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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 11-26-2009[alias].recognized...uploading data...

[Image: Face_Research.png]
No, Yah no ah I'm all good here - goT some goOd results so far.
You dont need to come over, see, see I am in the ZONE zone, I love that word.
Zone [font=Garamond]zone ZOne ZonE ........:blink:

So, ya, all cool on this end good. Good good good good good.

Quote:Bacterium Results_______________
>Subjects: 1 -to- 20 cell organisms<
The only noticeable change in physiology was an increase in 'mitochondrial activity' and a
drastically increased lifespan.
The interesting part was the behavior. Once inundated with Cardi', 97% of the subject began
to draw together and stay withing VERY close proximity, if not touching. Then they began to
work together as if they were a single lifeform.
A pool of simple 1-20 cell organisms, did not bond together but, came together in cooperation
and staggering intelligence to behave as one 870,000 cell organism.

* the other 3% of variouse species died instantaneously.
* 92% of the remaining life, opon effects of withdrawel, would die from a death that could best be
desribed as internal suicide. It is very apperent that the effects encompase every cell in you body.
The fewer cells that the organisms possess, the harder the overall effect on the lifeform is.
"So the few bacterium that survived were the more complicated 20 cell organisms. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 11-27-2009[alias].recognized...uploading data...

Well I had to give my head a rest and get out of the lab. Here are the high points...

Currupt Scum!
[Image: Elbrus.jpg]

Good leason to lern from the "Art of War"
[Image: AOW.jpg][Image: CS_1.jpg] Good Smuggler.. Dex_8x8

And here are the scans for my flight, for all of you to use...
[Image: Scan_1.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 11-27-2009 data...

Days of hard work. At least the job is intresting and challanging. Sometimes rewarding, sometimes - well its certainly only gets better. Yesterday we took a tour around California with Miss Moon to get richer on prospering corporations and eventualy to scan some of their lapdogs.

We soon had to notice that our combined firepower is not enough for taking down trains in California where the planets are so close to each other. Well, trainees and technicans usualy have a trouble of acuiring the fittest dismobulators. But I always heard at Ageira that 'time is money' - so I thought that I'll leak their profits by staying on comms with their pilot while he escaped us and docked. Maybe command will accept my logs as a level.01 mania interrogation exam.
We also contacted an Interspace vessel. The pilot not just hidden his IFF somehow, but had an excellent defense for in-flight interrogation techniques - as being some imigrant without the most basic understanding or expression of the common. Ahh, and I just noticed on the recordings that it had capital armor. Than its no wonder we couldnt took him down even with the aid of a passing outcast.
Finaly Mr Phate contacted us while cornering an Interspace Shire. So suddenly we got an excuse to leave the other one for good. The Shire pilot accepted his fate quite easily after we arrived, so we could rejoice.
[attachmentid=84] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tales23 - 11-29-2009

[Image: Laughingman2.png]

[Image: Message1-1.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Vrahn - 11-29-2009

[Transmission Open]
[Signal Blocked]
[ID Acknowledged: Decrypting]

[Location: Liberty Origin]
[IFF: Creeper | Lane Hackers]

You will find that my colleague as already introduced himself, and thus there is little point in continuing to operate silently. Perhaps one day I knew you, perhaps I worked beside you, perhaps we were friends? It is not beyond the realm of possibilities to assume such things, though the wise man would also factor in the possibility that you have never known me.

In any case, I, like you, was thrown from Ageira corporation because of their ignorance and greed, they defiled my name and my research, stealing what they could and destroying the rest. As such I have operated as a Lane Hacker for many years. We will likely never meet in person, but I thought you should be made aware of my presence, I would request assistance in return for assistance whenever required, just as my colleague has already seen fit to do.

I will however remain independent, and I ask you respect these wishes, you will find that my signal will no longer broadcast after the end of this message, thus making a trace impossible.

My best regards,
[Image: Untitled-1-1.png]

[Transmission End]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Zeusz - 11-29-2009 data...

Report on recent activity in the Magellan system

I encountered several vessels carrying nomads. This includes two independent pirates piloting Outcast gunboats and a LSF fighter. I was only able to track the fighter, it came from Leeds through the Jump Hole and was heading into Liberty space. The pirates were also around the Leeds Jump Hole for some time. What the LSF is doing in Bretonia is unknown yet, but an increased nomad presence in or around Bretonia is possible.

