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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 08-11-2008
...uploading data...

I have conducted mania-interrogation of a Liberty Navy cadet:

[Image: th_boarding.jpg]

[Image: Simply_Max_interrogated.png]

[Image: th_harmful_measures.jpg]

Then I departed the Texas system ...

[Image: th_noMax_leavingTexas.png]

... to return later for scouting of Minnesota and Quebec. There I was surprised by numerous naval Guardian patrols and returned to Beaumont to replenish my expended ordinance. Another voyage in a short period would be rather hasty, so I left for California and arrived home again. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 08-12-2008 data...

This report is to sum up the past two days, not including today as I have not yet had the opportunity to launch.

Even though I have been accepted as a member of the Lane Hackers, I still needed to prove my worth to our allies. The easiest way to do this? Complete various missions assigned out of Mactan, as well as collecting pilots for mania-interrogation.
Trust Gained

Later that day, while outside Mactan with LH.Liparus and the LH.Interrogation, we spotted a Navy pilot with a Mercenary ID tag flying a Raven Claw fighter This Liberty drone had the sheer audacity to land on Mactan base, right underneath our noses! Base security was notified and the pilot attempted to escape, right into our waiting guns.

Navy Lapdog

Later on, I engaged in Lane Hacking operations with LH|LostHighway. We came across a Humpback pilot, who was more than happy to donate some of his cardamine to support Lane Hacker operations. We then wished him well on his trip to Liberty, advising him of nearby patrols. If only every operation ended this way.

Later on, LH|LostHighway and I encountered a smaller trade convoy, composed of two ships. Upon seeing that these corporate flunkies were intending to bring a load of Boron into the heart of Liberty, no doubt to support Ageira operations, we demanded payment. Rather than simply pay us, after trying to negotiate down our quite reasonable offer, they elected to run. Poor choice, Cosmo was slain, while WhiteShadow managed to escape. Our fee would have been a pittance in exchange for their lives, but they paid for their arrogance.

Trader 1
Trader 2

Regrettably, my gun cameras were offline so I could not record the destruction of one of the vessels.

At about the same time, we had an odd encounter to say the least with what appears to be an AI ship named 002. According to the craft's claims, it was approximately 67% artificial and 33% biological at the time of our encounter. Recognizing the obvious superiority of Lane Hacker technology, the AI scanned our ships, paying attention to LostHighway in particular. Having no affiliations with Liberty Navy, Police, or any of the corrupt organizations, we were content to let the ship go on its way, as it seemed primarily interested in the acquisition of credits. I did attempt to persuade it to obtain credits from Ageira Technologies, we shall see how that pans out.


A rather lengthy report, however the past couple days have been busy. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 08-14-2008
...uploading data...
[color=#66FF66]Attention, important for all fighter pilots!
[Image: th_screen17-1.jpg]
The Liberty Navy has purchased a huge amount of weapons from bretonia, namely Adv. Splitters (tachyon class 9) and Heavy Flashpoints (civ. laser class 9). It is advisable for all pilots going into liberty to keep their graviton shields mounted tightly. Proofs below:
[Image: th_screen36.jpg] [Image: th_screen41-1.jpg]
I have intercepted those ships and chased them across three systems and they took heavy damage. Though their destruction was too big a task for such a new Sabre which I was getting used to at that time. I beat them hard, though, and more.... I got my main task done. I found out what they were up to in Dublin and as you can see above, I scanned the hell out of them. Every single bit.
In the few skirmishes that occured in the following hours I aided the [HF] and other hackers including Highwayman and Ernst Stavro Blofeld with some house cleaning:
[Image: th_screen47-1.jpg] [Image: th_screen48.jpg]
The afterparty - heavy pirate raids - went very well, even Trainee Trigger joined our piracy team. Money transfers were countless and more loot than my hold could hold... ...see changes in my signature for details. And yes, these numbers are very real. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 08-14-2008 data...

I'm writing this report from the Mactan medical bay. Minor injuries, just a bit of a chill from the exposure.

