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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 02-17-2009 data...

Things i learned

1. Mrs. Reynolds likes to carry Cardimine
2. It is still possible to catch up to traders if you know at least the general heading. (Thank you Phate)
3. Attacking before scanning is a bad idea

Other things i did today....

Helped Seraffimo Spang transport a load of cardi to Rochester. We went back to accept donations from people passing near mactan. Being slow i offered junker safe passage for him and his counterfeit software. We talked about the rising tensions between Liberty and Rhineland. Apparently the Rhineland unlawful are in negotiations with the military to work together if need be.

Helped LH~james with being integrated in the hacker community

And here i am hacking the channel

untill next time

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - huadianz - 02-17-2009

For today, I first ran with AlecTrevelyan to Colorado. We chased down a trader carrying luxury food when I saw a very peculiar evasion tactic. This particular trader would go straight up until he was out of range of all scanners on the trade lane and planet level, then drop down towards his docking target. He also would avoid all asteroid and ice fields. I have yet to test whether this works with radiation. Could be useful. We chases this trader to Ontario then to Colorado when we stopped him and taxed for 2 million credits.

After that event, we went into the silver fields and met a miner with two CSVs. Attracting a lot of attention when we requested for credits, a Xeno and a police showed up. The police destroyed my Dagger while Alec was demanding credits from the miner. Alec later forced the police to flee and the Xeno engaged him. They fought for a long time until a ceasefire was met. Alec later had a mine misfire which atomized his ship. The Xeno hauled in his pod.


I failed to catch Alec's ejection notice.

A few hours later, Elliot, the Spang brothers, and me were disrupting traffic in Magellan. At first it was very slow work with all of the traders escaping or docking until we caught a lucky break on the California-Freeport 4 lane with 3 traders coming all at once. All of them payed their taxed.

We were contacted by a man who claimed to be a former Lane Hacker, along the name of Albert. When a luxury liner came into the system, he knew the IFF of it even before it came into scanner range. That ship was carrying 480 food rations. Since it refused to pay, we chased it to Manchester, killing it about 15K from Sheffield Station. Oddly however, he paid each of us 1 million each, for a total of 4 million which was our demand in the first place.

That sums up my day. Obanno Out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 02-17-2009 data...

Multiple interesting things happened today...where to start...
Well, first off, I was hacking the FP4 to Manchester lane when a potentially profitable train flew by. Knocked him out of the lane, along with his Bounty Hunter escort. Of course, the hunter engaged me, and with my luck as it is he didn't bother to say a word beforehand. Anyway, I managed to send him off into the void of space with some help from Elliot and our new recruit, Bytes.

Combat Captures: Destruction is Imminent
[Image: screen49.jpg]

After that, a while after, Elliot, DD, Jack and myself were hacking the same lane again, when a Corsair Lux Liner came through. Obviously, we asked it for some creds, that or to drop the Crete bound food it was carrying. He refused both options, and chose death. It was a long, and exhausting death, but death it was.
I have to say though...he was one brave Liner pilot.
I didn't get the ejection notice, unfortunately, but i managed to salvage one good image from my ship's damaged cam.

Combat Captures: Destruction is Inevitable terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 02-17-2009
...uploading data...

Greetings to the clan,

Today, I was looking for giving a last work for the Ageira as "old employee". The researches I was working on were about the complete use of the star energy in order to redirect it into a giant EMP cannon. This project was only at the Theory state but the results, even lowered by some calculs mistakes, were unbelievable. A weapon like this one using the power of only a red dwarf would anihilate any operating system of half of Sirius.
The exact subject of this weapon was to explode a star and convert all light and heat energy into electricity. The problem is the Liberty navy wanted to use it against the Rheinland in case of a war would come out.
A weapon of this kind was estimated buildable in 10 years with 2 thousand billions credits. Unfortunately, this project was now a priority for the Ageira Technologies, awaiting for large funds from the Navy.
When I had an enough resistant ship for hacking their server safely, I went to Detroit and removed all data about my researches.

So I docked out Buffalo where I delivered 10 hunter pilots for their interrogatory. I setted the Detroit Munition Station as mission waypoint and engaged my cruise engines.

On my way, I fall in an ambush where 3 hunters pilots were looking for the 10 hunters I just delivered into Buffalo so I tried to kill them as any other hunters, the rogues and outcasts came to give me a hand, so that happened pretty fast. The 3 hunter pilots were captured for futher interrogation.

