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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-13-2008

……comm.ID.Frosty recognized…transmission.encrypted…uploading data……

Yesterday, I intercepted a Bounty Hunter fighter near the old gate to New York in the Barrier. He was taking on Shadow Roc, an HF recruit. I engaged and destroyed the bogie. Scans indicate that his base of operations is Sheffield station, Manchester.
[Image: frosty_simonblack.gif]
The rest of the day was quite calm and peaceful.

………hack terminated……

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-14-2008 data...

Been a strange couple of days. Couple days ago, I went over to New York for some fun with the Liberty folk. Good times, good times. Mania Interrogation!

The other night before I hopped off at Mactan for some sleep I was threatened by an IMG. IMG! Miners, of all people! I could hardly believe it. He mentioned something about rumbling, but I was too tired to care, really.

Today I managed a large number of things! Got the Xenos to hate me, went to visit the Rogues up in Cassini, Hackers up in Leiden, and the Zoners up in Ames. Long trip, but I came back one codename richer. Flew my way back down to Mactan for a short break and some food.

Later, went out on a pirating mission with Ernst. Svengali, Looter, and Le Chiffre weren't far behind, but they missed out on two nice, nice traders. Got two million off of each. Split fifty-fifty with Ernst. When Svengali and company caught up... Some Mercenaries showed! They wanted our bounties, but we showed them! I managed to whack two while Ernst got the other. Unfortunately, Looter lost his ship. Went back to Buffalo... Sleepy-time.

Sorry for the quick writing, but I'm in a rush at the moment... May be more informative later! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-14-2008 data...

I got jumped! By the FH! This guy said he was "Reaper." A guy I remember... I believe we called him a coward before he vaped us. Dear shame. Anyway! This guy was SO not nice. This time, he was in a BGH1 Bounty Hunter Gunship! Bounty Hunter tagged and ID'd... Name was... FH~Ralph.Thorson.

Oh, right... Should give you the facts in order. Right, so I'm flying from Mactan down the Cambridge where I can find some Corsairs to kill to get my rep correct, yes? So I take the jump hole from Leeds to Cambridge and just out in the middle of nowhere, I find some Corsairs. So I start shootin' them, they shoot back but eventually burst into flames. While I'm in the middle of this, I notice my hull disappearing way too fast, so I my bots and bats and take evasive actions only to find a gunship shooting at me without warning!

I'm desperate, now... I'm all alone in foreign land, so I find the nearest jump hole and take it. Which takes me to Omega-3, then I jump right back. He fell for it, and I kicked in my cruise engines and left scanner range before he could get back through the hole. I had a conversation with him afterward...

He tells me straight up that he's the same guy who was sitting next to Buffalo killing our allies! Who we called a coward before he shot at us! The Director should remember this... Terrible day. So yeah... Watch out for the FH, folks! They don't like the LH and appear to be out for vengeance!... I'm gonna talk to Moriarty over more private comms. terminated...

// What the hell? This guy has no love for Role Play in any sort... And just tried to vape me for that "Oh yay! I killed a Lane Hacker!... Grr...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-14-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Today I carry out 2 CODENAME weapons from a successful expeditions. Also a lot of other kind of guns and weapons are already on board of Interrogator.

While this not short trip I engaged few wings of navy & police vessels. Also few aggressivly conducting bounty hunters ships were shoot down as well. What is more I have captured, seems some very important Agiera Technologies VIP traveling under secure of heavy convoy.

Uploading data will be send soon.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-15-2008 data..

Today me, Le.Chiffre and a Liberty Rogue fighter went on a quick hack in the New York system.

We masterfully evaded LSF fleet massing in California and entered New York from Colorado. At Norfolk shipyard we found a train with a [/JG\] signature. Upon our approach it mysteriously disappeared, I suggest it must be some kind of cloaking or temporally displacement device.

Downloading sensitive date from the trade lane to texas we were attacked by two LSF vessels. A liberator LF and Havoc MKII bomber.

The Rogue fighter that was with us started to experience control problems and was destroyed unable to effectively maneuver his vessel. Soon after that the LSF fighter fell to a mine.

