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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-02-2008 data...

A fairly productive day today.

I met some of our new recruits in space. Milton Crest, Von Hammerstein, and Max Zorin. I assisted them with prisoner transfers, and resupplied them with Cardamine. Any traders foolish enough to get within scanner range would have been terrified at the sight of four Hacker vessels at once.

Also, shortly after I launched in my Sabre, we encountered our old friend [Wellington]Transport-1. While our new recruits were out of weapon's range at the time, I'm sure that they observed the technique in stopping this trader. Unfortunately, the transaction was incomplete. As shown in my third message, Wellington had accepted the credit transfer, and right as I confirmed, the credit transaction closed. I didn't notice that I hadn't received the credits until a few moments ago.
Wellington Transport
Wellington Transport
Wellington Transport

Also, I assisted in several equipment transfer operations, but those are barely interesting enough to warrant a mention.

Keep in mind, the date for our operation is closing swiftly. Contact me in private, or via our alternate communications networks for further information.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - -khaos- - 11-02-2008 data...

Just a quick transmission from me.
Fairly productive day today. Managed to get 2 mills of a trader who was passing Mactan and also delivered 10 Bounty Hunters for interrorgation.
Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-04-2008 data...

Apparently, Freelancers have decided to take up residence in the Vespucci sector. I launched from Mactan, and noticed a lot of activity in the Vespucci sector. Allied vessels contacted me and informed me that unknown vessels were in the area.

No potential threat to our home sector is to be taken idly, so I raced over to Vespucci as fast as I could. Upon arrival in sector, I noticed a Firefly class vessel, named Severance. The vessel had a Freelancer ID mounted, but his IFF transponder was blaring Interspace affiliations. The vessel ignored all attempts at communication, even when warning shots were fired. The only logical explanation remaining was that the Severance was a corporate spy, sent to check for any weaknesses in our defenses. Many thanks to the allied vessels in the area who terminated the pitiful existence of the Severance.

Shortly after that, we noticed yet another Firefly, the Spray, broadcasting the same Freelancer Identification and Interspace IFF. This surely could not be a coincidence. Also, somehow the Severance made a broadcast after his destruction. Perhaps the Spray picked up the escape pod. The Spray however, made it out of Vespucci, and fled to Freeport 4. Out of respect for maintaining neutrality with the Freeport, we did not fire on the ship once it closed in on the Freeport. However, I will not forget this flagrant violation of Hacker territory.

Also, I ran across Brad Whitaker for a few moments, assisted in transferring some cargo before I returned to my desk on Mactan

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - -khaos- - 11-04-2008 data...

This is Milton Krest. Today went reasonably well. Took down some transports that refused to pay for passage and also fought off a police attack near the Jump Gate to California. I managed to tractor in quite a few escape pods, civillian and police, and then I had to make a quick retreat to Mactan as I was vastly outnumbered.
These pilots have been handed over to the interrorgation vessels. The pilots were, 10 police and navy and 10 civillians.
I am now having a brief rest before I finish up some routine maintainance on my Dagger and then later today or tomorrow, depending on how quick my maintainance goes, I will be heading off on an intelligence gathering mission. I will update you with my findings tomorrow.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 11-05-2008
got a vague question about Phate from agent.gray, I think he wanted to scare me. (links to pictures of my comm channel)

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 11-06-2008

Few hours ago, I and Dexter Smythe were about to escort a very helpful Molly Destroyer back to Dublin.
We were detected by HMS Churchill, Bretonian Battleship. It continued to pursue us no without regard to absolutely anything. Its captain was insanely careless or just insane. The battleship even managed to get within range of Mactan. We could not allow that to happen. Three minutes later, the Dunkirk class battleship was taking heavy damage from Molly, Outcast and Hacker vessels. All fighter-class ships opened up with Inferno cannons, followed by gunboats. Churchill's shields were failing. All set for another attack run. Bombers were poking such holes through the ship with antimatter that you could see right through. Successive hits by heavy infernos were crippling its electrical systems. Due to faulty guidance of one of the disruptor missiles, the Churchill made it back to the Leeds Jump Hole. However, the risky jump has damaged its engines. Further misfire was out of the question at the edge of the smog cloud and further in open space. We ripped off what was left of its shield generator and I sent it back to hell with a last antimatter blast resulting in explosive decompression on all decks. One Molly bomber was caught in the explosion, being the only friendly loss in this epic battle. The pilot has been recovered and will be returned to Arranmore with the next haul of Counterfeit Software.

