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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 06-26-2008

For reasons that should be imminently obvious, all Lane Hackers should take note of this recent comm intercept.
The Assassins are instructed to begin making preparations.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - georgi koskov - 06-26-2008 data...

Georgi reporting back in. Its been a while, but my recent activites have added an archangel to our R&D for study. After droping it off I ran into an independent Lane hacker by the name of Eleanor."Myst".Bren and from what I under stand her and her brother (did not catch his name but they share surnames) are new to being Lane Hackers.
[Image: freelancer2008062520261uj6.png]
After helping Myst get some Improved debilitators from Leiden base and giving various other tips I went after a local Bounty Hunter that was causing us problems. Upon arriving at the nav point I found myself heavily outweighed and numbered, but thanks to some help from Myst I was able to space the scum and return to Leiden intact.

Georgi Out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Domingo Espada - 06-26-2008 Espada.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Greeting Senior Moriarty it has been a while. I have spent several months on Beaumont recovering from my wounds. Bounty hunters can be vicious. I seem to have some long term damage from the attack and therefore I formally request a change to the Hackers Smuggling Ring as I do not feel my combats skills will ever recover. I do however still have my wits and will use them to fill the coffers of the Hackers. Upon your reply I shall turn in my dagger for a more suitable vessel. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - albert wint - 06-28-2008 data...

To Directors Moriarty and LeChiffre,
Yesterday I found Brad Whitaker and Georgi Koskov outside Mactan, It was very much a pleasure working with them...
We intercepted a trader using the Leeds Jumphole and administered a 2,000,000 credit fine to him; Thankfully he payed and we split the loot 3 ways.
A Bretonian Police Authority was however staking the place out and engaged us but soon fled due to superior skill, ship, and firepower.
Upon returning we met the most curious fellow a trader named "UnLucky Boy" - Needless to say the name fit him, we caught him and fined him. He was most annoying, we soon forcefully took our credits and let the lout return to his home.

-Albert Wint terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 07-06-2008
...Director.Le.Chiffre.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

To all Lane Hackers: our private network is full-efficient.

After short interuption coused by modernization, streamlining and improvement of the current security system it can be found under new Comm Channel available [color=#FF0000]HERE
from now on. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - el huracan - 07-12-2008 data...

Finally back in action. Family business took up the last few weeks of patrols. It's difficult to attend to planetside affairs when you're in exile, but my proxy is very reliable. He's just a bit slow and takes the long path to evade suspicion and tracking.

Such as it is, thirty little white mice are now in the cage. Let's make 'em squeak.

[Image: screen21.jpg]

While I had the ear of LH Command I also wrote my tests. Still waiting on results from the final. I am optimistic.

[Image: screen22.jpg]

Here's to beating the corporate logistics matrix like a pinata, with the stick of justice and opportunity. And feasting on the sweet, sweet candy. No alliteration for candy. I just want candy.

Awaiting clearance to upgrade weaponry and ship. I stand ready to strike again. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 07-13-2008

To all Lane Hackers :

An extremely urgent matter is awaiting your consideration in the encrypted communication network. You are instructed to log in and deliberate ASAP.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - georgi koskov - 07-14-2008 data...

As of today.... I have seen everything. When I first launched I saw someone by the name of NATE. believing him to be a spy we tried to get him to leave. He didn't, after which we fried his ship him.
[Image: freelancer2008071317495uo0.png]
After that I grouped up with a LH in a gunboat by the name of [GH]-Sir_fish
[Image: freelancer2008071319253au5.png]
The both of us (along with various other members including brad Whitaker, and some trainees) proceed to attempt liberate funds from traders. No luck. All of them threw their lives away easily. Through out this time we saw several bounty hunters but none attacked. Then we saw it, or rather them. An rouge lib gunboat and then approaching FP4 we saw the kicker. A rouge Liberty Dreadnaught, along with a rouge liberty fighter.
[Image: freelancer2008071319231ah3.png]
[Image: freelancer2008071319230wi3.png]
[Image: freelancer2008071319225wm9.png]
After engaging in conversation we have learned that these ships have gone rouge due to the northern corruption or something similar. They do not seam to be hostile.
[Image: freelancer2008071319243sr8.png]
We are still with them at the moment, I have taken a quick second to do a report on these most unusual activities.

Georgi Out. terminated... data...

Addendum While making report we came under attack by what appeared to be a bretoinan. One of the trainees was lost but we got revenge thanks to the timely arrival of Moriarty
[Image: freelancer2008071319501ih0.png]

Lots of activity, many liberty ships, and some bretoinan. got to move await next report.

additional: data on the rouge liberty ships has been corrupted, and the back up were lost in the attack.

additional: data has been mostly recovered.

Georgi out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Viktor Renard Zokas - 07-19-2008

Some people just can't learn. When it comes to pay a Lane Hacker, you should think twice before hitting the pedals for cruise. Incompetancy and ignorance at its best from a Zoner in his entangled behemoth.

[Image: screen373.gif]

[Image: screen374.gif]

PS: Need to add a reminder here that my Sabre is in dire need of a technical loadout change in order to procure optimum performance.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - kronsteen - 07-27-2008



"As required by the advancement protocols outlined in the procedural information supplied by the Senior Director, I have successfully hacked and uploaded this message to our secure comm channel.

"As of today, I have captured a complete set of pilots. Strangely enough, the civilian pilots were the most difficult to collect, due to a mysterious force that repeatedly dealt damage to my Dagger, and on numerous occasions, blasted open my cargo bay seemingly without firing a shot. The Bounty Hunters in the Magellan system are mostly incompetant morons who think they are invincible. Likewise with many of the Navy pilots on our turf. Anyone who can be defeated by a one-handed pilot does not deserve to fly.

"After having my Dagger instantaneously demolished by a Bretonian Templar of all things, I have been awaiting the possessions of a replacement ship, which has fortunately been requisitioned to me today. Fortunately, the Templar was destroyed before it could transmit the location of Mactan Base to Bretonian authorities.

"Also, it has come to my attention that even amongst the Hackers there are those who do not know the difference between Rogue and Rouge, the former being one who works outside the law, and the latter being the word for Red in an ancient language.

"Finally, as my cargo bay has been treated like a tuna can in a room full of cat-lovers, I need some replacement supplies.

"Kronsteen, signing off."