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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Brutus Clay - 02-18-2011

[Image: decrypt.png]

[Image: 21649573.png]
[Image: 44719380.png]
[Image: 54356770.png]

[Image: 91338999.png]
[Image: 25059820.png]
[Image: 81952739.png]
[Image: 10777604.png]
[Image: enceypt.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ian.James - 02-19-2011

Hello? It's been quite some time, but I believe I have remembered the correct hacking protocol. I am taking a huge risk re-opening this link, but the time has come to explain my absence. I will refrain from revealing my name, until I am sure I am not being traced. Many years ago I was captured, and tortured by non other then Ageira Technologies. Why they wanted me, I will never know. Perhaps they thought, myself being a specialist, that I knew enough information that would lead to the destruction of the Lane Hackers. Needless to say, they received nothing but noncompliance, and curse words. After a year, I eventually let them believe they have turned me, and I have been working as an analyst in their main server rooms. Why they allowed a captured Hacker ANYWHERE near their computers, is beyond me. Although, they were never known for their... Intelligence. ... I think... I hear someone coming. I must make this brief. I have stolen some data I believe will be most valuable. I am ready to return home. My escape will not be easy. My original ship and been destroyed, and I am still on their radar. I have a man on the inside who will smuggle me out, and secure me with a basic ship. From there I will obtain myself a dagger, and a new ID. I will contact you again soon when I have secured a new ship, and my own secure line. It's good to know you are still out their fighting, brothers.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 02-21-2011 data...

As always we were out there extorting the credits out of corrupted corporations all around Liberty, our first target was Interspace Shire who often likes to respond with guns, so we responded back with hull discombobulation.

[Image: godzillashotat.jpg]

Right after his cargo was secured by our transportation crew, I manage to catch Convoy ship and offer him an "insurance fee".

[Image: convoyextorted.jpg]

We even found a lost carrier in field next to Alcatraz base, we grouped with Mr.Zlob from Liberty Rogues and showed him his way out, in escape pods of course.

[Image: carrierdead.jpg] [Image: carrierexplode.jpg]

And a lost LABC was nothing more fortunate to keep his ship in one piece.

[Image: atlantisamostdead.jpg] [Image: atlantisdead.jpg]

We managed to find some wine on a freelancer vessel to celebrate couple of navy ships less in Liberty.

[Image: ultimatorwine.jpg]

While I was on neural net today Mr.Largo told us he spotted an USI Barge ship heading to Ontario, Mr.Knox and I dispatched ships in that direction to intercept it. We were more then successful. The USI vessel was extorted for 10 million credits.

[Image: bargeb.jpg]

[Image: bargeextorted.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 02-22-2011 data...

While carrying certain amount of gold on one of our transports I noticed two Rheinland class vessels in California system. They ignored me which brings me to the point they have no interest in business we do, but they were rather happy to tickle Liberty lawful forces which came nearby. I manage to take quick scans of the vessels, unfortunately weaponry wasn't scanned due the limited amount of time I had.

That said, we had another LNS visitor in Magellan, this is happening rather often lately, but nothing our forces can't dispose of. He was sent home in pod...or casket if he run out of oxygen.

[Image: lnsz.jpg]

[Image: lnsdead.jpg]

Also we had a little BAF lapdog fleet in Magellan, I managed to disgronify one until back up arrived, once they emerged from the jump hole in over helming numbers I retreated to Freeport 4. But...then we went to return the favor while they were blind searching trough barrier.

[Image: bafinmagellan.jpg]

[Image: nl1r.jpg] [Image: nl2d.jpg]

I stopped one fairly poor trader along our wreck party in London, and asked him an simple question.

