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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-24-2009 data...

Whew! Time to knock the dust off my backlog of recorder data.

So, I there I was out on a small Magellan patrol run. It was a real quiet day, so quiet I turned for a return to base, when I ran into an independent Hacker who goes by the alias Rommie. Normally I try to avoid independents as they usually have some twisted mannerisms, but upon scanning his gear and hearing background I decided to go ahead and help him out on a few trader raids. He had a hard time stopping a couple, but managed to get Coston. He was running all over Magellan and as we finally had him cornered. Rommie went ahead with aggressive credit demands, unfortunately, he opted to float home. By home I mean my cargo hold back to the slavers on Mactan. The fight wasn't long and we were still broke. Afterward, I proceeded to the CardiBar and let the day melt into the distance.

Kill Notice terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-24-2009 data...

As I was scouring through a new technical manual about our upgraded equipment comparing damage statistics and whatnot, I received a request from Phate to assist in the acquisition of some Liberty finances. I happily accepted and almost immediately upon docking clearance, this Freelancer really overstepped his bounds by flying so close to Mactan. Without flinching, we promptly laid in course to show him the error of his ways. As we stopped him, he seemed happy to finance out patrol until we asked him to give us his spare shields. He didn't take to kindly to that so a furball ensued. As he was flying a Roc, dodging him was fairly easy, and I dropped his shields effortlessly. Even still he managed to give me a nice SNAC sandwich. It hurt, but I was fine. I pulled out to the distance and watched Phate deliver his magic touch then proceeded back to base for repairs.

banja's bad day terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 03-24-2009 data...

WooHoo! A beautiful day for piracy today! We had quite the crew as well, Phate, Elliot, An Indy by the alias "Listener" and myself. By the end of the day I lost count of all the millions looted and runners killed. (I really need to pay more attention) Well, I'll go ahead with my loot and let the others post up theirs.

We had the entire pathway from Liberty to Bretonian space on lock down. As I pulled up to my spot on the Cortez -> Los Angelas Trade lane, James.Khornskiy came barreling down the lane. Quickly I hack into the lane and take it down and fire off my Cruise Disruptor and knock him dead in his tracks. After a lengthy chat I manage to persuade him to part ways with 1.5Mil me being the "Nice Guy" and all.

Almost immediately afterward, Universal|UPS came right at me too. This guy was cheap as dirt. Honestly, 250K off a Liberty Super Transport?! I took those scraps and sent him on his way. All of the sudden, come IMG tagged Merc showed up telling me to leave him alone! I look around, the transport's Loooonnng gone, so I say "Sure, why not! He ain't here anyways." I wasn't about to furball with that Nyx he was in. So he took off. Whatever...

Payday terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 03-25-2009 data...

Yesterday was great.
Phate, Anthony Tesla, and myself were extremely successful at receiving donations.
I believe we made upwards of 7million credits, between two traders. Most of it was in cargo,
which was a gem to find considering it sold for 3kcpu at one of our stations.

Anthony, our new trainee, did wonderful as well. He managed to keep his ship intact for the
entire duration, and performed excellently during the training I gave him.
He'll make a fine nuisance to Liberty, I'm sure.

Now, the day before yesterday?
Not so great.
In fact, it was quite awful.
Minding my own business, scouting out New York for a potential target, I was
unlucky enough to exit a lane only to run smack into the face of a lawdog.
It was a guy named Eddy.Looper, an LN Guard pilot of exceptional skill.
After a long stretch of combat over half of New York, I decided to cut my losses
and ditch the area. I live to fight another day, a day when his ship implodes
to tachyon ripping through his hull. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - A.I. Omega - 03-26-2009 data...

I am still in debate about how good my day was. It started out with me performing a search of the Vespucci for Fort Leniex. I learned from several sources that the base was located in sector 4G, but this is not are clear as it is needed. The fact is that the Leniex Field is over sixty kilometers deep and when multiplied by the 100 square kilometer grid; that is a search area of 6000 cubic Kilometers and even worse I can only see maybe five hundred meters in front of me. Needless to say, I gave up the search.

The highlight of the day however was finally having the pleasure of meeting Senior Director Moriarty. It turned out he was the one that was giving my tactical exam. I do not know what it is about test; but they were never my strong suit. The test started out okay; trade lane escape method and hacking skills.

Then we moved into a new area; cruise disruptors. Man was I not ready for that. To start off with; I had yet to reprogram the fire controls in my ship; I never realize how hard it was to fly when you constantly have to look down. Then even worst I did not understand what I was doing; not the impression I wanted to make. After a long time; I started to get the hang of what I was suppose to do and I passed the test.

With it done; that was the final thing I needed to move up to technician and the main thing on my mind is what ship to upgrade to? It is a very hard choice and if anyone has a suggestion would be glad to hear it.

