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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Howard10 - 11-21-2010

Today's been busy to say the least. After spending the early portions of the day baiting Bounty Hunters with Ms. Mai, I linked up with the bosses for some group havoc in California. Going off sketchy memory, I recall LH~Payback, Phate, Mr.Sanguinetti, Eric.Knox, Brutus.Clay and Konstantine.Romanos being present (not to mention the various pick-up transports that scooped up looted goods). Later on we also picked up an Outcast called E-Charos.

The day started well, with a few traders being extorted in Magellan before I turned up. When I joined the fun on the California Minor to Magellan trade lane, we caught a smuggler called Charos-X1. He was full to the brim with Artifacts, so Brutus told him to empty his bay. This command was not obeyed, so his bay was forcibly vacated instead. While Brutus and Payback awaited a transport pickup, I went to look for mercenary-magnet Phaos, who had been broadcasting on system comms. During this time, an IND transport gave the previous group the slip, and an Outcast shot up and destroyed all the floating cargo we'd just liberated.

Given I was ahead of the others moving towards Planet Mojave, I headed the IND trader off (who as it happens, was also a smuggler). It was a Whale of some description, full of Blood Diamonds. Comm transcription below (with most of the group comms and background static cut out).
[20.11.2010 21:58:50] LH~Dialectius: Well well, ain't you a slippery one
[20.11.2010 21:59:00] [IND]Invisible.Hand: close one, but hey
[20.11.2010 21:59:06] [IND]Invisible.Hand: had to try, eh

[20.11.2010 21:59:12] LH~Dialectius: I know, I know.
[20.11.2010 21:59:16] LH~Dialectius: Was some good sport.
[20.11.2010 21:59:21] [IND]Invisible.Hand: yes, but fair is fair
[20.11.2010 21:59:25] [IND]Invisible.Hand: price?

[20.11.2010 21:59:36] LH~Dialectius: But you lost at the end o' the day. Teamwork trumps greedy corporates, ey?
[20.11.2010 21:59:40] [IND]Invisible.Hand: true
[20.11.2010 21:59:54] [IND]Invisible.Hand: now then

[20.11.2010 21:59:55] LH~Dialectius: And my friends here will be naming the terms. Not my place to do so.
[20.11.2010 22:00:03] [IND]Invisible.Hand: let me get my cheque book
[20.11.2010 22:00:09] LH~Dialectius: So, your life lies in their hands, so to speak.
[20.11.2010 22:00:27] [IND]Invisible.Hand: well in my pen stroke and my bank account, to be technical
[20.11.2010 22:00:36] [IND]Invisible.Hand: tea gentlemen?

[20.11.2010 22:00:42] Eric.Knox:..: Good day
[20.11.2010 22:00:49] LH~Dialectius: I'd rather not. Not without a tester anyway.
[20.11.2010 22:00:54] Eric.Knox:..: Is your escape pod ready, flunky?
[20.11.2010 22:00:56] [IND]Invisible.Hand: *drinks tea*
[20.11.2010 22:01:00] LH~Dialectius: I wouldn't trust you not to put cyanide in it
[20.11.2010 22:01:18] LH~Dialectius: As a matter of a fact, I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw your ship, unassisted.

[20.11.2010 22:01:23] Eric.Knox:..: I'm here to do a favour to Liberty Rogues
[20.11.2010 22:01:29] [IND]Invisible.Hand: well now, I am more than happy to help you throw it
[20.11.2010 22:01:34] Konstantine.Romanos.: allright, let's collect
[20.11.2010 22:01:39] LH~Dialectius: Bounty, ey?
[20.11.2010 22:01:45] [IND]Invisible.Hand: price?
[20.11.2010 22:01:58] [IND]Invisible.Hand: And how much will this cost me, gentlemen?

