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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Silverhiveguard - 05-09-2008 Koskov.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Georgi reporting in. After attacking bounty hunters on many fronts I, along with Mr.big headed over to California and wreaked havoc at the Magellan Jump gate. Our escapades were cut short by LSF, in particular Mike Edwards, but we were able to leave before either of us took significant damage, with several civilian and police pilots in tow. I am currently on Mactan, configuring my IFF and ID.

Georgi out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Brad - 05-09-2008 data...

To Sr. Dr. Moriarty.

Recruit Brad.Whitaker reporting after yet more comms issues... hopefully now to the correct channel..

I reckon I've completed the Recruitment Induction Protocol to the required standard and would like to apply for Trainee status...see attached IFF shot...

The Outcasts and Liberty Rogues seem happy enough with this, but the Junkers need a bit more persuading... A chinwag up in Rochester Base should sort it out pretty quick time...My Diplomatic skills have never been finer!

Anyway... please let me know if I need to satisfy any further criteria.. dastardly, nefarious or otherwise in order to gain the rank. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 05-10-2008 data...

The Liberty authorities clearly cannot train their pilots nor their administrative staff very well. Not only are the Liberty ships clearly ineffective in combat operations, the pilots are just as incompetant. Also, the ships are sent to their destruction by the dozen...

Scan of LONGRIFLE (potential weapon/AI designation, referred to R&D Department): [Image: LONGRIFLEScan.png]

Liberty Police officer's Raven Claw destruction: [Image: LONGRIFLEKill-Einz.png]

KaritO's Viper Disgronification:
[Image: KarilitOKill-Einz.png]
Afterwards, I encountered an Interspace Commerce operative, flying a Liberty Navy Gunboat! His identification credentials, obviously falsified by Ageira, detailed him as a Freelancer operating in Liberty. It was obvious however that this "freelancer" was in fact a Liberty Government crony, testing reverse-engineered Nomad weaponry on the Lane Hackers!

Scan of Soleil_Noir (CC: LH R&D): [Image: Soleil_NoirScan-NomadTurrets-1.png]

After the "Freelancer" left to California, I tailed the Gunboat to Planet Mojave. Here, I encountered an overzealous Liberty Police pilot, who engaged my Sabre in his Patriot. He was quickly dispatched.

Patriot Hull Magmafication:
[Image: Hervard_Koenig-Kill.png]

Soon after the Patriot was scattered across Mojave's surface, 'LONGRIFLE' and his friend KaritO appeared again. The Raven Claw was easily dispatched again.

Hellflurry-induced explosion:
[Image: LONGRIFLEKill-Zwei.png]

Effect of R&D "Nuclear Mine" on Viper Fighter:
[Image: KarilitOKill-Zwei.png]

As can be seen in the explosion picture, the Liberty Navy had a nearby Cruiser patrol in the area. Sensing danger, I moved to New York to escape.

In New York, I encountered 'LONGRIFLE' yet again! The LSF must be running out of ships, if they allow them to constantly get blown up.

Hellflurry-induced hull-decompression:
[Image: LONGRIFLEKill-Drei.png]

As my ship was damaged from this constant combat from the authorities, I headed off to Rochester for repairs and an extra compressed Cardamine canister. However, I was spotted along the way by two Liberty Navy Cruisers! Thinking the Jersey Debris Field would deter my pursuers, I cruised off to Rochester Base. The Liberty Navy Cruisers must have had mentally-damaged Captains, as they eagerly pursued. Soon, the two Cruisers were above Rochester Base!

Pict-capture A02432 (Rochester Cam-03):
[Image: LibertyGovernmentsWaste.png]

Thankfully, the Junker "Oniros" managed to move the aggressive Cruisers along with diplomacy mixed with Mortar-based threats. His Civilian Bomber was very persuasive, it seems.

Chat Log (designation 023254-543513):
[Image: ChatLog-023254-543513.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 05-10-2008 data...

Finally managed to hack trough. I have sent all my reports to Director and I await a chance to prove myself in piracy of the corporate dogs and not only in theory. As I am uploading this, I'm heading home to Mactan after I've established very good relations with the Junkers at Rochester.
I hope I will have more to report as soon as I restock on train cruise disruptors.

