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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lost Highway - 12-28-2010 data...

Status update for the last few days.

Completed Trainee requirements, purchased Scimitar Light Fighter.
Received armor upgrade MKVIII from LH|Interrogatory.

Convinced one smuggler carrying Luxury food to Liberty to donate to our cause.
[Image: JackTorrence.png]
[Image: MoneyFromJack.png]

Completed reputation management, nearly to Hacker Guard. I have no come in contact with a Corsair as of yet, so I am not sure what their reputation is to me.
[Image: reputation.png]

Donated $5,000,000 S.CR to the Lane Hacker R&D Department.
[Image: givecash.png]

Assisted Konstantine Romanos in bargaining Gold Ore from a friendly pirate in Liberty. Recieved a cut of 6.5 million.

Posted as a Libertonian Socio-Capitalist Journalist and successfully interrogated SCRA forces and discovered their basic history and objectives. Forwarded to the Professors privately. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 12-28-2010

I just rememberd that I promised Eric I'd post some flight logs, so here's the imagery. I think it will be best if I leave it without comment. It was a lot of gold.

[Image: th_screen1114.jpg] [Image: th_screen1107.jpg] [Image: th_screen1109.jpg] [Image: th_screen1111.jpg] [Image: th_screen1112.jpg] [Image: th_screen1113.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-03-2011 data...

Good day everyone, as usual we made some clean up in Liberty full of flunky mess. The report contains new and old files captured from operations we did in last couple of days. First corrupted captain who decided to run from us after openly showing his support for Liberty Navy was destroyed by Mr.Romanos.

While we were in New York a rather interesting ship already known amongst our operatives showed up on scanners, he was warned to stop but instead he decided to open fire.

[Image: searcher.png]
[Image: searcherdead.png]

Today Mr.Clay and me conducted an series of extorting operations across the Colorado system, there were few interesting captains trying to avoid contributing to our cause, which brought us to the point we couldn't let them keep their ship or cargo load to themselves, we will not allow anyone who works with Liberty wannabe government to get richer while making our enemies stronger.

[Image: gsrgs.png]
[Image: mattdead.png]

First was an captain of Kishiro vessel, who decided it was a good option to waste my time by asking series of uninteresting questions, he was hit by a nova torpedo.

[Image: foreandead.png]

Second one was an independent trader who was brave enough to open fire on Mr.Clay without saying a word, in an empty ship ! He was made into an example for the others.

That would be all for now, I'll be somewhere on the neural. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-05-2011 data...

It was an interesting day, when we showed up in space our patrols told us about Navy capital ships in Ontario, we gather a fleet of bombers and went to commence their downfall. In the middle of the fight Mr.Sanguinetti had to eject, but I tractor his pod and put him in charge of nova torpedo cannon, which he handles far more better then myself. I'll attach couple of images.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

When we cleaned up the mess we got an report of navy gunboat in California system which we decided to chase, unfortunately he managed to escape but LSF bomber showed up near the hole. He was disgruntled by Mr.Romanos in seconds.

[Image:] [Image:]

Of course, not a single day can pass without some mercenary trying to score a quick bag of credits by trying to shoot us. This undefined unintelligent example of an pilot was even warned from me, I told him to run and not show up ever again. Imagine what....he was left drifting in middle of nowhere.

[Image:] [Image:]
At the end I decided to visit the Leiden bar....I heard new waitress is....see you in the morning.

[Image:] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Konstantine - 01-07-2011 data...

Good evening everyone. I just stopped by to drop off some images from the recent patrols.
First it's a misguided lapdog fighter, who followed me into ontario, and.. got what he deserved.
[Image: th_screen114-1.jpg]

After that, an image from the ontario capship carnage, the flunky naval ship blown to a mix of dust, scrap and broken dreams...
[Image: th_screen118-1.jpg]

And finally, shortly after that, my bomber vs bomber ecounter against the lapdog pride - upholder.
[Image: th_screen119-1.jpg]
This image shows what will be left of you, if YOU decide to mess with The Lane Hackers like that poor flunky. Nothing is what will remain of you. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lost Highway - 01-09-2011 data...

Status update for 7-1.

