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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Kriss92 - 09-30-2010 data...

OK, me, paco, a Joker and another sabre pilot decided to attack... someone in texas, but the plan failed, and everyone had something else to do, so that just left me, a fleet of LNS and a RM battleship with an escort, so i decided to annoy the LNS a bit. Well, here's how it all started 'n' ended:
[Image: th_screen170.jpg]
[Image: th_screen171.jpg]
[Image: th_screen172.jpg]
[Image: th_screen173.jpg]
[Image: th_screen174.jpg]
[Image: th_screen175.jpg]
[Image: th_screen176.jpg]
[Image: th_screen177.jpg]
[Image: th_screen180.jpg]
[Image: th_screen178.jpg]
[Image: th_screen181.jpg]
[Image: th_screen183.jpg]
[Image: th_screen192.jpg]
[Image: th_screen195.jpg]
and with a great dose of laughter i left with noone bothering me... except for that carrier that tried to kill me... again, but i survived.

and some extra: me just evading, and screaming inside my cockpit "YEEEEHAAAAA"
and some scans of their ships:

and i took all of 'em while evading, laughing, talking and thinking about women, HOW COOL IS THAT!?

that's it for this report, i had great fun, and i hope those LNS guys aren't too mad... oh, wait, i don't care... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 10-01-2010 data...

Good evening gentlemen, today was a interesting day out there where we roam and do what we do best in the time when nobody else does it better than us. And that time is *looks at his three wrist and one pocket watch* well..always.

So the first corporate child of greed emerged in front of my hacked lane. A beautiful catch an IND flunky.

But I can't say it was a beautiful catch, me and Mr.Knox in Corporate Calamity tried to disgruntle him due the bounty on his head offered by Rogues. Unfortunately, due the armor on his ship, he managed to get slip of a time enough to out run us. But I remembered him, and he will be...floating in his bubble.

So I said to myself I have much flight time experience in waran, and almost non in Broadsword, why wouldn't I treat myself with a new Waran and give my old Broadsword to R&D department, and so I did. Just as I picked up freshly made waran from Ontario, a navy lapdog shows up. I didn't mind it, as I managed to loose him from my tail, but then on my way back I found a Rogue in trouble..I couldn't help my self but to test my new ship. You can never test things enough I say.

[Image: fight11.png]

[Image: killnavy.png]

It lasted from the time my grin started to show on my face till the time it evolved in full smile.

I later rendezvoused with Mr.Knox in order to spread some propaganda and do some extorting in california, we earned some credits, did some psychological damage, confused couple of flunkies with our extended vocabularian abilities. But there was one interesting....person. I'll upload our conversation.

[Image: usi2.png]

[Image: usi.png]

Quote:[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: Oi!
Jake.Logan: ow...
Eric.Knox.:: Hey Clarkie
Jake.Logan: I expected a transport
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: Hello.
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: Time to move, no?
Paco:Pistols: *laughs* Oh here they come
Paco:Pistols: All right gents
Eric.Knox.:: It's three of us, two of you
Paco:Pistols: How about both of you contribute with 500k so we can leave you alone
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I'll give ya 500k if you leave this area for awhile.
Paco:Pistols: Oh navy left you hanging
Jake.Logan: oh boy the navy left you alone
Eric.Knox.:: What a coward
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: What do ya say?
Paco:Pistols: You will give us 500k and leave, or you can float in your pod while watching us hitting your transports
Paco:Pistols: What do you say
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: See, now. That's not what I said.
Paco:Pistols: I love my irresistible logical offers
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I said, I'll give you money if you all just leave this area after.
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: You're here for money, no?
Paco:Pistols: I don't care what you said you greedy incest product
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I'm offering it in exchange for you three to leave
Paco:Pistols: I'm here to shoot your head *laughs* money means nothing
Eric.Knox.:: Are you sure, you are in a position to negotiate?
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I'm always in a position to negotiate.
Eric.Knox.:: Cos I'm not sure
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: If money won't buy you, then force will, but I'm not a fan of force.
Paco:Pistols: let me get this straight
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: Sure.
Paco:Pistols: Actually...wait don't let me get this straight, let's bring him down gentleman
Jake.Logan: force... force... whohoho... powah.. *gulps some more wine*
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: wait!
Paco:Pistols: Yes ?
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: Make an offer.
Eric.Knox.:: Man has something to say?
Jake.Logan: oh yeah now he knows we are serious.
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I'll give you credits, for you to leave.
Paco:Pistols: You give us 1 million credits, and you leave..and you don't come back ever
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I don't like to fight, unless I can't avoid it.
Paco:Pistols: Like how my offer differs from previous one ?
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: See, I don't like that either. The deal should help us both.
Paco:Pistols: I don't need help, but I couldn't say same for you
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: You don't want credits?
Paco:Pistols: Your wasting my precious time *looks on his watches*
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: *sighs* fine..
Jake.Logan: one less Universal escort would help is more then 1mill credits actually *chuckles*
[*USI*]J.Clark[CA].: I'll leave it up to the Navy boys to do whatever.
Paco:Pistols: Goodbye son of my gun *tips hat*

Empty threat like his always make me laugh, it was indeed truly interesting flight today. Have a pleasant day colleges, there is a new waitress I have to..attend to. Paco signing off. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 10-06-2010 data...