So I came at ZPlane +10k to get safely to my target so I could avoid any other ambush. While I was cruising to my destination, a mercenary named Max Black, contacted me about his wishes to fulfill the 5M bounty on hunter pilots. This same pilot made a 2M donation a day ago to our clan I still have to transmit. At the same time, I setted the hacking systems to my old Ageira employee codes.

Once arrived in range my destination, I started the hack. Unfortunately, my old pass was no more valid so I had to hack all the system.
I was spotted and attacked then by the Aegira patrols so the hacking sequence took a bit long time. Once the patrol were down, I managed to find an old account with larges access they didn't changed after I left the Ageira. The police caught me after that as well as an other Ageira patrol. So I hardly maintained the connexion to the server, I almost lost it when a liberty police pilot flew out of Detroit Range. Those cowards wanted to break my connexion off by attracting me too far. Once all that pilots were gunned down, I looked at all files I had access on, my works were in but some others I didn't know about them. Also even now I don't really know what it's talking about since it is not my specialty.
I downloaded everything they had before I delete them. While I was working on the copy, a huge fleet of the Ageira was looking for me. Here I received a hand from the mercenary Max Black I talked about lately. I really hope that was the only copy of my researches. Anyway, we have the data as well now.
Max and I left the area before more hostile arrived and were heading to Rochester. I hacked then the Mactan database for uploading all the data I collected. Here I left Max to head back to Mactan. So I used the safer way I knew, through Colorado, Ontario, California, Cortez and Magellan, but on the way, one of the 3 hunters on my hold wanted I let him alive in exchange of valuable informations about a weapon prototype, the CERBERUS. In fact I knew it from the Lane Hacker datas but I never tried to get it so I accepted his deal so he leaded me to the wreck. And here Bingo ! The prototype was here. Then, as I'm an honorable man, I promised him to let him alive... in my hold. I know it wasn't what he expected but that's more than nothing.

Then I were on my way to Mactan where I'm waiting for the access to R&D storages.

Logs : Attached

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - albert wint - 02-18-2009
...uploading data...

Oh how the feeling of space-flight is exhilarating! Today we have had the privileged to not only atomize a Corsair, but be payed well for it.
I and fellow Hacker, Jayce Brooks, found the insufferable lout wandering in our waters, as we gave chase he fled and we pursued him and set him a trap, It was then that Director Phate took interest in the matter and boldly called the Corsair out on his honor to face him in single combat, making a gamble of 5,000,000 Credits to the victor.

His word was the roar of thunder,
His glance was the look of the eagle,
His might was the strength of the gods,
His guile was the cunning of the wolf,
His temper was the death of men.

What I and Mr. Brooks witnessed next was both spectacular and horrifying as we watched the Director fly in circles around the filth and dismantle his ship piece by piece until all that remained was dust and echoes.
We cleared the scene of battle and journeyed back to our humble abode of Mactan were another poor soul had yet to know what fate had in store...
A Trader named Kagnacious had sought to bypass us with a small and agile freighter, I give him a 10 for Innovation, a 10 for a Suicidal Nature, and a 5 for his Payment. Phate demanded the trader to drop his cargo, the Captain of the Kagnacious sought us a fool however soon learned the other way when his hull buckled and nearly waned. Phate returned to Mactan to bring out his Transport as I secured the loot.

And so ended another day with glory to the Lane Hackers.

But while my compatriot's retired I journeyed to New York, where I posed as old-associate Johnathan Ford of Ageira's news team to conduct an intelligence gathering mission, I contacted a [KoF]-Bill-Riker regarding a new collumn in the news regarding the men and woman who work to keep Ageira Safe... obviously we know said people have failed at their job but let us adapt to the persona of the less gifted.
Bill Riker was obviously delusional and claimed I was a Pirate despite my vessel reading as Mr. Ford's own and to an extent his voice as well, I managed to subtly let him on to my location where I waited for him, as he approached I initiated a full scan of his craft and then called the interview off and slipped away into the dark reaches of the night.

Video Logs are available at our Databank

-Albert Wint

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 02-24-2009
...uploading data...

It seems we either have an imposter or there is a serious misunderstanding considering Robin Hood. I was flying some day ago, when i suddenly saw Robin Hood coming up online at Omicron Alpha. I decided to turn my comm on and send him a message. However, Robin replied too strange, so i i'm not sure if he is an imposter trying to get inside our system holding the name of the infamous Robin of the Lane Hackers. I reckon this should be under further investigation.

