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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 03-24-2010

You suddenly stumble upon a short memo in the dump.

I'm in the lab, plotting a scheme. R&D, DND.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 03-27-2010

[Image: LHSCC01.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - The Lane Hacker Assassins - 03-30-2010


Operating on the edge of Whitney Ice Field, the two gunboats escorting LNS-Raven were a challenge, especially thanks to the strong solaris coverage. Yet, two gunboats cannot defend the flagship and cower behind it at the same time. The Liberty Carrier fell to a steady stream of antimatter.
[Image: th_screen2330.jpg] [Image: th_screen2331.jpg] [Image: th_screen2332.jpg] [Image: th_screen2334.jpg]

The bounty hunter backstabber has fled, leaving the naval gunboat open to attack. Lane Hacker Assassins do not hesitate to use such opportunity. LNS-Royal.Elixier had its reactor core overloaded by a direct hit.
[Image: th_screen2335.jpg] [Image: th_screen2336.jpg]


My message to the Liberty Navy shall be brief. Don't stick your nose where it does not belong. It is painful.
[Image: th_screen2355.jpg] [Image: th_screen2356.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 04-06-2010

LH Archives Wrote:Hunting & raids in Bretonia are recommended whenever BAF, BPA, LN, or LPI forces enter Magellan or Cortez.
Hunting & raids in Bretonia at any other times are authorized only if they are led by ranked Hackers or Professors.
The Molly Republic's facilities in Bretonia are to be used for all resupply needs. At all times, Lane Hackers are instructed to obey requests made by members of the Molly Republic, including to cease any and all activities and return to Liberty's borders. The highest respect is to be shown to the Mollys at all times under all circumstances. In case of any disputes between Mollys and Lane Hackers, the Lane Hacker is to withdraw respectfully and immediately and forward the issue to a Professor as soon as possible. Partial payments of piracy funds gained while in Bretonia may be offered as a courtesy to any Mollys encountered.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 04-21-2010

When I'm flying under my callsign, we should all bear in mind that I might attract some unwanted attention, courtesy of an old friend of mine. I think it might have something to do with our last meeting, when I succeeded in grinding him up without breaking a sweat.

[Image: th_screen2583.jpg]

Yesterday, while tending to our recruits, I diverted my attention and consequently, gunfire, to two half-bred miscreants sniffing around the Barrier. I got lucky and got a bonus. 2 Cerberus prototypes have been turned in to our arms store. Biskvit was so confused that he kept running into rocks all the time, almost leading me to think that his ship was suffering from guidance failure. His Pirate ID'd thug, Nash_Granger, who arrived unannounced in an Ageira-manufactured bomber surprised me only with his lifespan.

[Image: th_screen2686.jpg] [Image: th_screen2687.jpg] [Image: th_screen2688.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 04-22-2010

About two days ago, I was just in the middle of research assignments when I answered Sang's call.
LH Comm Frequency Wrote:[19/04/817 19:33:28 SMT] Mr.Sanguinetti: High-level LNS in Kansas. Going in.
I scrambled my bomber, wondering if he's gone nuts, going out there alone. Especially when the full callsign got through.
We've only heard rumors so far.
It was the Tundra.

[Image: LNS-Tundra.png]

Didn't take me long to put two and two together and figure out that they're moving through Virginia to the New York Jump Gate in California. I advised caution and that all we need for now are just some scans of the ship. Nevertheless, I got at the site just in time to pick up a brand new escape pod. I don't know if he got careless or if I distracted him too much. It doesn't really matter. I picked up Sanguinetti, his co-pilot, Cardamine stash and whatever else I could and headed to scan the living daylights out of that wicked piece of ... watever it was. We didn't get to complete the analysis yet. Here's what I got:

Cargo bay scan: 1 2 3 4
ID and hull specs
Shield & aux engines
Armanent: 1 2

Afterwards I made best effort to get the heck out of there. Suddenly I got two more hostiles closing in and the Tundra wasn't about to let go of someone who took such a close look at her, apparently. Running for my life, I noticed the Tundra broke off and I lost it somewhere in the Whitney Ice Field. The "escorts" or whatever the nasty, angry, ugly bluish sacks of goo were just didn't want to give up the chase. It wouldn't be fair to the Liberty Rogues to perform an emegency docking with Alcatraz and let the Nomad menace blob around. Getting unique identification or scanning them wasn't a priority. I took advantage of the base's cover fire and annihilated the smaller craft with a gush of antimatter.