Oh how I enjoyed this one, I tasted the spark of joy after I did it. So let me start from beginning, I was on Leiden base where I decided to spend the night yesterday, and soon as I got out of it in my Waran, I got a tip of Ageira transport in nearby system, so I decided to put a little trap for it in Shikoku, next to Kepler gate. I followed it on long range scanners so I can see when will it enter the system. I waited for some time, and patrol told me he jumped into Galileo, I jumped to Kepler fast as I can and decided to fire up my engines to get on time to catch him in Colorado, so there I was running out of time trying to get ahead, and I came near their station, lurking, waiting again. But no, he decided to take the New York gate, so there is only one thing I could, wait next to the gate until he decides to get back home *laughs*, and so he did. I'll upload visual data in this message.

[Image: targetx.png]

He tried to run like a typical corporate swine, without a word.

[Image: cargo.png]

I scanned his cargo and told him to prepare his pods as he will be discombobulated in a few second for his disobedience.

[Image: killqr.png]

As flunky brain isn't yet fully evolved to capability of smart choices , he spoke meaningless words that were echoing trough the system for nobody. I ended his "Mastodon captain" career, and left his cargo to be picked up by our regular patrols. Till the next time colleges. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 10-28-2010 data...

Good day to everyone, Mr.Knox and I were busy these days. A lot of rapid decompressions happened to number of flunkies and lapdogs who are trying to stop income to our R&D department. It all started back while when we decided to make our operations faster then usual. More time you spare more financial ruination you share, with ones who we love to share it with. I've seen a lot of progress by our operatives lately, which is very commendable. Now let me get to the point, we went out there and did our job. We interrogated, disgronified, humiliated and made those corrupted hoodlums cry. I'll throw in couple of....shoots.

[Image: kill6.png]
[Image: kill2.png]
[Image: kill1.png]
[Image: kill3.png]
[Image: kill4b.png]
[Image: kill5p.png]

While I've been out smuggling I had an unfortunate stop by a navy lapdog. But in this story...unfortunate for him. You know one of those days you wake up and you know everything you do will make someones else day worse ? I'm sure their little pesky governmental brains felt a punch on their little egos more then they could expect.

