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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Robert.Fitzgerald - 04-24-2008

Robert Fitzgerald here. I'm currently heading to Liberty for a little ... Operation. Once I'm done, I'll be willing to assist the Lane Hackers, for a fee and a lil' shipment of cardamine.

Find me at Rochester, if you wish. Who knows, I might learn how to hack into this again (Patrick Calle helped me here).

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 04-24-2008

Our gunship situation has gotten worse, I'm afraid. Today I attempted to wrest control of one of our prized Gunships from an LSF crony. This "Lane Hacker" had Independent Mining Guild IFF codes and was not being targetted by various Manhattan defenses. He even had Lane Hacker pilots in his hold, undoubtably headed for a LPI prison. He managed to dock with Manhattan, even more proof that he was an imposter!

[Image: Darkness.png]

After this incident, a KoF pilot came and attempted to destroy my Sabre. He learnt his lesson, Hellflurry-style:

[Image: KoFDroverKill-1.png]

After this confirmed kill, two SA ships came from the Manhattan direction. John Talon engaged me, and utilised a large-radius mine. My Sabre couldn't handle the incredible explosion, so I was ejected. I've been picked up by a nearby Junker patrol, who brought me to Rochester (for a fee, greedy scrappers).

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 04-24-2008

...Trace detected, unknown location in New York...

While a bunch of Naval laggards were being bagged down in Texas for some reason, I proceeded into Alaska, breaching their 'Zone-21', like a joyful kid walking in the park. Gathering some vital information about the presence of four different species was easier than I predicted.


Here is the deal,

[Image: alaskajumpgatehr9.gif]

It looks like the entrance to Alaska is being deserted to a dual weapon platform operating in the area, so sneaking in was quite easy.

[Image: navyfighterba1.gif]

The above portrait belongs to the basic naval patrol craft, operating in the Alaska system, the 'Guardian'. Didn't encounter any Avenger on the way actually. This craft is probably the fruit of a mass production.

[Image: gunboatpatrolvx7.gif]

These lackeys... Well, the territory looks to be harsh. Any infiltration attempt must be planned wisely beforehand, as I have detected several Gunboats being deployed.

[Image: cruiserpatrolja8.gif]

Cruiser patrols as well..

[Image: prisonstationmitchelluf2.gif]

They have two prison stations inside. This one, Mitchell, has an inferior protection, compared to the Fairbanks.

[Image: prisonstationfairbanksth9.gif]

It is so likely to encounter a navy patrol around Fairbanks so one should take heed while venturing out there. As my operation time was very limited, I am not able to compile a full data of the prisoners being hold in detention but I managed to poke a lethal malware into their data-net. Now, if the source codes work as planned, they will have a big problem with long range scans. Not only the prisoners are now more prone to any nomad attack than ever, well.. I wonder what kind of excuse will their clowns find to conceal the true reason of the occasional long range array shut downs.

[Image: juneaushipyardgz2.gif]

There is an abandoned shipyard, called as 'Juneau', not far from the New York jumpgate. God knows what that was built for..

[Image: wreckik9.gif]

I had the short time to acquire some inferior weaponry from the wreck, shown above. Planning to bring them to Mactan for the R&D department.

[Image: bountyhunterdestroyerwn1.gif]

Those Bounty Hunters. They never give up, do they.. Well, they are focused on aiding the navy in their relentless effort to diminish the Nomadic activity and hold their ground against rare Order patrols. There are several Hammerheads operating in formation with their destroyers.

[Image: orderfighterog6.gif]

Had my first contact with the so called 'Order' in my overall trip. Their basic fighter craft, the 'Nepthys', is the only thing I have seen as of deployed in Alaska. Had heard rumours about some Osiris class battleships being deplyoed around. Whether true or not, I was surprised not to catch a Navy dreadnaught on the way.

[Image: minorjumpholerz5.gif]

The jumphole leading to Omicron Minor. Frequency of the Order patrols around this anomaly is far greater.

[Image: nomadfighter1hb3.gif]

And here comes the big ordeal, above is the first interior view of a nomad light fighter. Now these transparent looking, semi-liquid like blue things flying around.. I have the detailed information of their cargo holds in my laptop. The Liberty government have been hiding the truth up to an extent..

