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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 07-25-2009
Yesterday, a Liberty Carrier ventured too far into Whitney Ice Field, California System. That created an excellent opportunity to get rid of it for good.
[Image: aurora.png]
Its twin ballistic missiles were no use against our primary scrap-drilling turrets. Junkers have swiftly cleaned the pre-processed material as requested.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 08-07-2009

My greetings to the clan.

Today I received a message from Phate telling me to get a break on my researches on the pulsar improvements and get my falchion for our spatial operations.
The technician Mr.Big and recruit Nathan Seek joined the operations as well then we went out of Mactan, heading to Cortez system and then California system.
Once in California, the time was short before we could start actively our operations we grabbed 2400 MOX units. For the transport, the Disco Volante was deployed of course since our hold were not large enough for the loot.
Then, we split ourselves in 3 groups, Nathan scooting, Phate alone and Mr.Big under my wing. I personally choose to operate on the California Minor - Magellan Jump Gate trade line since the cloud offer a perfect cover and blind the convoyers when it's about to run.
Few minutes later, our comms were spamed by screams coming from a space fight, maybe Phate collected more informations than I have about it. Nevertheless, Phate ordered a short retirement of our operations until the screams get calm.
Here we split once again in 2 groups. Nathan came with me and we went both back to my old position.
A first empty convoy passed us, leaving a 500 000 credits donation before being on their way. A second came just behind but the discussion was much shorter than usual and Nathan had to eject his safety pod due to the surprise fire from the trading convoy.
I asked then for help I received pretty fast, a bit too much in fact, from an outcast gunship he annihilated the convoy before I could ask him to stop and let them at low hull integrity for being sure they would not pay their fine. I think while there is no harms on my side I could say all is okay but I had still the Nathan's pod to tract back to Mactan.

It was few moments later the funnier part of the day started. Nathan, on his scooting job, found a cryocube convoy. Same convoy he followed of course. We joined Nathan and managed to stop the "Logi_Tech" trading ship. Then Phate started the conventional hack operations when few seconds after the demand, the Logi_Tech's hold was dropped and demolecularized by the captain of the Logi_Tech himself. Keeping our calm, we just looked at Phate preparing a surprise as revenge for this high loss. Even us learned about it. Phate just destroyed the convoy ship engines, letting him on his only lateral strafe engines.

Even me I did learn a lot today, but my knowledge should be shared I supposed as Phate did with both of us.
Nathan showed lack of skills in our operations so I will start training him. Don't mind the few tachyons you will see next to America in the next days. And we should look for scrap metal delivery in order to have enough stuff to repair the training ships. I think Nathan will need lot of them.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 09-01-2009

My greetings to the clan.

Today I've seen maybe the most surprising event Liberty will ever have. As far I know it have no precedent so I'll explain everything in details.

Everything started when I saw the colonial vessel =CR=Varsovia[ISE] leaving the hyper space to conventional space in Ontario. I started to ask for a fair donation 2 000 000 credits to the Lane Hackers in exchange of the safety of his hull integrity. What he may not know is that tachyons are dangerous so he felt it was better for him to open fire. All was going as usual I'd say, at least until the navy shows up.
A Liberty Navy Assault Battle Cruiser, the RMCP.Kitchener, came out and did open fire on me because the liquid brains of their captain told it so ... What that unstable almost thinking molecules didn't understand is that the bridge where he was, wasn't at the same level the gunners were. It seems an order came to the razor gunners to shot at full power. The high amount of antimatter launched, they were right going my way but unfortunately, the =CR=Varsovia[ISE] was in the path.
Two loads of antimatter just disintegrated the =CR=Varsovia[ISE] even better that my tachyons weapons could do. So bad I couldn't ask a last time if the colonial captain didn't want to pay.
[Image: freelancer2009090121102.png]

I think I will address many thanks to the Liberty Navy for their support in our operations better than even the outcasts and rogues do.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Grimly - 09-26-2009

Greetings to the clan.

It's with regret I come here. I decided the few time I gave to the clan was not enough for its prosperity and I prefer leave you go but not stop you in your developments.
I leave all my thanks to professor Phate, I learned a lot from you the time I was here.
I leave my encouragements to the technician Boris.Grishenko and Mr.Big as well as to the Trainee Nathan.Skeen. I'm sure you will success in your operations. Mr.Big and Nathan, use a lot the evasive techniques I gave you two, you won't regret it when it will save your life.

