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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - kronsteen - 07-28-2008



"I went into Colorado to scare me up some Xenos. Their Starfliers really didn't stand much of a chance, even though I'm only in a Dagger. After I filled my cargo bay with their captured pilots, I went down to have a drink in Rochestor; I needed a quick break to cool off.

"Then, just as I'm about to dock, I heard an S.R.S. fellow announce another one of their quasi-legal races, with the reward of a million credits for the winner. No one else showed up, so I ended up racing their own Christian... something-or-other in a one vs. one race. He was in a Dagger too, and he was good, but I won with thirty-five meters to spare and am now half a million credits richer.

"After I left the Connecticut system, I was forced into another race. Me vs. the gunfire of the Liberty Navy's Dreadnaught Citadelle d'Quebec. Keeping with the pattern of Hacker awesomeness, I won this race too, escaping to Colorado with my life.

"Sorry about goofing off like that, boss, but you know, all this fighting just leads to a short life. You need to relax a little some times. Besides, I managed to acquire half a million credits from my victory.

"Kronsteen, signing off."

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-29-2008
...uploading data...
...message contains offered rewards...

Greetings. I'll skip the introductions ...
... well, at least I could show you what my average day looks like ...
[Image: th_average_gold.jpg]

... and now straight to the point:
I'd like to brief you on several subjects that I have encountered so far.

Firstly, a laughable individual that you are free to prove wrong in your spare time:
[Image: nightmare.png]
I'm adding a bonus of $100,000 for getting this job done. Subject was a mercenary flying a fighter.
Repeat, there is a 100k credit bonus upon his capture / annihilation. Submit proof via PM or using this channel.

Secondly, a way too bold Transport pilot Latvietis_kaspars1233 bearing a Trader ID and squawking a Bounty Hunter, oh yes, a BH IFF.
He is known to have approached Mactan base, refused to comply and commenced a attempted docking with our base of operations.
[Image: th_screen105.jpg]

It's been a pleasure to personally kick him off the deck and out of the base.
[Image: th_punchout.png]

Then he had his ship destroyed and his crew mania-interrogated by Emilio Largo.
[Image: th_screen107.jpg]

[Image: th_screen111.png]

Still, upon his release from the Slavers Union and purchasing a ship, he can be hunted down and harmed decisively. Again, you can get an extra $100,000.

Next, a fat civilian Viper1 was intercepted in The Barrier and destroyed in Leeds
[Image: th_screen113-1.jpg]

Last, a wannabe-smart trader Stringfellow_hawke in a Firefly tried to outrun our pursuing patrol far North into empty space, however, we were the ones with faster ships and sharper tongue. My cut was 600,000 credits.
[Image: th_screen114.jpg]

Using the LH~ designation in your ship's designation has some drawbacks, on the other hand, it sends the muggers a clear message. Daine_Cirren voluntarily offered me a bribe of $700,000! I was rather taking advantage of my Civilian ID cover and intended to leave the big fish alone, yet, bribe accepted.
[Image: th_screen87.jpg]
[Image: th_screen85.jpg]

I am most likely going to be awarded the Trainee status in the next few hours, so I'd like you to know that I use both LH-marked and unmarked ships, namely Phate and LH~Phate. The former will be used for covert ops and luring unsuspecting victim into a no-win situation, while the latter delivers punishing firepower and base-defensive capabilities as well as the ability to seek out any trader that dares to get anywhere near our area of operations.
Tip of the day:
[Image: screen89.jpg]

I'm looking forward to further cooperation with all of you. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-30-2008
...uploading data...

Near Freeport 4 a group of three well-off civilians crossed my path. After demanding $100,000 for each of their lives I found out that they value themselves about $5k only. That resulted in their fatal injuries during a desperate disband & dock attempt.
[Image: rampage.png]

Today I have originally set course for Silverton and Jersey to wipe out some redundant Xenos to improve my image and reputation with the Junkers and their black market dealers whose services will come in handy as well their offers to do some dirty business for me.

Intelligence gathering was something that I have set as secondary. Nevertheless, after smashing some "gophers" as in LPI terminology and scaring off irresponsible ill-minded traders, I encountered an unknown phenomenon as I made my very speedy slingshot using Manhattan's gravity well.
[Image: th_screen9.jpg]

Later on, the Liberty Government (//administrators) has quarantined all space around Manhattan alongside with their LSF agents. I have been able to provide you with a deep scan of all four that were ensuring the quarantine and trying to lock down the trade lanes. I fired my jammer flare and initiated a lane hack that disrupted their futile attempt.
[Image: th_screen30.jpg]

Then I was providing intelligence and tactical data to a friendly group of pirates, even delaying LSF reincorcements at my own risk. Despite my effort, the rather not well organized pirates succumbed to the agents one by one. I managed to take a final scan and disappear in the sun's corona. Then I flew back to Mactan to cool down.
Intel submitted to Director Le Chiffre. Photogrephic data links are provided on demand (PM).
Subjects scanned: =LSF=Copeland, =LSF=Jordi, =LSF=Christian.Deus, =LSF=Walker

Yes, I was flying a Dagger with only a simple Cargo Scanner. I had it well aligned and overcharged, the damage found after my return home was irreparable and I have received an Advanced replacement along with a new shiny Train CD to intercept the commercial slugs more easily. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-30-2008
...uploading data...