After I obtained guard reputation, I began my patrol with intent to complete promotion requirement number two, command of a piracy team. I enlisted the assistance of Konstantine.Romanos and Eric.Knox. Romanos had prior engagement as an escort for a Lane Hacker transport to Malta. Eric Knox and I began our sweep of the area. While searching for probable targets, one transport by the name of Jack. We had a short conversation, outlined below.

Highwayman.: Mammoth transport, Universal Shipping, Toxic waste...
Jack: Hello there friend.
Jack: Ya some one needs to clean up for say.

Highwayman.: You are however, trespassing our space and we're going to have make you pay for that.
Highwayman.: For a ship of your size, I believe the charge comes to around, 1.25 million credits...
Highwayman.: Otherwise, we have to discombobulate you.

Jack: all i have is around.. lets see.
Jack: 200 000 just a dot over that.

Highwayman.: Well, then we are at an impasse.
Eric.Knox.:: It looks your job doesn't pay much
Eric.Knox.:: get another one
Eric.Knox.:: after you pay us

Highwayman.: I think you're trying to weasel out of this, and we're not falling for it.
Highwayman.: Well... Shame. Disgronify him.

[Image: th_screen74.jpg]

He refused our reasonable demands, so we were forced to decompress his ship. Shame, truly.

Regardless! We caught work from the Eraser of an ore shipment inbound for Liberty. We were a little slow, Knox and I, so he managed to escape to Detroit Munitions. We were caught by a number of Navy vessels, TF7 and [LN]. While we made our escape, we were informed of an IND transport hauling Tobacco.

LH~Eraser.: IND here with tobacco.
LH~Eraser.: Leeds hole, heading to lIberty...

By this point, Romanos and Paco Pistols had both returned from Malta. Pistols obtained a Dromedary, Knox was in a Waran, and Romanos was in his gunship. I was, of course, flying my Scimitar.

The Liberty Navy quickly became aware of Romanos' gunship and left my Scimitar alone to chase him into California, where I followed and flew past. At this point, I encountered the IND transport. Romanos was engaged with and distracted the LN forces that were pursuing us until we could lay waste to the treacherous IND transport. I called for support from Knox and Pistols. Eventually the Lawfools caught on the ruse and made their way over, but much too late. The transport was on it's last legs and destroyed before they could interfere.

[IND]Running.Dry: Morning!
Highwayman.: Interspace Neuralnet Division..
Konstantine'Romanos: I'll keep the navies with me
[IND]Running.Dry: Affraid so.
Highwayman.: Drop all of your cargo. Right now.
Highwayman.: Knox, jump and fly past them to me please.
Eric.Knox:..: got it

[IND]Running.Dry: Uhhh... Why would I do that?
Highwayman.: Because you will be atomically disgronified otherwise.
Eric.Knox:..: no playing around
[IND]Running.Dry: Ugh.
[IND]Running.Dry: So pushy.
[IND]Running.Dry: I mean now I have a dent.
[IND]Running.Dry: Dents are bad!

TF7|SK-M.Ralusch: Bad, bad.
TF7|SK-M.Ralusch: See Mister Knox, you'll probably die.

Eric.Knox:..: probably
TF7|SK-M.Ralusch: So I'd leave the transport, because you won't escape me.
TF7|SK-M.Ralusch: Now's the time to see if you can

Paco:Pistols:: Ah my favorite captain, prepare to be disgronified
Death: [IND]Running.Dry was put out of action by Highwayman. (Gun).
Highwayman.: Everyone scatter.
Paco:Pistols:: Send our regard to Ageira

[Image: th_screen75.jpg]

Paco Pistols made it out first with a load out tobacco, 622 units, leaving Romanos in his Gunship, Knox in his Waran, and myself in a Scimitar versus two very competent Liberty Navy pilots in Guardians. Primary goal was to split the hostiles leaving insufficient firepower to destroy Romanos on his gunship and leaving an opportunity for Knox to flee. With some careful use of CDs, Romanos and I were able to get the better of the two to be unable to follow Knox, leaving him alone with one [LN] pilot. The TF7 engaged Romanos' gunboat, and I found it time to catch up to Knox to provide fire support so the tailing bogey couldn't sit on his six. All the way back to Alcatraz I kept the [LN] pilot busy. Knox docked and I kept her engaged until Romanos could catch up and land on the base. Unfortunately, just before high-tailing it myself, I ... drifted into a mine I was not aware of and lost my ship. Fortuantely, I was close enough to Alcatraz to simply be picked up by the Rogue patrols in the area.

