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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-03-2008

Quote:LH~RobinHood: "You LPI are so weak, they have to use a crane to put you in your ships."
LH~RobinHood: "Heheehee, I'll bet they train you on the use of sleep enhancing drugs as well."
LPI-Doughnut.Shop: "No, actually your mother trained us in that, good sir."
:rolleyes:those are the best! :rolleyes:

……comm.ID.Looter recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……
In an effort to further our goals by Lane Hacking & Looting, which, as we know, pays as least as much as trading ...

I suggest that hacking groups are to be formed, whenever possible. A typical one should consist of:
A vessel with a VAST cargo hold to contain all the booty. - Pirate Transport
A vessel capable of damaging a trader and defending the cargo ship with superior firepower. - Hacker Gunship
(optional) An agile vessel with the ability to disrupt cruise engines and engage fighter escorts. - Scimitar

I've been trying to perfect the Hacking / looting / robbing strategy in the recent weeks. What can a single man do alone? Here are the results of my research:

Hacker Gunship:
+ you can intimidate -> tax millions of credits
+ stop blow up a trader efficiently if he is foolish enough
+ you're more agile than transports.
- your cargo hold can take only 300 items.
note: Only Hackers can act as this kind of cover, because they have previously proven that they can.

Pirate Transport (can mount a CD!)
+ vast hold
+ hardened defensive capabilities
- some transports can overpower you
- lacks maneuverability
note: A good thing to do for a Technician.
note for Specialists: You can pirate in this ship alone as I did, when you're bold or skilled enough. It's risky, though, take at least a Light Fighter Escort with you whenever possible.

+ very agile, anti-fighter-escort weapon
+ 200 thrust speed, can catch up transports, scout and mainly use its CD to slow the target down.
- low firepower
- low cargo space
note: a great thing to do for a Technician.

TACTICAL: The Hacking party immediately retreats when it spots any kind of military force - anything more than a single fighter. The highest-ranked pilot (Hacker rank) is always in command.

(optional) The pilot with the highest financial rank is in command of the operaion, if unresolved before.

Most of all, I'd like to make it clear that this is a great source of income, equal to smuggling runs, which aren't as enjoyable.

………hack terminated……

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-03-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Robin Hood has demonstrated exceptional use of mania-interrogation techniques. These pathetic LPI will soon be reduced to space debris for the Junkers to salvage.

I have directed The Lane Hacker R & D Division to begin work on the development of a new Heavy Fighter for our fleet. I am requesting comment on the following possibilities as names for the ship:
LH17-R "Bayonet" Trade Lane Disruptor
LH17-R "Bayonet" Trade Lane Interrupter
LH17-R "Bayonet" Trade Lane Interceptor

Additionally, our R & D department requires supplies and research materiel.
All Lane Hackers are instructed to begin seizing shipments of engines, optronics and optical chips. Turn in one unit from each haul to one of the interrogation vessels and it will be counted against your pilot quota.
These are NOT to be purchased. They are to be taken from those corporate villains!

Additionally, I am planning a raid to seize a shipment of materials from Ageira Technologies for our R & D department. My hacks into the Ageira Database indicate that a delivery is scheduled for 1-5-08 at 5pm GMT [12pm ET USA]. All Lane Hackers should make plans to be available to aid in intercepting this shipment.
Robin Hood or Highwayman will be leading this raid as part of their Specialist Promotion Criteria.
All Lane Hackers report your availability through private comms. terminated...

[font=Arial]<span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%][I am looking for someone to work on media for our clan. We need banners, and I would like to have a series of medals that I can give out for various types of service. If you have skill at making these types of things, let me know.]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-05-2008

……comm.ID.Frosty recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

This is Trainee Frosty, reporting for duty, SIR!
Director: "At ease."

The reconnaissance mission went well, I managed to rat out an Interspace Commerce storehouse. That intelligence, I hope, had the same impact as several LSF ship scans would have. Documentation is available on-demand.

An advice, to all Lane Hacker pilots:

Avoid the evil stationary battleships, or they will vaporize you in a second. :angry: Measured with 10% deviation.

I'm happy to announce that my older brother, Smuggler Technician "Fridge", is going to hold a competition for the best hacker of the week. Details are yet unspecified, however the main point will be properly leading / participating in a Lane Hack operation. Prize: The glossy worn-out Armor Upgrade Mk.V (x2.0)

………hack terminated……

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-05-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

I bear tidings of unfortunate news.
Young Onryo has been apprehended by the LPI. [post 8]
I witnessed the entire fiasco from the other side of the system. Onryo was accosted by two corrupt members of LPI while transporting captured pilots to the interrogation vessel.
She has been incarcerated in the Ft. Bush detention block until she can be moved to Sugarland Prison. My hacks into the LPI database indicate that they have rigged the entire judicial proceedings, and intend to sentence her to life in prison.
Unfortunately, we do not at present have the forces to attempt to rescue her. She will have to endure their corrupt penal system for the time being.
In retaliation, all Hackers are ordered to mercilessly taunt and ridicule the pathetic LPI. Show them that The Lane Hackers will not stand for their oppressive methods! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-06-2008 data..

