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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 12-29-2007 recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Here are the requested information from my ship log:

Hack over.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Malaclypse 666 - 12-31-2007

...inititiating FnordNet frequency fudge...


"Dammit, Dis have you got that hacker ch.. oh, wait.. green board.."

Uh, hello, Moriarty? Is this thing on?


Malaclypse here, Moriarty. There is a huge favor you could do us sir. It of course has nothing to do with your purchase of those two Kushan scow.. uhh. Utility Vehicles, which are having the bloody orange trim touched up as we speak.

I have just learned that we are completely out of the new Digi-Prinicipias! It appears that Sophie Noir has been telling the Mollies that it was secretly written by James Joyce, and they've shagged every copy within parsecs.

Our "publisher" on Manhattan is currently out as well. I thought that since you blokes are conversant in all things digital, and most things proscribed, you might be able to come up with, say, 3500 copies or so to tide us over? If not, I believe "Dave's Dirty Books" on Rochester still has an ample supply. We will pay you 2 Million credits for this merchandise, FOB Sophie's ship, which will meet you at coordinates in Liberty space that I will transmit later.

Please advise if this is acceptable over any old frequency.. FnordNet monitors them all.

Thanks, and 23's,

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 12-31-2007
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...


Consider your "top o' the toilet" reading needs satisfied.
I will ensure that we bring you only unopened and undefiled copies. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 12-31-2007 data.....

Status Report:
Dagger acquired as well a number of Justice MKIII from wrecks in the Badlands. I'll be shortly acquiring proper IFF. More information to come in the near future. terminated..... data.....

Status Report, cont:
I had a most interesting confrontation with the ICO today. Near had to deal with rapid decompression in this vacuum. Not nice, since I forgot to zip my flight suit. I followed one of them to California Minor, just to peek and they OPENED FIRE ON ME! A GUNBOAT! I could hardly believe it! Luckily, only one salvo managed to hit. Fried my shields' systems completely. Took me five minutes to get 'em back up. Got lots of beautiful data, though. Mmm... Submitting it in a more secure method.


Addendum: One codename GUARDIAN ready for transfer to R&D. terminated.....

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 12-31-2007 data.....

Post-Engagement Report:

Yeah, that's right. I engaged the enemy today.

Xeno Terrorist near Buffalo! I couldn't believe the Rogues let him near there! Fortunately, I managed to scan
him before he could open fire. Sadly, I was only able to yell "Xeno scum!" before I had to engage.

He flew a Xeno ID's, Xeno tagged, Startracker. See attachments below:
[Image: th_screen225.png][Image: th_screen226.png]

During the engagement, he nearly forced my hull to collapse, but the quick work of nanites took care of that.
Eventually, I gained the upper hand and forced him to eat vacuum. I found no life pod, so I am unsure whether
he escaped or not.
[Image: th_screen228.png]

Glad to be back on base on Buffalo. I'll be moving to Mactan as soon as repairs to my ship are completed. That is all for now.

`Highwayman terminated.....

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 12-31-2007
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...
Yesterday, The Hellfire Legion ventured forth into the New York system to attempt to rid Sirius of more corporate hooligans.
They found numerous lackeys of the corrupt LSF and SA and began re-educating them.
I joined the fray after several of the corrupt buffoons had already been dispatched. I quickly managed to finish off a wannabe by the name of Knight_Rider who had already been substantially softened up by the Legion's attacks.

[Image: MoriartykillsKnight_Rider.jpg]
Soon after, [SA]-Mathew.Anobi was forced into the atmosphere of Planet Manhattan where his ship disintegrated in a glorious firestorm of cleansing fury.
Just as our Forces of Righteousness were about to turn the tide for Justice and Virtue against those corporate oppressors, another wannabe, Flugy_ something or other, emerged from his loathesome cave with a Liberty Battlecruiser and maliciously began helping LSF and SA.
The ruination of my beautiful Gunship soon followed, and three members of the Legion were blasted from the skies with me, all in the space of 2 minutes.
Fortunately, the remaining Warriors of the Hellfire Legion tractored in our escape pods before we were captured by those fiends, and we have been returned to the safety of Vespucci.

[font=Fixedsys]I want full scans of this fiendish interloper Flugy_ and his ill-gotten Battlecruiser!!!

Hacker R & D is ordered to begin work on a project to rid Sirius of that monstrosity. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 12-31-2007
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...


NOW HEAR THIS: Word of a pernicious superstition that has infiltrated our ranks has reached my ears. Namely, that the "rank insignia" that some pilots paint on their ship hulls as some sort of "warding against evil" to prevent attack from other pilots is being used by our comrades as an excuse to conduct operations within range of planets, police and military installations, and lawful vessels.


From this point forward, all operations that are aimed at the capture of pilots for interrogation shall be conducted outside of the range of all planets and lawful bases. Use jump gates, jump holes, and interrupted trade lanes.

All passage within range of planets and lawful bases shall be conducted as swiftly as possible.

All lawful vessels are to be considered unfriendly or hostile AT ALL TIMES, REGARDLESS OF THE VISIBLE "RANK INSIGNIAS" involved (yours OR theirs). If you are unable to defend yourself against a vessel that is within weapons range, you MUST withdraw immediately under the assumption that you are about to be attacked. I will NOT bury another comrade who stupidly presumed that his superstitious notions would protect him from harm!

ALL HACKERS READING THIS MESSAGE ARE ORDERED TO PM ME THROUGH PRIVATE CHANNELS TO AFFIRM THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF THESE ORDERS! Don't even think about posting on this comm channel until you have done so. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-01-2008 data.....

Busy night tonight, mates. Just reporting my current status. So... Let's start with the basics.

I've spent all today sorting my reputation with rest of the Hackers (who didn't take too kindly until Prof. Moriarty assisted me in negotiating with them and I'm kindly blinking Hacker to the rest of the 'verse. My Dagger was fully kitted with shield, thrusters, and, of course, weapons. However, after working long and hard today I managed to acquire a promotion to Technician and am now the proud owner of a Scimitar.

It's the strangest thing, its exactly the same as my old Dagger only... Stronger armor and more firepower. A nice addition I might add. I've received my factional Armor Upgrade VIII and am glad to say that, defense wise, I'm ready for anything. Shields, thrusters, and scanners are all tip-top. I am, however, having difficulty arming it. There are no weapons available to me that are class eight. Perhaps we can get those Kraken Type I's from the Outcasts sooner than later? In anycase, I'll see if the Rogues will lend me class seven Sammaels... Or is it the Vassagos? Who knows?

That's all for now.
`Highwayman terminated.....

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-01-2008 data.....

Good day today, mates! I decided to take my Scimitar over to the Texas system and hack the Trade Lanes there for a few. Within around 20 minutes two transports (very rich ones) passed me. A whale and a tanker. Both I threatened with disgronification unless they donated two million credits the Lane Hackers... Much to my surprise, they both did!! I made a total of four million credits in twenty minutes while listening to the failures of Damien and Svengali over comms. They had to destroy near all their targets while I didn't even have to CD them! Nor did I even have to crack their hulls even a slight bit.

I'll be buying the next round on Mactan. Catch you in the bar!

That's all for now.
`Highwayman terminated.....

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 01-03-2008 data.....

Greetings. Tonight I had an interesting time insulting the LPI. Here are the logs: terminated.....