[20.11.2010 22:02:30] Eric.Knox:..: Let's send him to his cargo pod
[20.11.2010 22:02:38] Konstantine.Romanos.: allright, fire!
[20.11.2010 22:02:40] Death: [IND]Invisible.Hand was put out of action by Konstantine.Romanos. (Gun).
After it was ruptured by Romanos and Knox, a pick-up transport flew by and tractored the goods. Turned out a Navy kill-team had been stalking us though, and butchered Payback while we were away. Following fight went back, quickly and a general retreat was called. All of our people (save Payback) got away safely. The Outcast managed to get himself cut off however, after a Navy gunboat blocked the gate. I chose to jump back and guide him to the Cortez jump hole and then to Montezuma. The sniffer got shot up at the Cortez jump hole and exploded. I burned it back to base as quick as possible.

On returning home, I wrote a sabotage script and fed it into all the proxy servers I set up yesterday. They're now bombarding the neural-net home site of a Brayden B. Babcock with Rhienlandic 419 scams, inappropriate images and relentless spam. All in a days work really. Just havin' a bit of fun.


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Jalor - 11-21-2010 data...

Ugh. Ship trouble has kept me grounded and preoccupied the past couple of days, but I do have some intel to report. This information's a few days old, but as you'll see it's still a matter of concern. I spotted the LNF toady Jenna.Strawberry in the Jersey Debris Field and flew in for a closer look. She was preoccupied with a wing of Rogues, most of which were already destroyed by the time I got close enough for a visual. - Target after destroying Rogue wing

I didn't stick around long enough for her to notice me, but I still wanted scans of her hold. Luckily I have an advanced cargo scanner installed, so I retreated out of weapon range and perused her LNF boat. - Target's cargo hold. filled with prisoners

She had representatives from almost every outlaw group in Liberty, and even a few Bretonians. Worst of all are the captured Hackers; I would suggest we liberate them, but scanning her weapons loadout makes it clear what a difficult task that would be. - Target's armament, part 1

Typical VHF configuration, right? Not quite. - Target's armament, part 2

CODENAME weapons, a matched pair. And nothing I recognize from our armory. I took a more detailed scan to see what they were capable of... and flew a little further away when I realized any one of the pair would split my Dagger's hull in a single shot. - Target's ID and misc. hardware

I checked her ID just to be sure, noting the expensive additional armor.

I've caught her radio chatter in New York in the past, so it seems like she mostly operates around there. The Junkers assure me the only thing broken in my ship is the 'check engine' light, so I'm taking another peek around Liberty space. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Crackpunch - 11-30-2010


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nametaken - 12-02-2010[Brokenclaw].recognized...uploading data...

Submitting my guncam records and a few other tidbits.

Here are a few prisoners I captured. +

My donation to the R&D fund. +

An old record of an assault on two IND transports. Unsuccessful due to my fighter's inability to deal significant damage to the shields of the IND vessels after Knox crippled his ship in a collision. +

Taunting the Navy while a freelancer kept them busy. +

The destruction of an uncooperative freelancer. +

My repsheet, adjusted to adhere to the Lane Hacker's criteria. +

A Liberty Navy Upholder pilot fails to realise the agility of the Falcion. +

That will be all. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 12-15-2010 data...

Good day operatives, I'll need your help in order to meet with LSF agent known as Sonya Mosby.

Mr.Sanguinetti I need your technical expertise. I need you to adjust two Holo-tainment Bands to Radio Free Liberty frequency. When the time comes I'll need you to block all other incoming frequencies so the meeting there can be done without interruptions.

Mr.Clay you will be presented with the ticket for civilian freighter transporting passengers from Manhattan to Thunder Bay Depot in Ontario. Your mission will be to meet Sonya Mosby aboard the freighter and present her with the envelop containing a password which she will use in the Thunder Bay depot bar while talking to bartender. The password you're about to give her will be told to you by Elektra King.

Miss King, you will fly to Thunder bay depot and give bartender instructions where he will send Sonya Mosby once she uses the password. Mr.Sanguinetti will present you with specially tuned Holo-tainment Band which you will give to Miss Mosby. Once she is plugged in, your mission is to leave her the returning ticket to Manhattan and to disappear from that base.