[Image: nomadfighter3pw9.gif]

Second interior view of the basic nomad patrol craft. I would love to acquire some of their weapons for the R&D but it was quite risky to break cruise as I had a limited time for a broad scale reconnaissance.

[Image: nomadfighter2jd0.gif]

An outer view of a nomad light fighter, captured above.

[Image: nomadgunboatgk8.gif]

Those aliens are flying their own gunboats. Jelly, blue stuff once again..


Thats it for now. I will be looking for a safe way to return back to Mactan with the invaluable information in the data disks supplied for this very mission, a brief exploration of the Alaska system. Worried about the lapdogs? They are just too motionless to seize me in this thing..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 04-24-2008

1. All Lane Hackers should log in to our private network for a briefing on the mission scheduled for two days from now.
2. Congratulations to Viktor Renard Zokas for achieving the rank of Specialist. His example of mania interrogation is a lesson to all of us.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Thexare - 05-03-2008

An envelope has been dropped on a table in Mactan Base. Inside are a picture and a typed letter.

While you and I don't generally get along all that well (I had to get my brother to drop this off), I think we've got something a little more important to deal with here.

I encountered one of your battleships in California, simply sitting there blowing up ships. There were two things that struck me as very odd about this: first, that your prized Spyglass would be so easily spotted, and second, that its pilot is not known to be a high-ranking member... in fact, there are doubts about whether he's a Lane Hacker at all.

I've enclosed a picture of the offending craft.

(the enclosed picture)

Evan Black

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - DarkSaber - 05-04-2008

Greetings, Franz Sanchez reporting in. I have now proceeded on my initiation and am based at Mactan. IFF re-alignment is going well and anticipate 2 more hours flight-time should have it aligned more or less correctly.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrwhite - 05-05-2008 Mr.white .recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Hi! This is Dr.white reporting in.My little pirating operations on nearby traders in Cortez,Meggelan and California .When I was Close to California minor I was atacked by group of bounty hunter pilots(NPC).My Dagger ship was nearly destroyed when I get help with Lane hackers ships(too NPC). I sucess destroy them now I am hedding back to manhatan my pilots are waiting for ingoration. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Franz.Sanchez - 05-06-2008 Franz Sanchez .recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

*static* .....his working? Testing, testing.....*static*.....ast....just ne.... to adj.......ok got it. Personal hacking software is now online and operational. Reporting on current initiation progress: My IFF is now configured and transmitting as a Lane Hacker, and I have my reputation in good standing with both the Liberty Rogues and Outcasts. Currently docked on Rochester to work on my reputation with the Junkers. Nothing else to report at this time.
Sanchez out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 05-07-2008

The Liberty Security Force is getting cocky. Before, I saw a "Freelancer" in his armoured transport, passing Mactan Base. Dr. White and I pursued the Armoured Transport and managed to cut his engines with our modified cruise disruptors. Initial scans revealed Boron in his hold, but after hacking into his neural net I thought otherwise. His IFF systems were LSF-made, so I had discovered an undercover agent. The "Boron" must have been a secret new Liberty alloy, undoubtably designed in Alaska!

After destroying this imposter, for not accepting my "credit request" (actually an advanced neural net spike), Dr. White and I tractored in the alloy and brought it to Mactan for inspection. I left the R&D application up to the Admin. staff in the main equipment dealership.

Afterwards, we encountered a friendly Junker trading vessel by the name of "Schunterr". He gladly handed over 100,000 credits to the Lane Hacker cause, just before he had to leave for Leeds.

Dr. White left Mactan in search of small heat-signatures. I believe he is looking for newly-created shipwrecks. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - podcof - 05-07-2008 data...

Greetings, Im an independent Lane Hacker operating out of Mactan. You can call me Marshall.
The reason i am contacting you is I held a long range communication with the captain of the while in the California System. Where she reveled that Liberty has captured around 100 Lane Hackers form a resent attack. Now i understand that this could be just low brow ruse to get to us. But i defiantly think it's something that should be looked in to.

Marshall out... terminated...