Quote:[21.02.2011 18:51:06] Paco.Pistols': Do you agree Bretonian queen is a lapdog and Bretonian Army Forces are incompetent interspace lackeys ?
[21.02.2011 18:51:49] Paco.Pistols': Question is simple Mr.Dust
[21.02.2011 18:51:50] star.dust: I would agree to it, those blood sucking company are making people like me poor

Even their own people loath at them. We managed to destroy interspace base storage depots, shoot an uncooperative interspace lackey, extort Bowex vessel and acquire 3000 units of gold ore. Everytime they come to our territory, I'll make a party on their.'re all invited gentlemen. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 02-27-2011 data...

Good day everyone, today I have a report about SCRA forces fighting a civil war in Alberta. And some really juicy information about their ships,guns and ex alliance with Order. Along with scans of zoner known as member of the TAZ helping one side of that war.

I'll upload visual evidence of them shooting each other, using order technology and having help of TAZ vessel.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Scans of Austin Goodman, Freelancer fighting on "Katz" side of the war.

[Image:] [Image:]

Scans of Coalition fighter vessel, along with weapon system.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:][Image:]
Scans of SCRA Osiris vessel, callsign CPW-Karl.Marx

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Scans of Order Hathor class gunboat vessel, along with log of their ex-alliance with SCRA.

[Image:] [Image:]

Seems they're in some big war over power, I guess that's what you get to once you get too involved in politics. I know one side is "Katz" side and other is currently unknown to me. Their fleet is around Alberta-Yukon, I couldn't exactly locate where are they stationed for now. While they're busy fighting each other we can hit the convoys in surrounding systems undisturbed, and of course sell this information to someone who might pay fine amount of credits. That would be all for now. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 03-03-2011 data...

The past few days were very lucrative for our business. One of our favorite targets known as IND were hit hard and lost their cargo on several occasions. I'm sure they profit losses were great, another victory in score for Lane Hackers. I'll upload the visual documentation on this channel.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Also seems some flunkies started to do their business in practically moving factories, known as Barge vessels. This is second one Hackers managed to extort without trouble. It belongs to DSE and it was extorted for 8 million credits by Mr.Largo and me.


Of course as usual there were government lapdogs trying to stop us, but this one was a treat for us. We managed to lure them out to our position by using the oldest trick in the book to put it that way.

Quote:[03.03.2011 17:43:16] Largo:: I can scream for help?
[03.03.2011 17:43:21] Largo:: So they show up?
[03.03.2011 17:43:22] Paco'Pistols': sure

Now the show starts.

Quote:[03.03.2011 17:43:43] Largo:: Attention! Pirates at Colorado hole! Need help asap!
[03.03.2011 17:44:00] Largo:: Taking heavy damage.
[03.03.2011 17:44:10] Paco'Pistols': Shut up flunky
[03.03.2011 17:44:38] LNS-Hells'Gate: ON my way hold on!
[03.03.2011 17:45:06] Paco'Pistols': So flunky, before they show up, send me 2 million credits ! NOW !
[03.03.2011 17:46:31] Largo:: Thank you for coming!

We managed to lure a gunboat and bomber vessel to our position, after that we pointed our guns at them and disgruntled their presence.

[Image:] [Image:]

Seems I found a buyer for TAZ-SCRA related information, the said buyer wants to stay incognito, of course it will be recorded for professorship and hacker eyes only. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Dexter. - 03-04-2011 data...

Good day. Hopefully my patch stays up long enough to finish sending this transmission, as this is my first attempt.

I won my first fight, as a Bactrian, though I was unwillingly forced into the engagement. I was on my way north, towards the Kepler and Gallileo systems to meet with Mr. Largo. On my way through the New York system, I was intercepted while flying on cruise near the centre of the Norfolk/Bush lane. He was not a wordy man.

[Image: LHspotted.png]

I tried to flee, but he was intent on a fight, firing cruise disruptors wildly. I lurered my pursuer into the debris field. After a few minutes of combat, the less-than-intelligent naval officer ran like a cowering, frightned dog back to Baltimore Shipyard. I let him leave, he had learned his lesson.

[Image: Alpha06_before.png] [Image: Alpha06_after.png]

After a while, when I finally made it to Kepler. I had tracked what I had suspected to be a transport of large design. It turned out to be a Navy IFF, Ageira IDed Heavy Tanker, loaded to the brim with Gate/Lane parts.

