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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 01-16-2011
[Image: th_screen1276.jpg] [Image: th_screen1280.jpg] [Image: th_screen1349.jpg] [Image: th_screen1350.jpg]
[Image: th_screen1355.jpg] [Image: th_screen1357.jpg] [Image: th_screen1358.jpg] [Image: th_screen1377.jpg]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-18-2011 data...

Mr.Knox and I had a pleasure of running into swarm of flunkies, and they had pleasure of learning one of the most valuable lessons they could. Do not oppose a Lane Hacker.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Did I mention how diabolical Mr.Knox's aim can became in times he gets slightly upset by unintelligent lapdogs ? And who can be a better example then a bounty hunter ?

[Image:] [Image:]

The candyman.....the candyman can.... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 01-18-2011 data...

Good day operatives, we had a profitable day. It all started by bombing an captain lost in Ontario, our patrols gave us information about Navy carrier wondering around like he is lost and drunk, we assembled a team of bombers which contributed to discombobulation of the said vessel, along with the snub craft lapdog which just showed up and started shooting.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

We spent rest of the day extorting and destroying flunkies along with their escorts, approximately 60 million credits was made. The following images should show the uncooperative part of them.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:][Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

After we wrapped up our diabolical infamous work, we did some practicing around Mactan when Interspace captain contacted me and sent 12 million credits to my account. Thinking he could buy me ! This fool doesn't realize who is he dealing with, I suggest we teach him. Call sign is IC|Dallas, and I'll have surprise for him.

[Image: ic12m.jpg]

That would be all, signing off. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Largo - 01-21-2011

...hack data...

As much as I'd like to accommodate everyone's curiosity about my life outside of Liberty in the past few years, I am unable to give that information at the moment. Sr. Professor Moriarty is, I believe, well informed about my absence. What is important is that I am back, alive, and hungry for some patsies.
I am hereby asking for permission to fully return amongst the Lane Hacker ranks.

While my records were being checked out on Leiden base, I had a few extraordinary actions coordinated by a senior Hacker, Mister Knox.

First of all, two Xenos engaged me in California. Those terrorist bastards took a Hacker as priority target over the nearby Liberty Navy ship, and chased me for some time. Once the Navy was out of the equation, I thought I should give the Xenos a run for their lives.
The first one ran into two Nuclear mines and his ship suddenly became a ball of fire.
The second Xeno fought until his ship started burning too, at which point he managed to sneak trough the Trade lane and get away.

In the next action, an Ageira dog managed to steal 600 Gold Ore which we properly earned from one Interspace flunky. The gold was recovered by our transport, and Ageira is missing one more ship.

And today in California two Liberty Navy ships tried to ambush me, together with an Ageira spy which fled.
Both of them are ex's. Right after that, in Magellan, a Bounty Hunter mindlessly attacked me for a pathetic sum of one million credits. He ceased to be.


In the end, a corporate patsy which preferred dying over dropping his precious cargo. Cargo which we picked up and sold.

[Image:] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Brutus Clay - 01-23-2011

[Image: decrypt.png]

Yesterday evening was eventful. Phate and me were conducting the standard extortion operation in the Shikoku system when a couple of freighters from the nefarious Ageira technologies appeared. Their military-grade plasma weaponry ironically damaged the Ageira's Bane. I had to jump into the fight in order to even the odds.
Even the intervention of an extremely bold mercenary could not help them. Bad move.
A couple of antimatter bolts later, two escape pods were lying in the open space.

[Image: killaw.png]
[Image: killb.png]

A few hours later, in the vicinity of Freeport 4, an IMG Battlecruiser became mad and started to shoot at everything around him, including an innocent Planetform transport.
I was not even surprised, since that Battlecruiser provided protection and escort to a BMM Miner.
[Image: enceypt.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Reacher - 02-03-2011

[font=System] data...

