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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nevermore - 05-19-2009 data...

I knew it would get interesting when I met Phate yesterday chasing a KoF transport in Colorado.

I was headed to Colorado myself to join Phate, as we also detected two DSE vessels heading for Pueblo Station; and since Phate was occupied with the KoF trader, it was left to me to intercept them. However, the moment Pueblo came up on my scanners, our targets were already docking - I was too late. I decided not to let them go so easily and took position at the Pueblo-NY lane. With Phate sitting north, and myself cutting them off from NY, they were effectively trapped. And indeed - soon, the DSE ships ran into me as they were trying to get to the NY gate. Two Kusari Big Dragon tranports, with empty cargo holds however. But knowing that they just made a bunch of profit on Pueblo, I asked them to share it with us - one million from each of them was the demand. Refusing to listen, they just reacted by firing at me, leaving me no option but to engage and call Phate to back me up. Soon, we managed to damage both transports severely - and after another ignored demand, both were blown to bits.

Funnily, we were still able to profit from that situation as a junker salvager came by. We offered to sell him the scrap the two transports now have turned into, and he was glad to accept the offer.

And even more fun was the reencounter with one of the DSE traders after that. With his brand-new ship he just bumped into us again, at the same location he just did half an hour earlier... Not the most adaptive one, he was. Knowing his stubborness, we just let him go... but not without blasting all turrets off his ship first. Maybe he'll learn that way, but I'm almost positive he won't...

At the end of the day, I docked my dromedary on Cochrane, not much richer than before, but still amused by the helpless foolishness of some corporate workers.. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Operations - 05-31-2009 Boris.Grishenko recognized...uploading data...

My day started with my goal to make as much credits as I can. Started out in Galileo hitting a few transports and cashing in on some good loot. After hitting a engine component load I decided to cash in that loot at a junkers base in Puerto Rico. After undocking I noticed on long range scanners alot of vessels in California and a independent hacker I have worked with before Jason.olds. Upon communicating with Jason.olds I set my course for California via Humboldt and then Kansas which i noticed an Alien Jump Hole. I will investigate it later. By the time I got to California all Probable Targets were gone.

Then set my course for New York when I stop a trader entering California and made him give up his entire cargo. Then I told him to go back to New york where it was safe. Myself and Jason.olds jumped to New York to find several Liberty Rogues and Lane Hackers and Outcast intercepting trade. We then decided to join them and expand our operation and work on disruppting all trade from Texas, Colorado, California. We were able to for a very short period. Just before dispersing our seperate ways I intercepted a transmission of a Gateway trading vessel needing a escort so I happily replied and said I would. I told him we would meet at Californa Jump Gate where me and my friends sat and waitied for his arrival.I was a little disappointed he was only carrying Boron so we made him pay cash and let him keep the Boron. Then I proceeded back to Galileo when I was jumped by a Liberty navy fighter coming from Galileo when I was in Colorado jumping to Galileo. He commanded me to halt and I opened all gunports and collected the Liberty Rogue pilots i just set free.

Jumped to Shikoku where I encounted [AHA] something Yacht who claimed to be a minister of something to a emperor. He demanded I drop all my cargo which was prisoners of different pilots and the just free liberty rogue pilots who didnt want to return to inprisonment. The [AHA] vessel was a Gaian Gunship/Gunboat whiched was on my six for a long time until I made it to the Galileo Jump Hole. Jumped and he was right after me. After Taking several hits and doing damage control Hull breaches were increasing!!!. Radio in to Leiden Base where they started opening up on the [AHA] vessel and I was able to dock.

Payed a repair crew to work overtime to fix all of my hull breaches which I overheard one say my hull was going critical and one or two more hull breaches and I would have been floating debris. I never thought my day would entale so much adventure. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 06-01-2009

Instead of a long summary of events over the recent weeks, I eventually decided to present something new and unusual. I'd like you to see these pictures of a thoroughly hacked "Albatross" LPI transport, which was apparently operating using an invalid license, but that is not the important thing here. What is important:

I disabled the transport's engines. To this point, we have thought that it's not possible to pull off, since all fusion engine reactor cores tend to overload when you attempt anything like that. But I did the impossible today. See the proof here:

[Image: th_screen225.jpg] [Image: th_screen226.jpg] [Image: th_screen227.jpg] [Image: th_screen228.jpg]
The transport was unable to move on impulse, putting cruise flight out of the question, the only thing left was attitude control (RCS rotation or similar). Note the damaged exhaust ports in the documentation. This has been achieved through relatively precise firing of our great Hellflurry™ tachyon blasters. I left the corporate lackey stranded in space to think about his evil deeds.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 06-14-2009

Status update and return to active duty.

