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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 12-16-2008 data...

Directors, Senior Director;

I am sure this will come as a shock, but I profess that times call for my retirement from active member of your organization. Current time restraints in my personal pursuits bring a difficulty to even complete the most basic requirements for continued service. I believe my work in Black Operations has been satisfactory, however times require that I no longer hide myself among our enemies. I must focus on the projects at hand. If I am successful, my project will be of great use to Lane Hackers.

This by no means suggests that I am in any way betraying the Lane Hackers as a whole. I will certainly keep my affiliation as a member of the Lane Hackers.

Should times change and my personal agenda be fulfilled, then I will reapply and work my way from trainee, again.

Lane Hacker
Gunship Lost Highway terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-20-2008 data...

Farewell Highwayman. It's been a pleasure working with you. I think one of my first sorties with the Hackers was done with the LostHighway.

On another note, Phate and I teamed up again for some piracy. We both flew our Pirate Transports, its been some times since I've had the chance to use the Calamity for anything other than transporting goods. We teamed up with Wisp-Weaver, a Lane Hacker piloting a gunship, to be our escort.

Our first target we found in Manhattan, it was Magic, a Container Transport hauling Niobium. He was reluctant to surrender his entire cargo load to us, and instead offered to pay a sum of four million credits. We accepted that offer and let him go without any further violence.
Magic Scan
Making the demand
Credits received

Our next target was Mustakrakish(rus), flying a Bumblebee and hauling Luxury Goods. We were unable to decipher any of his comm transmissions, and after he ignored our demands we were forced to destroy him. Unfortunately, a large portion of his cargo was destroyed in the blast. We still recovered some goods however. My sensor scan doesn't show the vessel's destruction, but with his hull at critical levels, you can extrapolate what happened next.
Target scan
Making the demand
Last Chance

After that, we proceeded to Colorado. Phate monitored the lane to Denver, I monitored the lane to Pueblo, and our Gunship escort monitored the New York jumpgate. Eventually, another trader fell into our system-wide trap, and Phate was able to empty another Bumblebee of approximately 1700 Luxury Goods. The Hackers at Leiden will certainly appreciate them.

Following that, we returned our Transports to base, and I got in my fighter. We had received word that some of our newer recruits were under fire from the Navy. While we were unable to prosecute the Navy, we did have an incident with a trade ship, by the name of Magix. We pursued him, and he refused our reasonable demands. He was within sight of the Manhattan docking ring, and under the eyes of the Navy, but even that did not save him from our wrath. After his refusal of our final demand, the target was vaporized. We scavenged what we could from the cargo. The LNS-Ithaca, a Dreadnaught, pursued us, but we lost it in a debris field.
Magix Scan
Target Destroyed

Later, on my own, I encountered a Prisoner Transport, by the name of Kronos. He refused my demand, and decided to open fire on me. Realizing he was outmatched, he went for the Trade Lane to escape. He got through, and decided to taunt me once he did. I quickly caught up with him, and stripped his shielding down. Thinking that I would merely damage his hull to show I was serious, I dropped two nuclear mines. Not enough to destroy a transport certainly, but enough to make the Captain reconsider his actions.

Someone must have altered the payload of those mines, as those two hits caused the Transport's hull to rupture. I extracted what prisoners I could from the wreckage, and got them to safety.
Kronos Scan
Target Destroyed

In California, I encountered a Heavy Tanker hauling Beryllium, however it was able to escape by docking at the Border Station outside the Magellan jumpgate. It later undocked, but I decided that continuing an engagement would be futile as it could easily escape with stations present.

Later, in Manchester, I encountered a Mercenary by the name of Reznor hauling a load of 20 Cardamine. The Mercenary pilot gave up the Cardamine without much fuss, and I brought all 20 units of it back to Mactan with me. I did notify the Mercenary pilot of our bounty on Bounty Hunters, but unfortunately he did not seem too interested. I wasn't expecting that he would be, considering he flies a Manta, but it was worth a try.
Reznor Scan

I also brought out the Interrogation vessel for one of our new recruits, Von Hammerstein. After that, I proceeded to train him in some of the basic and more advanced flight techniques. He appears promising, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Dexter out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-21-2008 data...

Last night, I again brought out the Corporate Calamity on a mission to relieve the corporations of their burdensome cargo, and put it to better use. The first ship I encountered, in the Magellan sector, was Iwanhroznis. This pilot was in a Heavy Lifter, and he was attempting to kill or capture some Rogue and Hacker pilots. I believe he had something like 10 Rogues in his hold and 2 Hackers.