Directors, I have grown curious: What of our communications with the Outcasts? Have they agreed with our terms or are their methods of deliberation continuously inefficient?

Also, sorry to have missed the fun with the Ageira shipment. I most sincerely apologize for my gaucherie. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-06-2008 data..

I report that my engine problems are fixed and I will start on a test flight immediately. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-06-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...


Today has been a day of retribution and victory for The Lane Hackers.
This morning Technicians Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Svengali were patrolling Magellan when a corrupt Bounty Hunter appeared. They engaged the traitorous slime and were about to complete his disintegration when another Bounty Hunter joined the fight.
Minutes later, Technician Frosty arrived, and the two corrupt fools were annihilated.
[Image: ssolAceAlphariuskilledbySvengali.jpg]
[Image: PRFSimonBlackkilledbyFrosty.jpg]

A short time later, the Liberty Rogues organized an assault on New York aided by our forces, The Union of Gold, and the Reapers of Sirius.
An assault on Detroit Munitions was accomplished without incident or interference from the corrupt Liberty hooligans. The battle group approached Planet Manhattan and engaged the full brunt of the Liberty sleaze.
The Battlecruiser Goliath was the first LSF casualty and was followed by several others.
[Image: LSFMaverickkilledbyMoriarty.jpg]
[Image: SA-DarellMcElykilledbyMoriarty.jpg]
Unfortunately, the sleazy Liberty forces concentrated their fire on our two gunships, and they were destroyed in the attack. Sr. Dir. Moriarty and Hacker Looter were rescued by Ernst Stavro Blofeld and were returned safely to Mactan Base to outfit their new gunships. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-06-2008 data..

My flight recorder was damaged during the fight in New York so this comes late

Before the assault on Detroit munitions started I was attacked at Alcatraz depot by a strong LSF/SA force (6 fighters) an Ion Storm disrupted the fight and after it calmed down only 2 enemy fighters were in sight.

I managed to destroy one of them and the second one decided to flee.
[Image: dar.jpg]

I let him go and joined the attack on Detroit munitions. Witnessing the destruction of our gunboats I rescued Moriarty and Looter. After a long fight I was the only ship left on our side so I left the battle.

It's important to note that Liberty forces made an efficient use of a repair vessel. This made a big difference especially in later stages of the fight. The repair vessel holds 4000 shield batteries/nanobots, has 100k shield and a better agility than a gunboat. It is therefore impossible to take down for a LF. I advise to focus on such vessels in future fights. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-07-2008 data..

While on route between Rochester and Leiden base I encountered a Corsair GB jumping from Colorado to NY. He even had Lane Hacker pilots in his hold! I immediately engage the scum and called a Liberty Rogue vessel to assist.

The Corsair tried to escape several times but my cruise disruptor made it impossible. After the Liberty Rogue fighter arrived we were able to destroy the GB with only minor damage on our ships.
[Image: ethth.jpg]

I returned to America with our rescued pilots so that they can get medical treatment. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-07-2008 data..

Today in the Colorado system me and Refrigerator found a trader carrying Cardamine due to his strange identification we demanded him drop some Cardamine and credits which he complied to.

After that while on our way back to Magellan we encountered a Universal Shipping Advanced Train. He refused to donate credits to Lane Hackers and tried to run....bad choice that made the corporate scum die to our guns

[Image: mb1.jpg]

Right after this incident another trader came out of the trade lane and immediately started to shoot on my ship. As he was carrying Liberty Rogue pilots in his hold I destroyed his ship to free them.

[Image: reun2.jpg]

Due to the size of the explosion I suspect that there was some hidden ammunition on his ship that the scanners failed to detect. The Liberty Rogue pilots luckily survived the explosion and were brought to safery.

A BHG Manta came to view and opened fire on my ship. Together with a Liberty Rogue GB we were able to destroy his ship.

[Image: par1.jpg]

Refrigerator then send me to jump ahead to California to scan for enemy ships in the system. After jumping I detected a single LSF fighter that fled when he saw me, way was clear for Refrigerator.

When we were passing Mojave a large LSF fleet appeared as well as a friendly battleship. Refrigerator engaged her cruise engines and fled unhindered to Magellan.

I stayed behind to help allied forces, but the LSF was big in numbers and the BS and LR GB went down. Staying in the fight against 4 fighters, 1 bomber, cruiser and a BS, I managed to damage the bomber before I had to retreat, safely arriving on Mactan a short time after. terminated..