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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 12-18-2009[Moon.Krest].recognized...uploading data...

Quote:*browses further* Ahh the zoners. I hope cardi withdrawl won't keep me uncomprehensive while replying.
[Image: Face_Research_b.png]
Well folks, it has been too long and I have worked too hard. I think have have somthing worth the time it took.
I have managed a 'Customized Bio-Prossessor' that connects to you via-IV. And sits in a convenient belt pouch.
[Image: BioP.jpg]
It has the ability to temporarily alter your DNA, much like cardi does. It has been ogmenting the withdrawel
effects by 40% 'regularly' for 18/20 control groups. Also ,"surprisingly", the use of this device seems to have
ZERO side effects, although I have not conducted a long term effects study.
So lets do that shall we! I will be holding a large amount of these 'Customized Bio-Prossessors' so come get one.
I am making all of these by hand, so the first thing to look out for are any fualty units or strange effects that
are more bad than good
But start using one now so I can get some solid data in about a decade.

P.S. I have been getting cabin fever so I am going to take my research outside for a while, come find me
and get one! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 12-20-2009 data...

Hey there Ejet. How's the lab-stuff going? Your projects are getting better and better. That one for example. Yeah I still have the unit you gave for me. Now that you dont expect me to act as a test subject, I kinda' started to like it. Yeah, it eases the sweating and the eventual shakings. The worst of the side-effects. I even get hungry once in a while on it. Well, it will come in handy when I have to travel Montrerry from somewhere far empty handed. But you know... We don't consume the original cardi to avoid withdrawal. We do it since is good. Even benefical. Well, I was always a synthweed guy but since I fly fighters and maintain their systems I prefer the orange gold.

And you also should mind the Outcasts. They'd be realy angry if that device would fall into the wrong hands. Their activities always raise tensions. Even we recived some rogue outcast attacks recently. A Trident blown up Renard's transport once, and that one even did try to pirate Phate.

[Image: brasco.jpg]
Of course the Outcast nation and their Commonwealth can't be blamed for those incidents, but the researches Cryer conducts - and perhaps yours also - could endanger their monopol situation on their only export commodity. And more the curious-angry 'cast decide to see some things for themselves the more reports we'll hear from Tridentes causing trouble in Liberty space. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 12-22-2009 data...

Happy anniversary everyone! Ahh hell I wasted so much time at that company. I see the point of being hush-hush people, but if just have heared more about you guys before... It was a great party you made yesterday. For those who missed the cake, here's a slice of it.

[Image: slice.jpg]
Ahh it was so hilarious to lit the candles an blow them away. Also I've scanned my first IND id in my life - looks we took separate routes back when I was piloting freighters. Not a wonder. Now we spent some time having a little chat with the pilot. Svengali was in his element I must say - those are the times when I recognise there's also much to learn about mania-interrogation not just the piloting.

So, I wish many more anniversaries to come! The opressing regime will not end itself. And until it stands there will be Lane Hackers hiding in clouds and asteroid fields to intercept the shipments of the company flunkies where it hurts the most to their bosses.

I'm utterly grateful for all the work done, and for all that will be.

Thank you. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-04-2010 data...

Happy new solar-cycle everyone!

Aw man, Sirius is a so nice place. I love it. I will never understand those NTF guys. There's so much wonderful phenomenon out there. A great thanks to Phate calling my attention to a recent one. It was unquestionably the most glorious sight what I had the pleasure to see this year. Take a look at this!

[Image: soliloquy.jpg]
Can you imagine the interrior of such marvelousness? All those luxury suites, swimming pools, casinos, holodecks, bars, resaturants, kitchens, barber shops, massage salons, and hell-knows-whats-more so filled with fresh cardi that not a single passanger can board. If Liberty will ever become the place we want it to be and I can retire I'd want to spend my old days captaining one like this. Well with a bit of more room, synthweed, alc and stuff, but the concept is brilliant.

Sadly it's captain was not. I do not know that he wanted to provoke us or mistaken us with the police but they emptyed the ship and a second later - even hard to say - vaporized all their cargo with one shot in a blink of an eye. Yeah, I know the physics but I swear I could feel the sour-bitter smell of the burning cardi in my cockpit trough the vacuum.

Yeah, probably you already know what was the ending of this situation. As I recon the professor even offered them a chance of paying for their intact hull after that fatal mistake. I can't clearly remeber since I was starting to lose my sanguinity seeing that senseless waste of sweet... ehh, I won't even think about that. I guess only the presence of my superior was keeping me from immediate shooting and shouting curses.

Luckyly the captain made another mistake in the same minute and refused that generous offer.

[Image: soliloquy2.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-07-2010 data...

[Image: screen43.jpg]
Better than a thousand words isn't it? More to come.

<attached note>
Write your report here when you got sober again! <note ends>

<amendment> More came. Still not sober. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - The Lane Hackers - 01-09-2010
...The.Lane.Hackers.Personnel.Department.recognized...uploading data...

As a result of his extensive technical achievements, his devotion to The Lane Hackers' objectives, and his personal valor in the face of Ageira's lapdogs, Mr. Sanguinetti is henceforth entitled to use the prestigious title of Hacker.

Sanguinetti is now authorized to requisition a 13GS-1 at his convenience.

Congratulations, Hacker. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-10-2010 data...

