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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-27-2008 data...

A couple things to report, unfortunately the past couple days haven't been very profitable for me.

First one, a couple days ago I encountered [KoF]Appledonut. I'd had suspicions that Universal Shipping employees must have something fundamentally different going on in their minds, if they were content to be corporate pawns for their entire lives. My suspicions about their mental faculties are apparently confirmed. I'm not quite sure what Appledonut was talking about, though apparently he won't be giving me any apples. I encountered him in Magellan, and chased him all the way through Leeds. After he decided not to pay me, I proceeded in the molecular dissolution of his hull. Unfortunately, while I was operating my communications array, he was able to engage cruise engines and escape to Stokes Mining Station. Sensor scans from our rather...interesting conversation attached.
Donut in Magellan
Chase into Leeds
I'm a bad Muffin
Chase in Leeds
Target docked, abandoning pursuit

Of course, Donut DID manage to escape from me, I must begrudgingly give the pilot some credit for that. All of his weapon turrets were severely damaged by my mines and gunfire, so no doubt his repair bills took a chunk out of his profits.

The next target, I encountered a few minutes ago, again in the Magellan sector. Judging by the vessels name, Decoy.Transport, it was a decoy of some sort, but it was carrying a cargo hold full of Boron, so I proceeded as normal.
Decoy Scan
Assistance offered

Zamfir, the pilot of a Rogue gunboat, offered to assist me after I stopped the Transport. I didn't really need any assistance, but the extra firepower sped things towards the inevitable conclusion. Decoy refused to pay our demand, so after giving him one final chance, I vaporized his vessel.

Hopefully the next traders I encounter will be more amenable to my demands.

Dexter out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 11-27-2008

Quick supplemental:

An hour ago, I have intercepted [KoF]-Appledonut (case insensitive) and after the pilot went insane, shouting KILL ME and shooting alll over, I destroyed his shipment of 5000 Gold. Another blow to Universal Shipping.

Moreover, I made the pilot come to senses later on and he realized his superiors would hold him responsible for such a loss ... so he paid 4 million credits as a bribe ... I helped him cover that up in exchange. I don't mind foolish transport pilots... they're just easier to pirate.

85 Gold
4 million credits
public humiliation of the already mentally unstable pilot.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-28-2008 data...

I was flying in Shikoku this evening, the trade between Kusari and Liberty often being quite lucrative to disrupt. Before long, I encountered a Kusari Bumblebee, Mr_Zelflow, and his escort Armeg flying an Avenger. I stopped Zelflow on the lane between Junyo and Deshima station, and proceeded to make my demands. He made a few futile attempts to escape on cruise engines, and then kept quiet. I started atomizing parts of his vessel, eventually he saw reason and paid my demand of 750 000 credits. Given that his turrets were about to fail, and his hull bore the marks of multiple Hellflurry impacts, I advised the pilot to repair his ship, and then returned to Leiden. Oddly, the escort never engaged me.

Sensor scans attached. Parts of our conversation are missing.
Target scan

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 11-30-2008 data...

Because its important to report the bad as well as the good, I'll chime in with my complete failure from this evening, hopefully some other Hackers will learn from my mistake.

I was chasing a Mr_Zelflow this evening, who was piloting a Rheinland Behemoth. The chase went from California, through to West Point, and then towards Manhattan. He was completely silent as I made my demands, so I proceeded to open fire, hoping that would change his mind. Of course, being in the heart of Liberty, a swarm of corporate swine quickly arrived to attempt to stop me. That wasn't the problem however, its not as though those fools could ever take a Hacker into custody.

I finally stripped the targets shields, after he depleted his resources of shield batteries in a futile effort to keep them online. I swooped down in front of the target, preparing to perform a bombing run with my Nuclear mines, dropping it right in front of the transport to ensure a hit.

I failed to take into account the distance to target, and my fighter was shredded from the blast. Destroyed not by those corrupt police lackeys, but by my own hand. Suffice it to say, I was rather embarrassed, and shut off the comm system on my escape pod as I flew it back to Buffalo. Those insolent Rogues had a hearty laugh at my plight when I arrived on their base.

Learn from my mistake: Check your distance to target. While the Sabre is a fantastic vessel, a Nuclear mine will tear it apart.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-01-2008 data...

Yesterday was a busy day, if not a productive one.

My first target was a Bumblebee, by the name of Blindshot. I intercepted it in the Manchester system as it was on the way through to the Cortez jump gate. He refused my demands and opened fire on my Sabre. Things were going well for me until my flight computer completely locked up. I lost control of my vessel for approximately 10 seconds, and in that time Blindshot was able to escape.
Blindshot Target Scan

The next target was a Firefly transport by the name of Sunhammer. I intercepted his vessel in the Magellan system, and again he refused my demands. He kept asking me to stop shooting, but kept trying to escape. It appears he was somewhat confused about the definition of "piracy", so I was more than happy to educate him. Unfortunately, I was forced to destroy the vessel, as he clearly had no intention of paying. I let some of the Hacker forces flying out of Mactan take the killing shot, its rare that they get to take something that big down.
Target Scan
Stop shooting?
Enough chances
Target Destroyed

The next target was yet another Firefly, piloted by Vallen_Kanyon. The target was intercepted in the Magellan system. Again, he refused my demands. Eventually, he made it to the Manchester system and proceeded to perform an emergency docking procedure with the border station right outside the jumpgate. He undocked a few moments later, and I proceeded to follow him to the New London system before breaking off pursuit. Apparently, he was rather displeased with me, threatening to send some mercenaries after me.
Target Scan
Docking at the border station
Mercenary threat