Flight recorder data: 1 2 3

Note to self: I should have the Tehnicians track down the origin of that private call from Mobey.Rick - I can't possibly imagine where that trail could lead.

The other alien escort was pretty damn fat, about the size of a gunboat. It was still messing around, eating unsuspecting Rogue patrols. I tried to get its attention and, after a while, the reinforcements provided by Alcatraz and overall help from the locals helped me to make the ugly scourge
twist and collapse. We picked up a lot of survivors. The Alcatraz Rogues asked me to stay, but I wanted the nomad remains fresh and in the R&D department labs, so I took off to Magellan and our current hideout, Vespucci.

LH Comm Frequency Wrote:[19/04/817 20:15:32 SMT] Phate: Oh yeah.
[19/04/817 20:15:42 SMT] Phate: Got the scans, and two nomad smashes.
[19/04/817 20:16:10 SMT] Mr.Sanguinetti: Cool stuff. That's not something what one sees every day.
[19/04/817 20:18:40 SMT] Phate: well, the fight wasn't without casualties, though.
[19/04/817 20:18:58 SMT] Phate: Some of the alcatraz rogues didn't hold their ships together.
[19/04/817 20:19:20 SMT] Phate: I didn't have enough time to scan the small ship or the gunship
[19/04/817 20:19:27 SMT] Phate: but they're gone, that's for sure.
[19/04/817 20:38:15 SMT] Phate: I could use someone for the nomad equipment transfer.
[19/04/817 20:38:43 SMT] Phate: Oh and Sanguinetti, I've officially got your backside back to Mactan intact, though, the ride was very very bumpy.
[19/04/817 20:40:14 SMT] Mr.Sanguinetti: *dries the sweat on his forehead*
I, too, felt relieved when I dropped off the alien items and went for a strong drink.

[Image: th_screen2681.jpg] [Image: th_screen2683.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Roeben - 05-01-2010 data...

So a Mercenary, a Bounty Hunter, A Liberty cruiser and its escort Gunboat walk into a Bar.


The clock hit 19.30 SMT as I enjoyed a refreshing sip from my Frappuchino Device. As a part of my training, i was supposed to gather intelligence on a few ''lawful'' vessels. Now, some would consider going covert to sneaking around the debris fields of such places as California or Texas. For reasons unknown to me long range scans reported no contacts of interest in either system, so i opted to take a big risk and peek my nose into the New York system.

After a short stop on Buffalo to resupply my ship, i set out to do the dumbest, most idiotic thing i would likely ever do in my life. I evaded West Point and ended up somewhere inbetween West Point and Manhattan. Before I realised that i was probably a tad to close to the trade lane for my own good, Daniel Phoenix jumps out from the lane and demands that i surrender myself to him. A quick scan revealed that i was no match for him at all. He was a mercenary in an advanced light fighter. I considered my chances of escaping to be negligable, for i could surely not escape from a maneuverable Light Fighter, nor survive long enough to find a safe haven. But then i hit a stroke of luck. Before the Merc got the chance to demand my head, a Bounty Hunter drops in behind him. Of course, the bounty hunter saw me "first", and declares that my head belongs to the Bounty Hunters Guild, and not to a lowly mercenary.

The Bounty Hunter was in a Gunboat.

At this point my morale sank to sub-zero, and i was preparing to be blown to bits by a Merc/Hunter double-up.