This should be my last transmission with the ID of Anthony Tesla, soon I will be known as Julius No. I wonder if I could convince Elizabeth to change her alias to Taro; that would get a good laugh at parties. On second though; maybe I shouldn't. I am already on thin ice for spending so much time exploring Vespucci and not enough time with her on Mactan. Well, I better turn off this recording before landing; no need for everyone to hear me beg for my life. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - selsyn1 - 04-03-2009 data...

Busy days lately. These Falchions are very hard to keep in shape after missions. Just knocking the dust outta them after each mission is a chore. Anyway, I'm floating outside Rochester chuckling to myself at the local chatter goin' on when ol' bro Sef pipes in about some activity on the Colorado/Fort Bush lane. I fire up engines and haul tail over there and find Phate and Sef toying around with CF72-Atreus. I chuckle to myself as this guy has no idea what he walked into. I just stop fast and switch over to spectator mode with a bowl of popcorn. I was shocked to see him flee and slightly bummed, but then he actually CAME BACK! Ultimate mistake. Within 5 minutes of his re-arrival, we were promptly in tow with another candidate for the Slavers Union.

Not more than 5 minutes after Phate vaporizes the poor guy, mining vessel {HMi}Erasmus pops his head down my lane. Now having just sucked down a heavy breath off my cardimask, I hastily dropped that lane and was all over him in seconds. However, Phate wanted to let him be on his way, so I pull back off the guy and we were about to let him be on his way when he goes and blows it by opening his mouth about his motives. Unfortunately he was already initiating Jump protocols when we got to him. This fool led us on a chase all over Colorado. Eventually we get him cornered near the Rio Grand, so Phate breaks off to grab his Broadsword to educate the sap. Sure enough as I sat on the Denver/Gunnison Lane, he makes his way to me again, so I drop the lane and prepare to negotiate the surrender of some cash when he opens fire. Lucky for me he's a slug on the guns and dodging was easy which served as the perfect diversion when Phate come barreling down the lane for a nasty surprise. Needless to say he did not last very long against the Broadsword. Ha!

On our way out, a couple LPI decided to come crash our little party. Now I wasn't about to rifle with them, but we did have some loot to be watching. Here's where we kinda blew it as the loot was lost due to the tangle with them cops and our transport cap'n who flew all the way out there for it wasn't too keen on that so we opted to make ourselves scarce which also turned into a struggle. Long story short, The Transport made it to Padua safely. Ugh... Boss'll make sure we hear about that one.

Now I have the motivation to finish post flight repairs and cleaning now. Gah! this thing makes it's work cut out for it, ehh.. she treats me well, back to it.

[Image: Killcam.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - seraffimo spang - 04-04-2009 data...

Well, I destroyed another of our precious Bayonets recently.
Somewhat disappointing, but worth the information I gathered in the process.

So, I ran into a Bounty Hunter named Gyr.Falcon, in a Gunship. I was able to do pretty well in keeping myself alive until Jack arrived to lend a hand, then I was able to go more on the offensive, but we were still no match. We need to develop an energy based cruise disruption device. Had I not been limited by my ammunition I could have kept him going all day.
Anyway, I've recovered massive amounts of combat data from the black box in my pod, and a few image captures of his loadout. And, I must say, that new Hunter gunship is aesthetically impressive.

Bounty Hunter Gyr.Falcon equipment loadout:
BH Gunship 1
BH Gunship 2
BH Gunship 3
BH Gunship Aesthetic Admiration terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 04-12-2009
...uploading data...

Greetings hackers and researchers.

I took the time to hack some lanes before looking at my scans data and what I've found is ... particulary strange. My sensors detected the presence of cardamine into a "nomad" specimen I saw fighting against the navy and the xenos. So let's report this last part of action later.
We surely all know the "nomads" have the faculty to catch on their way whatever they find, but even if they found cardamine, it cannot explain the fact that the cardamine detected was on its liquid form. The data are following :
Scan 1 - Scan 2
Having one unit of that substance was at time impossible due to the treat caused by both navy, security forces and xenos.
Returning back to this battle, my first impressions are the "nomads" are able to deal great damages but the navy, security forces and xenos both allied to this treat was even more dangerous the "nomads" ran for their life.
I have also the information from a freelancer, K.Mihawk, who was engaged in the battle against the "nomads" that a cruiser sized "nomad" came and engaged the LNS-Thunderbolt. The "nomad" failed under the navy carrier fire.

We have here some certitude that the "nomads" are able to :
- Judge about the best issue of a battle.
- Liquify the cardamine in a stable form.
- Generate great amount of damages with some kinds of lasers.