Thank you. Debriefing will set place on Mactan base. Have a nice day operatives. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 12-16-2010

Elektra leans back in her chair.
I haven't left a message here for a while, could be a good time to start again. data...

Thought for the day: Everyone needs believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

Another eventful evening, I undocked and immediately found myself in a fight with a Mandalorian who decided to lure us into the worst trap I've ever seen in my life.

The "trap" turned out to be a lonely Navy pilot, which was a feeble attempt to stop the four of us.
[Image: itsatrapd.jpg]
[Image: jeffdied.png]

Sure we eventually got overrun by Bounty Hunter gunboats and had to leave, but thats not important. Right? terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 12-16-2010 data...

Good day everyone, I have couple of things to report. As Miss King already told we met an Mandalorian soon as we came out of the base, shooting on Corporate Calamity which was piloted by Mr.Clay.

We managed to drive him away, but he made it out of system alive. He is skilled so be careful, but he is skilled in running from what I have seen, fighting skills couldn't be observed at this situation. In any case I strongly advise to avoid fights when there is a swarm of these mercenaries.

He leaded us into "trap" where 3 navy ships were destroyed before swarms of bounty hunters came where we had to retreat. I managed to took one navy down before I docked at Mactan.

I've checked the USI system as I usually do while I was docked and sent a transmission to one known as Crimson.Reaver so we can arrange a meeting which will determine status of our business relationship. I must say he was very professional and easy to talk to. I'll upload a transcript of conversation.