This is something that might be described as a pleasant dream or a nightmare:
[Image: th_screen4.jpg]

The difference is in the count of Hacker ships available. There are crowds of traders passing along our doorstep with tons of cargo in their holds! This calls for a Pirate operation. Have your ships and supplies ready.

Just to tip you off, a bonus at the end Eclipzed is a Universal Shipping ID'd Advanced Train. If you spot it within our area of operations, hunt it down without mercy! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-30-2008

As I have mentioned not long ago, there are massive Boron - Beryllium Convoys passing through The Barrier unnoticed! For example the following group:

Another trader was trying to damage Hacker ships as he was escaping a patrol of Daggers:
Stucuk - $200,000 bonus for successful Piracy of this Trader.

A friendly smuggler called Schunterr through whom I have established good relations with the Junkers provided a generous reward for me escorting him from Beaumont to the Leeds Jump Hole:
[Image: th_screen4-1.jpg]
As my job was finished I engaged a rank 39 civilian Executioner "Friis" (civilian weapons aboard, trying to disrupt Lane Hacker operations, Police IFF) and removed that nuisance from the Magellan System by opening a few holes in his hull by my Hellflurries and detonating a Slingshot Missile in his cargo bay. Sleep tight, I'm watching over you.

Phate's log, supplemental:

I have seriously damaged an LSF Ravenclaw near the New York Jump Gate in Texas. The pilot had to retreat and was forced to dock at Fort Bush due to his injuries. I evaded the =LSF= patrol assigned to that location to bump into another after jumping to Colorado. I managed to shake him in the Ontario System when I double-backed to and from California. I kept straight on to Alberta and Yukon and finally arrived to Leiden in Galileo through Cassini. I exchanged a few captured pilots for a Hvy. Countermeasure Dropper and with a little pit stop on Padua, my Dromedary has boldly set course for Illinois.

After retrieving an ARCHANGEL codename weapon I was struck with a slight paranoia, which was useful when avoiding a Liberty fleet in orbit around Denver and squeezing into the Trade Lane faster than an unsuspecting trader. My ship wasn't really well tweaked yet, so pirating him was out of the question. I didn't want to attract any extra attention with that weird-looking thing in my hold, anyway. The rest of the trip to Vespucci was relatively uneventful. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 08-02-2008

...hack data...

After undocking from Mactan, I met a weird-talking Junker which gave me the information that HF might need some help in New York.
I quickly engaged my cruise engines and set course towards New York.
HF fleet was more then a match for small forces that Liberty Navy could deploy at the time.
I engaged some fighters to cover the capital ships. Fighters were being destroyed like flies, one after another.
Then something weird happened. Liberty Gunboat was trying to break trough the blockade. Luckily, it was quickly destroyed.

I'v looted some weird organisms from it's wreck, uploading data now :


It seems that they were of great importance to the Navy scums, so they'v sent a pursuit, one Avenger.
Probably the only survivor of the great fight above Norfolk Shipyard.
As he was too close to me I couldn't head to Bufallo straight, I couldn't risk the lawfuls knowing about it.
I had no other choice but to engage. It didn't take long before his hull cracked under the power of my guns.

Uploading camera record :


I am currently hidden on Bufallo base, waiting for further instructions what to do with these 'things'.

Emilio Largo terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 08-03-2008
...uploading data...


Recently, these ships / pilots have demonstrated their open hostility to the Lane Hackers.

Arcadian : Heavy Tanker, Trader
StarDestroyer : Raven's Talon, Freelancer
Ghost : Virage, Zoner ID (but keeps messing with the Lane Hackers)
Widgett : Kusari Transport, Miner

Give them all the trouble they are asking for, take nothing back.

Widgett was way too close to Mactan, being suspicious.
[Image: th_screen45.jpg] [Image: widgett.png]
StarDestroyer came to help him as he was a Freelancer apparently hired by this disrespectful Miner.
Later on, he was about to enter the Barrier when our ships came close and he plain opened fire, resulting in his ship's destruction.

Then he surprisingly showed up again with a new ship and a Zoner "Ghost" as backup.
[Image: th_screen21.jpg]
I was about to show them a lesson through superior firepower, but with that Arcadian Heavy Tanker showing up to throw salvos of (missing) turret shots...
[Image: th_screen23.jpg]
I grew tired of them all and pulled back, deeper into the Barrier.
[Image: ghost.png]

Intruders destroyed: StarDestroyer, GunRun
[Image: stardestroyerdead.png] [Image: screen24-1.png]
Gunrun was a Navy tagged/ID'd fighter vessel wandering inside the Barrier cloud.