Surprisingly, the Bounty Hunter did not want to share me. They got into an argument over who has the right to blow me up, when they could also split the bounty. I suggested they flip a coin to see who may claim the prize. Initially they don't want to flip anything, but they got to it after a bit of time. but this gave me a few seconds of time to scan the Gunship.

[Image: bhunter.png]

This is all i could scan before i was torn from my scanner, and back into reality. The quarreling Merc and 'Hunter had attracted something big.

The Cruiser USS.Prometheus.

[Image: prometheus.png]

This situation was quickling going from pants soilingly bad to Apocalyptic. I knew that I was proper scrap. Surely this battleship would open fire soon enough and obliterate my Dromedary Freighter.

I was fully expecting the hail of the ship's Captain and an early grave.

Except that it didnt happen. Instead the Captain hailed the others and demanded that since I was trespassing in Liberty space, I was to be under his jurisdiction. I took the opportunity to scan as much of the ship as possible.

[Image: cruiserhold.jpg]
[Image: cruiserhold3.png]

Did i mention that was when a Liberty Gunship dropped in to see what was going on? Because that totally happened. I quickly took the moment to visually verify the armor of the cruiser (It was Mark VI) and the liberty navy ID.

I disengaged my scan from the cruiser, and took a look at the newcomer.

[Image: phoenixandgunboat.jpg]

Now the gunboat commander was actually NOT trying to claim my head, instead he was cheering on the Prometheus, trying to aggrevate him into blowing me into smithereens.

I took the time to visually verify that i was facing a navy Gunboat (Liberty Navy ID and class III-V-ish armor were present.) and commensed a loadout scan..

[Image: gunboat1.jpg]
[Image: gunboat2.jpg]
Again, Before i could verify the cargo content of the gunboat, i got distracted yet again. The group was still quarreling over the right to take my head, and in between the scanning i had contacted the Hacker Skype channel. It had payed off.

Cutlass came swooping in from the general direction of Detroit Munitions. The bounty hunter immediately lost interest in me and raced for his prized assassin. The cruiser turned to face the newcomer, and the liberty gunship followed suit.

[Image: cutlass.jpg]

Smelling my chance, i scooted for the detroit debris field. The only one to notice my flight at first was the merc, Daniel Phoenix. He took off after me and disrupted my cruise. I went to thrusters and entered the field proper. he took down my shield after a short moment, I responded with shield batteries. Sensing that i would not make it out on engine power alone, i took a huge risk by killing my engines in the debris field, turning 180 degrees and shooting off a volley in the mercs direction. This caused him to make an evasive maneuver and effectively forced him back. Cutlass took the chance to rip him a good one, and i took the chance to charge my cruise engines. I narrowly avoided another confrontation with the Cruiser by making it into the badlands, where he lost me.

I took the long way around to Buffalo Base, and that is where i still am at this moment.

The clock hit 20.00 SMT as I enjoyed a refreshing sip from my Frappuchino Device. As a part of my training, i was supposed to gather intelligence on a few ''lawful'' vessels. Instead i ran into three capital ships and a light fighter, in a dromedary, and somehow got away with it with some helps of our Assassin allies.

I pledge to return the favor one day. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 06-04-2010 data...

Report on Intelligence Gathering Mission

Date: 2010-06-03
Start Time: 00:30 SMT
End Time: 02:15 SMT
Location: New York System

I decided to launch my mission from the Junker base 'Rochester' in the New York system due to it's proximity to the popular hotspot of Planet Manhatten. Unfortunately the flow of traffic in New York was very low, and the only noteworthy activity was a lone Universal Shipping Fighter and a large unorganized group of ships afilliated with the Lane Hackers. The mission looked even more like it would fail after the flunky from Universal Shipping Docked at Trenton as soon as I flew within 10k.