I demanded that he drop the pilots and leave the area immediately, however he merely kept firing on our ships. I brought the guns of the Calamity to bear, and quickly overloaded his shield matrix, and atomized a good portion of his hull. With atmosphere leaking from his ship into space, I gave Iwanhroznis one last chance to surrender our pilots. When he didn't respond, I targeted his engine core and destroyed the ship. I was able to rescue all of our pilots.
Target Scan
Making demand
Pilots rescued

Later on, in Kepler, I encountered an Ageira transport by the name of Engrela. Unsurprisingly, the Ageira ship was hauling Gate/Lane parts. I encountered the ship at the jump gate from Kepler to Shikoku, where it was stuck in line, waiting to pass through the gate. I made my demand, but the ship did not respond. I opened fire, reducing its hull to critical levels. Unfortunately, some other Hacker ships in the area were rather opportunistic, and finished off the Transport before I could give it one last chance to surrender its cargo. I was able to recover 108 Gate parts from the wreckage, they were brought back to base for analysis.
Target Scan
Destroyed terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-22-2008 data...

I joined Phate for some piracy today. Our first target was the USV Cleveland, an Advanced Train hauling Gate/Lane parts through Magellan. We were able to destroy his escort, a Havoc Bomber, but the Cleveland itself escaped to Leeds. Temporarily at least.
Cleveland Scan
Escort Scan

Just after the Cleveland managed to escape, another trade vessel landed right in our midst. However, it was escorted by an Orca Gunboat. While Phate was extracting payment from the trader, I occupied the Gunboat, making sure that it was too far away to render assistance to its ally. Once we received payment, I let the Orca go.
Trader Scan
Escort Scan
Payment received

After this, perhaps thinking we were occupied, the Cleveland attempted to flee. We pursued it to Newcastle, where we were finally able to cut off the ships access to trade lanes, and disrupt its cruise drive. It insisted on putting up a fight, however after we vaporized the majority of the ships components, it was more willing to listen. It dropped its load of 4990 units of Gate/Lane parts, and I atomized them on the spot.
Cleveland Stopped
Conversation with the pilot
Destroying Cargo

The Bretonian Warship, the HMS Warspite, as well as the White Tiger Mercenaries, attempted to stop us as we left. They were unsuccessful, and as we returned home, Phate stopped for rest. I still had work to do however. Our Interrogation ship had become bloated with Bounty Hunters, which had outlived their usefulness to the Hackers. With 69 Hunters from the Interrogation vessels, and 289 of my own, totaling 358 Hunters, I loaded them up on the Calamity and proceeded to Arranmore. I notified [MR]Michael.Carruth of the arrival of their new guests, I understand they have some...creative interrogation methods.
Hunters in my hold
Message to the Mollies
Making the transfer

With that task completed, I picked up my Stiletto, and launched for the Outcast worlds. With my recent promotion to Hacker, I have finally received clearance to fly the Falcata bomber, and needed to go to Palermo to receive it. On the way, I proceeded to test the recent fruit of our R&D Department, the Personal Lane Generator. While it DID produce the lights and sounds associated with Trade Lane travel, it failed to affect my speed in any way at all. I guess the R&D Department needs to go back to the drawing boards.
Personal Trade Lane
Also, I stopped briefly on Cali base for a quick resupply. While there, I spoke to an Outcast, who obviously did not recognize me as a member of the Hacker Guard. While I know the Outcasts are trusted allies, we should be wary of their true intentions, as evidenced here.

The rest of my trip went without incident, and am now the proud owner of a Falcata. It is currently sitting at the Phoenix Shipyard, I'll look it over there before it sees combat. Also, I'll transfer a total of 5 518 000 credits to Hacker accounts, 4 million from the piracy of the Chamberlain, and 1 518 000 from the sale of the 69 Hunters aboard the Interrogation vessels.

That concludes my rather extensive report, I hope nobody fell asleep while reading it.
Dexter out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-23-2008 data...