Quote:[16.12.2010 01:32:57] Paco*Pistols: Now when we are in more pleasent area...good day Mr.Wilder
[16.12.2010 01:33:08] 2010-12-16 01:33:28 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:33:08] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Good day... Mr... Pistols.
[16.12.2010 01:33:24] 2010-12-16 01:33:43 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:33:24] Paco*Pistols: So I believe you wish to work with us
[16.12.2010 01:33:35] 2010-12-16 01:33:54 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:33:35] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Indeed that would be case.
[16.12.2010 01:33:47] 2010-12-16 01:34:06 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:33:47] Paco*Pistols: And I believe you work for navy as well, as I noticed you like to catch rogues from time to time
[16.12.2010 01:33:58] 2010-12-16 01:34:17 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:33:58] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Just the slow ones.
[16.12.2010 01:34:18] 2010-12-16 01:34:38 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:34:18] Paco*Pistols: *laughs* I noticed, but don't worry it won't come beetwen our possible job agreement
[16.12.2010 01:34:23] 2010-12-16 01:34:43 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:34:23] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Oh lovely.
[16.12.2010 01:34:50] 2010-12-16 01:35:10 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:34:50] Paco*Pistols: I'm sure you won't shoot us for credits, and I'm sure we can avoid...being in the position where you're shooting rogues next
[16.12.2010 01:34:59] 2010-12-16 01:35:19 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:34:59] Paco*Pistols: to us, at least important ones for us
[16.12.2010 01:35:09] 2010-12-16 01:35:28 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:35:09] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: We're careful not to cross that line.
[16.12.2010 01:35:26] 2010-12-16 01:35:45 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:35:26] Paco*Pistols: I'm sure, I heard about you..professionalism is something I like and you have it
[16.12.2010 01:35:43] 2010-12-16 01:36:03 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:35:43] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Well, I appreciate the compliment.
[16.12.2010 01:35:57] 2010-12-16 01:36:16 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:35:57] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: We do strive for a certain level of ... competency that our competitors just.... can't seem to match.
[16.12.2010 01:36:16] 2010-12-16 01:36:35 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:36:16] Paco*Pistols: Now..our primary assigment for you is to shoot your competition..which I'm sure will make you happy
[16.12.2010 01:36:21] 2010-12-16 01:36:40 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:36:21] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Always.
[16.12.2010 01:36:32] 2010-12-16 01:36:51 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:36:32] Paco*Pistols: To be precise, we want you to shoot Mandalorians
[16.12.2010 01:36:39] 2010-12-16 01:36:59 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:36:39] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: They're my favorite desert.
[16.12.2010 01:36:54] 2010-12-16 01:37:13 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:36:54] Paco*Pistols: For share of credits of course, which will be presented on bounty board which you will have acces to by default
[16.12.2010 01:37:06] 2010-12-16 01:37:25 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:37:06] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Yes, I have seen it a little bit.
[16.12.2010 01:37:37] 2010-12-16 01:37:57 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:37:37] Paco*Pistols: From time to time more targets will show up, ocassional simpletons we meet in our...wondering trough space
[16.12.2010 01:37:59] 2010-12-16 01:38:19 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:37:59] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Naturally. Trouble makers that ... aren't big enough to bother with personally.
[16.12.2010 01:38:13] 2010-12-16 01:38:32 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:38:13] Paco*Pistols: I'm sure some of them won't be...on your list to shoot, but as long you kill mandalorians I don't care much
[16.12.2010 01:38:37] 2010-12-16 01:38:56 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:38:37] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: I'm glad you're so understanding.
[16.12.2010 01:38:40] 2010-12-16 01:39:00 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:38:40] Paco*Pistols: Now...there is a little personal assigment I would like to offer you, and maybe to your whole group if you think it's wise
[16.12.2010 01:39:04] 2010-12-16 01:39:23 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:39:04] Paco*Pistols: There is a special company which I took interest in
[16.12.2010 01:39:05] 2010-12-16 01:39:24 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:39:05] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Well, depending on what it is, I might need help... But I can keep to a minimum amount of people.
[16.12.2010 01:39:23] 2010-12-16 01:39:42 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:39:23] Paco*Pistols: You see this company...they are my hobby lets say
[16.12.2010 01:39:31] 2010-12-16 01:39:50 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:39:31] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Mhmm.
[16.12.2010 01:39:44] 2010-12-16 01:40:03 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:39:44] Paco*Pistols: I don't want them dead, I can do that as easily by myself if needed. Unless they show up on our board
[16.12.2010 01:40:00] 2010-12-16 01:40:19 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:40:00] Paco*Pistols: Then it's up to you to shoot or not to shoot, depending are they your contractors as well
[16.12.2010 01:40:23] 2010-12-16 01:40:42 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:40:23] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Well... Seems we have a visitor.
[16.12.2010 01:41:15] 2010-12-16 01:41:34 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:41:15] Paco*Pistols: Now this mission I'm about to give you is...important to me
[16.12.2010 01:41:21] 2010-12-16 01:41:41 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:41:21] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: I'm listening.
[16.12.2010 01:41:33] 2010-12-16 01:41:53 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:41:33] Paco*Pistols: It's an intelligence gathering, bit of evidence for me. No shooting involved
[16.12.2010 01:41:57] 2010-12-16 01:42:16 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:41:57] Paco*Pistols: For every image you present me you will get...let's say 10-15Million depending on quality
[16.12.2010 01:42:11] 2010-12-16 01:42:30 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:42:11] Paco*Pistols: I'm sure it's more money then you got for some kills these days
[16.12.2010 01:42:18] 2010-12-16 01:42:37 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:42:18] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: That's an interesting request from a Lane Hacker... But I'm sure I could do that.
[16.12.2010 01:42:20] 2010-12-16 01:42:40 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:42:20] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Certainly is.
[16.12.2010 01:42:29] 2010-12-16 01:42:49 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:42:29] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Who am I taking pictures of?
[16.12.2010 01:42:46] 2010-12-16 01:43:05 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:42:46] Paco*Pistols: Independet Neuralnet Department, also known as IND
[16.12.2010 01:43:05] 2010-12-16 01:43:25 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:43:05] Paco*Pistols: You mission is to bring me evidence with illegal goods in their cargo, if you choose to accept this
[16.12.2010 01:43:18] 2010-12-16 01:43:37 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:43:18] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Mmm... That'll be pretty easy. They already trust us Reavers enough to let us get close with no trouble. Assuming I can find
[16.12.2010 01:43:24] 2010-12-16 01:43:43 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:43:24] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: them when their hauling that sort of cargo.
[16.12.2010 01:43:47] 2010-12-16 01:44:06 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:43:47] Paco*Pistols: Since I have nice collection already, I'm sure it won't be problem for you
[16.12.2010 01:43:58] 2010-12-16 01:44:17 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:43:58] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Certainly won't.
[16.12.2010 01:44:02] 2010-12-16 01:44:22 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:44:02] Paco*Pistols: But unfortunately it is not wise for me to leave Liberty, so you can be my eyes
[16.12.2010 01:44:47] 2010-12-16 01:45:06 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:44:47] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Sounds like a deal to me. I take pictures of them being the evil conglomerate they are, and you pay me for the work.
[16.12.2010 01:45:00] 2010-12-16 01:45:19 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:45:00] Paco*Pistols: Simple as that
[16.12.2010 01:45:23] 2010-12-16 01:45:42 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:45:23] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Always simple with the Lane Hackers.
[16.12.2010 01:45:41] 2010-12-16 01:46:00 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:45:41] Paco*Pistols: *smiles* I tend to simplify things when I complicate my own work
[16.12.2010 01:46:01] 2010-12-16 01:46:21 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:46:01] Crimson.Reaver?!!?: Yeah.....
[16.12.2010 01:46:16] 2010-12-16 01:46:35 SMT
[16.12.2010 01:46:16] Paco*Pistols: Now, if you could care to wait a bit..we are waiting for somebody

