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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - el huracan - 05-25-2008 data...


The pieces have finally fallen into place. I can rest easy knowing my livelihood will either thrive or be avenged.

I have been busy as of late. By the time you read this, I am like a brother to all criminal factions operating in Liberty space. I am a Lane Hacker first; but I have brawled alongside Rogues, danced beside Outcasts, and... scavenged amidst Junkers. (Note to self: find better term.)

The Dagger handles well. Her deftness has saved me many times when daring too close, or too long at a Liberty station and seeing the Cavalry run in. She still needs a name; I'm born lucky but there are some curses even luck can't overcome.

Every belly of every ship I tear open with my Hellflurries contains the sweetest prize of all: justice. It drifts before me and patiently waits for me to pick it out of the void. My steed feasts until she has had her fill; then the rest is incinerated, lest it fall back into the jaws of the corporate swine.

Must find more Cardamine. Supplies running low. It is delicious. It hones senses I never knew I had, shines a star where there was only darkness in my mind. The synthpot I picked up from the Rogues (Not cheap! Must find better source.) steadies the withdrawl and makes it somewhat manageable.

However, hotboxing my cockpit is probably more dangerous than it's worth.

More to come. El Hura out.

PS: Viva Lucha! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - el huracan - 05-26-2008 data...


---DAY 1---

Met up with Klaas Bruinsma in Texas the other day. He was running "supplies" to where we need them. I was just trying to make myself useful.

[Image: screen1.jpg]

Together we filled a few holes in Junker patrol routes. Encountered the usual Bounty Hunter foot soldiers. While we stopped everything that came our way, unfortunately it's only a drop in the bucket.

Also, note to all aspiring human "cargo" haulers: After collecting Bounty Hunters for fun and profit, give your cargo hold an acid bath. I put on a space suit, depressurized the ship and all I could STILL smell was deceit and failure.

---DAY 2---

Today after c-time I did some recon. Partly to seek out alternate routes of travel or escape, partly to patrol areas that don't see too much coverage otherwise (security holes), and partly just to satisfy a nagging curiosity.

[Image: screen3.jpg]

Amazing what you find out in the dark little corners of Sirius.

An Eagle-class Fighter, seemed to be kitted for recon with what I could gather from thorough scans as well as an eyeball search from the cockpit. Endeavor scanner, maps and charts plastered all over the cabin. "Caldwell" looked like he never knew what hit him, still strapped in the chair. Explosion must've put him out before turret fire holed the cockpit.

Wrecks are common and normally not worth reporting. The reason this event made the report is what ELSE I found aboard his ship.

[Image: screen4.jpg]

Now that's one hell of an exploration tool!

Guess Caldwell was expecting some action to go with his sightseeing, wherever he was going. Circuit diagnostics indicate she won't blow up if you give her juice. The other two guns can't hurt to reverse-engineer and have a look-see as well.

Just docked back on Mactan, awaiting response from Hacker R&D. I will turn the hardware over to you as soon as you're willing.

El Hura, over and out. terminated...


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - klaas.bruinsma - 05-26-2008 data...

The halls of Mactan are filling up faster and faster with new members. Passing onward to Leeds, I just saw two Gunships dock, coming back after a presumed piracy sesh. I contacted the leader of this [CAF] movement, who responded in short time.

[Image: LHGunships.jpg]

The above transcript shows they are confident and eager for the fast-life. Qualities of a Hacker, intelligence and confidence. All enhanced by the Orange Dream, of course.

After transferring more music-ripping software to the Mollies, I returned to Mactan after a lil' scenic run through Newcastle. Cape Wrath is a fine place, well-crafted for a Barrier asteroid. Not as admirable as Mactan, but you get the point. The Outcasts were handy at the cardamine-stowing; my Dromedary was stuffed in record time.

I recieved reports from Mactan about a potential Corsair ship in the vicinity. Instead of callin' in some bombers, the Southern Alliance were called to get off their lazy butts and stop the paper-flow.

[Image: SATaun-1.jpg]

I was surprised she did anything at all. The last effort of the Navy I've seen was a sting involving a Dreadnaught. The Amber Dream didn't fall for that monstrosity of Liberty's decadence. The only thing that'll bring me down would be the dry-up of the Orange Flow. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 05-27-2008 data...

Ship finally built back from scratch and all my old weapons were mounted back. It was the damn water rock stuck between the two engine components. I had to fly all the way to Beaumont on one thruster to get my repair done there since they had some hook to detach engine components.. It's all strange work to me but I was assured I wasn't being ripped off. After that I flew back to Mactan where I've met our new Smuggler in rise Klaas Bruinsma and went together with him to blow up bounty hunter installations. I must say, if that man smuggles as good as he fights, we're in for a treat. I headed back to base for restock of missiles and for a good night sleep. It's good to be back Mactan.
Mr Big out, this has been my third and hopefully last report as a trainee. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 06-01-2008 data...

The Liberty Security Force must be one of the worst career paths any Libertonian can take. Today in Magellan, I was approached by an LSF agent who wanted to defect from the shadowy organisation. At first, I didn't take him seriously, as any self-respecting Lane Hacker would. After dispatching a particular Raven Claw five-times in a row, at Freeport 4...

[Image: cosmoskills.jpg]

...I was very suspicious. Not only of the IMG, who must harbour the authorities, but also this stranger. The Raven Claw in front of me was harmless, he asserted...
...However, after he destroyed several Navy craft in front of my Scimitar, I knew his intentions.