The other encounter worth mentioning is a DSE transport. In hope I could teach a corporate lackey a lesson about their place in society I stopped the vessel.. and yet DSE showed some wicked sense of humor naming their ships: The Lovely Houston. The captain of the ship informed me that he is not appriciated by his current employers so he is doing jobs for Zoners without the approval of DSE to make enough money for living. He showed some willingness to turn on the corporate oligarchy but he obviously wasnt pushed that far to escape the life of a corporate lackey yet. Instead he offered some inside information about their convoys, although the reliability of that information is yet to be checked. Since my ship is outfitted for recon and there were no rescue ships available at the time, I had to trust him about taking the refugees he was carrying to a nice place. This looked like the right decision to make rather than risking the life of 2000 innocent people. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 12-01-2009[Moon.Krest].recognized...uploading data...

I had a hell of a few days, lots of confused traders and corp. idiots roped in to company polacy. Long
story short, I had to bring out my new Pirate Transport for a test run and work out the control surfaces.
Good old Mr.Renard.Zokas was there to form a buddy system; "always fly in the buddy system" and the old heep
was still kick'in.
Ren was iching to do what hackers do best because every time I came up on him he was sitting a new pile
of loot. Together we made about 6Mil each in a relitivly short time; these were all pushovers of course.

It was a smooth day of reclaiming profit with nothing major to report. Ren had to check out in Ames, he had probly been
hacking away long before I came on the scene, and I started back to Mactan to power down and run
When this happened....

[Image: Pop.jpg]

And went somthing like this...

[Image: Chat.png]

I am glad I got to play my part in making a fresh little Ageira punk pee all over his escape pod...

[Image: Face_Angry.png]
Here are some scans that are late, I am sorry, I have much more to post on the Hacker~Net but lab space
is limited on Mactan and I have to share my terminal.

[Image: Scan_2.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 12-02-2009[Moon.Krest].recognized...uploading data...

[Image: Mission2.jpg]
[Image: Quest%20Scan.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 12-03-2009[Moon.Krest].recognized...uploading data...

Well now this is the second time I have found this Ageira 'waist of cock-pit space'.
I want to tell you all to keep a look out for this Ageira dunce and I suggest you
consider shooting on sight. He doesn't seem to be very responsive 'yet'. Maybe you
can get him to talk when you catch him.

So this time we chased him north from Freeport-4 and the moment we caught up to him
it was becasue he had stopped //for a mission// to attack a temporary hacker instalation
and 2 //NPCs// hackers landed only 4 shots and made the kill.
Oh, this is 'theWhiteFang'. He is a Hacker guard who was kind enough to lend a hand, even though
it was not needed.

[Image: Derp.jpg]

>>> HadiDevil <<<

[color=#000099] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 12-05-2009 data...

Huhh, there again. Yesterday was my longest day since I joined the Hackers. Had the good moments and some bad ones too. Let me summarize the most intresting encounters I had.

[Image: cardi.jpg]
I started the day with suplying Liberty of freshly harvested cardi with the Circuit. Since it was early morning I decided to dump the shipments directly to Manhattan. With all the safety precautions of course - descending from above the planet, checking all the readings - I even asked a friendly merc if the Manhattan space is clear. So I was diving towards the fixture when an LSF guy undocks. He was not even in long range scanners a minute ago. My distance was 5K - obviously enough for him to identify and 'halt' me. Of course I wouldnt comply and endanger my cargo (further) neither I could risk being caught by the authorities - so I cruised towards Buffalo with the LSF guy on my back. Since our distance was 2k I wanted to take my chance of his first CD missing. What he never fired. It turned out that he forgot to mount his launcher. After a laugh and a Buffalo dropoff he tried to fine me with four million creds. He was so obviously corrupt and so pathetcly failed caching me 'cause a litle mistake that I payed him one. I was hoping that this will provoke some reaction but it was fine for him. Later on I organized a convoy on the same route for making the shipping more effective.
[Image: convoy.jpg] terminated...