Professor Phate came to approve the deal before we disappeared into shadows again. Consider Reavers reliable to work for us.

Mr.Clay and Miss Elektra are assigned to the mission. We're waiting for Miss Mosby to respond before we can arrange a meeting. Everything is set for it. I will update you with more information when everything is done. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Howard10 - 12-18-2010 data...
Well, today was a bit of a downer really. Took off from Mactan, and on passing Freeport 4, ran afoul of the Navy Upholder Cpt.Jack.Traveler. Given that I was actually stalking an Interspace transport at the time, I proceeded to outrun him through Magellan and California. I was going to swing by Ontario to refuel when he appeared again. Deciding that I could take a bomber in my light fighter (and hell, not a chance I was going to drag a hostile bomber home), I stopped to fight. At which point all my onboards went nuts...

Target comm, navigational equipment, onboard steering, power balance and shield capacitors had a mean system lag of about 11%, in additional to extra data loss. I was lucky the whole thing didn't seize up and freeze me in space, to be honest. Anyway, said moron attempted to open fire and fire a Supernova at me without saying a word. I got away with minor scrape-damage to my shield and nothing more.
[18.12.2010 17:21:46] Dialectius: What do you want, pig?
[Cupholder starts shooting]
[18.12.2010 17:22:27] Dialectius: Cat got ya tongue?
[18.12.2010 17:23:01] Dialectius: Now, that weren't nice
[18.12.2010 17:23:10] Dialectius: Shooting a man without a word.
[18.12.2010 17:23:25] Dialectius: I've heard that can get people like you court martialled.

[18.12.2010 17:23:50] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: ok, leave liberty
[Another lawfool appears]
[18.12.2010 17:29:00] [LN]-David.Ripper: Dialectius, this is the Liberty Navy, cut your engines.
[18.12.2010 17:29:00] Dialectius: Wonderful. Two of them.
[18.12.2010 17:29:11] Dialectius: To be honest, I'm doing nothing you say.
[18.12.2010 17:29:19] Dialectius: Not after the way this idiot reacted.