[Image: fr1.jpg]

An LSF gunboat arrived to support the corporate servants, we kept our focus on the bomber and managed to inflict some serious damage when Le.Chiffre's ship got blown to pieces. I tractored in his escape pod and due to arrival of a BHG vessel was forced to retreat.

Arriving at Buffalo I discovered a Codename weapon in my hold... checking the logs to discover it's origin now. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-15-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Few hours ago while my break at Mactan Base where i was enjoying my time with a little help of Cardamine I received msg from Refrigerator. He was on his way to Maggelan with a smuggling cargo. He had to pass through NY then California which was crowded with LSF patrols. During his way some liberty police vessel engaged him but after short fight he was forced to withdraw. As Refrigerator said he had full cargo of engine components so following this fact he was propably heading to Freeport 4. I set the trap in a middle of trade lane and wait for him. He arrived soon but not for long.

[Image: kill1sm8.png]

Sample of Engine Components is already on board of Interrogation Vessel.

[Image: enginecompdz4.png]

Just few minutes later me and Frosty received information from Llibery Rogues that 3 bounty hunters 1 police and 1 LSF vessels are moving to Magellan. We rendezvous LR ships near Vesspuci jump gate and moved on to Magellan. Enagaged 5 hostiles near Freeport 4. All of them evaporated soon. I had some ship system bugs during a fight which cosued that i was able to register only this.

[Image: kill3gw6.png]

[Image: kill2dc5.png]

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-16-2008 data..

During yet another Lane Hacking mission I found an advanced train with a fighter escort. I asked the train for a donation but fire from both him and the escort was the answer. After I tried to persuade the trader with my Hellfurys the escort fighter became too much of a nuisance and was destroyed.

[Image: scorns.jpg]

I continued to persuade the trader, but a BHG Gunship came to assist. The trader made his escape as 2 SA fighters, 1 Merc freighter, 2 BHG GBs, and 2 BHG BCs converged on my location.

One of the attacking SA fighters had a close experience with one of my mines:

[Image: sabr.jpg]

Which resulted in a rather surprised escape pod occupant:
[Image: sabr2th.jpg]

Wondering why the Merc Freighter was attacking me I asked him over open channels. His response was "to get some aiming practice". Well, that was ok for me, so I used him for a target practice with my Hellfurys as well.

[Image: taiko.jpg]

Looks like my aiming instructor will be more happy than his.

Short time after this one of my guns got blow off by the concentrated fire of the remaining 1 Fighter, 2 GBs and 2 BCs, so I decided to leave the area. Which I managed after some evading in the Badlands.

I made it to the Galileo system without further incidents. Before I could manage to land on Leiden I spotted a Large Transport. Even without one of my guns my remaining Hellfurys convinced him to make a donation. I arrived at Leiden in a scratched ship.. but with 3 extra kills and extra 500k credits. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-17-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

1. All Hackers should familiarize themselves with the data contained in the following channels : Datalink 1 [esp. posts 8,11], Datalink 2

2. Congratulations to Highwayman, Sherwood Forest, and Refrigerator on their recent promotions. [refer to post 2 of this channel]

3. All Hackers should review the first 6 posts in this channel. Changes have been made to career criteria and our alliances. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-17-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Today's report:

This morning while heading back to Mactan with cargo full of liberty police, navy and bounty hunters pilots, some VH Navy Fighter engaged me in New York system. After tough and long fight there was nothing to seek after him.

[Image: kill2mi9.png]

Nothing more has happen this morring.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-17-2008 data..

I undocked from Beamount and found myself in the middle of a combined LR/HF attack against Pittsburgh. I hurried to their aid.. scouting the LSF fleet at Norfolk in the process.

It was a large battle where the combined LSF/independent forces gained the upper hand. They however suffered heavy casualties and only the constantly arriving reinforcements turned the tide to their favor. A large number of ship was destroyed from the shockwave of exploding =LSF=Goliath. I downed an =LSF= bomber and retreated when an ion storm hit the area.

[Image: vail.jpg]

Arriving at Mactan I found 4 Codename weapons in my hold. They were handed to the R&D division immediately. terminated..