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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Milton Krest - 08-12-2010

Besides notification of recent events done by Paco Pistols, I had a little flight lesson with another technician near Monterrey, Black Friar. I've shown him few tricks and cleared out few things. All records will be uploaded on neural net.

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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 08-19-2010 data...

Today is the first time I've flown since my promotion and I decided to take my sparkly new Broadsword Bomber for a spin in California with Sanguinetti and Paco. There was a steady flow of gold miners on the trade lane between Mojave and New York and we collected 3575 units of Gold Ore in total. I also discovered that nothing makes you realise what a strange place Sirius is like getting shot by an Orbital Spa & Cruise pilot, in a Slave Liner, carrying Gold Ore.

We did have one problem while out and about, which came to us in the form of a Navy lapdog called Max Starlight, probably a poster-boy or something judging from his name. The man refused to cooperate with us and as such I got some practice with my new toy. Not much though, it only took me two shots to annihilate the underling with what I presume was a very luckily placed blast of antimatter.

[Image: maxkh.jpg]

Life is good. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 08-20-2010 data...

Good day gentleman, since I proudly got promoted to rank of Hacker my vicious hand for stopping flunkies in their evil corrupted plans has brought swift justice to ones who didn't want to contribute and stop spreading immoral among the innocent population of Liberty. I decided to write a little poem in that name. And it goes by...

Boom, boom, boom

[Image: boom1.png]
[Image: boom2.png]
[Image: boom3p.png]

Can you pick it up ?

[Image: transportg.png]

Unwilling contribution, makes me smile a lot

[Image: contribution.png]

Have a nice day gentleman. Paco out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Milton Krest - 08-25-2010 data...

Good day. Today my traffic interruption wasn't really succesfull, I have to admit. I launched from Mactan to check cargo steam through Magellan. USI detected one of unescorted 'medium' transports' with MOX, so I decided to try my best. I have located it not far from California jumpgate; luckily I was fast enough to stop it. I demanded him to stop and pay up 700 000 credits. Strangely, that weasel didn't even try to speak. Instead he tried to use his evasive ship to slip through infernior fire of my Hellflurries. That didn't end well for him. Unfortunately I didn't have any transports on stand by at Mactan or somewhere nearby to pickup cargo, so I paid lifters from Freeport Four to pick it up (I don't like idea of MOX slowly poisoning our beautifull Barrier).

After that I checked USI once more and managed to find leased Ageira Technologies ship on its way to Magellan (to Bretonia, most likely). I stopped it near California jumpgate and kindly asked him to drop his cargo, otherwise he'd have to face immediate molecular dissolution. He chose the last option. Unfortunately facilities of San Diego border station couldn't "hide" such ship due to its size, so it had to set course for Los Angeles (Tradelane was hacked, so acces to it was denied all the time). Unofortunately despite all my attempts ion storm was approaching California, so flunky was lucky to leave alive. Next time he won't get away so easily. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 08-25-2010 data...

Good day gentleman, I've had an interesting encounters yesterday, but I needed to get sleep before I do paper work due the strange nature of this encounters. As I was slicing the greedy serpent around the Liberty I noticed something jumping out of the Leeds jump hole to Magellan. I...felt strange presence in my head soon as I noticed it was a nomad ship, I didn't want to risk the valuable information I posses also damage to our ship Corporate Calamity, so I fired up my engines and returned to Mactan.

[Image: talk1z.png]

[Image: nomad1.png]

Once I got some cardamine I told base to get my gunship ready, as I wanted to continue my work, but soon as I jumped to California system...another one was there. I followed him in order to observe it's ship from closer distance, and maybe see what kind of weaponry does it possess, it didn't seem friendly, but I decided to avoid the fight. I'll attach my scan results on this message.

[Image: nomad2.png]

[Image: guns1.png][Image: guns2.png]

[Image: shieldengine.png]

[Image: talk2.png]

Seems their visits are becoming rather frequent to Liberty, I shall keep my eyes opened for more. Paco signing off. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 08-27-2010 data...

Thought for the day: If you ate pasta and then antipasti, would you still be as hungry as when you started?

So, three transports go down a tradelane...
What? Were you expecting a joke?
We had some fun today on the lane between Planet Mojave and New York. Three transports were coerced into showing their support for Lane Hacker R&D, giving us a grand total of:
  • 1700 Refugees
  • 2800 Tonnes of Gold Ore
  • 4800 Tonnes of Gold
In addition, one of the pilots was working for Interspace Commerce, which provided entertainment for all:
Quote:The.Free.Penny: O no
So-Much-for-Subtlety: Hello there.
The.Free.Penny: Your not getting y cargo
The.Free.Penny: Garhp

So-Much-for-Subtlety: Stop right there.
Paco'Pistols: Hold it flunky
So-Much-for-Subtlety: No tricks, you hear me?
The.Free.Penny: I got no tricks
Paco'Pistols: Unless you have pack of cards and a hat..but I hardly believe
So-Much-for-Subtlety: Interspace, the foulest of them all.
The.Free.Penny: Yes and Hackers, Not a good day for use at all.
The.Free.Penny: So whats it going to be?

