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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 02-03-2009

Report from Ugo Carnifex.

While doing my usual shift in Magellan, a trader with an escort came in, along with a non-concerned in the report Mercenary(not hired). After a long chit-chat about the politics of Lane Hackers, and the system about paying us for keeping it clean, when they pass through the system he decided not to cooperate and took the trade lane. However, he made the mistake to go alone first. I follow him immediately through the trade lane dropping a mine on the way, to interrupt the passage of his dear escort companion. While he was away i engaged the trader and showed him how we handle stubborn traders. "Handling"

Not long after we grouped with the fellow Lane Hacker William-Wallace(flying a LH gunboat), we started pursuing a very stubborn trader, who docked every time we hit him. Escaped once from Freeport 4, we follow him into Manchester, where he docked a station. While waiting for him to drink his coffee and come out, though, a Bounty Hunter showed up - S/D.Fireball - a bomber. After fighting him for a while, he obviously had called for backup, because not long after came S/D.Stix - a Gunboat(not a pleasant surprise for me, a light fighter...). Not long after William-Wallace's gunboat was destroyed, though i managed to tractor his escape pod, and with a bit of struggling i escaped with quite some sum spend for recharging my Counter Measures afterwards. Here are some of the remarks they sent to my computer. Fireball obviously was badly severely damaged during the fight, because he destroyed his ship on his own.

Chat history 1
Chat History 2
Chat History 3
Chat History 4

After that remark i left respectively and went to Mactan for reloading and some desk work i had to attend to.

End of report.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - klaas.bruinsma - 02-04-2009

I wouldn't had thought becoming a supplier to the Lane Hackers would require so much paperwork. Tabulating data, organising shipments and producing software is hard but necessary work. Unfortunately, I haven't left for space for weeks now, let alone step aboard the Bazaar. I wonder how she's going - a bit dusty and rusty perhaps, but nothing our mechanics can not fix up. Soon she'll be flying again - hoping the engines still run smoothly.

Most of my desk work involves a future series of shipments to our friends across Sirius - the Mollies, the Outcasts and the Golden Crysanthemums. Information regarding this project is located on our securer-secure channel. Check it out if you're interested in assisting this critical supply operation.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 02-07-2009

Today was a big day for the Lane Hackers and their mischievous plans against Ageira and their corporate beings. What's more, it's a big day because we had about 5 or 6 lane hackers on duty, which is an enormous success. We grouped and began scouting for any possible, profitable and comfortable trader or lawful. Not long after we discovered that Ageira had a meeting in Colorado. They had gathered and not seeing through our closing up on them they were definitely taken by surprise. They couldn't react so fast to run away, so they decided to get back at our fire with fire. However, that was a big mistake for them.

We fought about 5 vs 5, because some unexpected navy showed up. We lost the new recruits in their humble Daggers, it was the natural way of things. They were fighting against a serious firepower. But Daggers are cheap, and no one was captured, because Alec managed to traktor their escape pods and some were rescued later by me. After Alec left i was sitting there alone against 3 Ageira trash-bags. And after a long fight this is what the result was.


After i killed |Ageira|Armorer in about 3 minutes came a police light fighter that was a complete pest. So fast, so much fire power, he was definitely annoying. Took some time to kill, but finally he decided to fire more missiles then he had to. Big mistake ...


Ageira won't recover fast from this event. We can celebrate victory, but not for long. Cheers, gentlemen!

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 02-10-2009

Ugo reporting....

Today i managed to do a full smuggling run earning some profit. After returning pocket full and happy in Magellan, Mactan Base, i saw on the comm channel LucyLawless, i consider a new recruit, who was stating about someone attacking her. I decided to grease the ego of my light fighter and went to see what is going on and who is attacking out new recruits.

However, i didn't see an enemy at all, what i saw was a fleeing trader going to Manchester. I immediately reacted and since Jack.Spang was close-by i took him as an extra wing, which proved to be a good decision later on. We grouped and followed the trader in Manchester where we caught up at Planet Wight. I told him how things go by in Lane Hacker's territory, he was carrying 1800 units of Gate/Lane parts. Too bad we didn't have any freighter close-by... After i stated 800,000 credits for the cargo he was a bit reluctant at first, but after "encouraging" him a bit, he finally agreed to pay. Because he did some damage to us, he couldn't just get away with it so i asked for 1,3 mil credits to fix our ships. He definitely didn't like it, but he had no choice, but to pay.

A few minutes later on the way back to Magellan, we encountered another police affiliated trader at Shefield, though he had no cargo i still couldn't just let him go deliver his filthy stocks. We managed to get 350,000 credits from that one as well.

A good day for pirating i would say. Quite adequate profit and a nice teamplay with fast reactions. We headed back to Mactan.

Comm chat
Comm chat

Jack.Spang took half of the earnings as in protocol.

Ugo out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - georgi koskov - 02-11-2009"Georgi.Koskov"
Georgi reporting. The mechanics at Mactan have been working on my new Scimitar, trying to get it 'fitted-up' to me, so I've had a bit of downtime. In the flights I've made, testing the configuration, I've encountered very little action; some bounty hunters here and there, but nothing particularly interesting. I'll keep my eyes open and report any action here.

OOC:Some IRL obligations have come up recently that haven't allowed me to be online as much as I'd like. I'll still be around, but not as much. At least until things improve here.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 02-11-2009 data...

It was a quiet afternoon patrolling the greater Magellan perimeter. As soon I finished my patrol and started the voyage back, I received a distorted transmission from a Bounty Hunter who goes by Fish looking to collect bounties from fellow Hackers. Given he didn't have a bearing on my ship, I postponed engagement until he came just within Mactan's scanner range hoping for backup in case I couldn't stop him. Soon, the gut feeling started sinking in that I'd be on my own, a green as they come Tech against a well seasoned opponent.