Screen logs: Comm log 1,Comm log 2,Comm log 3

Today in my daily shift, as i was sitting in the Mactanian bar searching with my computer through the system for a valuable trader to salvage i found a few sitting in Colorado. I waited to see if they would move to a different system, but it seemed they were just staying there. I wrote in the LH's private comm channel and Jack Spang turned my call and came in. We formed up and cruised for Colorado.

As we jumped through the Colorado JH we were lucky to find a Red Hessian ship nearby atomizing police ships. He wasn't worth any real bounty, so i decided to persuade him to pay for his life, politely. It turned out he was willing to save his ship and not to waste his escape pod as we got a transfer of 500k credits. As a token of gratitude we left him live.

Video logs: Log 1,Log 2,Log 3,Log 4,Log 5,Log 6,Log 7

Just afterwards Phate joined up as we traced a Corsair Cruiser. Phate located him and after a scan it turned out he was carrying valuable Alien cargo. He was also damaged and unarmed, most probably of the encounter with the Aliens. After a bit of pursuit and persistence Phate atomized the Cruiser with his bomber. I headed for Mactan to get my Transport and we salvaged what was left of the cruiser. I transferred the cargo to a safe ship on Mactan under Phate's control. We could use the Alien cargo and the amount of pilots as a source of information.

Video Logs continued: Log 8,Log 9,Log 10,Log 11

Trading sequence: Trade 1,Trade 2,Trade 3,Trade 4

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-03-2009 data...

As I was flipping through an old copy of "Mactonian Today" while going numb with boredom, I received an escort request over the private comms from Seraffimo Spang. As we regrouped just outside the [Removed for Security] Jump Hole, the convoy slowly grew to Sef, Elliot, Phate, and myself. Gun running to Alpha had it's moments where we were forced to divert to Cali Base to wait out the =CR= Patrols. Later on we met up with an Outcast who cleared the rest of our route for a fairly uneventful run. Life proved more difficult on the way back. As we left Cortez, Phate took point in the California Lane and was promptly halted by a lone Liberty Navy Gunboat! We all played cool, distracting him with idle banter as we slowly took our positions for a full out revolt. When will they learn, they CAN'T outsmart our superior intellect?! As the missiles lit up the void, guns ablaze, and mines littering the sky, we proved too overwhelming for the lone Destroyer. Not a single loss on our side, not even a dented hull. Perhaps the Captain of the LNS-Brookstone will think twice about pulling patrol duty without an escort wing at his side... All in all, we conducted the rest of our route unchallenged and celebrated our victory back at Mactan. On a side note, is there any better reading material around here?

Enclosed is the Comm Channel confirmation.

Victory over LNS terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 03-03-2009 data...

Yesterday, I saw a strange phenomena from the navies.
The molecular degenerated headless corporates building the navy capital ships may have forgot to give an energy stabilizer to their engines or weaponry. I saw in my local logs that my scanners lost two vessels of the Liberty Navy Security fleet in New York, showing an immense explosion at their last known location.
Shall we let the Ageira and other corrupted continue their work ? terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-05-2009 data...

Aye, as I feared. I have pushed my Scimitar too hard the other day. While pulling patrol duties with DoubledDeath, my software config advisory proceeded to flash at me. Normal SOP dictates a return to base for repairs for such a discrepancy, so I obliged as Magellan traffic was non-existent. During the flight back, the problems intensified with a single Mission Computer failure. Now without Displays and Weapons Systems, I immediately radio in for emergency docking clearance the whole time stroking the console chanting "Come on baby, hold together..." Just as I have Mactan on my scanner, my second Mission Computer goes offline taking Flight Controls and Comms with it. Now luckily my trajectory still has me on a free glide course toward Mactan and Life Support isn't routed through those computers. As my trajectory was rapidly slowing as I was gliding through the Barrier, ejection was sounding more and more feasable. With my hand on the jettison handle, suddenly I felt a "th-thump" on my hull. I look up to see a flight of Hackers around my ship with a tow line and they helped me into the docking bay. I consider myself that they were listening in on the whole event.

I am now in the midst of tearing through all available schematics tracing this mystery software disappearance. So I will be inactive until I can fix this problem, or settle for a new ship. Here is the Official Documentation terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-05-2009 data...

After several hours of exhausting troubleshooting, smashed fingers and accidental electrocution, it seems the data bus line connecting both Mission Computers was seared by earlier Laser fire, then during a high intensity turn, the exposed center-conductors promptly shorted into each other, blacking out the ship. All wire harnesses are reseated, repaired and all avionics reseated, op checked and the ship is awaiting check flight. Further documentation is in the Maintenance Discrepancy Log terminated...