About life, I will finish my days in Curacao with my old identity. The cardamine traffic seems to be encouraged by the addicted VIPs coming in, I'd say I will get this opportunity.

I will wait for your old days in the Curacao hotels.

Gustav Graves

> remove entry "Gustav Graves"
> exit

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 11-23-2009

<File: Ejet Moon, backround story has been hidden in liberty net to save hacker file space>

Hack access to File: <Ejet Moon, backround story>

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 11-24-2009[LH~Ejet.Moon].recognized...uploading data...

[Image: Face_Intent.png]
Today, was my first day as a 'Hacker'. The first day of the rest of my life, Boy and
it was doozy! After undocking this morning I was promptly joined by my new friends.
Phate came and went, as he does, as well as some others but for the most part it
was Mr. Zokas, Mr. Sanguinetti, Corporate.Calamity and I. We commenced many
operations in Magellan and also traipsed all over Liberty, as logistics required.
But the highlight of the day was when we intercepted 2 large 'Crews' transports
full of refugees. I would have snapped a pic of the transports but I was a bit eager
to prove my guns on this day. So I took a shot of the rescue op. where 3000+ refs
(Ask C.C for acurate #s) were relocated.
[Image: First%20day.jpg]
They were taken to >classified< which is a much better place than Planet Pitts,
where they were believed to be taking them. Good thing we got to them...
[Image: Pitts%20Banner.jpg]
I know this had nothing to do with Cryer but somehow I feel like I achieved some kind
of retribution against the corrupt corporate influence thats spreading across the galaxy
and hope to someday strike a blow directly to Cryer for their tresspasses.
All in all, it was a good day and I logged 'At Least' 1.5 hours of operation with some quality
wingmen and learned a few basics. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 11-24-2009 data...

Ahh Miss Moon, yesterday was indeed a great success - Many people enclosed the Hackers in their hearths as saviours. I also found a cam-rec revelant to the 'Crews' we encountered.
Those who have some experience is ship design and engineering should see instantly from the debries that it was a pidgeon. How it's called again? Firefly, thats it.

And about Cardamine.. Thats a hard subject, because those who study it always doing it in secret. Except from the Outcast scientists, but what they revealed its certainly lacks information compared to the fact that they had eight-hundred years for their studies - and if we look at the lifespan expanding effect - this time period could even taken literately.

However, I can speak of my own experiences. The effect cardi gives somehow the complete opposite of the chill sythweed gives, and it's also realy far from the dumbness and mis-coordination what the usual Liberty Ale presents. Its just a little bit similar to the amphetamine based Cryer-coffee products what you must be already familiar with. They either gives an 'edge' to the brains information processing abilities - however the Cardi usage doesent comes with the raising pulse, overall tenseness and the increased cardiovascular pressure.

The problem is, that all the documented biological changes induced by cardi are side-effects. (Assuming that noone takes her regulal cardi amount for the extended lifspan.) The most traceable of those is the increasing activity of the adrenochrome hypophysis - just as it were documented with several hallucinogenic substance from the old Sol. Anyway, the term could be misleading because average folks imagine halucinogens as those will make you see... I dont know, vivid colors, spacecows and such. Thats a misbelief what will never get ridden of - just because those effects are personal, depending on lot of the circumstances of consumption and subject's disposition - thus they'll be always hard to scientificly document. Even the common language is lacking the words and expression to describe. In a nutshell, it helps you recognise 'patterns' (not exclusively visual ones). And the strange thing is once you start to see (or have an insight for) those, you will realize that what you experienced was always there. Cardi doesent gives 'illusions'. It expands the perception to a level where you almost can see the tapestry the Universe made of. And you will be aware of it when its effect are worn off. It gives the feeling that you are experiencing something not ment for humans to see. If you know a database what still keeps Sol materials called 'books' (the textual ones, not those like 2D holotain) Id suggest downloading Gates of Perception by Aldous Huxley. He never took cardi of course, but when I was reading him, I thought he should.

And a sidenote. Being addicted to cardamine is unlike any other substance as in withdrawal. It modifies your DNA structure, and after long and countinous usage it has an effect on all the organs and cells in the users body. It does not forms psychological dependency - by itself. However withdrawal affects the whole body, givig a sickness with fever, pain, sweating, unconscious muscular activity. It looks bad I must say. You are a scientist, so I dont have to tell you about operant conditioning. So even your body learns soon enough what should it do to get rid of this state.