I showed him to Mactan base, but didn't allow him to dock. I put him through a little list of tests, just to truly show his allegiences:

Test one: Destroy all Navy patrols at the California gate. He destroyed all the lightly-armoured Defenders in short order, and we proceeded to the second objective.

Test two: Travel through the Tahoe Ice Field to California Minor and eliminate a particular Bounty Hunter skulking behind the planet. This was achieved quickly, as we reached California Minor quickly via a trade lane. Roger Eddington's Pirahna was obliterated in seconds, and there was no trace of an escape pod.

Target Coordinates + California.img overlay:
[Image: MapofCalifornia.png]

Notice of chat log 5834-1-6-816:
[Image: lanehackerrecruitmentassassin2.jpg]

Test three: Get to Montezuma Base in Cortez, before the incoming ion storm. I lost track of his ship as he entered the Tahoe Field, but I assumed he got there safely. I gave him orders earlier to replace the Raven Claw with a Greyhound, and to get proper Liberty Rogue identification. I'm going to send a request to Montezuma for the Raven Claw to be brought to America Base, for our R&D Department to investigate further. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 06-03-2008 data...

A new LH Gunship has been commissioned by myself, Highwayman, today. I have christened her "Lost Highway" for a sort of... Ironic ring that it brings. Highwaymen... Highways? Get it... ? ... Right. Anyway! Her usefulness has already been proven with the destruction of a Bounty Hunter Orca Gunship named "Dipsy," who was trying to assault Mactan base! This kill was sweet, as the Lost's shields were not dropped for the duration of the fight!

With only a few... Personal modifications left to her weapons and navigational systems left, she has already prove a valuable asset! I will do my best to further our goals with her assistance!

Lost Highway, Magellan

Addendum: Already today I have acquired more than five million credits to further our goals. It will be immediately applied to more... Covert ships' build costs. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Brad - 06-13-2008 data...

To Sr Director Moriarty,

The reward of promotion to Technician status is much appreciated and comes with great satisfaction. I'll bring my ship and equipment up to the appropriate standard ASAP.

In the meantime I've filled out all the paperwork necessary and submitted a retina scan to apply for access to the LH private comms network. I hope all is in order.

Brad Whitaker terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - albert wint - 06-16-2008 Wint.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

To Directors Moriarty and LeChiffre,

I have delivered the following to our interrogation vessels.
10 Civillian and Bounty Hunter's Guild Pilots:
5 Liberty Police Inc. And 5 Liberty Navy Pilots:
This has also been forwarded to director LeChiffre following protocol.

Civilian Pilots had been taken from destroyed Ageira and Universal Shipping craft whose Lane had been disrupted en route to California Minor from Planet Mojave and Vice Versa.
Bounty Hunter Pilots had been "abducted" from California Minor in response to above pirating.
Liberty Police Inc. Pilots where shot down near the Magellan Jumpgate in California.
Liberty Navy Pilots where vaporized near their patrol paths at California jumpgate in Magellan.

Sincerely Yours,
- Albert Wint terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viro - 06-18-2008 recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

To Directors Moriaty or LeChiffre,

I have completed the necessary requirements of recruitment
I am in need of a hacker pilot and a unit of cardamine
I also need to deliver several (30+) bounty hunter pilots to the Interrogation Vessel terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 06-24-2008 data...

After I found out that Ernst is giving a lesson of good manners to corporate flunkies I moved right to Texas with my shiny Falcata which was just after a complete overhaul. I couldn't bealive what a great job our engineers did: black leather upholstery! coffee machine!! and automatic cardamine feeder!!! But that just by the way.

Shortly after I reached his possition we set up our hacking devices. One by one, like flies in a web we cought wealthy traders. Each of them with plentiful supply of goods onboard supporting our worst corporate enemies: Oligarchic Hyenas under fear of our powerful and deadly weapons cooperated without any doubts and faltering. Probably one of them angry about his helplessness called a big gun to come after us. The Battlecruiser droped from disturbed trade lane shortly after. Sure of his firepower and indestructible turned against him as fast as he got convinced that against Lane Hacker it's just nothing more then a flying brick of scrap before its molecular dissolution:
[Image: th_BC.png]
Just after we took him apart a Navy bomber showed up. He claimed he is not from Navy but marine corp, maybe he thought we will get a fright or something, don't know. He didn't stand for long anyway:
[Image: th_Bomber.png]
Few minutes later we caught VHF affiliated same as the one before, but this time he was coming from the other side of the trade lane. He was very sceptical about the sense of life:
[Image: VHF.png]
We learned from our long range scanners that lawful forces are congregating in NY. That made us ready for a possible attack. Some time later Svengali joined us and we decided to move towards NY jump gate. Me and Svengali opened jump sequences first and you won't bealive what a greeting was waiting for us on the other side of a JG:
  • 1 Battlecruiser
  • 1 Cruiser
  • 2 Gunboats
  • 1 Bomber
  • 4 Very Heavy Fighters
That's sure they were waiting there for use for a long time. Unfortunately they were not aware of that it is not enough for 3 Lane Hackers with support of 2 fighters. They were falling under our guns like ducks:
[Image: lnshamptonroadsap6.png]
[Image: lnsniagarafallsem3.png]
[Image: flyodrobertsmj0.png]
[Image: jacksonfuldg2.png]
[Image: 8135beratorkl6.png]
[Image: thecelestialju7.png]
[Image: lsfinfaredyh8.png]
[Image: lsfcopelandbt3.png]

And only one VHF managed to esacpe being heavily damanged. terminated...