Bounty Hunter Battlecruiser was forced out of Magellan: Smesharik
[Image: th_screen12.jpg]

Thanks to the members of the piracy group currently involved (I was in charge):

We have continued on to the heart of Liberty from which we purged a Corsair bomber who graciously left some loot behind - 4 "Colada del Cid" shieldrippers - all sent for analysis and then sold to the highest bidder (Mactan Base dealer) for about $500,000.
[Image: th_screen13.jpg]

This is what happens if someone gets a sleep instead of his maintenance shift:
[Image: th_screen32-1.jpg]

And a proof that the Orbital Spa & Cruise can be quite deviant (Cassini Jump Hole in the picture).
[Image: th_screen35.jpg]

And finally, few quotes for your entertainment:
[Image: qotd.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 08-05-2008
...uploading data... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 08-10-2008 data...

Apologies for the delay, I meant to report in yesterday, however I had some communications difficulties.

I departed from Mactan today, venturing into the core of Liberty space on an intelligence gathering mission. My goal was to scan any Liberty Security, Police, or Naval forces that I could find.

Once I arrived in the New York sector, I had a lucky break. By hacking into secure networks, I discovered that the Liberty Security Forces armory ship had launched and was in Manhattan orbit. This was an opportunity not to be missed. Hopefully I will improve at using my surveillance equipment on later missions, however this should be clear enough:

Armory Ship 1
Armory Ship 2
Armory Ship 3
Armory Ship 4
Armory Ship 5

This leads me to ask the question: Why does the LSF need so many Nomad weapons?

My next target was a Navy Gunboat, the LNS Niagara Falls:
LNS Niagara Falls
LNS Niagara Falls

Fortunately, as we can see here, the LSF has not yet started handing out Nomad weaponry to their Navy allies. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - albert wint - 08-11-2008
...uploading data...

Today was a glorious day for the Lane Hackers!
I had organized a small excursion with Phate just an hour ago, upon unlocking from Mactan an experiment from dearest Blofeld call signed "Liaparus" was waiting outside and the Gunship LostHighway soon joined us. As we all got acquainted and they joined our little hunting party we had a contact on scanners a rather oddly named Mercenary flying a Ravens Talon, we could only make out the words "Ubica" for his callsign.
We chased him off and he seems to be delusion repeating something about a "char"
Video Log #1
Video Log #2

Later on we rendezvous at Freeport 4 and before we mobilized to California a very unlucky Synthfoods Transport passed us carrying Boron oddly enough! He seemed to have shot a few shots off at us but otherwise we remained unharmed, we ordered him to drop his cargo and he fled into the clouds - He was thermoscoptically vaporized soon after.
Video Log #1
Video Log #2

Later we went to California, Me and the LostHighway set up an ambush from Riverside to LA while Phate and Liaparus set an adjacent one from Riverside to Cali Minor - Phate seemed to be as prosperous as ever in his piracy as he stopped many accursed Ageira Traders and their Lackeys... On our side the LostHighway found several Outcasts, a Destroyer callsigned "Difensora" and a Rogue Gunboat callsigned "Zamfir" - An impressive force to say the least. A Zoner named "Kikai" stopped by and made a donation to our cause and had a few other things which I will utter elsewhere... After he made the Donation we had been discovered by the esteemed Director of Communications of the LSF "Evangelion" - We soon engaged and the Cowardly Ageira Pet fled! We chased after and another Outcast Gunboat called "Hook" came to our aid.
Video Log "Phate" #1
Video Log "Phate" #2
Video Log "Zoner" #1
Video Log "LSF" #1

Afterwards the Coward called Backup in - I must say it was surprising, We saw on LostHighway's long range scanners none other then Isabelle Kaitlynn, General of the 106th Battlegroup for the Liberty Army. We mustered up the Outcasts and our own forces and engaged the Citadelle De Quebec, and her ilk the Niagara Falls and the LSF who had called in a Bomber callsigned "Krusa"
The Outcasts charged headfirst into the fray attacking the Citadelle ruthlessly, Her shields dropped and we lost the Destroyer Difensora however the smaller ships managed to evade and soon after the combine firepower the Citadelle sustained heavy damage and fled through the Jumpgate, we then focused fire on the Gunboat Niagara falls and it also sustained heavy damage and fled. Apparently our superior skill caused Evangelion to flee and we soon engaged Krusa who fled through the Jumpgate soon after sensing his imminent death. It was a fine day for the Hackers! We secured a good amount of cash and succeeded in crippling some of Liberties most prominent Warships!
Video Log "Citadelle" #1
Video Log "Citadelle" #2
Video Log "Assault" #1
Video Log "Assault" #2
Video Log "The Falls" #1
Video Log "Krusa" #1

I have also conducted an Information Mission on both the Falls and the Citadelle De Quebec. Today was a glorious day for the Lane Hackers! terminated...