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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Roeben - 06-11-2010 data...

[Extracted from Boris.Grishenko's personal logs]

I was supposed to be the escort today. It was a simple smuggling delivery, you see? Pick up shiny experimental weaponry Here. Fly over there. Get paid.

Turned out the only available Transport was just having its engines completely reconfigured, and the client was waiting. The 7 Million Credit bonus was very alluring, so I agreed instead take the priceless weaponry in my Falchion. Getting them into my hold was tricky, but luckily Phate had a cunning plan: Surround the weaponry by inflatable cargo pods, and perhaps the weaponry would not immediately show up on a random scanner.

There was a slight problem though, the drop-off location was Freeport 9 in Omicron Theta. I had no idea how to get there, but luckly our Transport Pilot was able to guide me.

It also dawned upon me that it was in deep Corsair territory. And I counted quite a few contacts on Long Range. But who would suspect a lone, fragile Light fighter, right?

Nobody, apparantly. The initial Four Corsairs i ran into simply ignored me and flew off. I thankfully slipped past, only to find two Corsairs a jump later. They could not believe their eyes.

''A hacker? Here?''

I can still remember their unbelieving voices. Perhaps they really thought I was an illusion of some sorts, Slugheads.

The rest of the trip was safe. In the end i arrived at Freeport 9 and grabbed me that sweet 7 Million bonus.
Life is good, and i'm INVINCIBLE! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 06-15-2010 data...

Good evening.

Today we had a clash with the terrorist organization known as the Order. Their presence in the Kansas system was evident to us before, but all they did was the guarding of the artifact, what we always appreciated. But now a pilot of them - Order|Sgt.Chris.Leigh - started to interfere with the extortion of a transport - the Blue Posidon. They claimed that the cargo of the Posidon consists of research material as in samples from different parts of the cloud. As we couldn't agree on even in a sub-standard insurance fee, we decided to take the transport down, despite the diplomatical threats including hostility from the Order and even the NTF.

The fight was ended when we had to realize that the Posidon destroyed it's cargo - what indicates us that they clearly didn't care about the collected and organized samples, what's more, they was acting like the greediest low-down miners who I had the luck to not see since the STF guys gave up the uninsured ore extraction.

Mark those callsigns and take appropriate measures if you read them on scanners. We have no querry with the Order, and I hope my actions wont change that, but we can't tolerate such disrespect towards our methods, even if that means some more organizations considering us hostile.

I hope the rest of the professors will agree with my actions in that matter. Today all our fighters took only minor damage, but it was out of the thorough training our man receive, and not Mr Leigh's and Posidon's lack of willing. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 07-04-2010 data...

Evening everyone, my mission was to preform mania interrogation on our little squeaky friends, or shortly LSF like they tend to call themselves. It was successful as the agent of their forces shared couple of informations with us. I was in New York with Elektra last evening, as we were doing some business with couple of weapon dealers, I stumbled upon LSF agent on my communication channel, and I decided to play along with him. Here is the communication log of conversation that occurred .

Evidence:Communication log

It would be all from me. operative Paco out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 07-06-2010 data...

Good evening everyone.

As we went to do some extorting yesterday I picked up a signal on my long range scanner from an vessel from dissolute cartel known as [IND] Independents. The name of this vessel was Inglorious.Banker. I decided to make a nice trap for him as I was waiting next to the jump gate. And it worked, he appeared right next as I started to chat with him. After I found out class of the ship I needed backup and Phate decided to help me. I was stalling the captain of that ship until my backup arrived and he refused to pay insurance for his own safety. We destroyed his vessel and went away. Conversation log will be in attachment files.

File 1,File 2,File 3,File 4,File 5,File 6,File 7,File 8,File 9,File 10,File 11,File 12,File 13,File 14,File 15,File 16,File 17,File 18

Attachment upload completed...

That would be all. Paco out terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Roeben - 07-12-2010 data...

Everyone. Today was a glorious day.