I engaged in Hacking operations once again today, accompanying LH~Phate. Our first target was a trader named Cipher. He managed to get by us the first time, however when he came back through Magellan, we were ready for him. I chased down Cipher and his escort, advising Phate of their anticipated position. They fell right into our trap. A few threats were needed, as he was claiming that he was raising credits for his companion, however we got our money in the end.
I did however come to the conclusion that i need to work on my threats

Our next target was an Ageira transport, who foolishly ventured into our territory. We picked him up on scanners, however were unable to get a bearing. We found him quickly though, and converged on his location. The Ageira lackey balked at our demands initially, he even seemed to have no idea what we were talking about with Ageira's corruption! He did drop his cargo however, which was promptly destroyed as we had no means of transporting it. After demanding compensation for letting him escape unscathed, it appears we pushed him too far.

Admonitor opened fire, and we were forced to engage. I picked up the escape pods of some fellow Hacker's and Liberty Rogues that had previously engaged the transport and flew in pursuit. After dodging the lumbering transport's fire for some time, I grew complacent and made an error in judgement. One barrage tore down my shields, the next ripped through my hull and before I knew it I was in vacuum. Phate picked up my pod, but I blacked out shortly thereafter. I don't know what happened after that, as Phate had left Mactan by the time I woke up.

Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport
Ageira Transport

Lessons were learned in terms of fighting a transport ship, and the cost of a Dagger is a pittance in comparison to what Ageira lost today.

I should hopefully be released from medical soon.

Dexter out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - J-Kent - 08-15-2008 data...

Greetings comrades in arms and intellect!

It was an excellent evening in Sirius despite a couple of ion storms which produced temporary no-fly conditions.

I was fortunate enough to recieve the aid of Mr Dexter Smythe this evening, and wish to publicly thank him for his courtesy, generosity, and camraderie.

On to the happenings...

Together, despite being chased by a slightly schitzophrenic (but as it turns out non-hostile) gunboat, and despite a 15 to 20 minute laspe and total lack of lane traffic, we were together able to destroy dozens of bounty hunter and naval ships, three weapons platforms, and multiple transports.

We procured a total of 35 pilots for interrogation, 10 of each plus 5 extra bounty hunter scum!

I have managed to move my reputation into the green and will buy an ID as soon as monetary assets and reputation permit.

Visual Log;

[Image: freelancer2008-08-1420-33-34-53.jpg]

The fights were epic, I was destroyed once by a bounty hunter shill who was audacious enough to ram me, Smythe saved me from the fools ill executed scheme (and the vaccum of space) and the pilots I had collected so far, as well as dispatching the imbecile before I could even get back into another ship and back to the battle.

It should be noted that a KOF pilot was nosing around the tradelanes near Mactan, and did so for a suspicious amount of time. We did not engage as we were laden with pilots and did not wish to unnecessarily risk loosing valuable interrogation material. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 08-23-2008 data...

My promotion to technician came through recently. The dagger, though a fine craft, was becoming slightly outdated, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to the slipstream.


After rearming my new fighter, I decided to interdict and disrupt trading. My first target was a trader named Kiero. He quickly paid a 500 000 credit donation to the Lane Hackers.


Later, I encountered a transport coming from the Manchester system. Mr. Morris quickly powered down engines and contributed to the cause, no weapons fire required.

Mr. Morris
Mr. Morris

In total, the Lane Hackers gained 800 000 credits through my operations today. A small amount perhaps, but my "fees" will go up in time.

Later, I encountered a fellow Hacker in the Magellan system. We encountered a trader named Horst near Freeport 4, however he executed a docking maneuver that defies the laws of physics before we could extract payment.

Also of note: I did have a couple quick conversations with law enforcement officers. With police like this, its no wonder we're able to operate virtually unrestricted.
We're not allowed in New York?
No pirates around here

Hopefully more to come later. Dexter out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - J-Kent - 08-27-2008 data...

First off congratulations to Mr. Smythe on his much deserved and well earned promotion!

This hack has been some time in coming due to problems with my new Hacker Neural Net Account, so I will use this one until the issue is sorted.

