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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-23-2008 data...

This morning, while on patrol in the Magellan sector, I encountered a Liberty Navy Mammoth, Sabin_Galantia, hauling some Boron. First time in a while that I've seen a Naval hoodlum in a non combat vessel. Of course, I sped off on an intercept vector, but was unable to close to cruise disruptor range before the target reached the Leeds jumphole. Thinking that I would abandon pursuit, the target foolishly taunted me as he made the jump.

I followed the target to Leeds, and disrupted the targets engines. Proceeding to take down the targets shields, an allied Rogue vessel came through from Magellan to assist me, a Rogue gunboat piloted by Swanson. With two vessels surrounding him, Galantia saw reason and paid my 1 million credit demand. Swanson received half of the payment for his assistance.
Sabin Galantia
Sabin Galantia
Sabin Galantia

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-24-2008 data...

I encountered a KOF Transport in the Texas system today, and pursued it through to New York. I was forced to abandon pursuit when I noticed to Liberty Navy gunboats in position to intercept me. I made a strategic withdrawal before they closed to weapons range.

While moving off, S/D-Feral showed up on my scanners. Unfortunately, he saw me and we had a brief conversation as I slipped out of scanner range. A Naval ship in the area also joined it, but they were unable to compete with the cardamine-enhanced intellect of a Hacker.
Chat in New York
I think my mania-interrogation techniques have improved significantly over the past few weeks.

I moved off to California, where after a bit of waiting I encountered an Interspace Transport [IC]Convoy15-9. In a refreshing change, this pilot was willing to pay my demand of 500 000 credits. Of course he DID require a bit of persuasion, by means of me stripping his shielding in my Sabre.
Convoy 15-9
Convoy 15-9
Convoy 15-9
Convoy 15-9
As a side note, this is actually the first time a trader has paid me while I've been flying my Sabre. All the others chose to be atomized instead.

Dexter out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-25-2008 data...

Late last night, I stumbled across some sort of operation happening in the New York sector. The vessel Blackbeard's Pearl requested my assistance when I flew within scanner range, so I charged my weapons and moved in.
Moving in to assist

The biggest target was the Bounty Hunter Battlecruiser [BHG]Ordronaux. I made a few strafing runs on the vessel, before I decided to leave that to the Pearl, who was flying a gunboat. I moved to engage LPI-Andrea Berkeley. Berkely didn't appear to be actively evading me or attempting to engage me, so after stripping her shields, and draining her Shield Battery reserves, I let her live.
Andrea Berkeley

The Liberty Naval pilot [LN]William.Talon also moved in to engage. His Guardian bore the brunt of my Debilitator fire, until I was again forced to switch targets to a newly arrived bounty hunter, Diagamma.l I tore down the BHG Virage's shields quickly, and pummeled its hull with my Lancer missiles. Within minutes, the fighter had lost nearly all offensive firepower. In my battles with the fighters, I lost track of the engagement with the Bounty Hunter Battlecruiser. I never did find out what happened.
Diagamma.l, missing some weaponry

At this point, Diagamma.lll moved in to assist his comrade. He transferred his full load of Shield Batteries and Nanobots to Diagamma.l, so I ignored Diagamma.l, who essentially had no weaponry remaining, and focused on Diagamma.lll. Another pilot, Psychopath, who had wandered into the engagement quickly destroyed Diagamma.l I wonder if he would have fared as well if the vessel had any weaponry left. In any case, Psychopath was destroyed moments later by yet another new arrival, [LN]Jack.Malrone, flying his Havoc Mk. II. This left me fighting by myself against a rapidly increasing amount of opposition.
Diagamma.lll scan
Diagamma.l death
[LN]Jack.Malrone Scan

I decided at this point it may be wise to disengage. I left the Diagamma pilots behind, however Jack was right behind me and disrupted my trade lane right as I was about to activate it. This Naval hoodlum soon bore the brunt of my wrath, as I turned around and engaged. I stripped the Havoc's shielding and was making a good dent in its hull, when Diagamma.lll returned, joined by yet another associate, Diagamma.ll. After a few minutes of flight, I decided that it may become hazardous for my health to continue an engagement while so severely outnumbered. Some fancy evasive maneuvers allowed me to engage my cruise engines and escape to the Badlands.

Surprisingly, I took very little damage. My shield reserves were depleted, but my hull was barely scratched. I expended 89% of my on board missile supply, but my ammunition costs should be balanced by the sale of the Nuclear Mines that I scavenged from the wreck of Diagamma.l

In total, I engaged:
1x Bounty Hunter Battlecruiser
3x Virage Bounty Hunter fighters.
1x Havoc Mk II Bomber
1x Guardian
1x Liberator
and none were able to inflict any significant damage on my Slipstream. Apparently that extra piloting training has paid off.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 10-25-2008
Some say that I'm a one man army.