Today, Konstantine, Mr.White, Elektra King and myself have succeeded in taking down the biggest of flunkie ships, A true titan, crashing unto our hired guns like a iceberg to the bow!

Our iceberg? Anima`, as he is known. Our bow? Peak.Seven, an Ageira titanic.

How very appropriate.

Things however, went far from smoothly, The target slipped through our nets with amazing ease, and also a smothering of luck. A haphazard chase began, which was ultimately lost after another stroke of ''luck'', a traffic jam occurring right behind him, and the target was lost.

Around that time I was confronted with our Iceberg, who after a whiff and a disinterested glance, was about to leave when i offered him some funds in exchange for his assistance. he was happy to oblige.

The following snapshots are the results of the confrontation:

Lane overload.
Combat Anomaly, may require further research.
Death throes

We are invincible! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 08-05-2010 data...

While en route to Galileo with Paco this afternoon we encountered a nefarious Ageira flunky on the comms in California, callsign Black-8. We managed to successfully lure him to the Cortez jump gate and then set about ambushing him.
Quote:Elektra'King: Mr Cloud is it?
Ageira|Black-8: So you want a fight?
Ageira|Black-8: Indeed it is!

Elektra'King: Aww, don't run away, I wanted a chat
Ageira|Black-8: Yes and then attack...
Elektra'King: How are you Cloud?
Elektra'King: I've not spoken to you in weeks
Ageira|Black-8: I'm doing swell
Elektra'King: Do you remember our talk a while back?
Ageira|Black-8: Sorry i don't recall that
Ageira|Black-8: I'm such a busy man..

Elektra'King: Hmmph, guess I didn't make enough of an impression
Elektra'King: Oh hey paco
Paco.Pistols.: Hi Elektra, what's going on
Elektra'King: Glad you could make it
Elektra'King: Look, we've got a flunky
Paco.Pistols.: Ah he didn't believe us
Ageira|Black-8: Well were a'm sitting you look great electra
Paco.Pistols.: Charming, charming
Ageira|Black-8: But whats up with that short hair?
Ageira|Black-8: Goggles*

Elektra'King: Huh?
Elektra'King: I think he's a bit crazy
Paco.Pistols.: So Mr.Black ready to exploit your companies account to contribute to a greater cause ?
Paco.Pistols.: Maybe he is short sighted hmm

Ageira|Black-8: Huhmmm that a'm not...
Elektra'King: Not even a little bit?
Paco.Pistols.: Do you see anything trough that yellow cockpit ?
Ageira|Black-8: So paco...
Paco.Pistols.: So Mr.Black ?
Ageira|Black-8: Why should i contribute?
Paco.Pistols.: You own me last paycheck anyway
Ageira|Black-8: Really..
Ageira|Black-8: Only you?

Paco.Pistols.: Really
Elektra'King: Well, not you, but Ageira does.
Paco.Pistols.: Yeah seems your corporate flunkies are...greedy
Ageira|Black-8: Hmm i see
Paco.Pistols.: So I say 1m would be sufficient for my last paycheck
Paco.Pistols.: Being an honest worker and all

Ageira|Black-8: Huhmm ageira not paying hackers!
Paco.Pistols.: Or if you wish we can...
Elektra'King: Extract it from you
Elektra'King: What do you say?
Ageira|Black-8: You know i don't do such a deal!
Paco.Pistols.: Well then I must inform
Elektra'King: Well then it looks like we might just have to damage Ageira property huh Paco?
Paco.Pistols.: Precisely
Elektra'King: Starting with your ship.
Paco.Pistols.: Well let's make them pay for new ship *laughs*
Ageira|Black-8: I think we will repay you that!
[Image: screen357.jpg]

In the midst of out melee inside the Cortez Jump Gate, a Navy Lapdog thought it acceptable to fire upon Paco. However, his skill as a pilot seemed limited and he could be ignored for the most part, causing us next to no problems. He even had a bit of trouble operating his comms system when he attempted to call for backup.
Quote:OmeletterSentinel: stop right here!
Elektra'King: This doesnt concern you
OmeletterSentinel: die son of a bithc
OmeletterSentinel: we need your help\
OmeletterSentinel: oops
[Image: screen358.jpg]
After a while the flunky's hull had started wearing thin and he made a break for it through the Jump Gate. I continued my pursuit of the Ageira ship through the ice fields of Cortez and once Paco had caught up with me our combined firepower proved too much even for Mr.Cloud; who proved himself to be most proficient in the art of dodging incoming fire.

