble, but I know he was just afraid of dying. Typical, of a LPI officer.

The Liberty Gunboat was severely... useless in the fight. It was only proof of the inefficiency of the Liberty Government. It seems more money is spent on consumer good production and donut research than combat training...

[Image: TaunttoLibertyAuthorities.png]

The second target of my ship was the [SA] pilot Greg LaCroix. After several near-misses with Nuclear mines (we need to improve on their tracking capabilities), I switched to a more convential system. Hellflurry fire eventually wore down his ship, but I couldn't finish him off.

During the fight, I managed to hack into the personal comms channel of the Liberty lapdogs. They were clearly surprised when my welcome message appeared.

[Image: Hackedintochannel-1.png]

After this, it appears I was hit by a unknown weapon system. My Sabre lost control and flew around erratically ((lag, then disconnect)). Apparently, this worked in my favour, as the remaining Liberty forces could not target me. When my Sabre came back into my control, two of the ships were gone. Must have fled from this impressive Hacker vessel!

One remained however. The brave [SA] pilot LeoGoodman saw my ship regain control and engaged. We fought for a while, until he utilised their weapon again ((lag)). Instead of waiting around for the eventual Dreadnaught swarm to appear, I cruised off to Buffalo once I regained control. At Buffalo, I finished my comms hack by implanting a keyhole virus into their channel.

[Image: Hacked-1.png]

We need to research this new, EMP-based weapon, I have submitted the technical details of the encounter to the R&D Department.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - kacijon - 04-23-2008


Connecting to freeport 4....... Sucess
Coneecting to NB......sucess

......incoming masage.....

Hi! Now i am at rank of trainee. So my little hacking opreations on traders passing mactan .I get 2mio from them .Firstone give me 1mio second 500k then last too 500k .Now i own dagger .This is my status report.

1) Providing the following pilots for mania-interrogation: 10 civilian pilots
In progress
2) Providing the following pilots for mania-interrogation: 10 Liberty Police or Navy pilots
In progress
3) Providing the following pilots for mania-interrogation: 10 Bounty Hunter pilots
In progress
5) Complete at least 5 hours of service in good standing [screenshot your F8 window in game]. Submission of a screenshot of your galactic nav map to demonstrate adherence to the Lane Hacker Area of Operations Guidelines
In progress
6) Successfully hacking The Lane Hacker secure comm channel for reports on at least 3 separate days
2 more
7) Complete an intelligence gathering mission. More information is available in The Lane Hacker Technical Bulletin.
In progress
8) Complete an exam on the Lane Hacker piracy protocols, area of operations, and diplomatic status.This is an "open book" exam. Download and print out the Diplomatic Quick Reference from the bottom of this post.
9) Maintain 1 Lane Hacker pilot and 1 unit of Cardamine on your ship at all times. If you die in combat, Cardamine replacements will be provided from the clan interrogation vessels.
10) Demonstrate mastery of the tactics and combat skills contained in The Lane Hacker Technical Bulletin.
11) Reputation management: Trainees must possess a green reputation with the Liberty Rogues, Outcasts, and Junkers.

ok this is my status report .Now i would like to see more hackers I was in group only with moraitry and one other member.

......end of masage......

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 04-23-2008

Quite an interesting day for me. The corporate fools of Liberty insisted on ignoring the truth once again and let my free assertion broadcasted live in New York, without much of an objection. Below is the outcome of their incapability.

[Image: screen195ct9.gif][Image: screen196rf8.gif][Image: screen197gu7.gif][Image: screen198uv5.gif]

Needless to say, my endeavors are now focused on the mission I have been assigned to. Hoping to return back with my findings soon enough.