I have recently been released on parole from Huntsville LPI after serving the majority of my one year sentence for cardamine and synthweed possession with suspicion of dealing.

At the time I was flying under civillian colours.

After being released on parole I found it very easy to find transit on a freighter to Philadelphia.

With regards to how the situation occured, I am aware that due to a loss of communications so as not to incriminate anyone else, the following occured which you were not aware of until now:

While the Liberty Navy alleged other crimes including homicide and membership of an illegal organisationno evidence was found, as prosecution stated, "Blaster marks aren't like finger prints." (Prosecution looked very grumpy at the time).

The Liberty Navy was unable to prove either of those allegations as there was no evidence to suggest any such crime had occured, the only evidence being one overloaded Starflier that, in the words of prosecution, "Reeked of Cardamine," and in the words of defense, was a standard civillian vessel.

I believe it also helped that there were no witnesses, however prosecution did show the judge and jury many interesting photo's of a burnt out Aegira transport, which were quite something to see, and commented many times that there was circumstantial evidence suggesting I was travelling on the same lane at the same time as the accident, however, after denying all allegations and without any proof except for one item I claimed I bought on the black market a short time after, a genuine Aegira lane repairers tool kit with serial number filed off, which was molecularly traced back to the accident, their case fell flat.

With regards to my allegations of Police brutality, those have fallen on deaf ears, it is as though the wonton usage of blasters against civillian ships equipped with self defence needs is permitted prior to the proving of guilt or innocence.
The claim that my ship was obviously a combat vessel, that I did not halt when told to, and that the cabin reeked of cardamine do not make much sense.

My response was that I had the autopilot on, I'm a little paranoid about those freaky Nomad's, and the cops wouldn't know what cardamine smelt like anyways.

Unfortunately however, my allegations of police impropriety fell on deaf ears and the Police won the case based on video evidence showing a reasonable amount of cardamine (for personal usage) being recovered from my hold.

I do believe the lane hackers control via jump holes rather than controlled jump gates will forever be a step ahead of the law.

As a result of this, I am now ready to return to active duty with the Lane Hackers and have, today, crafted a Trainee-level Dagger with standard conventional load-out, affiliated with the Lane Hackers, under the name of LH~Ned.Kelly.

I will, ofcourse, require housing and a new identikit drawn up for the process.

While inside, I noticed that there were many skillful young and adept people who had been imprisoned on such things as minor cardamine supply, who could well turn out to be a large potential source of recruits for the lane hackers.

Within recent time of joining, I have engaged in piracy with clan [ROGUE] in New York, flown around with PHATE, noticed a large squadron of VR clan members with hacker affiliation outside Mactan, and seen the Ageira Armourer vessel amongst other ships, and also saw Nomad cannisters in the close vincinity to Mactan - the Nomad's were in the possession of a Jupiter Guild member, allegedly after he recovered them from the top of Mactan (VR were in the vincinity at the time).

Piracy has proved to be somewhat lucrative, with politeness and firm orders going a long way, and I am in a position to be able to contribute - to the Lane Hacker cause.

The current contents of my hold are one Cardamine and one Lane Hacker pilot, and my ship loadout is battle-ready and I am docked at -.

Should there be any further information you require, please feel free to contact me.

With regards to technical bulletins, I have had some trouble obtaining these, an alternative method of contact via - is advisable for such data transfers.

With regards to promotion, I am currently uncertain of my rank and my requirements for promotion, if I recall correctly, previously I was at technician level with everything towards specialist done except one role playing mission involving going somewhere difficult and doing something, at your discretion.

Currently I am happy to just go with the flow and see what happens, it's great to be free and to have undiluted cardamine in my veins again, and to be able to fly instead of being locked in a cell.

To my brothers and sista's inside; solidarity!

Ned Kelly signing off.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 06-20-2009
Two days ago, a bounty hunter bomber strike force ws dispatched with the help of Eddie.Cassidy near Mactan, Magellan. Unfortunately the gunship had to be towed for repairs, but the bounty hunters will be mania-interrogated and sent to the Slavers Union for re-education regardless.
[Image: th_screen687.jpg] [Image: th_screen688.jpg]

Yesterday, Zoner Aquilon Carrier Yoda-[T] was detected in the Vespucci system while attempting to spy on our installations.
[Image: th_screen873.jpg] [Image: th_screen874.jpg] [Image: th_screen875.jpg] [Image: th_screen876.jpg] [Image: th_screen877.jpg]
The Fu Manchu forced him to make a hasty retreat, only to critically damage the ship several hours later. One of our trainee daggers was extremely helpful with apprehending the intruder. The away team has wiped the ship's computers.
[Image: th_screen880.jpg] [Image: th_screen881.jpg]
The message stands clear: The Lane Hackers can deal with unwanted ships, no matter the size.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Operations - 06-21-2009 Boris.Grishenko recognized...uploading data...