Quote:[27.10.2010 14:47:43] [LN]-David.Hale.: I'd suggest you cut your engines.
[27.10.2010 14:47:45] 2010-10-27 14:47:50 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:47:45] LH~Aramchek: Oh good day officers
[27.10.2010 14:47:51] 2010-10-27 14:47:55 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:47:51] LH~Aramchek: Sure will
[27.10.2010 14:47:52] 2010-10-27 14:47:56 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:00] 2010-10-27 14:48:05 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:00] [LN]-David.Hale.: you wouldn't have done unless disrupted.
[27.10.2010 14:48:07] 2010-10-27 14:48:12 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:07] LH~Aramchek: Nobody asked
[27.10.2010 14:48:16] 2010-10-27 14:48:21 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:16] LH~Aramchek: How may I help you on this beautiful day
[27.10.2010 14:48:19] 2010-10-27 14:48:24 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:19] [LN]-AngeIina.Dimitrova: ahhh shot it down I say
[27.10.2010 14:48:22] 2010-10-27 14:48:27 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:22] [LN]-David.Hale.: I don't take kindly to people who feed me bull
[27.10.2010 14:48:30] 2010-10-27 14:48:34 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:30] [LN]-David.Hale.: Now... very simple request.
[27.10.2010 14:48:36] 2010-10-27 14:48:41 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:36] LH~Aramchek: I'm listening
[27.10.2010 14:48:43] 2010-10-27 14:48:48 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:43] [LN]-David.Hale.: every last one of those people you have in your cargohold. Hand them to us.
[27.10.2010 14:48:49] 2010-10-27 14:48:53 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:50] 2010-10-27 14:48:55 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:50] [LN]-David.Hale.: And then take your leave of liberty.
[27.10.2010 14:48:53] 2010-10-27 14:48:57 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:59] 2010-10-27 14:49:04 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:48:59] LH~Aramchek: Understood
[27.10.2010 14:49:33] 2010-10-27 14:49:38 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:49:33] LH~Aramchek: So everything in order ?
[27.10.2010 14:49:42] 2010-10-27 14:49:46 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:49:42] [LN]-David.Hale.: Pey Load, take him to the Cortez gate.
[27.10.2010 14:49:56] 2010-10-27 14:50:00 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:49:56] [LN]-AngeIina.Dimitrova: Pay you escort him out
[27.10.2010 14:49:59] 2010-10-27 14:50:03 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:49:59] Pey.Load: roger you heard the man aram lets go
[27.10.2010 14:50:03] 2010-10-27 14:50:08 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:11] 2010-10-27 14:50:16 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:11] [LN]-David.Hale.: Dimitrova... lets find those pirates.
[27.10.2010 14:50:14] 2010-10-27 14:50:18 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:14] LH~Aramchek: Cruise or ?
[27.10.2010 14:50:20] 2010-10-27 14:50:24 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:20] Pey.Load: cruise yes
[27.10.2010 14:50:21] 2010-10-27 14:50:26 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:21] [LN]-AngeIina.Dimitrova: aye sir
[27.10.2010 14:50:33] 2010-10-27 14:50:37 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:33] Billy.Fasttrigger: Seems Lane Hackers came here with somekind of diabolical plan
[27.10.2010 14:50:34] 2010-10-27 14:50:39 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:50:34] LH~Aramchek: All right, safe sky officers
[27.10.2010 14:50:48] 2010-10-27 14:50:53 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:51:42] 2010-10-27 14:51:46 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:51:42] LH~Aramchek: So how's business , any pirates around ?
[27.10.2010 14:51:49] 2010-10-27 14:51:54 SMT
[27.10.2010 14:51:49] Pey.Load: oh there were

I went to Monterrey to get my cardamine supply so I can continue my job. It was an interesting flight.
Have a profitable day gentlemen. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 11-03-2010 data...

Gentlemen seems corrupted organization known as [Convoy] are nothing more then corporate pawns, from whom we successfully extorted couple of million credits. As me and Mr.Knox were waiting near the jump hole to Leeds, suddenly 2 shire transport vessels emerged along with one Gunboat Heavy Escort and on eagle vessel.

We stopped them before they could even think of firing up their engines. Their cargo are refugees, they're modern day slavers if you ask me. Who knows which shady deals to they have under the table. Profit on human sacrifice.

[Image: cargohuman.png]

I took my time and decided to get scans of their defense vessels. So we could know what exactly are we dealing with. Or our operatives in future encounters with this corporate slugs.

[Image: gbloadout.png][Image: eagleload.png]

The mission was successful. We gathered data about their ships and extorted them.

Later I decided to take dust of my drom of doom. To take it for a ride to Cortez and monitor lanes together with Foreshadow. A shire vessel dropped of his course after we spotted it. We first disconcert the captain of the vessel and impeded his planned trip. We offered him an insurance package which he stupidly decided to refuse. It was a pleasure to decompress his hull with my rapid decompressors known as Hellflurries.

[Image: dromofdoom.png][Image: drom2.png]

[Image: killy.png]

I'm sure the flunky learned his lesson about refusing demands of the Lane Hackers. Have a profitable day. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Sundancer - 11-15-2010

'€¦'€¦ recognized'€¦.transmission.encrypted'€¦uploading data'€¦

Sundancer- Status report:

I've finally made friends with the Liberty Rogues and the outcast, with a fellow Lane Hacker Trainee, Jalor.

I am en route to the New York system, headed to Rochester. I plan on making the Junkers happy as well.

Sundancer signing off.

'€¦'€¦'€¦.hack terminated'€¦

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 11-16-2010

That's nice to hear, thanks for the update.

In other news, we packed our tachyon paingivers today and went to town. As I got there, Eric Knox and a Hellfire wing found themselves in the middle of a pig farm at Planet Bruin. Some were so fat that they couldn't manage their inertia and one of them burned up in atmo as it tried to track me when I turned. Sharp. Witted. Not.
[Image: th_screen523.jpg]

Pop went the bunnygoat.
[Image: th_screen524.jpg]

This one hugged the station. Resistance was futile.
[Image: th_screen525.jpg]

There was a bunch of others whose ships we chopped up pretty bad. Gunboats, fighters, bombers, cattlebruisers, you name it. I was surprised that there was some furry-balled Zoner who dared stick his nose 1.5K into the fight and was all chatty when I asked him to get distance.

Especially when my primary target is a warm bed and I could care less about collateral damage.
[Image: th_screen527.jpg]
(Yeah, that was some kiddo in a CSV.)