Wow... well after going a a little recon mission in NY... I came across a group of Naval personnel gathered in California staging to attack the others further down the lane... I figure this would be a great time to Mania Interrogate on of them and thus keep on ship off the others backs. My results were interesting.... Apparently the guy Mason is a former Raider... Can yall believe that... Take a look at the logs:

[03.02.2011 01:19:09] Rosa.Klebb: So what brings all you to swarm around an Ageira Station?
[03.02.2011 01:19:18] Alejandro.Cordova: Well.
[03.02.2011 01:19:20] Alejandro.Cordova: You.
[03.02.2011 01:19:21] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Piracy reports.
[03.02.2011 01:19:22] Alejandro.Cordova: To be honest.
[03.02.2011 01:19:38] Rosa.Klebb: Oh?
[03.02.2011 01:19:39] Konstantine.Romanos:: i'll be fine
[03.02.2011 01:19:52] Rosa.Klebb: Piracy....
[03.02.2011 01:19:59] Rosa.Klebb: That is such an ugly term
[03.02.2011 01:20:06] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: What would you call it then?
[03.02.2011 01:20:16] Rosa.Klebb: Redistribution of wealth!
[03.02.2011 01:20:32] Rosa.Klebb: Stomping out the corperate greed that plagues liberty
[03.02.2011 01:20:37] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Well, what you call redistributing involves taking without providing a service.
[03.02.2011 01:20:44] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: That's called stealing.
[03.02.2011 01:20:55] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Especially if the "donations" aren't given by the willing.
[03.02.2011 01:21:02] Rosa.Klebb: No one asks us for a service...
[03.02.2011 01:21:06] Rosa.Klebb: Tell me
[03.02.2011 01:21:11] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: If they did, what could you provide?
[03.02.2011 01:21:12] Rosa.Klebb: What do you get paid?
[03.02.2011 01:21:20] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I get paid enough.
[03.02.2011 01:21:28] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I'm an ensign, nothing special, but I make do.
[03.02.2011 01:21:37] Rosa.Klebb: Enough... compared to some Ageira or Interspace slim ball?
[03.02.2011 01:21:50] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Probably not currently.
[03.02.2011 01:22:00] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: *Smirks* Who says I do it for the money?
[03.02.2011 01:22:11] Rosa.Klebb: I think not... while you slave away chasing honsest freedom fighters and revolutionaries....
[03.02.2011 01:22:18] Rosa.Klebb: They make millions
[03.02.2011 01:22:54] Rosa.Klebb: Why? Because you have been conditioned to a mind set which has as nothing more than a slave
[03.02.2011 01:23:07] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Hehehe.
[03.02.2011 01:23:10] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Elaborate.
[03.02.2011 01:23:36] Rosa.Klebb: What we take is often a drop in the buck to what those currupt fools make.
[03.02.2011 01:24:01] Rosa.Klebb: Does it hurt? Nope... not like we try to hurt anyone...
[03.02.2011 01:24:07] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Is that all you're focused on?
[03.02.2011 01:24:11] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: The financial side of things?
[03.02.2011 01:24:30] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Not everyone working for Ageria or Interspace are big timers.
[03.02.2011 01:24:40] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Might be small time independant traders catching a break.
[03.02.2011 01:24:47] Rosa.Klebb: Hardly... more the total annhilation of Interspace and ageira... but i have a personal grudge...
[03.02.2011 01:24:58] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: You can't throw them all under the same flag and try to justify it as taking from the greedy.
[03.02.2011 01:25:17] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Well, your personal grudge won't do any widespread good.
[03.02.2011 01:25:22] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Who's the real slave?
[03.02.2011 01:25:32] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I do what I do with goals and a reason in mind.
[03.02.2011 01:25:40] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: You're tied down to a mere grudge.
[03.02.2011 01:25:52] Rosa.Klebb: I'm a slave to my emotions... you're a slave to another mans greed.
[03.02.2011 01:25:54] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: 'Lo.
[03.02.2011 01:25:59] [214]Lt.Hollywood: Yo.
[03.02.2011 01:26:07] Rosa.Klebb: Which one is better... at least I govern how I live my life
[03.02.2011 01:26:13] [214]Lt.Hollywood: R-R-ROOOY HOOLLLLYWOOOOOD
[03.02.2011 01:26:19] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Are you sure I don't govern mine?
[03.02.2011 01:26:26] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: You don't actually know anything about me.
[03.02.2011 01:26:29] Rosa.Klebb: At least I work towards a just and rightous cause...
[03.02.2011 01:26:31] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Where I've been, what I've done.
[03.02.2011 01:26:36] Rosa.Klebb: I don't well educate m...
[03.02.2011 01:26:46] [214]Lt.Hollywood: so.
[03.02.2011 01:26:48] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Just and righteous? Your own opinions.
[03.02.2011 01:26:56] [214]Lt.Hollywood: what's goin' on here, Ralooosh?
[03.02.2011 01:27:06] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Liberty Navy claims the same thing, but you don't believe that to be the case, now do you?
[03.02.2011 01:27:16] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Uh, not much, just a bit of an ideological exchange.