[Image: HMS_Churchill.png]

The remains of the ship have drifted towards Planet Leeds. Fortunately for the citizens the orbital crews were able to intercept all parts of the debris big enough that they wouldn't burn in the atmosphere. There is one exception to that. The computer core was not and will never be recovered. Before the pirate group returned safely to The Barrier, it smashed all electrical and optronic nodes to bits. The BAF are not getting the location of our base today, or any other day.

[Image: th_screen105.jpg] [Image: th_screen107-1.jpg]

[Image: th_screen110.jpg] [Image: th_screen112.jpg] [Image: th_screen113.jpg]

[Image: th_screen114.jpg] [Image: th_screen120.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 11-11-2008

Phate entered Director Moriarty's office and stood in front of the ancient wood desk. Moriarty leaned back from the paperwork scattered across the desk and gazed thoughtfully at the Hacker for nearly a minute before reaching down and snatching a sheet from the desk. He began reading without pause.

"In light of certain incontrovertible reports of maniacal chicanery observed by a multitude of credible and incredible personages of various and sundry dispositions detailing numerous acts of flippant obfuscations, pertinent conundrums, diabolical malfeasences and profeasenses, post-, pre-, and anti-profundities committed in discord to the prevailing directives of the Lane Hackers, the afore-mentioned Lane Hacker is hereby sentenced to exile via the nearest airlock wit"

Moriarty stopped in mid-word as Phate inhaled sharply. Moriarty quickly scanned the rest of the document.

"That corsair-begotten secretary sent in the wrong report!" he bellowed.
"Now where is the right one?"

He searched through the papers on the desk, scattering dozens to the floor before snatching one out of the pile.

"The...uh, hmmm, yes...this is it."
He cleared his throat.

"In recognition of numerous acts of valor, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and otherwise impressiveness, Hacker Phate is hereby promoted to Deputy Director of Research and Development in The Lane Hackers. This promotion entitles him to five standard rations of cardamine per cycle, as well as the other sundry rights, privileges, duties, titles, utterances, disputations, nuances, and stipulations entailed therein, hereby, and such forth. This promotion is effective immediately, forthwith, henceforth, and thusly."

Moriarty looked up.
"Congratulations. Your first task is to find out who that other report is regarding and give them a tour of airlock 19c. Dismissed."

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn - 11-11-2008 Spang.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Well today, i made quite a bit of progress.

I started with getting my IFF computer set to properly displayed to Lane Hackers. I also acquired a Lane Hacker ID for my ship.

I then went about wreaking major havok in the California system, by tapping into one of the Trade Lanes and intercepting some minor Ageira and Interspace Commerce trade vessels. I destroyed quite a few, and the police sent several light patrols to find me. I quickly dispatched several Police vessels, and the augmented Navy patrols that came to aid them.

After turning in several loads of prisoners to the Interogation vessel, i was given a MkII armor upgrade and some cardimine. It was amazing! Ive never felt so... enlightened... ever!

Well, thats it for today, tommorow i will get to work on bettering my relations with our other allied factions. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-12-2008 data...

It seems that Phate is attracting a lot of attention with that bounty on his head. As soon as I launched my fighter from Mactan, I noticed Phate under attack from two Mandalorians, Mercenaries. One fighter, Vhipir'Kad was leaving the engagement, too damaged to continue. I let him go, as the remaining gunship, Kandosii, was still a threat.

You can guess how the engagement ended. The Gunship was reduced to its constituent atoms, yet another cloud of debris floating through the barrier.

Meeting the Mandalorians
Target Scan
Target Destruction

I'm strongly considering outfitting a fighter with more offensive weaponry. With the amount of Mercenary and Bounty Hunter scum that we're having to vaporize recently, an increase in efficiency would be nice.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn - 11-12-2008 Spang.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

After working on my relations with our friends, the Outcasts, i was pleased and shocked to see a lone, unescorted Bretonian Clydsdale with a cargo hold full of Boron right near Mactan base. I hailed the fighter, and demanded he either drop his cargo, pay a tax, or be destroyed. He complied, and payed my tax. I let him go on his way, but warned that if i ever saw him in that area again, he would be in a deep hole of trouble.

After that, it was pretty much the usual. Intercepted some minor shipments by Ageira and some Gateway and Universal shipping convoys in California.

I will be looking forward to applying for the rank of trainee, soon. terminated...