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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 03-05-2009 data...

Today was not a really nice one from my side. I was caught pirating in New York by a LSF. As I was not alone, we tried to take him down, but that LSF gave a distress call to the navy. Next time I'll get out before they even appear on long range radar.
A liberty cruiser came and engaged each of us with 4 missile turrets. That's was not a piece of cake to escape his missiles and all my mates were gone so I decided to move away but here I saw a strange thing on my radar.

That thing may explain some of the navy systems fails I noticed lately. They are testing new technologies of engines having extremely low power consumption for they can cruise again after firing a full salve with all their turrets.
That would be interesting to hack once again the Ageira data to know what that atomicaly instable corporates have found as curiosity. A such technology would be really useful on our gunboat and spyglass vessel classes. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 03-10-2009 data...

Well, today was a long and very successful run.
Jack, Phate, and myself were at nearly every corner of Liberty, and made close to ten million creds in total. Included in that was the particularly satisfying financial domination of [IND]Kane. We managed to squeeze 5mil out of him after making a cheese grater out of his hull. Many other traders were encountered, though few payed and were destroyed for their left over cargo instead. Fine with us, as we had a transport along for a decent chunk of the adventure.

We had a run-in with some LPI, including their gunboat Leavenworth. It started when i came to the assistance of a lone Outcast, in a Rogue gunboat. Eventually, Phate and Jack joined me and together we managed to take out on of the LPI.
[Image: screen74.jpg]

Eventually the Leavenworth, who had been preoccupied on the sidelines, rejoined the fight. We fled to Galileo, with no casualties, excluding the Outcast we originally were trying to assist.

We met up with a new Liberty Rogue, LR-No.Reason.Really, and decided to go do a little exploring with him. It went well, and we encountered no further trouble on our expedition. I believe this marks a good step, as we have never before survived such a long and treacherous excursion into lawful space for so long with zero casualties before. I refer to the newer members, myself included, of course. Hopefully, this will remain to be something common.

Pirating Image Capture, taken from Phate's vessel. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 03-10-2009 Elliot.Carver.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

After finding out I missed all the LN action. I decided to go harass the xenos in Colorado. On my way over there I met a civilian with a police IFF and sporting a LFS LF. He was attacking a bunch of LH. I promptly told him to quit. When he did not respond i lowered his shields and sent a privet comm telling him to stop. Apparently he is mute and dumb because again he ignored me. After confirming the civilian kill orders i promptly dispatched the problem.
Pfinn dispatching

I finally got to xenos base and found they welcomed me with open arms. They even gave me gifts. HA HA fools. I welcomed their hospitality as I sat in their patrol zones while i harassed an Ageira employ. The conversation was long. He apparently wanted me back. Said there was a "Program" that i could attend. It's probably just some brainwashing junk the company would put me through. I continued to spew the truth across the sector. Here is the Link to the conversation. I must admit there are some holes where i told my side of the story. as well as some other parts. After that i went to the xenos base where i am resting and letting them feel they are safe. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 03-10-2009
...uploading data...

After a bit of an absence, today i managed to teach those Xenos employees that i'm no ally, neither i welcome their welcoming behavior, because i have killed some Bounty Hunters in their system. I went to Colorado and taught them a lesson on how to greet a Lane Hacker.

Afterwards, Ellior Carver and Ernst Stavro Blofeld came in and we formed a group. Not long after we were on the traces of a Bowex Trader, from Cortez to Manchester where Ernst and i finally caught him, which was followed by a considerably good tax he was willing to pay. Just a while after a Police Trader went right in our hands probably not suspecting anything, who after a bit of "encouragement" also payed the taxes.

After Elliot finally caught up to us we followed another Bowex trader who got in our hands as well, and despite him being quite stubborn, after losing some of his cargo and equipment, he finally agreed to pay up rather then get decompressed, and have his employees pay for a new ship.

That earned us about 2 mils each, so another profitable day for the Lane Hackers.
...hack terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 03-11-2009 data...