[03.02.2011 01:27:32] Rosa.Klebb: Its a fact... all my proceeds go to help the VOGAI fund
[03.02.2011 01:27:33] [214]Lt.Hollywood: Uh-huh...
[03.02.2011 01:27:39] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: VOGAI?
[03.02.2011 01:27:49] [214]Lt.Hollywood: You sure you're not just chattin' up the terrorist girl to get some tail?
[03.02.2011 01:27:58] Rosa.Klebb: Victums of Greedy Ageira and Interspace
[03.02.2011 01:28:02] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I'm committed, Roy.
[03.02.2011 01:28:17] [214]Lt.Hollywood: Right.
[03.02.2011 01:28:28] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Clever.
[03.02.2011 01:28:29] Rosa.Klebb: A very respectable organization... You should look them up
[03.02.2011 01:28:34] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: *Claps* Come up with that all on your own?
[03.02.2011 01:29:04] Rosa.Klebb: *frowns* I do not just make things up
[03.02.2011 01:29:15] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Heh, hard to tell.
[03.02.2011 01:29:25] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Like I said, I do what I do for a reason
[03.02.2011 01:29:33] Rosa.Klebb: What is that reason?
[03.02.2011 01:29:49] Rosa.Klebb: Love?
[03.02.2011 01:29:54] Rosa.Klebb: Money?
[03.02.2011 01:29:54] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I like to see both sides of things, it helps me pick out the discrepancies in causes.
[03.02.2011 01:30:12] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: There's no right or wrong in the basis of organizations around here.
[03.02.2011 01:30:24] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Just how each individual carries out said organization's goals.
[03.02.2011 01:30:44] Rosa.Klebb: Oh?
[03.02.2011 01:30:48] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Aye.
[03.02.2011 01:31:07] Rosa.Klebb: Interesting... You are on of the less gung hoe Navy boys I've run acriss
[03.02.2011 01:31:11] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Would you really take the time to find out if the transport doing a run for Ageria was on a one-time contract
[03.02.2011 01:31:17] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: And not very well off?
[03.02.2011 01:31:35] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I doubt you would.
[03.02.2011 01:31:44] Rosa.Klebb: I do actually.
[03.02.2011 01:31:47] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I don't deny that the Lane Hackers have their own goals and for good reasons.
[03.02.2011 01:31:56] Rosa.Klebb: But more often or not I tend to get shot at.
[03.02.2011 01:32:09] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: But things like that happen often, and it's what I mean by individuals being wrong in their carrying out an organization's..
[03.02.2011 01:32:12] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: goals.
[03.02.2011 01:32:26] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: If I held outright biased due to my job, you'd be dead or running already.
[03.02.2011 01:32:45] Rosa.Klebb: Oh? Well... What about the Navy. They arent all sunshine and daisies.
[03.02.2011 01:32:49] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I'm not a slave of someone else's greed or their money.
[03.02.2011 01:32:54] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Oh, I know.
[03.02.2011 01:33:04] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I've "retired" once before you could say.
[03.02.2011 01:33:19] Rosa.Klebb: *laughs* What made you come back?
[03.02.2011 01:33:50] Rosa.Klebb: The war with Rhienland?
[03.02.2011 01:33:54] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I tried something else.
[03.02.2011 01:34:04] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: To get an idea of what goes on in other places.
[03.02.2011 01:34:10] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I decided this was the best place to be.
[03.02.2011 01:34:16] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: No, I'm not really big on the war.
[03.02.2011 01:34:38] Rosa.Klebb: Ah... you truely are rare...
[03.02.2011 01:34:48] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I mean they're killing kids of a research station.
[03.02.2011 01:34:53] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Why the hell would I condone that?
[03.02.2011 01:35:31] Rosa.Klebb: Navy are killing kids trying to survive right here in California... why would you condone that?
[03.02.2011 01:35:47] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: You mean Hackers and Rogues?
[03.02.2011 01:36:11] Rosa.Klebb: Yep... Outcasts are ok to shoot though in my opinion...
[03.02.2011 01:36:22] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Heh.
[03.02.2011 01:36:39] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Well, I don't deny that we do wrong.
[03.02.2011 01:36:53] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: No one can do it all right, and some don't care about doing things right at all.
[03.02.2011 01:37:02] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Reputation, pride, prestige.
[03.02.2011 01:37:13] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: All some care for, and that's why I need to be here.
[03.02.2011 01:37:32] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I am one man, that's all it takes to spark change, right?
[03.02.2011 01:37:36] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Even if not carry it out.
[03.02.2011 01:37:37] Rosa.Klebb: Indeed... but why continue with it? Why not become a Zoner and live a life of relative peace?
[03.02.2011 01:37:53] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Tried it, sadly conflict breeds results.
[03.02.2011 01:38:04] [LN]-Jennifer.Kelly: 'Lo there.