Ah, and the plant itself tastes extremely awful. And cardi-cola can still leave a terrible smell if you spill it in your cockpit. I'd suggest to stick with the attenuated and flavored gas canister form. Thats the usual package what 'casts are mainly export.

And also note that I'm no scientist, so everithing witten here is from personal experince, not facts. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 11-24-2009[LH~Ejet.Moon].recognized...uploading data...

[Image: Face_Oooo.png]
Well, thank you Mr. Sanguinetti. The testimony you have provided above is more that
I need to start my own study, and know what to expect. I am excited about this because
I have not been able to do any lab work for monthes now and this will be my first study
conducted that serves good rather than evil.
I should be unreachably docked at Mactan for some time now, to conduct my study.
(HUGE thanks to overseers of Mactan for providing Extremely afordable quarters and
completely free lab space.)

Study outline______________
* Full CO./Spectral analysis-
* Effects on Physiology of an organism-
* Effects on Behavior of an organism- 'Bacterium'
* Effects on Physiology of advanced organism- 'My cat'
* Effects on Behavior of advanced organism- 'My cat'
* Make myself a new cat-
* Effects on my Physiology-
* Effects on my Behavior-
* Dosage Theory-
* Procure ancient earth files, Wizzard of OZ + Pink Floyd, INTERLACE>VIEW-
* Cure or Augment withdrawal effects-

P.S. I still have nightmares about that Cat! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 11-25-2009


The Lane Hackers have intercepted a DSE convoy carrying Refugees, intending to abuse them in the hell hole known as Planet Pittsburgh. We thwarted those plans and distributed additional emergency oxygen among the escape pods, before the transports arrived. The largest portion of those people were sent to a newly established IMG mining colony, where they can do as they please. Some of them were sent towards Niverton Base in Pennsylvania.
[Image: th_screen379.jpg] [Image: th_screen381.jpg] [Image: th_screen383.jpg] [Image: th_screen384.jpg] [Image: th_screen385.jpg]
Later on, an Interspace Commerce shipment was intercepted and destroyed by a smallish raiding party - my Sabre and an assisting bomber. The status messages are quite notable. Pride comes before the fall.
[Image: th_screen391.jpg] [Image: th_screen392.jpg]

Nearing the end of my reserved flight time, I disposed of a Bounty Hunter Manta in Magellan to remind the Bounty Hunters that they would be better off leaving us alone.
[Image: th_screen394.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 11-26-2009 data...

That was hell of a night out there. We were out on patrol of Magellan with Mr Zokas and Mr Olds as usual. We realized that a gallic council convoy travels trough California. We saw them yesterday also, but we only could cach an ecort of them for a little chat until the LPI arrived. We even suspected it was a diplomatic mission. Well, today we intended to find out, so we were on a hurry.

It turned out that they were the Duponts, and the only thing they were up to is transporting a huge amount of tobacco to the DSE. To be precise it was two full Vache-class train with an escort. One of them payed almost instantly but the other kept insulting us until finaly the LPI came.
(Please note that it seems that Council members showing if they fly a transport in their tags.)

As I were in a freighter I left first, followed by Mr Zokas as Mr Olds was keeping our backs safe. On the way home I've encountered a Planetform lackey in a transport. I stopped him while shouting for assistance in comms. As he saw my cheap freighter he decicded instantly to not pay without a fight. He would have no chance if I'd cach him prepared but I was already out of shield batteries. That way it would have been a real two-chanced shooting, unfortunately (for him) the guys arrived before I gave up.
Sorry for not having all the spectacular images, looks my recorder got garbled a bit. But i have the comm-logs. So after sending everyones share I realized that I just made enough cash to pay back my debt to Mr Phate. And I was only away from Mactan for an hour.

And this one for Miss Moon. Umm. Hey there... How is the experiment going? I did not want to disturb you in that lab. I was just wondering if you'd need a test subject more sentinent than bottle-cats and bacteria. Or maybe some substances that are more entertaining to study? Well I guess cardi rules, but it's certainly not the best fun. It's too serious. How about gin-tonic for example? Or anything else you could wish? You'd be surprized how resourceful can one be out here in the Barrier. terminated...