[18.12.2010 17:29:45] [LN]-David.Ripper: Just once it'd be nice you know.... I've got bigger fish to fry.
[18.12.2010 17:29:45] Dialectius: It's not nice being shot at without a word, you know that?
[18.12.2010 17:29:57] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: u keapt attackiang liberty property
[18.12.2010 17:30:10] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: tradelanes r not to be disrupted
[18.12.2010 17:30:10] Dialectius: Really?
[18.12.2010 17:30:28] Dialectius: Glad to hear you've been stalking me and recording my every action

[18.12.2010 17:30:48] [LN]-David.Ripper: You're a hacker, what did you expect? Tea and a chat?
[18.12.2010 17:31:13] Dialectius: Nope. But I did expect the courtesy of being told he was going to attempt to do something other than flail in circles and drool.
[18.12.2010 17:31:46] Dialectius: You mentioned you had bigger fish to fry.
[18.12.2010 17:32:02] Dialectius: Let me improve the genepool by frying this one, while you get lost and do what you have to.

[18.12.2010 17:32:14] [LN]-David.Ripper: *Raises an eyebrow.* That's going to happen.
[18.12.2010 17:32:31] [LN]-David.Ripper: You can handle this Traveler?
[18.12.2010 17:32:42] Dialectius: Sure he can.
[18.12.2010 17:32:48] Dialectius: Look, I'm quaking in my boots.

[18.12.2010 17:32:49] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: no prob
[18.12.2010 17:33:00] Dialectius: Without your supervision, I'll be dead in a moment. Count on it.
[18.12.2010 17:33:03] Dialectius: Heh.

[18.12.2010 17:33:10] [LN]-David.Ripper: *Grins.* Good luck with that.
[Ripper leaves]
[18.12.2010 17:33:22] Dialectius: Oh dear. He's going to get me! * Melodramatic*
[Another appears and starts sniffing around]
[18.12.2010 17:36:17] Dialectius: Lord... Don't you people communicate with each other?
[18.12.2010 17:36:33] Dialectius: Ask David Ripper for the situation

[18.12.2010 17:36:48] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: We communicate just fine. But it seems this fellow here has everything under control.
[18.12.2010 17:36:59] Dialectius: Quite so.
[18.12.2010 17:40:07] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: I think Traveler can handle it.
[18.12.2010 17:40:20] Dialectius: Sure he can. I'm in mortal peril here.
[18.12.2010 17:40:43] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: st lest he knows ir
[18.12.2010 17:40:45] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: it
[18.12.2010 17:40:50] Dialectius: Heheh. Sure I do.
[18.12.2010 17:44:19] Dialectius: C'mon, keep hitting me with mines! That's how you're gonna get me! Heheh.

[A LNS cruiser mooches over]
[18.12.2010 17:44:46] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: You aren't supposed to give us advice you know.
[18.12.2010 17:44:55] Dialectius: This one needs some help.
[18.12.2010 17:45:08] Dialectius: Seriously. You should by him a bib and pacifyer for his birthday.

[18.12.2010 17:45:13] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: I really don't think a cruiser is neccessary
[18.12.2010 17:45:15] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: seems to me u keep running
[18.12.2010 17:45:39] Dialectius: Do I? I'm just seeing if you turn green and muscular when you're angry
[18.12.2010 17:45:39] LNS-Freedom: Moons: Yes, Matt, Engage the Target when you're ready.
[18.12.2010 17:45:59] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: c4
[18.12.2010 17:46:04] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: Roger that, moving in to assist.
[The fighter opens fire too]
[18.12.2010 17:46:41] Dialectius: So who exactly is doing what now?
[18.12.2010 17:46:55] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: Damn that thing is agile
[18.12.2010 17:47:23] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: i keep nibeling, just cant bite his head off
[18.12.2010 17:49:07] Dialectius: Good luck you two.
[18.12.2010 17:49:16] Dialectius: Shame I don't have better thrusters, really.

[Cruiser opens fire]
[18.12.2010 17:51:44] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: This would be easier for everyone if you went home.
[18.12.2010 17:51:50] Dialectius: Oh I know.
[18.12.2010 17:51:59] Dialectius: Easier isn't always better though.