All in all, not too terrible. We managed to avoid the promised loss of Eric Knox, save the cargo carried by Paco Pistols, and prevent the terribly expensive gunship Romanos flew from taking heavy damage. All while eliminating an IND pest. Only losses were of course, my light fighter.


addendum; digging through my archives I seem to have found proof that I have driven a man of the law to utter insanity. Unfortunately.... I do not have further proof of my mania interrogation of him, so I will likely have to wait to complete that requirement.
[Image: th_screen49.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-11-2011 data...


The following secure comm channel report features adjusting attitudes by professional and skilled extortion agents. Accordingly, The Lane Hackers and its agents must insist that no one attempts to recreate or re-enact any attitude adjusting preformed in this channel.

Attitudes adjusted to the following flunkies, lapdogs and other unintelligent plot twisters in this galaxy in very specific order that doesn't necessarily have to be alphabetically.

[Image: loverboy.jpg]
[Image: kill8.jpg]
[Image: kill7.jpg]
[Image: kill6.jpg]
[Image: kill4.jpg]
[Image: kill2g.jpg]
[Image: kill1w.jpg]
[Image: kill3.jpg]
[Image: kill5.jpg]

Trading flunkies can leave,
even miners can fly away,
the greed is our slave. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-11-2011 data...

People get crazy when they do not sleep, sometimes insomnia makes you do things you couldn't done if you rested. Sometimes little wondrous , ugly and surprising things come to clear away the cobwebs, and you can count on nothing but that craziness that wakes you up.

Quote:[11.01.2011 03:59:00] MM~Sagg'Tar'di;: Oh good day
[11.01.2011 03:59:02] 2011-01-11 03:59:11 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:02] Lambton.Brimble: Oh now you'd be best to think twice.
[11.01.2011 03:59:19] 2011-01-11 03:59:28 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:19] Lambton.Brimble: Do not threaten the Queens army...
[11.01.2011 03:59:29] 2011-01-11 03:59:38 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:29] Chimera: Not really, how about paying me 1.5 million credits Lambton
[11.01.2011 03:59:36] 2011-01-11 03:59:45 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:36] Chimera: Very quickly
[11.01.2011 03:59:45] MM~Sagg'Tar'di;: How about you shut up, hacker
[11.01.2011 03:59:51] 2011-01-11 04:00:00 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:51] Lambton.Brimble: Why? Before my forces get here?
[11.01.2011 03:59:56] 2011-01-11 04:00:05 SMT
[11.01.2011 03:59:56] MM~Sagg'Tar'di;: Before I put my gun in your mouth and do it for you
[11.01.2011 04:00:01] 2011-01-11 04:00:11 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:01] Konstantine.Romanos:: i'm fine
[11.01.2011 04:00:02] 2011-01-11 04:00:12 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:02] Lambton.Brimble: I see...
[11.01.2011 04:00:11] 2011-01-11 04:00:20 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:11] Lambton.Brimble: Get him boys.
[11.01.2011 04:00:11] 2011-01-11 04:00:20 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:11] MM~Sagg'Tar'di;: That's right, run rat
[11.01.2011 04:00:12] 2011-01-11 04:00:21 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:13] Chimera: You're so evil
[11.01.2011 04:00:18] 2011-01-11 04:00:27 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:18] Chimera: *laughs*
[11.01.2011 04:00:22] 2011-01-11 04:00:31 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:22] LH~Corporate.Calamity: nope
[11.01.2011 04:00:29] 2011-01-11 04:00:38 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:29] Charles.Brimble: Thats run go on
[11.01.2011 04:00:31] 2011-01-11 04:00:40 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:32] Lambton.Brimble: And you are so pathetic.
[11.01.2011 04:00:39] 2011-01-11 04:00:48 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:42] Chimera: I'll mark your words
[11.01.2011 04:00:46] 2011-01-11 04:00:55 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:46] Chimera: 2 gb's, shire and MM
[11.01.2011 04:00:49] 2011-01-11 04:00:58 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:49] Chimera: going to mactan
[11.01.2011 04:00:59] 2011-01-11 04:01:08 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:00:59] Lambton.Brimble: I will not mark yours. For it was an act of stupidity
[11.01.2011 04:01:14] 2011-01-11 04:01:24 SMT
[11.01.2011 04:01:14] Chimera: Better, I like taking fools in surprise

Mandalorian thought he was something.....they all do.

