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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Crusader4 - 04-08-2011

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbaro.png]

After a few successful extortions in Magellan, I moved to California system to interrogate some "lawful" pilot. It didn't pass long until I bumped into someone.

LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: This is Liberty Police patrol, please cut your engines.
:Rak:: Alright.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: You know its dangerous to fly alone in this big space?
:Rak:: I can take care of myself.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I`m going to do some scanning on your cargo holds.
:Rak:: I'll do that as well.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: "Closing firewall" Scanning system online.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Oh boy what are you doing that?
:Rak:: I'm just defending myself against these pesky Hunters.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Are you on Cardi?
:Rak:: Yeah, you can say so.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: May I ask you some questions?
:Rak:: Now tell me, why did you join the LPI in the first place?
[08.04.2011 18:57:29] LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Oh you already asked me something?
:Rak:: Looks so...
:Rak:: Answer my question, than I will answer yours.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Hmmm why did i join, I must say that I`m man of honor and this Republic did much for me and my life
:Rak:: I see.
:Rak:: And did you know that that Republic of yours is full of corrupted and greedy people?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: There is no perfect system, I could say that I`m aware of your speech
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: As you can see we are doing best to keep our Republic best
:Rak:: Well, that nice to know...I thought you were just another blind guy that follows orders.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Nah I`m not that stupid, I`ll give my best to protect my home and make it safe for everyone.
:Rak:: I though that myself before.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: You are speaking about Corruption ?
:Rak:: Yes I am.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Single man can`t fix everything in his system but with help of someone who is really care about his home ... then it can happen
:Rak:: That may be true, but on the other hand, one man can make the difference...
:Rak:: My family was a victim of this corruption that's spreading through Liberty like a disease.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I`m sorry for your family
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: So what happened to them
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: If you can talk to me in this way?
:Rak:: They were killed by one of LPI's officers...
[0LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I see now why you chose life like this.
:Rak:: As I learned later, they were shoot because they saw something they shouldn't have seen.

At that point, some uninvited guests know as Hunters, arrived and started to annoy me.

Kai.Dressel: Hacker...with cardamine...another reason to destroy him
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Kai this is LPI investigation please move away..
:Rak:: They were witnesses to Liberty in crime...They paid the ultimate price in the end.
Ben.Skar: Is anyone in trouble?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: We must use this man alive, if he is dead we can`t have more information.
:Rak:: The reason why I became the Hacker was...
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: And what was that crime?>
Kai.Dressel: Hacker with cadamine, with a Bh pilot...
:Rak:: To learn who was the marauder of my family.
Ben.Skar: Need any help?
Kai.Dressel: Enough talking....weapons online
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Rak can you please hand over that pilot to mister Kai.
Ben.Skar: Drop the pilots!
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Then I can continue conversation with you.
Ben.Skar: I said... Drop the pilots!
:Rak:: To learn who massacred them without considering giving them a chance to disappear.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: easy Ben
:Rak:: Be gone now!
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: We are speaking here about very valure man to Liberty
Ben.Skar: Don't let me catch you with our pilots again.
Kai.Dressel: Yes but talking is not my job is...destroy criminals
:Rak:: *Laughs* Big talk for a little man.

And finally those hunters left.

:Rak:: Anyway, where was I....Ah yes.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: You are at the crime that your family saw .
:Rak:: Later on I learned who was the person that committed the crime.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Do you have his name?
:Rak:: And I killed that man with my two hands...And I enjoyed it.
:Rak:: He passed to the world of spirits, so his name isn't important anymore.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I can see, did you kill him?
:Rak:: Now tell me, what do you have to say officer...
:Rak:: What do you feel inside yourself when you hear soemthing like this.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I feel bad, you can know that. I`m giving my best to fix situations like this.
:Rak:: Now officer, what are your goals?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Lets see, do my job, keep my Republic safe
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: And make it better place to live
:Rak:: Thats it?
:Rak:: There are no personal feelings?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I have personal feelings only for my family.
:Rak:: And what if there is no good will, what then?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I can feel this... there is more good people then there is bad.
:Rak:: If everyone continues to care only for themselves, how will that work?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: We are working every day hard to made Liberty proud
:Rak:: And you are labeling me as "bad people" right?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I must say that, people on the other side of law
:Rak:: You know that "Law" was made up by humans, right?
:Rak:: I do what I think that's right.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Its made to use humans and every people in this Republic
:Rak:: Since my parents were killed by your people, I consider them as bad.
:Rak:: How do you mean "to use humans"
:Rak:: You have slaves in Liberty?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: No, that is not my point.. we are fighting it. To use for every human family to be on their side
:Rak:: When did you forsake yourself?
:Rak:: Why are you such an incomplete person?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I`m complete person
:Rak::No you're not.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: And I never "forsake myself"
:Rak:: You don't see that Liberty is using you?
:Rak:: They make you risk your life for "justice".
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Every system need power for his running
:Rak:: While they ae making loads of money for it.
:Rak:: I see, cash power....I agree with that.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: We are not speaking about cash here.... why everything must be around or in cash.
:Rak:: When looking at statistics that were made by my men, every 5th person in Liberty is doing some kind of "unlawful" thing...
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Well we are fighting against that
:Rak:: Not enough...
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: You need to have little fait
:Rak:: I lost that thing long ago.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Nothing can be finished on one night
:Rak:: I guess nothing can be finished in two years either... *nods*
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I can understand that you are in "hate", you suffer bad thing in your life, trust me. My life isn't better of yours
:Rak:: You really need to open your eyes.
:Rak:: If you can't do it yourself, you need someone to open them for you.