You make shield drain,
I drain your brain.

Then it was just a final flight back home.
[Image: th_screen530.jpg]

With some close Xeno encounters of the third kind along the way.
[Image: th_screen533.jpg]

And I was glad that the door lock wasn't jammed when I got there.
[Image: th_screen535.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Eisenmann - 11-17-2010

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Freedom Fighters,

here is my first Intel-Report:

On my way to upload some Jump Hole Positions into my NavSystem I stumpled upon a massive bunch of LPI, LSF and LN over Planet Mojave in the California System. I took the opportunity to scan one of these corrupt bastards and took off.

[Image: th_LN-ChrisElias.jpg]

As I reached New York, some Liberty Rogues asked me if I liked to join them to find some LNS-flunkys. I told them, that I would join them to gather Intelligence and, if need be, to scout for them.

[Image: th_LibertyRogues.jpg]

So we kicked our ships into Cruise and nearly ran [LN]-KnowYourEnemy over.

[Image: th_LN-KnowYourEnemy.jpg]

Next stop was Pennsylvania. There, the Rogues hoped, we would find some LNS '€¦ all we found where Police '€¦

[Image: th_LPI-AKerenskyRO.jpg]


[Image: th_Police-KellyShore.jpg]
The Rogues Destroyer charged his weapons and asked me to take on the LPI Liberator. A few salvoes where exchanged and I realized, that I and my Dagger were no match for this corrupt donuteater. So I tried to lure him away from the real fight. He chased me through half of Pennsylvania but eventually he gave up and disengaged '€¦

I returned to Mactan with a lot of scratches on my Dagger and some fried electronics, but alive and the data-module wasn`t damaged.

This is it. First Intel delivered.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Howard10 - 11-19-2010

Right then, I suppose I should make my first report. Dialectius reporting in, name unimportant. First, just gonna mention that the freelancer Mai.Saeki has been extremely useful - joint operations could be a possibility in the future. Already she's assisted me by using her Interceptor to block the retreat of a miner I was perusing and, heh, shown me some anomalies of academic interest. Now, on to the meat of the report methinks.

We had a combined operation yesterday. At its largest, I counted myself, fellow Dagger-Gauntlet-runner LH~Sundancer, the boss Phate in his Sabre, another Lane Hacker called Shocksword in some sort of fighter and the pirate Tridente The_Raven. Not too shabby in all. I was holding down a vanguard action against any lawmen who chose to try and lay any frontier justice on us. I'd sit by the gate while the others were on the lane. If any significant threat jumped through, I'd tell the others to scramble, and drop the lane ring to stop them being chased. Oh, and we cause a Universal Mastadon, the North.Thumberland.

After the trader was gone, a LNS Cruiser jumped in. The siege variety that is. I got all the scans required, then Phate hinted that we'd be able to take it down - no doubt you could get far more results from the ship's pieces if we took them home for study. It was official. The LNS-Portland was a dead <strike>man</strike> crew <strike>walking</strike> flying from that point forward. After a short scuffle of attrition, we wore him down and ruptured the hull. After that, we all drifted off and a posse of Xenos moved in and took over the system. Me and Phate used this as an opportunity to ransack Colorado.

At the end of the day, I was operating alone in California and ended up chasing the gold miner zions through California into New York. The freelancer Mai Saeki was waiting on the other side, and the miner capitulated to my demands.

[18.11.2010 16:09:11] Mai.Saeki: You ain't going nowhere.
[18.11.2010 16:09:13] LH~Dialectius: Well well, looks like we have an impasse.
[18.11.2010 16:09:29] LH~Dialectius: Now, how about that paltry 500k I asked for?

[18.11.2010 16:09:38] zion: congulations you catched me
[18.11.2010 16:09:40] LH~Dialectius: Be thankful I'm not hitting up my radio and throwing you to the wolves.
[18.11.2010 16:09:42] zions: for that you get 750
[18.11.2010 16:09:48] LH~Dialectius: Huh. Generous.
[18.11.2010 16:09:56] LH~Dialectius: Almost makes me forget how rude you were earlier.
After this I returned home, but not before subverting a copy of the 'Los Angeles Phonebook' from a trade lane information conduit. I spent the evening wiring up a number of proxy servers, and ordered 300 pizzas for an 'Aaron A. Aaranson'. Well, that's all really.


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - AndrzejB - 11-20-2010
...voice-only transmission...
*the message digital signature indicates a standard voice transmission protocol used in a Dagger*

*static* ambushed by BAF at the wormhole *static* hull breach *static* engines malfunction *static* tell my family that I *static*