Firstly, having put my new advanced scanner apparatus to work, I have Intelligence reports on two targets observed and scanned within the New York System;

Subject 1;
Callsign; [KOF]-AutumnWind
IFF; Universal Shipping
ID; Universal Shipping
Vessel; AP-12400 Bounty Hunter Bomber


Visual Contact;


Weapons Loadout;

Subject 2;
Callsign; =LSF=SilverWolf
IFF; Liberty Security Force
ID; Liberty Security Force
Vessel; XB-2 Havok MK II Ageira Bomber


Visual Contact;


Weapons Loadout;

In other news with permission from director LeChiffre I bought a Dromedary under the false ID of; Max.Tarn-D
for use in smuggling and storage operations.
I plan to make my first smuggling run soon.

More follows as more happens.

Death to corporate weenies! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - kronsteen - 09-07-2008



"A trainee whose name escapes me, Phate, and I were flying around Magellan when Phate caught a big fish: a Police tagged ship of the Train line going by the name Bad One or somesuch, loaded with boron. After he made the ultimatum, I flew alongside the Train's other flank. He demanded the trader give money, which the trader responded to by insisting he was poor. I suggested cargo piracy as an alternative, to which the trader insisted he didn't know what cargo was. I find it laughable just how imbecilic Liberty is becoming lately.

"As Phate was engaging the ignorant Trader, MM~Billy=Bishop, a Bounty Hunter tagged mercanary in a Templar showed up and opened fire on us. Phate fought and destroyed the ignorant trader, and I held off the mercenary in my Slipstream. It became clear he was the superior pilot, as I had already fun out of shield batteries and barely scratched his hull. It was then that Phate and the trainee arrived and vanquished the heavily armored foe with a well-placed mine.

"After that harrowing experience, I hacked the lanes for a while and didn't find any shipments of interest, just standard Police patrols and the occasional H-fuel convoy. I returned to Mactan to enjoy a drink and a nap after that.

"I would like to comment that it is nice not having to worry about 'legal' drinking age.

"Kronsteen, signing off."

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - J-Kent - 09-07-2008 data...

Well, in response to Mr Kronsteen, that other trainee was me, and I was little to no help with the attacking Templar save as an annoyance to him and another guy to shoot at, it was Phate's insanely well placed neuclear mine that sent him the way of the dinosaur.

Apologies for not having been active recently, but after a nasty scrap with my formerly mentioned intelligence targets, I acidentally inhaled several liters of my own plasma coolant, the medical ward only recently released me. //OOC translation, start of school term has been rough, but Im back up to steam now

Before the mine victory, Phate requested my services as escort pilot on a slave/cardamine run between Beaumont and Malta. Aside from one time, the Barracudas and Hammerheads never caught up with us, and the one time they did we pasted them to their own cockpit glass with minimal loss of shields.

During the part of the run through California, Dexter Smythe was with us, but he was hotly pursued by KoF and DW forces who started their inane babble //OOC; and rule mongering. ulgh

After some verbal banter and mania insults, Phate and I escaped to Cortez.

// OOC; Showing excellent honor and superb character Dexter consented to log off despite the fact that he was not obligated to (since he had not actually engaged in PvP nor had they gotten him), in order to avoid a nasty OORP confrontation.

Phate's run was succesful, and after as you've heard, dispatching those two enemies, he headed off to Mactan while I joined Kronsteen in fishing the lanes, but I found myself in need of a meal and rest before we caught anything.

Judging by what I saw and heard of what went on before I was released from the medbay, it was an extreemly productive and all around good day for the Hackers!

Now that I know a route I shall be taking my smuggling ship on runs to increase both my funds and the overall Lane Hacker funds.

Long live the Hackers, death to corporate weenies! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - kronsteen - 09-07-2008



"I thought it was you, Max. I didn't mention names because I didn't want to make an ass of myself giving credit to the wrong person. Good job surviving that fight in a Dagger. You didn't make that one wrong move.

"Kronsteen, signing off."