So-Much-for-Subtlety: You realise you're a lapdog for a foul corporation don't you?
So-Much-for-Subtlety: How can you sleep at night?
The.Free.Penny: I don't care.
Paco'Pistols: *laughs* Yeah nice reminder
The.Free.Penny: I get paid alot, thats all I want.
So-Much-for-Subtlety: You don't care, well I guess we don't care if you get paid.
So-Much-for-Subtlety: So what it's going to be is this.
So-Much-for-Subtlety: You're going to drop that cargo, and leave your bots and batteries here.
So-Much-for-Subtlety: Then fly away with your tail between your legs like the good little boy you are.
Paco'Pistols: And you'll do it without complaining
The.Free.Penny: And how you going to get ride of it?
So-Much-for-Subtlety: We have a transport just over there for one thing *points*
Paco'Pistols: Do you really think your in position to ask questions here flunky !
So-Much-for-Subtlety: And there are many more ready to come if we need them I assure you.
Paco'Pistols: NOW ! Do it nice and easy, and go away..
The.Free.Penny: Erveee, Let me get my crew to work please
Paco'Pistols: If you refuse, you die, if you complain you die
Paco'Pistols: IF YOU SPEAK, you die

LH~Aramchek: Haha.
Paco'Pistols: *whistles*
So-Much-for-Subtlety: You should have thought about this when you made such a rediculous choice of career path.
The.Free.Penny: I am Complying just let my crew get to work, it is a rather big ship
Paco'Pistols: speak
Paco'Pistols: Bang bang
Paco'Pistols: Next time it's going to be hull

So-Much-for-Subtlety: If I sniff so much as a whiff of time wasting, you're a gonner.
Paco'Pistols: SO SHUT UP !
The.Free.Penny: Hey this is a big ship its takes a while to move it
Paco'Pistols: Bots and bats also
Paco'Pistols: You can have the rest
Paco'Pistols: Now go away lapdog terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 09-05-2010 data...

Good day operatives, today was a successful operation of extorting and discombobulating enemies. Myself and Mr.White took a little trip around Liberty as we were collecting contributions for R&D department. One would expect Liberty government along with those pesky corporative targets would be a little, at least a little more professional or better trained. I called them amateurs, I place a slap across their dirty corrupted faces for every time I see them blinking on my ship scanner. As they say picture tells more then thousand words, I'll interpret this little collection with a sentence that is ringing on my neurons every time my fingers touch trigger of my ship guns and every time I take a deep breath filled with soft,gentle particles of cardamine.

[Image: kill1n.png]

[Image: targetj.png]

[Image: kill2j.png]

How do you please....a mental disease ?

[Image: Cardamine.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Milton Krest - 09-16-2010 data...

Today I was bothering flunkies nerves again.

I launched from Mactan and rapidly got to Tahoe, as USI detected Ageira super alloys shipment coming through California tradelanes. I've been expecting him for few minutes, and he dropped off the tradelane quite fast. After that I tried to convince his corrupted, filthy, greedy and self-assured mind to cut his engines and have outstanding, yet impractical conversation. Considering his position, he took option to refuse my extremely polite offer and move on. I attempted to dissolve his ship through enormous power of Hellflurries, however his hull was too strong, and bomber team I requested before, couldn't make it that fast. Flunkies got away to California Minor, where I had to break off, before my neck'd be broken off. That corporate hoodlum has shown outstanding navigational skills, though. We should work on him and his enlightment, gentlemen, his skills may be usefull for us.

Attachments: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 09-23-2010 data...

Good evening operatives. Today was a very productive day for Mr.Knox and me.
We decided to do some smuggling, or better to say sell the cargo what was taken back from corrupted corporate lowlifes.

As our primary route was going trough California we decided to head there, but right before we started the jump sequence a Freelancer in Borderworld transport gave us a little "tip" so we had to re-route the primary path.

[Image: tip1.png]

[Image: smuggling.png]

Later we visited Kusari to sell silver ore that was acquired by merged forces of Liberty Rogues and Lane Hackers using our new transportation channel.

[Image: kusarivisit.png]

What can I say, bit of loot selling, bit of smuggling and best of all...some vocal suggestions spread across the system communication array.

[Image: propagandam.png]

Till the next transmission. Paco out terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 09-29-2010 data...

Good day operatives, today I was roaming around Liberty gathering data in my special outfitted Dromedary my own Drom of Doom, as I like to call it. While I was passing California system I noticed a huge cluster of flunkies, my scanner confirmed them as Bowex traders. Marked as [Convoy]. I couldn't get too close in intelligence ship as it would be too risky. What I managed to gather from some distance is that they have heavy escorts.

Expect them to have this ships in their convoy of greed.

[Image: 254px-Shire-s.png]

And their flunky lapdogs running around them in Bretonian Greedboats

[Image: 254px-BretGunboat-s.png]

In order to stop this flunkies we need to give them a proper punch, but be advised this is not going to be an easy mission. We need to plan it in couple of phases in order to make an effective piracy team to bring them down. We won't allow someone supporting our own enemies trough our systems next to our patrols. Operatives this is your assignment.

Phase 1: When you pick up their signal on long or short range scanners, tail them. Your mission is to find out their route plan, and what cargo they are carrying.

Phase 2: Once we know where to track them, your mission is to scan their ships and find out - types of ships and their loadouts

Phase 3: Finally when all intelligence about [Convoy] is gathered, we will assemble an extortion team and put an end to their corporate flunky ways, and with that cut the economy flow of our enemies.

All of the gathered information, logs, evidence are to be posted in this channel so all operatives can study it.
This mission is not a priority, but every operative who gets the chance to do so, I suggest he or she gets it done. *tips his hat* terminated...