About 1 hour into the mission, two Fighters from the Xeno Alliance, XA-Aquila and XA-Coral, appeared within long distance scanner range but made no interaction with me or anyone else. However, after another 20 minutes my luck was in, two Navy lapdogs arrived at Planet Manhatten: The Liberty Siege Cruiser LNS-Providence (Navy Guard ID), and Cpt.L.G.Darkwater (Navy ID) in a Guardian Very Heavy Fighter. It was made apparent that Darkwater was a cadet assigned to a training mission alongside the Providence.
Here are the Scans of their cargo and weaponary at 01:55 SMT:
01 - LNS-Providence - Cargo
01 - LNS-Providence - Weapons
02 - Cpt.L.G.Darkwater - Cargo
02 - Cpt.L.G.Darkwater - Weapons

The Navy lapdogs approached a Lane Hacker affiliated bomber 'The.Spirit.of.Doom' who's captain (Joe) demanded Darkwater hand over the Lane Hacker Pilots he was holding. The Xeno seized the opportunity and while the Lapdogs argued with Joe approached planet Manhatten, making their own demand for Pilots that Darkwater was holding. In the meantime a member of the Libery Marine Corps [LMC]Paul.Jackson (Navy ID) turned up.
Weapon scan of [LMC]Paul.Jackson at 02:01 SMT (Empty Cargo Hold):
03 - [LMC]Paul.Jackson - Weapons

The Providence requested that The.Spirit.of.Doom leave the system, upon refusal all three Navy ships opened fire upon his vessel. One of the Xeno Alliance used this window to ask me to hand over the Xeno Pilots that I has captured but he was distracted when The freelancer Emerald.Reever challenged his accomplice. During the run in with the Xeno, The.Spirit.of.Doom had been destroyed and the Navy focussed their attention on me. They told me to leave New York as they had with The.Spirit.of.Doom but I already had the scans I needed so I complied with their instructions. Suprisingly, they didn't attempt to escort me out of the system so I returned to Buffalo to get some much needed sleep.

Kelsey Falconer out terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Roeben - 06-08-2010 data...

Report on Corsair Intelligence Gathering Mission

Date: 2010, 8th of June
Start Time: ~5th of June
End Time: 8th of June, 18:10~ [Precise time Redacted for Security Reasons]
Location: New London.

My mission started at Arranmore Base, Dublin. I stayed there as a guest of our Molly friends. They were Hospitable, Sort of. I partook in three nights of constant surveillance of the Bretonian systems. After a few close encounters I was in for some astounding luck, according to a few passing Junkers, four Benitez family Contacts were messing about at Trafalgar.

I took the chance and hopped in my nippy Falchion, Setting off for the New London Jumphole. I quickly made my way to Trafalgar, Where I saw the following situation:

-3 Corsair Trainee's, All in Legionaires [See addendum *1,*2,*3]
-1 Corsair Gunboat, M42 Imperator Class. [See addendum *4]

The Corsair gunboat was in front of the Trainee's, who were lined up in a neat row. I am guessing they were discussing matters of training or promotion.

I took it to the comms.

[Image: logx.jpg]

I am surprised by the lack of effort these Corsairs maintain in protecting their secrets. They gladly allowed me to do my thing, the Scylla even stated that I was a welcome guest. I am most surprised about this ''Battle Lust'' The Corsairs are so reknowned for, or the lack thereof. Very weak show.

Still, perhaps we should inform the Molly's of the new Corsair Prooving Grounds?

[*1],[*2],[*3],[*4] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 06-09-2010 data...

So, while we were out in California this evening I noticed there was an Ageira flunky in the system and decided it was the perfect chance for some Mania Interrogation. Unfortunately the victims phenomenally low intelligence seemed to grant him an unexpected immunity to it's effects, although I did notice the gradual degradation in the quality of his language he only seemed capable of providing one or two replies, just with different wording. The log can be found below:

[Image: maniainterrogation.jpg] terminated...