I encountered yet another target in Magellan, a Border Worlds Transport piloted by an Eric Sterling. I stripped the vessels shielding, however it was able to escape to the California sector. I was unable to disrupt its trade lanes in time, so I followed Mr. Sterling to California Minor, all the while listening to him berate his crewmembers, demanding more speed. I disrupted the target's trade lane at Cali Minor, so he proceeded to perform an emergency docking procedure on the planet itself. Interestingly, while this was all happening I had an S/D member ask me what my purpose was. I assumed that those bounty hunters knew at least something about the hackers...
Target Scan
S/D member asking my directive

The final target was a Liberty Navy train, aptly named [LT]The_Runner. I intercepted it just outside of the California ->New York Jumpgate, but it was able to make it through. I followed it through the New York sector, doing significant damage to its shielding systems, but abandoned pursuit once it got too close to Planet Manhattan.
Target Scan

I think its time to work on my promotion requirements, I'm going to need more firepower to properly educate these fools.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-02-2008 data...

First target today was Gumersindo, a Trader flying a Percheron transport. He lead me a merry chase through Magellan, Leeds, and finally the Edinburgh sector, refusing to stop. Unforunately, due to his countermeasures, my Disruptors missed, so I was forced to pursue. He eventually docked and sold his goods in Edinburgh, but I caught him a few moments later. He told me to kill him, and who am I to disagree?

Gumersindo Scan
I didn't need his permission
Leaving system

The next target I encountered was Vaquero, a Trader flying a CSV. He was hauling Beryllium through Magellan, so I asked him to drop his cargo. I tractored in what I could, and destroyed the rest.
Leaving area after surrendering cargo

Later, in California, I found an Advanced Train by the name of Jackes. Fortunately, he saw sense and chose to accede to my demands. 2 million credits later, he was on his way.
Jackes Target Scan
Credit Transfer
Permission to leave

Just after Jackes left, I encountered Vaquero again. I made a paltry demand of 10 000 credits, just to replace some expended ammunition. The pilot instead paid me a total of 26 350 credits, which I found to be quite acceptable.
Vaquero Scan
Credit Payment

While I was leaving the sector, I found a Xeno by the name of -Spear- that was engaging a Junker Congressman, by the name of .:J:.Sterling.Fawkes. Mr. Fawkes claimed that he had the situation well in hand, so I refrained from reducing the Xeno to his constituent atoms.

Dexter out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-08-2008 data...

For the first time in what seems like a long time, I went flying with Phate today. We split up for a while, I went to Cortez to monitor trade lane activity. Soon, a Junker Congressmen flew by, and made an unsolicited donation to the Hacker accounts. I thanked him, and shortly after went back to Magellan.

The first real target Phate and I encountered was Enclave, a Firefly Transport hauling Boron. We stopped him, and he quickly made a payment of 1 750 000 credits to ensure his personal safety.
Enclave Scan
Credit demand

After that we split up for a while. Phate went to New York, while I stayed in Magellan. My patience was rewarded as I found Kricek, an Armored Transport. I chased him through Magellan and made the stop in the Manchester system. He quickly made the right choice, and acceded to my demand of 150 000 credits.
Target Scan
Making the Demand

Later, I found Joker, a Humpback pilot, in Cortez. I made a paltry demand of 50 000 credits, with no response. He fled to California, where I disrupted his trade lane. When his silence persisted, I gave him one final chance, then atomized his freighter. Hopefully he'll be wiser in the future.

Last chance

Right when Phate and I were about to call it a day, Phate came upon Liberty Naval pilot Jack Malrone. I quickly moved to assist, traveling from Magellan to California. As can be expected, after a protracted battle, the Navy pilot fell to the combined Hacker expertise.
Target Scan
Moving in to assist
Target reduced to vapour

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 12-09-2008

To all Lane Hacker Smugglers:

Regarding the statement recently published by the =CR= (so-called Colonial Remnant, subset of the IMG) - which can be found here:

From now on, it is advised to stay docked on Cali Base / Planet Malta until you make sure the way is clear, or have some Outcasts escorting you between their two bases. My personal reccomendation is to bring Light Arms to Malta from Montezuma, call for support in Omicron Alpha and let them cover you as far as Cali Base. Those knuckleheads shouldn't be bothering you with Lght Arms in your hold. The rest of the 4-point route can be found in the Technical Bulletin, as you well know.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-13-2008 data...

Nothing too interesting while on patrol last night, however we did have an intruder in Vespucci, Yoda. While his intentions were not hostile, as befitting a Zoner, I deemed it best to escort him out of the system, as there is much sensitive information in Vespucci that we need to keep hidden from prying eyes. Yoda seemed understanding of my concerns, and even made a 10 million credit donation to the Hackers for my trouble.

I escorted his Battlestar to the Magellan jump hole.

Searching System
Asking him to leave
Getting ready to go
Escorting Yoda out of system

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-14-2008 data...

I had the rare privilege of flying with one of the Assassins today, the one named Machete. In the Cortez system, we found a Liberty Navy Gunboat. With our combined firepower, we overwhelmed the gunboat's shield generators, and then proceeded to atomize its hull. Outfitted with the Navy's latest armor, it took quite some time to destroy, however a blast from Machete's Supernova put an end to the Navy menace.
Gunway Scan
Moving in to engage
Target Destroyed

Some time later, I received another message from Machete. He had been shadowing a Hogosha pilot in California, piloting a Corsair gunboat. Without warning, Machete was attacked by the Hogosha. By the time I arrived, our Assassin had already inflicted heavy damage to the Gunboat, however I assisted in keeping its shields down while Machete dealt the finishing blows. Perhaps we should have our intelligence teams investigate why a Hogosha Gunboat had penetrated that far into Liberty territory.
Moving to assist
Kanaki Target Scan
Target Destroyed