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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Zeusz - 01-13-2010 data...

Yesterday the mighty Liberty Navy sent some interesting folks to entertain us in Magellan. Though they looked serious, I'm sure they didn't mean it when they asked me to leave the system. Another joke followed the first quickly, in the form of an Upholder bomber attacking my fighter. Looks like the quality of navy pilots dropped since the last time I checked... they lack any tactical expertise and also common sense, something that can't be bought on Ageira credits. However it's troubling to see that both the Liberty Navy and the Bretonia Armed Forces tend to increase their presence in our system. But luckily these two won't report anything... at least not to the living.

The first bomber and her inevitable atomic disgronification.

The second one arrived a bit later, but just in time to see the molecular dissolution of his friend. Aristotle Kristatos also swooped in to help in finishing off that fool lapdog.
[Image:][Image:] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ejet Moon - 01-14-2010[Moon.Krest].recognized...uploading data...

I have been on this crusade for liquid cardamine for a great deal of time now and I have made a large
amount of progress in the way of information on the subject. But I have made no real measurable progress.
So I thought I would take a break and relax back at Mactan as my vessel needed refitting anyway.
Well I have been content in my lab for a while now, tinkering with my little projects and I have brought over
16 cats to an untimely 'lab' death.

So I thought I would take a break form my break and go do some hacker type activities....
I met some new friends such as Aristotle who said that Phate was wanting him to scout out the JHs
and implacements in New London, so I decided to help. Call me a big girl but my favorite operations are the
ones where there is no violence. Mama says fighting never fixed anything....
[Image: NLExHead.jpg]
We began at the Leeds JH and docked at Trafalgar to get our ducks in a row. Then proceeded down to the
dublin JH and then buzzed the BS Suffolk. We hopped behind Planet NL and went to the poole JH, parallel to
the Lane, just out of range. It was at the poole JH that we noticed a BAF and decided to make some Mania.
[Image: ManiaNL.jpg][Image: manuver.jpg]
Yah, there, did you see that?
When going evasive, use all the objects you have. Put as much [Not You] inbetween him and you as possable
to increase chances of avoiding a CD. Also, a bit of mania can go a long way with the right person.... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Blackstarr - 01-14-2010[Nigel Bloch].recognized...uploading data...

Today I felt to have a little fun, so I decided to fly out to new york to see if i could hack into Battleship Missouri and access my old data-files. I failed the first few attempts but alas the third time was a success. I downloaded the data off of their database and "Fixed it" to better suit my needs. After I had finished with my sabotaging... i noticed there was an Ageira convoy in the area. Not wanting to pass up a chance for some more sabotage, I tried my hand into hacking into their ships. This of course caused them to panic. Oh how I love to see Agiera Squirm.
Now, since I had just hacked Missouri, I thought I would be able to hack a few of the naval vessels in the area. But to my disappointment them seem to protect their Destroyers more than they do their Battleships. Strange don't you think?

[Image: Chatlogfull.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - WildDave - 01-18-2010 data...

Well my first submission into the SCC and it's a mixture of a happy and sad one. The saddest news is that we lost a fellow hacker and several Liberty Rogues in a massive attack by the Bounty Hunter Guild 22nd Division. We called in as many reinforcements as we could, but alas, we lost the battle. Our old friend Steve.Jackson was there in his Liberator.

It all started when a fellow Hacker, Pikmin and I were alleviating a trader of some credits when he attempted to engage a cloaking device. Pikmin then destroyed the vessel, and unfortunately, I believe this is what alerted the LPI, LSF and BHG to our location. They just apeared out of nowhere, and a fight ensued on the Trade Lane to New York in the California system. I was in my Sabre but unfortunately had not considered Steve.Jackson's presence, nor the many Bounty Hunter light fighters. This caused, once again, my downfall. One by one, we fell, a fellow Hacker named Pikmin first, then the LR tagged ships. Then I realised we had no chance. We were outnumbered, outgunned and outclassed. We didn't have gunships or Light Fighters. We were ill prepared for that. Luckily, the two Liberty Siege Cruisers were told to keep out of it by the BHG. Once I realsied the chances of us winning were next to none, I retreated to live another day. Steve.Jackson was having none of this and he and a few other Light Fighters pursued me. That was a bad idea for them. Most of them don't realise a barrel rolling, strafing Sabre can still drop Nuclear Mines. In my escape I destroyed 2 of the 3 pursuing ships. But alas, Steve.Jackson got me in the end as I was entering the asteroid field. I want his head on a platter, honestly. I hate him.

Even when the others were retreating, the Bounty Hunters followed them. All the way to Alcatraz.
Quote:18:18 LR-Hysteric-Venture: Help
18:18 D.Jameson[101st]: What is your location?
18:18 LR-Hysteric-Venture: At alc
18:18 LR-Hysteric-Venture: 3 BH
We lost contact after that.

Anyway, enclosed below are SCs of the battle. I have made a collage to make it easier to see the important parts, however if you want the individual SCs, they are available too.


More images are available on request.

And so, that one event was indeed eventful, and hope more Hackers can be there next time.

...uploading..complete... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-30-2010

[Image: report1_upload-1.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 02-08-2010 data...

What a week it was. Nothing especially interesting, it was just so long I made a report here, so I decided to upload one. I guess I mostly stalled it out of modesty - I was preforming good lately.

