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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 12-20-2010 data...

Interspace. We got one. I'll attach all the necessary logs.

[Image: interspace.jpg]

IC|Columbus: How much you want?
Elektra: You think I want money?
IC|Columbus: I hope so
Elektra: I think you can stop now.
IC|Columbus: Can I move at impulse at least?
Elektra: Now, what I want. Is you to follow my advice.
Elektra: Drop. The. Cargo. Now
Elektra: And quickly.
Elektra: I don't have all day.
IC|Columbus: But why, sir?
Elektra: Because I'm afraid you work for Interspace
Elektra: And that just won't do.
Elektra: Not one bit.
IC|Columbus: Money is not an option?
Elektra: Your illicit gains are of no importance to me.
Elektra: Only the loss of profits for the foul corporation you work for.
IC|Columbus: No, I mean, would any kind of donation to you clear things up?
Elektra: Not in the slightest. As I said. Drop it.
Elektra: I'm not that stupid
Elektra: -All- of it.
IC|Columbus: Oh, sorry mate

[Image: interspacecargo.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 12-21-2010

Happy anniversary, everyone. 3 years ... and we're still running around mugging those who have had it coming.
[Image: th_screen872.jpg] [Image: th_screen878.jpg]

Of course, we treat everyone fairly. Just so you are not mislead, here's the appendix.
[Image: th_screen873.jpg] [Image: th_screen874.jpg] [Image: th_screen875.jpg] [Image: th_screen876.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Enoch - 12-21-2010

[Image: decrypt.png]
Happy anniversary.
3 Years and we are still alive... I consider this as a success.

[Image: clayy.png]

[Image: enceypt.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 12-21-2010 data...

Happy anniversary my colleges, I'm glad to see our business going good as usual. And to see you all discombobulating those who dare to oppose our cleansing of immoral corrupted villains.

*Opens a bottle* May you live long as time itself ladies and gentlemen.

Here is a little collection for your pleasure.

Gift 1 , Gift 2 , Gift 3 , Gift 4 , Gift 5 , Gift 6

Now lets go celebrate terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lost Highway - 12-23-2010 data...

Decided to take a quick tour of of the Lane Hacker facilities.

I started my flight at Monterrey Base in Vespucci and proceeded to map the system. However, for whatever reason, Fort Leniex does not show up on my navmap. I assume it's a defense measure.

From there I visited Mactan, home. Cochrane in Ontario.

However, when I made it to Galileo to visit Leiden base, I was absolutely astounded to find an LSF Gunsboat outside of the station!
[Image: th_screen7.jpg][Image: th_screen8.jpg]

I called for Phate as backup, but the gunboat destroyed my Dagger and escaped before Phate could arrive. I took a full scan of the ship, but I lost it with my ship.

So... I got a replacement Dagger from Leiden.

Phate and I found a camara near Leiden with a single codename weapon. He fled to Shikoku and we gave chase. However, he managed to dock on planet Junyo before we could halt him so we turned back. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lost Highway - 12-23-2010 data...

No pictures today, nothing interesting.

Finished my promotion requirements a number of hours ago, waiting approval for promotion to buy a Scimitar or other like ship.

Watch Phate, Paco.Pistols, and Elektra have what seems to be a bad day.

Pirating in a Dagger is harder than I remember. Hostile weapon and ships have been generally upgraded since I last flew a Dagger. Oh well, tomorrow looks to be more promising.

-Highway terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nametaken - 12-23-2010 data...

Success! With only minimal effort, I managed to persuade the crew of a Bowex vessel into purchasing nothing. +

Oh and I teased a Navy officer, but that doesn't really matter. + terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 12-23-2010 data...

A nice day in Magellan. Mr Pistols and I were tracking a Cruiser captain traveling to Bretonnia. Debrief-data indicated that he was heading there to obtain experimental weaponry for the malignant regime's lapdogs. They did escape our bombers on their way to Leeds, but we managed to catch them on their way home. The said weaponry has been confiscated for the betterment of our society.

[Image: colonel.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 12-23-2010 data...

Oh yes that was quite a nice catch for Mr.Sanguinetti and me. I don't think he will get brave again to lurk around Magellan or to try supply Navy lapdogs using our system as a shortcut. Captain was least to say a incompetent clown.

While I was checking Liberty on USI system I've spotted a nice transport, call named IC|Miami, one of our favorite future victims otherwise known as Interspace Commerce. Target tried to run, but he was stuck in asteroid field which made him good as dead in that time. His cargo was practically begging me to be extorted so it was. After contacting a rogue about a transport and getting a negative response, Mr.Romanos showed up and was able to get me a pick up ship, while I was guarding the cargo. Interspace economy will be shuttered by this act. That would be all. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 12-27-2010 data...

Good day operatives, today we extorted and disgronified all those who think they can stop us. Mr.Romanos and me managed to spot Interspace vessel going to Manchester where we stopped him. After he was successfully stopped he decided to call Bretonian lapdogs on us, so he was discombobulated instantly.

[Image: 64092794.png]

He of course tried to run, but he didn't manage to get far enough.

Next target was an BMM shire, trying to initiate a dock sequence while talking to us, Mr.Romanos and me took care of it.

He was rather friendly to leave us his remains.

[Image: goldlooted.png][Image: romanosmesmuggler.png]

One of our transports picked up the loot.

Next victim of our productive day was an Ageira vessel, who was caught in Kepler. He was extorted since he didn't haul anything in his ship. He was aware of situation so he payed and left the scene.

[Image: ageira.png]

After we continued doing our job in New York, one cruiser decided to attack Mr.Knox, he was took care of in matter of seconds.

[Image: cruiserrun.png]

He was badly damaged and initiated jump to California, we left him run so we can continue our mission.

As the final victim of our obscene ingenuity we found an Liberty gunboat lurking around Cortez, trying to force his false government laws upon that system, needles to mention he was disgruntled in minutes.

[Image: 1781bgbdead.png]

That would be all for now, our operatives handled this day really impressive. terminated...