[03.02.2011 01:38:04] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: It doesn't have to be fatal conflict, but it needs to happen it seems.
[03.02.2011 01:38:09] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Hey, Jenny.
[03.02.2011 01:38:13] [LN]-Jennifer.Kelly: Don't mind me. Just off for a coffee.
[03.02.2011 01:38:29] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Righto.
[03.02.2011 01:38:33] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Anyway...
[03.02.2011 01:38:49] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: The only way things could get done peacefully is if all the "bigcats" persay came to the table.
[03.02.2011 01:39:00] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I don't see that happening in the near future.
[03.02.2011 01:39:08] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Legionnaires and Liberty Navy for example.
[03.02.2011 01:39:28] Rosa.Klebb: True enough... but enough people rise up... they will have too,
[03.02.2011 01:39:45] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I am rising up.
[03.02.2011 01:39:49] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Which is why I can't sit down.
[03.02.2011 01:40:20] Rosa.Klebb: But you rise up against people and use force instead of words...
[03.02.2011 01:40:31] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I use what is necessary.
[03.02.2011 01:40:34] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I've yet to shoot you.
[03.02.2011 01:40:42] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: The Navy uses force.
[03.02.2011 01:40:46] Rosa.Klebb: I've noticed that
[03.02.2011 01:40:47] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I'm not the Navy, I'm Mason.
[03.02.2011 01:41:25] Rosa.Klebb: *nods* So you are not a mindless drone...
[03.02.2011 01:41:33] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Eh.
[03.02.2011 01:41:40] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I've seen the other side, directly.
[03.02.2011 01:42:26] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Ever heard of the Vagran Raiders?
[03.02.2011 01:42:38] Rosa.Klebb: Of course!
[03.02.2011 01:42:50] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I ran with them for a bit.
[03.02.2011 01:42:59] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: After I left the Navy.
[03.02.2011 01:43:15] Rosa.Klebb: Oh?
[03.02.2011 01:43:21] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Aye.
[03.02.2011 01:43:54] Rosa.Klebb: What made you go back... From what I saw you boys had boat loads of fun...
[03.02.2011 01:44:15] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Well, I did some Freelancing too.
[03.02.2011 01:44:23] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Like I said, this is the place to be for me.
[03.02.2011 01:45:04] Rosa.Klebb: Well perhaps you will change your mind.
[03.02.2011 01:45:10] Rosa.Klebb: Again...
[03.02.2011 01:45:18] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Why would I?
[03.02.2011 01:45:24] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Don't see a reason to anymore.
[03.02.2011 01:45:42] Rosa.Klebb: Reasons present themselves when you least expect it
[03.02.2011 01:45:53] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Sound like you had one for me.
[03.02.2011 01:46:59] Rosa.Klebb: For me... aside from the typical stuff... greed companies... currupt government... blah blah...
[03.02.2011 01:47:14] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: But there is greed amongst your kind too.
[03.02.2011 01:47:15] Rosa.Klebb: For me they are personal... things no man can understand
[03.02.2011 01:47:27] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Corruption as well, just smaller group, not as widespread.
[03.02.2011 01:47:29] Death: Keyashi.Toushiro was killed by a hostile vessel.
[03.02.2011 01:47:36] Rosa.Klebb: *shrugs* No ones perfect
[03.02.2011 01:47:42] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: That was my point.
[03.02.2011 01:47:49] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: How can one understand what is never clarified.
[03.02.2011 01:48:23] Rosa.Klebb: One can't... they can only do there best and hope the road they choose is the right one.
[03.02.2011 01:48:50] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: I meant, how do you know I wouldn't understand your reasons?
[03.02.2011 01:49:25] Rosa.Klebb: Ah... You lack the right body parts... Not even my fellow Hackers know...
[03.02.2011 01:49:42] Death: Brawsley was killed by a hostile vessel.
[03.02.2011 01:49:46] Rosa.Klebb: I like you... but a lady never revals all on the first date *laughs*
[03.02.2011 01:50:10] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: First date?
[03.02.2011 01:50:13] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Come again?
[03.02.2011 01:50:58] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: You might want to move... this cruiser is rather close.
[03.02.2011 01:51:04] Rosa.Klebb: *laughs* Its a joke... *wink*
[03.02.2011 01:51:17] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: And I never knew body parts were required to understand ideals.
[03.02.2011 01:51:52] Rosa.Klebb: This is more an occurance than an ideal...
[03.02.2011 01:52:15] Rosa.Klebb: But thats a discussion for another day...
[03.02.2011 01:52:35] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: How do you even know we'll meet again?
[03.02.2011 01:53:13] Rosa.Klebb: *winks* Oh.... I know.. I'm quite good at finding people... See you around Mason... I'll remember you
[03.02.2011 01:53:23] [LN]-Mason.Ralusch: Later, miss. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-05-2011