[Image: Agiera_tanker.png] [Image: gateParts.png]

After I caught him, Mr. Largo caught up. We demanded that he drop his full cargo, and we let him go. Mr. Largo then destroyed the components. No gain in money on our part, but I bet some fat corporate executive'll be getting some heartburn because of that loss..


I've been working on the conditions for my promotion, as well.

In my travels, I've separated many pilots from their ships. They now reside on an Interrogatory vessel.

Transfer Records

In summary:

68 Bounty Hunter Pilots
71 Liberty Navy Pilots
8 Liberty Police Pilots
5 Xeno Pilots
95 Dirtbag Corporate Escort Pilots (Civilian Pilot transponder)
1 Dirtbag Corporate Executive on Vacation (VIP transponder)
Total: 248.

Ship's reputations, logged flight hours, navmaps, and standard cargo

Intelligence Gathering mission is uploading currently. It is being uploaded directly to The Lane Hackers.

A copy of this transmission will also be uploaded directly to The Lane Hackers.

Good day. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 03-08-2011 data...

Good day operatives, we got anonymous buyer for SCRA intelligence evidence. So far I personally gained 45 million credits from this deal. Your mission if you choose to accept it is too collect evidence on SCRA vessels, and try to find out which pilots are loyal to this "Volkhan" person I've heard about. I found some SCRA vessels harboring on Thunder Bay depot, so Ontario can be a good place to start with this mission. Once you gather the evidence you can send it to me and I will pass it to the buyer, after that you will get payed for your assistance in this matter.

I made an delivery request for the buyer, Mr.Knox quantum mulitplexors and superconductors are in Mactan storage room. The wine and tobacco is for our bar of course.

That would be all, Paco signing off. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 03-10-2011 data...

It's been an interesting day yesterday, I don't remember when was the last time I had so much fun hunting flunkies and lapdogs around that I forget I'm actually doing a work. The effort that was put into extortion by our team yesterday is very commendable.

Our USI readings found an Ageira vessel traveling trough Texas, he was intercepted, and in the end destroyed due to his uncooperative nature.

[Image: ageiradead.jpg]

Right after that we managed to located movement of IND vessel, which was intercepted, interrogated and his cargo was confiscated

Along with those two priority targets we had couple of interspace flunkies running around and couple of LNS vessels escorting not so everyday shipments into Liberty, of course these targets were either extorted or discombobulated by our forces.

[Image: interspacedead.jpg]

All I can say is that this was another succesful operation by the Lane Hackers. Keep up the good work gentlemen. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Dexter. - 03-12-2011 data...

My new ships have been properly equipped. The Liberty databases contain no record of the name "Murik".

Tonight was a relatively quiet night. I found myself returning from the Northern Liberty systems, and I brought back a hold full of Counterfeit Software in the Lawsuit Impending.

[Image: 11690f23.png]

Afterwords, I went chasing a lead in the Ontario system. What I found there was disturbing. I was on my to Cochrane depot to pay off one of my contacts, when I witnessed the following snippet of conversation. Note that I was in the Lawsuit Impending, approximately 14K away from Cochrane. Three contacts appeared on my scanners. This is what I overheard:

[Image: da9a1988.png]

I made a quick turn around and headed back into the California system. I was nearing the New York jumpgate when the BHG in question appeared on my scanners. I set course for Alcatraz, but the nearer I drew to the Rogue base, the closer he got on scanners. However, he never drew closer than 10K, so he couldn't get a scanner lock. He said "You're around here somewhere..." I pulled every escape tactic in the book, and managed to shake him in the Alcatraz field. This particular hunter seemed to have quite the knowledge of the locations of our hideouts...

Normally, I'm against outright violence. But this hunter may need to be silenced. Of course, this is all up to the professors, but here is the name nonetheless:


That's all from me. Murik out. terminated..