Yesterday while lane hacking I was confronted by a Captain.Silvio who tried to arrest me and/or pay a fine. Needless to say I refused both and not wanting to lose my loot decided to flee.

Captain Silvio persuded me and I led him to a Xeno base in Colorado where her guns started to open fire on us. This was the last comm message i was able to record before he stop transmitting and broke of pursuit.

This was part of his message stating there was a 10 Million bounty on me. Glad I'm starting too earn Siruis Respect !

[Image:] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Operations - 06-24-2009 Boris.Grishenko recognized...uploading data...

Mission : 2 Phase #1

I set out to recon around the OITA and surrounding systems which comprise of ILLNOIS, ELLESMERE, and HIROSHIMA. Upon entering ILLNOIS from COLORADO I fell under attack immediately by weapons platforms took some minor damage. ILLNOIS had several bases and found a Jump Hole leading to OITA. The following bases were recorded GAELSBURG, McNeil Island, Springfield Station, and Planet Peoria. I then proceeded through the OITA jump hole.
OITA system was very calm and nothing of valuable except for one wreck that contained a code weapon called ARCHANGEL. There were three total Jump holes from this system. One to ILLNOIS, one to HIROSHIMA, and one to ELLESMERE.
I jumped to ELLESMERE where I fell under heavy weapon platform fire which seems to be 2 gun platform and 2 missiles platforms. One hit and shields where depleted and half hull gone. Once I cleared the weapon platforms I started deeper into the system where I was attacked by =LSF= Internity , flying a Liberty Guardian Heavy Fighter. He seem to come out of now where like he was cloaked. Then my auto ejection engaged and saw my ship go up in flames from my lifepod.

END of Report terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Operations - 07-05-2009 Boris.Grishenko recognized...uploading data...

Today I was out patrolling the galileo system for loot when I ran across a vessel named Captain_foord. After demanding him to drop his cargo load of tourist he fled where i pursued him to Colorado.

After 2 jumps back and forth he decided to evade me by going all the way back to Shikoku and back through Kepler to deliver his load of tourist.

I proceeded over to the Kepler trade lanes and wait when load and behold here he comes, where I again demanded he drop his cargo. He offered some 221k but by this time all the CD and fuel used to track this vessel down I was not settling for that.

He then started to run again but I was able to open his vessel up and get the cargo myself! Then he stated he was getting his other character and i better start running... And was getting his Rogue character.

What a glorious Day to be a Lane Hacker!!

[Image: screen63.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 07-09-2009 data...

Attention all Hackers:
After intensive research and development, a new hacking protocol has been developed and is now in immediate effect for all communications.
The well-worn F.I.X.E.D.
S.Y.S. encoding algorithms are now replaced with new S.Y.S.T.E.M. algorithms.
All future transmissions should use the new hacking protocol. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-20-2009

Time for a short update. The thief called "Danny Walker", who associates himself with the Outcasts has been intercepted and destroyed in Magellan today, upon making a move too bold even for him. A quick reminder of why I sent him back to the Taus in pieces:
[Image: th_screen627.jpg] [Image: th_screen628.jpg] [Image: th_screen629.jpg] [Image: th_screen634.jpg]

That was about seven days ago. Rest assured, my memory serves me better than yours. And from your attitude, one could recognize the unmistakable "I don't need permission from anyone". Well, he got what he was coming for. Until he returns the ship and files a formal apology to The Lane Hackers and Hellfire Legion (regarding sneaking out of Vespucci with one of our brand new bombers) and paying for all collateral damage he caused, he is going to remain a target of opportunity for the Lane Hackers, Outcast dons, and whoever else would like to straighten up this poor excuse for an Outcast, whether they do it for money or not. Provided he doesn't die during a 'mishap' or under the ferocious tachyon guns of Lane Hacker Assassins.

[Image: th_screen860.jpg] [Image: th_screen861.jpg]

Anyone else is welcome to mark as well: "Don't cross the Lane Hackers".

[Image: th_screen863.jpg]

Appendix 1: Standing policy of the Vespucci System.