My Dear Mr. Largo:

You are most welcome to resume your position of distinction among us after this all-too-long absence.
You will find that personnel have changed, but our objectives and professionalism have only excelled over time.
As you may note >here<, your rank as a Specialist has been preserved in our records and you may resume it immediately, or re-verify your skills by recompleting the promotion criteria once again.
Please glance over the Mission Archives, which is a new addition since your departure.
I look forward to your future accomplishments.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 02-07-2011

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 02-10-2011 data...

An interesting day I must say, while Mr.Largo and me were doing some practice in California we got a call from a rogue friend who was attacked by an EDGE simpleton. Maybe it's not in our nature to go openly hunt something that won't drop coins after you shoot it, but it was one of those rare opportunities to have some fun watching hunter gunboat explode.

[Image: edgek.jpg] [Image: edge2z.jpg]

Needless to say it was fun watching him ejecting. We continue with our extortion business as usual, about 30 million credits were made in short period of time. Meanwhile Mr.Knox was extorting in Magellan until he was attacked by an brainless lapdog thinking he could get away with it, Mr.Largo and me came to his aid.

[Image: morganv.jpg] [Image: morgan2.jpg]

He was dismounted from his ship in matter of seconds, he tried to repair his hull but the impact of our guns made it impossible. As always he wasn't the last one who tried to stop us, but they all had one thing in common, they failed. Just as this navy worm who's now drifting in his pod lost somewhere in the barrier.

[Image: lnsb.jpg] [Image: lns2.jpg] [Image: lns3.jpg]

It was a lucrative business day. I'm somewhere out there if you need me. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 02-17-2011 data...

The situation in which we find ourselves quite often brings us to the point of shooting at ships. After some time it becomes a constant. Uncooperative flunkies were professionally dissembled from their captain chairs. Seems the combat AI vessels join in flunky protection from time to time, but attacking a lane hacker with an Artificial Intelligence plain stupid.

[Image:] [Image:]

We even have ALG vessels in junker ships transporting gold ore, makes me laugh. He tried to negotiate with me, it didn't end up very good for him. His dissgronification was more then satisfying. I've caught him in system full of Liberty lapdogs known as Navy to wider public. They were patrolling the system while I was jumping from one position to another making profit and laughing at their incompetence of finding me.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Every time I would hit I would disappear to next position, flying up and down, hiding amongst the lanes, using the system plans for my advantage.


We caught Convoy's convoy today, they apparently started working with BMM and hauling gold ore. Seems our flunkies are starting to be greedy, they will soon understand what does the credit deficiency means.

I'm on neural tracking data for future tasks. Signing off. terminated...