[18.12.2010 17:52:40] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: I think it would be in this situation.
[I shoot a trade lane, ignoring the people shooting at me]
[18.12.2010 17:52:49] Dialectius: Whoops. I just broke the law. Naughty me.
[18.12.2010 17:52:49] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: You don't have to die
[18.12.2010 17:52:54] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: And I dont have to chase you for 5 hours
[18.12.2010 17:52:59] Dialectius: Oh, I don't intend to
[18.12.2010 17:54:07] Dialectius: Currently I'm just debating the best route back

[18.12.2010 17:54:24] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: In a cargo pob
[18.12.2010 17:54:37] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: I mean pod...
[18.12.2010 17:54:38] Dialectius: How clever.
[18.12.2010 17:57:21] Dialectius: You suckers really don't give up, do you?

[18.12.2010 17:57:35] Cpt.Jack.Traveler: we're the navy
[18.12.2010 17:57:38] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: Not until you're gone
[18.12.2010 17:57:43] Adam.Roberts: I see.
[18.12.2010 17:58:07] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: OOPS
[18.12.2010 17:58:14] [LN]-Matt.Falconer: I shot you
[18.12.2010 17:58:16] Dialectius: Huh. That'll teach me to talk and fly at once.
After a while, my malfunctioning equipment got the better of me, and a lucky shot from the fighter sheared the front of my Falchion off. I ejected, and was snatched up by a Rogue patrol who'd been circling, but keeping their distance from the fight themselves. Just as well they were there. Wouldn't want to have started a precedent regarding us and prisons. I hear that later on a DSE cleanup crew turned up to salvage the 80% of my ship that was intact, and tow it off for R&D. Those bastard Rogues who saved me chased them off and sold my ship back to me. Heh, they're businessmen, I'll give them that. Got a shuttle back from Alcatraz to Mactan. The Falchion is in Vespucci undergoing repairs however.

Given that I had nothing else to do for the evening, using the Los Angeles phonebook, I picked Caal C. Cabaniss, then trawled the Neural Net for her profile address. It's now being bombarded with midget porn by 300 zombie servers. That's DDoS with style!
::Dialectus:: terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 12-19-2010 data...

Thought for the day: Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

Sanguinetti asked me to help him transfer his freighter "Someone Else's Problem" from Mactan to Cochrane. I've not seen him much for a few months so I was eager to oblige. After the successful transfer we decided we might have a go at taking down a TF7 ship. Unfortunately it jumped to New York before we could locate it.

We decided instead to head to Colorado, in hope of intercepting two possible targets heading from Shikoku. One of the targets did eventually arrive as expected but we were disheartened upon it's arrival to find a Spatial rather than a cargo laden transport. While Sang was dispatching the Super-Heavy Fighter I stopped an Interspace transport carrying tourists to denver. I was slightly puzzled by the pilots Maltese accent, I guess Interspace will hire anyone.

[Image: carlo.png]

Elektra: Hold up there
Elektra: There's a good boy.

Carlo.Fibonacci: Bongiorno
Elektra: Interspace is it?
Carlo.Fibonacci: si
Elektra: Got an interspace one here.
Elektra: Well that just won't do.
Elektra: That won't do at all

Carlo.Fibonacci: ???
Elektra: That's an odd transport for an Interspace employee I must say.
Elektra: I wonder if my colleague here agree's with me.

Mr_Sanguinetti: I absolutely do.
Mr_Sanguinetti: *whispers* on what, I was busy with that spatial...
Carlo.Fibonacci: scusi ma i don't understand english very well
Elektra: Thats ok, we can make this simple for you.
Elektra: We aren't fans of Interspace, as I'm sure you've guessed.
Elektra: Infact, there's nothing we hate -more- than Interspace Commerce

Carlo.Fibonacci: ma, i just do trade
Elektra: For the most part.
Elektra: Oh it's nothing against you Mr Fibonacci.
Elektra: I'm sure you're a wonderful man.