Quote:[11.01.2011 04:11:34] Death: MM~Sagg'Tar'di; was put out of action by Konstantine.Romanos: (Gun).

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Quote:[11.01.2011 04:21:17] Paco:Pistols: Surpriseeeeeeeeeeee

Better....I like taking down fools in surprise.....

That would be all, I'll be somewhere on the neural net. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lost Highway - 01-13-2011 data...

I spotted an Interspace headed toward Liberty from Kusari and made my way to intercept him with LH~Simon's.Folly. We made it just in time and caught him in the lane between Denver and the New York Jump Gate.

Lost_Highway: Interspace Commerce.
IC|Austin: Ted: I aint running hold yer fire.
Lost_Highway: That's smart of you.
IC|Austin: Ted: How can help you lads today?
Lost_Highway: You can release control of the government.
Lost_Highway: But since I know your bosses aren't going to go for that....
Lost_Highway: What would be more fitting a punishment.
Lost_Highway: All of your cargo, perhaps.
LH~Simon's.Folly: Make a puppet out of him like he makes of Liberty?
Lost_Highway: I like that one.
Lost_Highway: I think both.
IC|Austin: Ted: Please they will fire me if I release my cargo.
LH~Simon's.Folly: Yea, the cargo probably works better
Lost_Highway: You can find a better job for a less corrupt corporation.
LH~Simon's.Folly: Then you will be released from Enslavment
Lost_Highway: One less pawn for Interspace to use.
LH~Simon's.Folly: Indeed.
Lost_Highway: Perhaps you can even join the Lane Hackers, should you prove to have the constitution necessary.
Lost_Highway: Anything is better than being a pawn for Interspace's seedy and immoral business ventures.
IC|Austin: Ted: How about I pay each of you 2 million and be on my way.
Lost_Highway: No.
Lost_Highway: We have standards for the likes of you.
IC|Austin: Ted; No? You are passing up a good deal.
Lost_Highway: No restraints for the puppets of the corporate kleptocracy.
Lost_Highway: You will dance and sing about the flaws inherent in Interspace's monopolistic control of Liberty.
Lost_Highway: And then you will drop everything you have.
Lost_Highway: You can keep your pants.
IC|Austin: Ted: See its your kind that makes me sick. Trying to take money from hard working people.
Lost_Highway: Once you drop it, we're only taking what we can carry... The rest you destroy.
IC|Austin: Ted: Do what you must. I would rather die than give the like of you my cargo willingly. *Puts on blindfold*
Lost_Highway: So be it.
LH~Simon's.Folly: Well?
Lost_Highway: Atomize him.
Lost_Highway: He's flying blindfolded.
Death: IC|Austin was put out of action by LH~Simon's.Folly (Gun).
[Image: th_screen5-2.jpg][Image: th_screen6-2.jpg]

Shortly after we were accosted by members of the Liberty Navy.... who scared us off of the majority of the loot. We did make off with just over 1000 units of Quantum Multiplexors. All in all a good day. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-14-2011 data...

Today was an long and interesting day, we were out there in the field, amongst the lanes. Collecting, gathering, learning....extorting. This was one of those days when mercenaries decide to crawl from their holes and try to earn money, in the end they figure out that it was the worst decision they made in last couple of years.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

And most amusing of those are ones who dare to come into barrier, maybe they are considered brave...I wonder what stories are told when they never return.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Somewhere around Cortez we found an OSC liner....then the second one came. You expect an "travel" agency to know when to pay their dues. But seems this renegades decided to get themselves killed. We didn't have problems giving their hulls rapid decompression.

[Image:] [Image:]

Finally we got information on Interspace flunky transport, he was monitored, stopped, destroyed, while his cargo was confiscated. Another victory to our forces, making Interspace snakes cry and bankrupt. We decided to stay around New York, since valuable ore shipments were coming in that way. The following images will explain our influence and impact on those who dared to come near us.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

I wonder why do captains never listen to demands made...maybe they think if they pretend they didn't hear it, it won't be true ? I'm glad he was one of them, corruption doesn't deserve to see another day.

[Image:] [Image:]

Another great day in the field, our operations were successful. Credits were earned, lapdogs were killed, remember we are out there. terminated...