What a day.
The LPI, they just refuse to leave us alone. We were minding out own business,
financially ruining more corporate scum, when they decided to come and wreck
the party. Elliot was alone, so Phate, Jack and I showed up to give him a hand.
We expected reinforcements, but only two Liberators showed, so I stood out the
following skirmish and switched on my on-board camera. The LPI is always ruining
our hacks, and I knew victory was going to be ours this time. Unlike last time, where
they were in such force that we, The Hackers, were forced to retreat. Not here, not now.
This time it cost them a heap of supplies and a once perfectly operational Liberator,
piloted by none other than O'Brian, to which Phate himself dealt the disintegrating blow.
[Image: screen80.jpg]

After that, the remaining LPI officer, Aiden Maggard, was forced into submission
after he experienced a rather devastating systems failure.
We robbed him of his ammunition, then sent him off to rid the world of
a few more donuts, a few more mugs of coffee, and not very many pirates.


Battle Sequence Image Recordings:
Two terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 03-11-2009 data...

Reporting on the situation which allowed me to complete my assigned mission.

It started in New York, during a raid with various members of HF, Phate, Ernst, and myself.
We were finding the system to be quite dead, no doubt due to our presence, and we continued on to Texas. On the way, we ran into a trader and managed to get 1,800,000 Credits from him. Soon after, a liberty battlecruiser came bursting through the Bering gate, into Texas, with the HF close behind. We all engaged, hoping to take it down, but it managed to get to Houston, where the Mississippi was able to hinder our attack. Eventually, the battlecruiser made an emergency landing on Houston, and we took off for more profitable prey.

We didn't find any though, in fact...we found a cruiser loaded with nomads and Order pilots.
Needless to say, what ensued was a battle of epic proportions, which we executed flawlessly and won.

[Image: screen86two.jpg]
Notice that I managed to record [Wolves]Red.Wing saying, "I spy the Libery Navy".
Well...not anymore you don't, Wolf.

The LNS-Nebraska put up a good fight, but neither it's own armaments nor the quick response of the LSF and LN were enough to save it from destruction. Soon after, the two liberty lawful bombers along with their fighter escort were following the Nebraska to it's final resting place, the Detroit Debris Field.

Battle of the Detroit Debris Field, further recordings.
Last Moments of the Nebraska
Nothing but Scrap and Flame
Sweeping Up the Mess terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 03-15-2009 data...

Good day gentleman.

Today i had to do my shift alone. I started as reloading my ammo at Mactan, then i visited America Base to have my orders for the day from the headquarters. I launched my lovely "Falchion" and decided to go hack a lane at Colorado. Not long after i followed a trader, named Jack.Carter who wasn't being very cooperative and was trying to get away with 2000 gate/lane parts. Not for long though, i caught him and after he shot at me, i atomized him.

Here is the video: Cargo Hold, Atomization

Later on i decided to go hack a lane at California, but with no success. I wasted my CD on 2 traders, whose trail i lost along the way.

I saw a pilot entering Magellan and went there to have a look. I scouted for a bit and then encountered a large liner and not an ordinary one, one of Ageira's employees. He was carrying 3596 Hydrocarbons and was traveling through Magellan. I didn't waste much time, nor did he. He started shooting, so did i. After a long and extremely hard fight(a lot of dodging) i followed him to the end of my nav map, where i finally managed to shoot him down with my last power, as i had finished my Bots and Bats.


So that's quite the proof that Light Fighters aren't as useless as we think they are. And our new investment - the "Falchion" has proven it's worth and effort.

//I tried to RP it and get the cargo of both traders, since they didn't pay, and asked every possible trader not on our KOS/unfriendly list to help me transfer the it to Mactan, but no success. No one wants to RP for less profit then they would make for a trade run... Sorry...// terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 03-18-2009 data...