Ship Class Scan

Once in range I scanned his loadout, then an overwhelming sense of confidence hit me as all my training started kicking in. We exchanged pleasantries, as I armed up my guns, then proceeded with aggressive diplomacy. As the ensuing furball dragged on, my batteries completely depleted and shield in tatters with mines littering the void, I caught a lucky series of shots and sent him floating. Afterward, I let loose the white-knuckle death grip I held on my flight controls and re-gathered myself, then took in his pod and proceeded home. Hopefully, future Bounty Hunters will think twice before making uninvited visits to our home.

Victory terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 02-12-2009 data...

Date: Feb, 11
Sef, reporting...
While hacking the lanes to the NY gate in Colorado with Trolin, i encountered
three pilots by the names of [WT]-RedFalcon, [WT]-AirAce, and [WT]-Terk.
Trolin and myself had just managed to get a donation from a trader by the
name of Louis_Chapman, when we were rudely interrupted by the cacophony
of Trolin's Dagger being atomized. He was able to eject safely, and i tracked
his pod before any serious harm befell him.

I then turned my attention to the silent attackers, and found myself staring
down the torp tubes of a Civilian bomber and his two Eagle friends. The
bomber, [WT]-RedFalcon, engaged first while the two Eagle pilots stayed
back. I guess they expected a bomber to make quick work of a lone
Scimitar. They were wrong and, seconds after i molecularly disassembled
the bomber, [WT]-AirAce and [WT]-Terk opened fire. Somehow, within the
next few exhilarating yet terrifying minutes, i managed to dust both of them.

Unfortunately i missed capturing the ejection notification of the bomber pilot,
but i got the other two right here:
[Image: 1Ejections.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 02-13-2009 data...

This hack will be about my past couple of days as a hacker.
I have had an interesting time. Being a part of the Lane Hackers has finally given me a purpose in life. (More than Ageira ever did). But I had my rough day two days ago; you see I found that Liberty was being heavly patrolled by gunboats. After getting rescued several times and dropped off at Mactan I was still determined to get the intelligence I had been assigned to collect. Catching two of these gunboats in action was a huge boost in my moral. Though later while pirating 2 ships were able to get away I was still proud of the small 1,500,000 credits that Seraffimo Spang and I collected. Waking up yesterday morning I felt great because I was finally going to get promoted. I knew it and after several training tries with Phate and some good clean Bounti Hunter Hunting. I sat down to eat dinner.

Little did I know that the dinner was to be a pre celebration. Afterwards I was greeted outside by the director and the two Spang brothers. We went to America where I was to be officaly promoted. I was happy to see the brothers at the ceremony because though they are ahead of me we formed a close bond when we were in the trainee status. I was asked what is it you would like to be called. And though I knew the proper answer was Elliot.Carver I froze. Wanting to get it perfect I responded with /? ? oO SLASHQUESTIONMARK oh no What have I done.Oo After thoroughly making a fool of myself in front of the director, the two brothers and I went out to celebrate finding many Bounty-Hunters to celebrate with. Well we ate the cake they (The Bounty Hunters) provided the entertainment with their delightful squeals of Information and joy of being departed from their ships.

This morning i woke up changed my name and got to work.

All in all its been an interesting past couple of days. But I have enjoyed the experience completely. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 02-14-2009
The Lane Hacker Research and Development department is operating at full capacity so please excuse my occasional absence and increased emergency response times. New documents are available, namely the LH Database which contains the latest intelligence on hostile ships and elusive haulers. There's much, much more coming up soon. Otherwise,
"nothing happened out of the ordinary".

Good luck out there.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Prototype - 02-16-2009



...hack.initiated...decryption..ERR*** data...


So, as you might see this is my first try to connect to the net...and I hope I do not break too many rules when using this High-security-channel. My Name is Victor Kruger, I fly a P-Trans and normally i am one of the more quiet people, but i made a sighting yesterday which send cold feelings down my neck, and maybe one of you could explain what i have seen...
I stumbled through a JH and found myself down there in Gamma...
..well, maybe no good idea you might say... maybe it would not have happened if my navigation-phalanx would work like it should nevermind, i tried to sneak through the system and not hit too many asteroids with my fat-ass-hull, as my scanners yelled alarm cause they picked something very strange:
A small fighterclass ship, Signature of a Junker, but it looked like solid, blue energy..further scannings showed somethink my eye identified as Outcast Kraken guns ... i dont know what to think of this guy, so i opened a d?rect channel... and some terrible sounds filled the air on my bridge, only seconds later my whole com-console shut down.
My CoPilot said he was able to pick a scanning of the strange sounds, and some words of pain, anger, fear and a cry for help was isolated out of the inhuman voice, like a lost soul crying for help. As I was able to bring the console online again, the strange ship had left my Sensors maximum range, and I had all hands full in avoiding the collisions with the asteroids and getting out of Crossfire between 5 Hammerheads and 3 Titans as I reached a certain distance, I tried to contact the Energy-ship, cause I wanted to make an offer to help.. at least, it did not make any effort to engage or showed any signs of aggression against mebut at this moment my Transport was hit by a massive Cloud of dark-matter next thing I remember I was alone, back near a Freeport Base.
So, that?s my story please, could anyone give me an Idea for what I saw out there?
Is it a danger? I send this message cause I want to warn other Pilots with light armour and armament there are more things out there than meets the eye. Take care of you!

so how they make this to log out and terminate this transmERROR-ERROR-ERROR

transmission failed.signal lost