I finally got the chance to put my Falcata through its paces today, and I have to say that I was quite pleased with its performance. Soon after I arrived at Mactan, I noticed a Behemoth come through the Leeds jump hole. Named Trav8r-01, it was hauling a load of gold. Despite its Zoner ID Tag, it was obvious that those goods were to be delivered to the corporations on Manhattan. The vessel paid me a sum of 1.5 million credits without incident.
Target Scan

Shortly after, I encountered a Transport vessel, Han Solo. He apparently thought that he could complete the Boron run in under twelve parsecs. I showed him the error of his ways, and extracted a payment of 500 000 credits. On his way out of the Magellan sector, Han ran afoul of several Hacker patrols. With a swarm of a dozen Daggers after him, the shielding matrix on his Transport was soon overwhelmed. Since the Hacker ships were not listening to my orders, I fired a cruise disruptor, which distracted the Daggers and allowed Han to proceed out of sector safely.
Target Scan
Payment Received

Later on, in California, I encountered a pair of Trading vessels. I fired a long range shot from my Supernova to disable the trade lane to Los Angeles right as they were about to enter. After a couple futile attempts to flee, both ships gave in to my demands. I demanded 1.5 million credits from Scotty Muldune, a Gas Miner, and 1 million from Harrison Mega Hauler, a Mammoth. I let them by after they paid me 1 million credits each, and as a gesture of good will towards our corporate enemies, instructed them in the use of the Local communications channel.
Muldune Scan
Harrison Scan
Communications trouble

A good day, especially for the ships first outing. At this rate, it will pay for itself soon. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - dextersmythe - 12-24-2008 data...

As some of you may know, the time has come for me to depart the Lane Hackers. While a sudden decision, other circumstances in life have dictated that I no longer have any flight time. It was a difficult decision to leave the Hackers, but I believe it is the right one.

When the Hackers took me in, I was barely able to dock a ship. I sincerely hope that after all the training I received in my time here that I proved to be a worthy addition to your organization. I've hacked myself new identification records, and I'll be leaving on the next transport out. Perhaps I'll settle on one of the Freeports...

Anyway, I have transferred my credits to our Research and Development vessel. I trust you will put them to good use. Keep up the good work, before long those corporate lackeys will be bled dry of funding.

Credit Transfer

Dexter out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 12-25-2008

I went Hacking some trade lanes with Phate, V and Fransisco Scaramanga today and we encountered some Corporate scums carrying H-Fuel and Construction Machinery. We took these, which gave us some nice profit

Mr Big out

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - francisco scaramanga - 12-28-2008
... LH~Fransisco.Scaramanga.recognized...transmission.encrypted
...uploading data...

The first is a oldie but its was done in my LH char
... LH~Fransisco.Scaramanga.recognized...transmission.encrypted
...uploading data...

Due to Neural net problems, my reports have been delayed.
I have delivered 30 pilots for intoragation.

4 days ago when on patrol i meet a trader by the name Capt_Hammer and set after him, he was taunting me when he got away in Magellan.
But when we reached California and i go close enough to disrupt his first tradelane, Proberly due to a green astronavigator on his bridge.
He desided to change attitude, and halt his ship and make a contribution to Lane Hackers of 62,500 for his 125 size cargo.

2 days ago i was on a Lane hacking operation together with Phate and Max.Zorin. We managed to raid a H-Fuel convoy and brought not only H-fuel
But also brought Some Bounty Hunter and Bret Police pilots With us to Intorigation.

*********The above is a old flight report filed when my neural net was not working****************

I am a bit late with this Flight report, Seems that my ground crew had somehow made a error
with my comm array.

Well somedays ago i was on patrol when Phate MR.Big and V got on comm.
We desided to do what we do best, hack some lanes.
We got a pretty big score several tousend tonnes of valurable cargo, that we can use.
sorry since it was some days ago my memory and notes are fading, me and V went on a training
sessions with a lanehacker W due to the training i will not post the exact training details
Only that i for one learned a thing or 2 of how to -censor- this and how to counter -cencor- that. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrwhite - 01-10-2009

Today After Cleaning of my slipstream ship I Launced In space again.
I Take a Fighter wing with me and started the patrol. I Get my ship closer to freeport 4 to see activity there When A Freelancer named Raven Came out of Tradelane. He was flying A rheinland Gunboat. And That was not Enough Another Rheinland gunboat came. Both Were freelancers. I wanted to get out of trouble so I Set coure to vasspucci Jumphole. Then I make A disstres Call That I am Chased. A Phate respond....
He set Course To me. After Phate arrived Gunboats Opened fire and we return atack. After some time my ship was badly damaged and Both gunboats were destroyed. Those guys was later taken to mactan base for intergorattion.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - mrbig - 01-12-2009
Yesterday I encountered Davil atacking our brothers.
[Image: Npc-fighting.jpg]
After seeing this I asked him to stop, but he refused so I killed him to protect my brothers.
[Image: Killed.jpg]