Carlo.Fibonacci: scusi but i have just 135000
Elektra: But we can't allow the company you work for to make such illicit gains from the innocent people of Liberty.
Elektra: Trust me, we don't want your money.
Elektra: Now, this is what is going to happen.

Mr_Sanguinetti: We don't accept contributions from Interspace employees.
Carlo.Fibonacci: so?
Elektra: Those vacationers, are going to be dropped out of that hold of yours. So that we can get one of our transports to redistribute them.
Elektra: They will be much happier when we have taken care of them.
Elektra: And then, you are going to turn around and go back the way you came.

Carlo.Fibonacci: drop tourists in space? you're really cruel
Elektra: I'm sure Interspace has far more evil plans for them than we could possibly dream of.
Mr_Sanguinetti: Their escape-pods will sustain them until the rescue unit arrives.
Elektra: Also, the last point. This one is optional.
Elektra: When you get back.
Elektra: Quit your job for me.

Carlo.Fibonacci: i've no plans about anyone
Elektra: Not you. But the company you work for.
Mr_Sanguinetti: Now Mr flunky, you wouldn't want us to discombobulate that ship closing them off from their freedom do you?
Mr_Sanguinetti: It could endangre them, and also the crew.
Carlo.Fibonacci: if i could i change ID, too much problems with it
Elektra: We're here to save them, Liberty, and yourself from the foul corporation that owns that ship of yours.
Mr_Sanguinetti: If we can get you to leave the clutches of the evil IC, we did our job well.
Elektra: As I said. You can stay with Interspace if you like. It was a recommendation.
Elektra: By the time you've flown back. We will be long gone.

Carlo.Fibonacci: i don't understand all what you said, sorry
Carlo.Fibonacci: speak, simply , please
Mr_Sanguinetti: Don't worry about that. Elektra, you should go for a transport.
Elektra: Ok, you can deal with him.
Elektra: I'll be back.

I returned to find Sanguinetti under attack by the transport. Needless to say I intervened.

LH~Ageira's.Bane: I'm back.
Mr_Sanguinetti: and the rescue team is here...
LH~Ageira's.Bane: Oh dear. What happened here.
LH~Ageira's.Bane: Looks like I better help.

Death: Carlo.Fibonacci was put out of action by LH~Ageira's.Bane (Gun).
LH~Ageira's.Bane: I should have got a bigger transport
LH~Ageira's.Bane: But I like this one.

Mr_Sanguinetti: Well, such happens.
LH~Ageira's.Bane: Right, I'll drop these off at Leiden for transfer later.
Mr_Sanguinetti: That's a war we fight. Civilian casualties are sad but necesairy.
Mr_Sanguinetti: All right. I'm taking a break. That was a long chat with that fellow...

LH~Ageira's.Bane: Ok, nice seeing you again.

We make quite the team. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 12-19-2010
Hello, I thought I should share a couple of Brutus's statements.
[Image: th_screen702.jpg] [Image: th_screen816.jpg]

Do you think the Outcasts are paying Mandalorian Mercs? I'd say they are.
[Image: th_screen677.jpg]

A photo of a Lane Hacking party
[Image: th_screen706.jpg]

This is from a Cardamine run. The convoy itself was far ahead. The foolish attacker was demolished.
[Image: th_screen759.jpg]

And this is the part where the Lane Hackers & co. remind the proud Bretonia that their lobsters aren't invincible.
[Image: th_screen718.jpg]

Few days ago, I came across an IDF marked convoy - seemed to be from Gallia - with Tobacco and Wine. The transports collided with planet Gunnison and their escort fighter was destroyed by the Liberty Navy. I salvaged whatever was left of him, including a few good bottles.
[Image: th_screen807.jpg] [Image: th_screen808.jpg] [Image: th_screen809.jpg] [Image: th_screen810.jpg]
[Image: th_screen813.jpg] [Image: th_screen814.jpg] [Image: th_screen815.jpg]

That's all for this news summary.