...encryption in progress.. hack terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 05-11-2008

While on a standard survey of the Magellan system, Director Le Chiffre and myself detected the presence of a Liberty Cruiser. Our new superweapon was launched, and the destruction of this intruder soon followed.
[Image: th_LiberatorAmericacruiserdies.png]

Shortly afterwards, Specialist Hugo Drax was maliciously pursued by the corrupt flunkies that he details in his prior report of yesterday and was ultimately rescued by the Junkers after his ship was destroyed by no less than three bombers and a cruiser.
Director Le Chiffre, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Trainee Georgi Koskov, and myself were already en route to provide assistance when his ship was destroyed, so our rescue mission became a revenge operation. Our revenge included the following :
Destroyed :
1 Liberty Assault Frigate
1 Liberty Cruiser
1 Liberty Gunboat
1 BHG Gunship
4 Havoc Bombers
6 Liberty Fighters (assortment of LSF, SA, and various flunkies)

Fled :

1 Liberty Cruiser
1 Jupiter Guild Rheinland Bomber

A squad of Xenos arrived during the fight and after all lawful forces were dispatched the Xenos decided that The Lane Hackers were more of a threat to Liberty than the police and military ships that were remaining in NY oppressing our families and friends! All four of them were also ultimately destroyed.
Destroyed :

4 Xeno Eagles
Our forces consisted of 3 Falcattas, 1 Sabre, and 1 Dagger.
Our losses included Hacker Robin Hood, whose Sabre unfortunately was caught in a nuclear blast generated by my own cruise disruptor, and Trainee Georgi Koskov's Dagger which made a fearless contribution to our intel gathering preceding and during the fight.

The most important note from this engagement is the vast quantity of Nomad materials recovered from the destroyed ships:
1 Nomad Gunboat Turret
Nomad Energy Cannons
Nomad Brains (superior and minor)
It is quite obvious that the so-called authorities in NY are becoming infected with Nomads at an alarming rate and this is threatening the very survival of the colonies!
[color=#cc0000]All Lane Hackers should redouble their efforts to trace the source of these Nomad infestations and its effects on Liberty's populace.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 05-12-2008

salutations to all of my brothers, I have been doing my usual patrol routes in last few days, and I have visited the Vespucci system for the first time as well. Besides the further discovering the Magellan system, I have also found a new group of lane hackers that mark their ships with >>>>>>><<<<<<<<< signs. Although those codes are unknown to me, they are rather unique and their players are easy to recognize.
Other than that, there is a IMG endaviour battleship stationed outside the freeport 4 who is making sure there are no foul games around their base. He is there most of the time, and I don't know does t he captain know, but their comms are opened to everyone (//alot of RP chatter in system chat))
That is all I have to report for now. I have been gathering some resources to head back to the New York system and re-dock to the Buffalo base. From there I can make my recon operations easy job.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - georgi koskov - 05-15-2008 Koskov.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Georgi here. I have recently completed a recon into New York. I wasn't able to stay long but I got what intel I could. Not long after entering I ran into John Talon, and proceeded to scan him, Just looks like the Lapdog was carrying a standard layout.

[Image: freelancer2008051320505ag2.png]

Shortly after running into John I came across someone else. My computer was damaged from my quick encounter with a liberty capital ship patrol and was overloading as I scanned him so I did not get a proper ID but best to my knowledge it read [SDS]Mustang followed by a short (3 Symbols) numeric code. I did not recognize the call sign but he was carrying more of these "Code weapons" than I have ever seen in one place.

[Image: freelancer2008051320534wx6.png]

As I was headed back to Macton I went over my computer and came across a scan I had not known it had done. The scan was from a few days back from another recon into Liberty and had contained data on Mike Edwards. The scan read him as also holding "code weapons" and to my surprise a nomad device. It appears the nomad infestation may be spreading. We must find a way to contain it.

[Image: freelancer2008051219400rq1.png]

Georgi Out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrwhite - 05-15-2008[alias].recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Grettings I have been set up for a while and now I complete every obyective. Now I send photos to Directory Moriatry. My little opreations on traders makes my escape pod very usefull. Here is one photo of pirating with Hugo Drax
[Image: 718ad6b4e12ff620b190f3b7c2b6843b44adf364.jpg]

see you in space guys! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 05-16-2008

[font=Fixedsys][Elliot.Carver].recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Wednesday, May 14th. 9:10pm

Lane Hacker Carver reporting in. I have spent the day doing missions for fellow Lane Hackers, trying to increase my reputation. After many hours of hard work, I was finally tagged as a fellow Lane Hacker. I purchased my ID as well. I believe I am ready to become a trainee for the Lane Hackers. I have completed the basics, and am ready to begin working as an offical Lane Hacker. Carver out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 05-16-2008

[font=Fixedsys][Elliot.Carver].recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Thursday, May 15th. 10:36

Lane Hacker Elliot Carver reporting in. Today I have successfully completed two requirements for promotion, and have sent the visual proof to you. As of lawfulls, today seemed quiet. We had a small group of Bounty Hunters attack Mactan Base, but Comrade Brad and myself successfully took care of it. That is all for today. Carver out. terminated...