I'm getting better with this SNAC thing. Today I hit a poor Dromedary pilot from 1K while he was dodging. He just did not want to stop for releasing two hacker pilots from his hold. Corsairs visiting Kansas helps too, but I'm also grateful towards the kennel of the Navy. The ever vigilant bloodhounds of Liberty often sends gunboats after us, and space is full of people who gladly to point their direction or assist us to catch them. Well I made a collage of some who were intercepted by our fabulous agents lately.

[Image: report2.png]
They were those who I got a nice visual recording in the last moment. That uncooperative flunky got in for he has a nice ship. I'm somehow grow fond of those liners. If I'll be realy rich I'll buy one for having and orbital never-ending party around. Well, after our efforts made Liberty livable.

Hey, I never mentioned. I did my first bounty hunting too. Fabulous that some people pay for such thing. I even have my next target on the list, pays more than a full load of iridium in a shiny day. And I also know the captain a bit, that would make it more fun. Hope I can make a report about him here soon.

Ahh and hello to the new ones!
*Sanguinetti waves* That's for all our Trainees out there. Good to know you are around. I hope our busy staff willing and be able to provide you with training, information and assistance you might require. Liberty will learn you names if you endure. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 02-10-2010 data...

I've been told to post here if me or my associates gets attacked by Mandalorians outside of New York system. It do not know that I should make it according to some diplomatic agreement what I found no sign in the archives. What I do know is that those mercenaries appears to me nothing more than another bunch of bloodthirsty lapdogs from the worst kind. Proper Bounty Hunters are at least negotiatable - they never wanted me a lot more from me than money. But them? They always blabber a bit about honor and fairness and cowardice than start shooting. It's strange that evidence requested on this matter - not long ago Mr Mandalore Bishop personally came to visit us on Mactan just to unleash one of his murderers on me and Renard.

Nowadays on the occasions when I meet them I only try to find out their motives and get engaged in some conversation. Apparently they do the talking by guns. Today we met two of them at Alcatraz. The only relevant answer I got my questions was lazers blazing. This time my sensors were recording. My ship got destroyed before I decided to even begin shooting back instead of reasoning. I wasn't enough coward again...

I'd need some clarification on our status with the Mandalorians. I always looked upon them as to some skilled mercenaries who I should leave alone. But I started to feel that they are not a bit better than any corporate-funded lapdogs in the bunch what's already on us. Not one of them stated that they want to actually -kill- me. I wish to hear some official opinion on this matter before I start considering them as targets and act accordingly. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 02-20-2010

[Image: INDreport-1.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - blaukatze - 02-20-2010 data...

Dear journal,

today was my first real day working for the Lane Hackers. I've spent a week in the simulator on Mactan, and finally I felt ready to return to space. The mission officer on Mactan told me that I was assigned to assist our allies - the Liberty Rogues and the Junkers - with some troubles in the Cortez and Texas systems. I prepared for a longer assignment, and headed towards the Cortez jump hole.
The Rogues on Montezuma Base greeted me quite enthusiastic, and one of their employees was already waiting for me inside the dock. He briefed me about the situation. There was no real threat to the Rogue presence in Cortez, but they would need me to take care of a Bounty Hunter installation some 30k away from Montezuma Base. I agreed to help them, and headed out.
Unfortunately there was a nasty surprise waiting for me. I had just destroyed the stationary defenses of the installation, when an entire wing of Bounty Hunters appeared from the close nebula. Heavily outnumbered, I sent a request for reinforcements to Montezuma, but to no avail. A large Bounty Hunters group was attacking the Rogues, and they were unable to send me any ships. Fortuna was with me though, there was an Outcast pilot in the vicinity who came to my rescue. Together we managed to defeat the Bounty Hunters Wing, and to finally destroy their installation. After thanking him for his assistance, we parted.
The Rogues didn't have more missions for me, and I decided to head to Texas. I docked at the local Junkers outpost in Texas, Beaumont Base. The Junkers had a lot of work for me. I was busy with catching Bounty Hunter leaders and destroying patrolling Bounty Hunter wings. Every time I returned to Beaumont, the Junkers had another assignment for me. They kept me busy for three hours, then they told me that they could take care of the remaining Bounty Hunters themselves now, and allowed me to return to my home base. I took the Route through New York to collect some intelligence, but didn't stumble into any hostile pilots. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Zeusz - 02-24-2010 data...

Good news everyone!

The first supplies have arrived to the Mollys in Cambridge. This shipment included 1000 units of ship hull panels and 1000 units of H-fuel. The dock workers went crazy when we arrived and unloaded the cargo in minutes. They insisted us to try their traditional drinks in the bar... well, it's effect on the pilots was clear when we hit every asteroid on the way back, thank our engineers for the shield. We managed to avoid every military lapdog and police scamp during the mission. Not that seeing us from the far would have given that incompetent band the slightest bit of idea about our plan. After returning to Mactan, we started working on acquiring the engine components, the last supply required for Lisburn Rock.

Some nice photos we made while there:

[Image: th_Freelancer2010-02-2222-52-50-85.jpg] [Image: th_Freelancer2010-02-2222-54-02-09.jpg] [Image: th_Freelancer2010-02-2222-54-26-00.jpg] terminated...