[Image: screen359.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 08-08-2010 data...

Good day gentleman. Today was a rather busy day for corporate dogs, trying to put their dirty pawns on everything that can be bought with money. But as always somewhere along the lane we were protecting moral of innocent and everyday ordinary civilians by helping raise contribution to our Research and Development department so we could disgruntle the network of corporate flunkies. Today while me and Mr. Sanguinetti were taking a patrol to see the status of traffic in Magellan and surrounding systems we picked up a large target on our long range scanners, so I decided to ambush it in Cortez system. As time passed I was starting to get worried but the pray showed up right in front of me. It was BMM's Shire, full of Ship Hull Panels.

[Image: classcargo.png]

I ordered him to turn of his engines and calmly discuss contributing our cause but he decided to ignore me and to stay on his path. So I told Mr.Sang to jump into Calamity and come help me, but until he managed to come as he was busy extorting another trader on the way, shooting started in California system.

Combat Image 1
Combat Image 2
Combat Image 3

Finally he couldn't oppress my attacks with his corporate skills, and he had to leave the ship along with cargo in his escape pod.

[Image: deathb.png]

Calamity took the cargo in her bay but it couldn't fit all, so we used newly made Transportation Channel for Unlawful population of Liberty House and her surroundings to get the rest of the goods. It was a successful day. That would be all, operative Paco out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - ozman51 - 08-10-2010 data...

Referencing Mission ID #462 as transmitted by the esteemed Paco.Pistols: Trainee LH~Bob.Johnson participated as a part of the force that engaged Navy - Weraskus.

After the ships destruction I provided guard on excess Hull Panels while Paco and Mr. Sang arranged for logistics pickup by the Liberty Rogues utilizing the unlawful Trans Channel. terminated'€¦

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - AndrzejB - 08-11-2010 data...

While familiarizing myself with the Liberty Space the usage of sophisticated reconnaissance pattern proved to be effective. Identified a target and confirmed that the intelligencie in the Lane Hacker Technical Manual is indeed a bit outdated; the wreck seems to have drifted.

Attachment 1 - coordinates.
Attachment 2 - location on map. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 08-12-2010 data...

Good day gentlemen. Today Liberty along with it's lapdogs was pretty busy. After I took of from Mactan two associated joined me, Mr.Krest and Mr.Black. While we were paroling Magellan system we spotted a little ship full of Mox, it was intercepted and interrogated , under the pressure of mania interrogation methods he admitted he is taking MOX to corporate base, as we offered him an insurance trough this dangerous system. He seemed rather slow until the point it was obvious he is not ready to contribute.

[Image: death1g.png]

After some time we relocated our discombobulating operations to California system. While we were searching for those uneducated hoodlums little freighter showed up on my scanner. He was disrupted from his greedy path and after the scan we found two hacker pilots in his hold, which he refused to return to us. We relief him of his ambitions.

[Image: death2.png]

One would think it was enough shooting for that day, but eventually when we returned to our Magellan system I stumbled upon freelancer in Ageira made bomber known as Havoc mkII, he was kindly asked to contribute part of his bank account numbers to our cause...unfortunately he refused. All I was left is offering him a duel.

[Image: death3.png]

I left interesting part for end of report. As we were searching for corporate flunkies who are trying to destroy every day normal people dreams we got Coalition ship showed up on our long range scanners. It was of most importance to investigate their goals and their firepower. Detailed debrief will be presented by Mr.Krest, I'll leave couple of guncam images I managed to capture while we were interrogating them.

[Image: scra1.png]

[Image: scra3.png]

That would be all from me, operative Paco out. terminated...