So I became one of the legendary Hackers at once. I'm so proud. I've been hearing stories about those dangerous criminals and revolutionaries since I was a kid. Later at the company I'v been told that they are the boogiemans of the space haunting the dreams of Ageira pilots, officals and shareholders. My father would be proud. So as my former bosses. For celebrating I visited Pueblo station and SNAC-ed the windows of their offices. I hope I could give a hearth attack to at least one of them.
[Image: narr.jpg]
Ahh yeah, I enjoy flying a bomber. I had my first success with it, and felt awesome! So much firepower in a so little shell. I never did notice from the distance that the Broadswords are just modified Falchions. That engineering is fascinating. What reminds me, I have to take a look under the hood of it. And also practice that SNAC thing a lot. It good that the Hunters are dispaching their rookies everywhere.

For the note - I ususaly upload my achivements here, and keep silent about my faliures. So it's also part of the story that Mr Addams - a Universal fighter pilot - took me down not long after that event with the Navy. I could have apreciated if my first bomber-fighter fight wouldn't happen against a so skilled pilot, but that's how life in Sirius is.

I also have to note here that if I could be third as good pilot as an infamous one, I'd be satisfied. It looks I got a bloody big mouth when it comes to open comm channels. Well I'm working on it, but I have the feeling that the lackyes and their lapdogs expect me to preform like Cap'n Yarrrgh in the 'Scourge of Seven Space' holotain series. I do not want to disappoint them much further..
[Image: london.jpg]
Ahh and there is Phate's project of teaching the BAFs a lesson. Do you recognise the color of the space on that recording? Yeah, that's London. Nowdays it seems that the Breton authorities come to Magellan more often than we ever to Bretonnia. So the profs idea was to commence operations as loudly as possible in their space whenever they come to Magellan to do watever they do there. I don't know how well this will work out, but I must say it's ultimate fun. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Blackstarr - 01-12-2010[LH~Blackstarr].recognized...uploading data...

First day as a true hacker. It went pretty smoothly. I encountered a Universal Convoy near the Freeport so naturally I chose to shut their operations down. Unfortunately the Train that was in the convoy seemed to have too much armor and my Hellfury LV1's seemed to merely dent its shield. I did however succeed in destroying his 2 escort's tractoring in the escape pods. I then proceeded back to Mactan where I transferred them over to one of our Interrogation vessels. I then proceeded to land and begin repairs on our ships. Those trains can sure pack a punch.

Image of Interragatory Transfer
[Image: Universalpilottransfer-1.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-13-2010 data...

Another long day gone. I'm a bit happy that I mostly spent it with work so I did not got blown up that many times as usual. But certainly, for someone like me who prefers to combine various mind enhancing/barring substances it's imperative to keep all the escape pods maintained and triple-checked. And I ususaly pet and pamper their launch mechanisms before takeoff, just to be sure. With all those safety precautions it's completely understandable if one forgets such minor stuff like loading a bomber with TCDs before launching to take care of an intruding navy gunship.

Apart from that, the day was all going well. Since I was burrowed in paperwork, I decided to attend to it from the bridge of the Circuit. Looks like my clumsyness does not manifest while smugling, I guess could safely drive a train to Alpha and back only by cerebellum - what basicly was the case, since I barely looked up from my neural transponders. I did four rounds with minimal to none attention on what's I'm doing. It was nostalgic, reminded me of my youth.

And where did I got caught? Of course in Pennsylvania, while transporting engine componenets. The only contraband I had was one standard unit of cardi. It was a bounty hunter in a gunboat, just at the gate. Did you know that there's a bounty for all Hacker vehicles? I did I just never thought that someone will count the Circuit in. So we satrted playing chase and shield plowing. I was about to lose when I realised that he realy is just doing it for money. So I stoped and started yelling for a civilised discussion. And it was that easy. I did not even have to propose more than that bounty multiplyed by four, nor to bargain. I have to remeber that trick while dealing with his kind next time.

So after my head started to boil from such monotonious activity I decided to join the others regulating some renegade outcasts before they could further hinder the reputation of our allies. Some representatives of the SOB joined us for noone to question our authority and co-operation - or mainly of grudge.

[Image: screen130.jpg]
It was a clean operation like it's written in the hacker's manual. Proper reconnaisance, swift interception, precise implementation. We did not lost a single ship. Not even mine. We took down two Tridentes and some fighers. It was like an ambush presented by a proper military organisation. Those are the times when I feel like someone who didn't spend his beautiest years piloting a sluggish beast consuming everithing what can affect the nervous system while playing hologames with other junkies. But hey, that's what those years should be spent with right? terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Blackstarr - 01-13-2010[LH~Blackstarr].recognized...uploading data...

Today was definately interesting. I joined up with Mr. Sanguetti outside of Mactan. Seems there was a bounty on his head. I contacted Aristotle and he quicky fired up his vessel and shortly the menace was dealt with.

Soon afterwards a interesting fellow came across on system wide comms. He was strange, as he seemed to have the notion that jumpholes were very dangerous, and that everyone died if they passed trough them.

After that we noticed some traders so we followed them into the Kansas system. It seems that they were IMG miner's , so we offered them a protection deal that we would escort them to the Leeds Jumphole in Magellan. They agreed and off we went. They paid as promised, and we returned to our patrols. While patrolling we ran into a couple of IC traders and we demanded that they halt and they refused. They were lucky that we even gave them a chance to stop and negotiate.. If it were my decision they would have been destroyed on the spot. Dam Interspace lackeys... Their communications signatures labled them as Champfreight and Trans-psych.

Soon after that though our comms systems picked up an Ion storm warning and we were forced to make a beeline back to Mactan before the radiation passed through.

Blackstarr out terminated...