We should take care of those "nomads" growing with no-limits.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Operations - 05-12-2009 recognized...uploading data...
I was doing some usual routine repairing and cleaning of my fairly new schimitar, when I recieved a call from a friend of mine, a special friend to come and visit her in the cassini system. so i figured why not. packed up the usual for a 2-3 day visit and left. Normal routiine fly a few run ins with local police and some allies. once i made it to the cassini system the normal stuff started to become un-normal. Come to find out cassini was pretty much a Liberty Rogue guard control system and my special friend was close or knew some. She communicated to me to rendvous with her and a shipyard called Terra Haute. I recieved coordinates and proceed to that location. About 5k out i was challenged by a liberty rogue Destroyer called Quietly Confident. After a brief wait I was allowed to dock. Disembark and proceed to get a drink and look around this liberty rogue guard facilty. After some dinner and drinks we talked and she mention some unusal things in these parts and everyone was sorta on edge or at least different in there demeanor. Poured her a few more drinks and i started to ask her more intense questions like locations and specfics on her so called unusal behavior. Well she got irritated with me and told me to leave and that she would call me, not to call her and she left. Well being a Lane hacker i was curious so i decided to play my part and leave but not before i did a little recon. I found another LRG base being protected by another LRG destroyer so my curosity peaked even more.I continued reconing and i ran across a old wreck. It was a transport and two civ figters just stationary there like frozen. I probed farther and found a couple of diamonds and left over oxygen , but nothing of extreme value. I was about to head back home to mactan When i picked up a slight radio frequency so i searched for hours and hours waiting to hear it again and trace it. when i ran across a unusual visual phenenomn. When i started closer i detected a base squawking a [DSE] iff, and just mere meters from it was this like vortex. The scanner and sensors were not detecting anything but i could see it clear as i could see the sun. I think this might be what my friend might have been referring too. I stayed just a few minutes more to get a photo of it and i left the system.
On my way back to Mactan I explored two more systems and ran across 2 wrecks in those systems, the Yukon and the Alberta systems, made charts of them and I had to return to Mactan for some sleep and to finish writing down my events of that day.

visual record of strange Vortex meters from [DSE] Base called the Foster terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ryeguy146 - 05-14-2009

>>nc -v -n 80
(UNKNOWN) [] (?) open
GET //
Gateway Error
Lane Hackers Secure Server

>>tftp -I GET dervin_report.txt
>>tftp -I GET mission_0.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_1.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_2.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_3.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_4.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_5.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_6.jpg
>>tftp -I GET mission_7.jpg

>>open //

This is Recruit Hacker Dervin,

I wanted to report a mission I just flew that exemplifies the Lane Hackers superiority over the Liberty Navy. Uploaded along with this message are several pictures I took of the action to prove my victory. After arriving on Montezuma Base, I was assigned a dangerous mission, to destroy three weapons platforms as well as any Navy found in the area. I must have just dosed on Cardamine because I swore that all I had to do was mine the platforms and get out, but no, they wanted a full wipe. Who is a recruit to refuse? After stocking up on mines and countermeasures, I set out.

Three weapon platforms were all I saw. Easy; I didn't even bother to take a picture of that part. As I started weaving through them, six Navy boats swept in and started pelting me. I finished off the platforms quickly and thought that I could fly home and leave em' in the dust. Nope, that's what I get for not paying attention. After another quick inhalation of Cardamine, I brought my lasers to bear on the swarming Defender class vessels. I didn't think I was going to make it past the first kill and that I was going to have to find a new Dagger. I changed my tactics and used my cruise engines to sweep around them and gain speed. I thrust across their line of sight and as they opened fire, I cut the engines and used thrusters to swing around behind their line. From there, my Stunpulse guns melted the shields like butter. I exhausted all of their batteries and switched to my Hellflurries and continued my sweep and engine kill technique. It worked like a charm and soon enough, I was down to my last ship and he fled. Good thing, because I had no shield batteries left. With I smile, I turned his ship to scrap and went to pick up the pieces.

Suddenly, the proximity lights went red and I saw what I thought was going to be my death: that last boy in blue had returned with five friends. I took another hit or two of Cardamine and lit up my cruise engines; the mission wasn't over yet. Since I had already learned this new tactic of swinging across their view and thrusting behind them, I managed to stay alive and cut them down to a more sizable number, but it didn't look good. I had five blues left and still no shield batteries and I had finished off the last of my nanobots. With nothing left but to continue the grind, I somehow managed to best the rest. I hurriedly tractored in the pilots and the leftover valuables and cruised back to Montezuma to write this report. Perhaps this is your everyday, but I've never survived such a hairy battle.

The repairs weren't... awful, but with thirteen Navy pilots in custody and three weapons platforms turned to slag, I figured the cost a fair trade. I guess that's why they say that Lane Hackers are the best in the black.

My most humble of apologies for hacking this channel before having been fully accepted into the Lane Hackers, but I had to report this half hour long battle to my superiors.

LH~Dervin Out-