Vigilante's and their games, when will they learn?
Leave the lawdogging and pointless intrusions into Magellan to the navy and police.

I encountered one such vigilante today, a Vigilante.Brutus.Smith,
and he made my job easy. Would you believe that he challenged me?
I suppose that is the way of his type, but i still find it humorous.

Loading combat footage...
... corrupted...

Yes, I know and apologize, no explosions or catastrophic rends. I let him
live. Only after he wised up and realized he was no match for a Lane Hacker, that is.

Ah, also, nearly forgot.
I managed to sell a batch of Boron we acquired from an unsuspecting trader to a
Junker today. Made us 800k out of that deal, and opened up chances for continued
trading in the future. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elliot Carver - 03-18-2009

::Elliot Carver sat down at his desk. Picking up his cup of hot chocolate Elliot leaned back and thought about this past day::

Carver: I lead a team today ::Smiles:: It went well ::yawns::

::Elliot looks over his communication notes::

Carver: I lead the team to Colorado it was me and Steven Obanno at the time jack had left and Seraffimo he was near vescuppi.


Steven: I need some help he is running to the NY JG

::Using the trade lane Elliot jumped ahead and was able to successfully CD the trader Minister. Seing 3600 engine components he demanded 1.5mil for safe passage. When the guy said the only thing in danger was his soul and that that was protected Elliot clarified his cargo needed safe passage. Minister without warning ejected the cargo and shot it. Confused Elliot still asked for the money for the cargo that used to be there. Calling for Seraffimo Spangs help Elliot Carver distracted the trader. Just when Seraffimo arived the trader began to see things in the Hackers point of view...
End Flashback

Carver: Thats not what happened
::Rubs his eyes::
Carver: That was all a dream. What did happen. Oh i remember Serafimo was with me in colorado but i dont remember how he got there so quickly but the three of us entered the system. I took the Denver -> NY lane, Spang took the NY gate, and Steven took the other lane that leads to the station. Serafimo stopped someone and I stopped someone Serafimo asked for ~1 million and i asked for ~1million. They were paying it too... no thats not what happened either (//CRASH)... oh yes i remember now Elliot.Carver.recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Why must traders always run. I went out hunting with Alec and Phate. and that went ok. Most traders did not pay and had to be shot down and their cargo was sold for scraps.

this is the ship that i decompressed

eventually Alec left and i hung around here and there mostly with our Spyglass. It showed me some of its awesome wonders and i showed it how quickly i could fall apart.

Some time later i went pirating again this time with the Spang brothers and Steven Obanno. After a little bit in Cortez Jack left and Steven and I headed over to Colorado. However in the jump Steven got...lost? I don't know where he went. He left. Seraffimo Spang took his place beside me. In Colorado we captured 2.45 million credits. terminated...

The entire SS of my command


credits transaction

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ugo carnifex - 03-19-2009
...uploading data...

Good day, gentleman.

Today, i had some mission reports to confirm with the headquarters in Mactan. After that, i was sent to hack in California. I contacted our Satelite operatives in Vespucci who traced 2 Ageira employees in Colorado. As i headed to California, they had already moved to New York. I encountered a rather greeting LPI member who tried to follow me. I was fast enough to disrupt the trade lane between Los Angelis and the New York Jump Gate. There was a convoy of 2 Ageira's employees who were rather helpful to me, by the fact that they followed me around together with the LPI Light Fighter. I immediately called for backup in our secure comm channels and not long after Phate showed up. While he was coming my way, i managed to lure them into the rock field where the Ontario Jump Hole is located. After Phate showed up and we declared our initial intentions we initiated a fight and not long after, we were victorious against 1 VHF, 1 Bomber and 1 Light Fighter with Ageira's help in the LPI Light Fighter's dissolution. *laughs*

Here are the video logs of the chat log and fight screens:

Chat Log
|Ageira|Armorer Vaporization
|Ageira|Curt.R|R&D Vaporization
LPI-Aide.Maggard[O] Vaporization