The truth is I would never get this far if it wasn't for Dexter Smythe.
The wingman you can count on.
So I'd like to say:

Thank you.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-26-2008 data...

Thank you Phate, it's always a pleasure to fly your wing.

To clarify, we had a somewhat unplanned clash with Liberty forces in the New York system today. After my exploits from last night, my ship was in need of a few repairs and rearmament, so I launched from Buffalo with only eight missiles left and lacking a countermeasure dropper, planning to visit the Rogues on Padua. Phate notified me that he had been engaged by =LSF=Cartman, flying an Avenger. I moved in to assist, and eventually Phate scored the killing blow on Cartman, who was picked up by one of his allies in the LSF.

By this point, our little battle had attracted more attention than we had hoped for. Here is the total list of craft involved, recreated from my sensor logs. Due to the sheer volume of craft involved, some information is missing:

=LSF=Cartman - Avenger - Destroyed by Phate
=LSF=Cutter - Guardian - Destroyed by Phate
[LN]-David.Hastings - Guardian/Avenger - Destroyed by Phate
[LN]-Galen.Anderson - Avenger - Destroyed by Phate
Petresun - Avenger - Destroyed by Phate
-[Starscream]- - Raven Claw - Ran after losing shielding systems.
-|PL|-Frayer[F] - Taiidan Bomber - Destroyed by Phate
Kung-Pao - Sensor log missing - Status unknown, presumed fled or destroyed

Sensor images will be uploaded at a later date, but its a lot of data to sift through. Again, excellent shooting by Phate.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-26-2008 data...

I met LH~Mr.Big today, a promising new Hacker recruit. Its funny to think that just a couple months ago, I was in the same situation. After receiving his new Dagger on Buffalo, Mr. Big was traveling to Mactan, so I stayed in the Magellan sector to meet him.

While patrolling Magellan, I encountered a transport class vessel, Mnuke. He was flying with a Navy IFF and Military ID, which placed him firmly into hostile territory. After refusing my demand, I was forced to chase him to the Leeds system. My weapons fire must have damaged his navigational controls as he crashed into the atmosphere of Planet Leeds. On the bright side, I salvaged a Mosquito Cruise Disruptor and ammunition from the wreckage.

Mr. Big had finally arrived in system when I returned, so I met up with him at Mactan and we ran a mission destroying an installation that the Bounty Hunters had managed to set up in Magellan. After that, Mr. Big left to tour Mactan's facilities.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-26-2008 data...

Attention Hackers:

The planning for the assault on Detroit Munitions is underway. Operation: Whetstone

I will be posting regular updates on that comm frequency. Your feedback is welcome as always.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 10-28-2008 data...

While on patrol in Magellan, I encountered the an Interspace Mammoth, Sabin Galantia. A quick interception, Galantia was already under fire from some Hacker vessels. Sabin Galantia paid me a total of 1.3 million credits.

Sabin Galantia
Sabin Galantia
Sabin Galantia

Dexter out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 10-31-2008
The last few days were both enjoyable, profitable and succesful. I' have collected a nice sum offered by other pirate groups like Rogues and Outcasts. Not paid for, but also valuable are these LSF ship destruction proofs 1 2 which belong to the fireworks where Dexter helped.

I'm focusing rather on the new recruits now. Although when the opportunity presents itself, I don't hesitate to show our new pilots how the job is done. The everlasting job ... interdicting and disrupting the activities of corporate oppressors carried out by their arrogant sneaky lackeys.

I did have to replace my bomber a few times ... but that's where it ends. No villain lives to boast that he has destroyed one of my ships. I hope it stays that way for as long as possible.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 11-01-2008
yesterday I was flying in Texas to improve my relationships with our friends the Junkers, after I succeeded, I went on a little tour trough the Texas system. But then I drifted towards planet Houston (I know I shouldn't have done that) and saw LPI Huntsville on my scanners, and because I heard that there where two of our captured pilots kept in this prison, I couldn't resist taking a look. Huntsville. but I think a raid on this prison would be to hard, because it's guarded by the battleship Mississippi, after taking this last picture I lost control of my ship for a split second, and Mississippi's guners took the change and took out my ship, gladly I made it back to Beaumont in my special escape pod, wich I got made for myself (after losing my ship just outside Mactan as a sitting duck)