Then, bunch of hostiles start appearing on scanners, so I was forced to finish my interrogation an head to ice fields.

:Rak:: *Takes a deep breath* More dogs incoming.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Hmm so I can understand you and you must understand me now, you are on cardi how can I trust you
BHG|Denise.Milani: Jacko, do you need my hand?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Those stories that you are telling could be lies?
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: No we are just speaking here, Denise I`ll informe you if there is need of your assistance
:Rak:: I use Cardamine only to enhance my combat capabilities.
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: I must say to you as well Denise that this man is inportant to Liberty
BHG|Denise.Milani: ohh, then it is not my business
:Rak:: I guess I should be going now, before more of them show up...
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Well I need to speak with you a little
:Rak:: Remember what I told you here...Use that thing between your ears.
:Rak:: Think for yourself...Liberty must be purged.
:Rak:: And it will be, sooner or later *Laughs*
LPI-Jackson.Brown[RO]: Don`t speak like that... there is lots of good people who didn`t do anything wrong
:Rak:: *You can hear the sound of cruise engines firing up*
:Rak:: I wasn't talking about "good" people.
:Rak:: And there is no good or bad, its just all human made up to make himself feel better.
:Rak:: Sayonara Mr. Jackson...
:Rak:: Don't forget what we talked about, here.

I started my cruise engines, and headed to nearest base around.

Me leaving the scene.

[Image: screen40h.jpg]

That's it for today, see you on next assignment. *waves*

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbarc.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Crusader4 - 04-09-2011

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbaro.png]

Reputation adjusted as requested.

[Image: screen42k.png]

Rak over and out.

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbarc.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Crusader4 - 04-10-2011

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbaro.png]

When I went to visit Rochester today, to pick up some supplies, I noticed one Ageira scumbag.
He was all alone, so I just had to engage him...It was too good to let it slip through my fingers.

I went after him; Asked him politely if he would initiate self destruction of his ship, of course he refused.
He even begged for help and tried to pay me, but I refused. Then he started to yell on system channel that he will blast me and so on...He even made a bounty on my head *Laughs*

Quote:Ageira|Churchill: All ships, 1 million credit bounty!
Ageira|Churchill: Kill him!

Then I played my card...
Quote::Rak:: I'll blast you!
:Rak:: Powering up wepon systems.
:Rak:: Commencing attack!

[Image: screen51.jpg]

He docked after mumbling something about me being unable to destroy his ship.
However, I waited for him to undock...I the meantime I tried to extort some traders that were flying around.

Later on he undocked, fired up his cruise engines, I disrupted them and opened fire on his ship...
A minute later, an LPI came to aid him

Quote:LPI-James.Bradley[O]: If you refuse to comply i have to open fire
LPI-James.Bradley[O]: that's it loading weapons
Ageira|Churchill: What an idiot. This guy can't even scratch my ship.

He jumped to Colorado system, I jumped after him, even if I was on fire by that annoying LPI Liberator.
Fight resumed on the other side. Then more of those corrupted Ageira bastards arrived to aid him, two of them to be exact.

Quote:Ageira|Grey-6: Hacker, prepare to die!

I concentrated my fire on Ageira|Churchill...It was a battle against overwhelming odds; four of them against one little me. *Laughs*

Quote: :Rak:: Hmm,...Four against one, I like the odds.
:Rak:: Four of you won't be enough to take em down. *Laughs*

Fight carried on. Soon we reached Pueblo station, Ageira|Churchill was barely holding together.

[Image: screen52.jpg]

However, he managed to dock, in an instant.
I heared one of the Ageira guys saying something like :
Quote: Ageira|Grey-6: The latest Ageira technology, of course.
This should be looked into.

[Image: screen53.jpg]

At this point, that little annoying LPI ran away, and we continued our battle two against one.

But then, once again, another hostile jumped in into the fight.
It took me only a few minutes to destroy him. *Laughs*

Quote:Death: Discont was killed by :Rak: (Gun)

I focused back on Ageira fighters.
It took me some time to take one of them down, while being under fire by unknown number of hostiles.

[Image: screen54.jpg]

When I looked down at my console, I noticed that I was running low on "fuel" so I had to retreat.

Hope this will make you satisfied.

Until next time, Rak out.

[Image: hackerstransmmisionbarc.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 04-12-2011 data...

Greetings operatives, in last few days our smuggling wing was pretty active. Delivering fresh cardamine and newest technological products for our R&D projects.

Few days ago we received a report from Mr.Rak about LABC cruising around Magellan, obviously looking for someone to stop him from doing so. Our agents were more than happy to do so.

And some freelancer that decided it was a good idea to help vile lapdogs, so he had to go too.

But nothing gives me more joy then to hit Ageira and Interspace transports, as usual they were blindly hauling their corporate crates in area of our operation. For the same reason they lost their cargo soon as they met me. Along with cargo they lost ships as well, apparently they are trained to say no and run until they explode. Strange company policy if you ask me.

The gate/lane parts were delivered to experts on Monterrey, so they can be studied for any possible attempt of Ageira to stop us from extracting data. We're always one step ahead of them.

I noticed couple of LH~ signatures in space, seems more people have managed to escape from the corporations they were enslaved by, its always nice to see it. I'll be on the neural net. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Dexter. - 04-19-2011 data...

Good day. A couple of things of interest to note. The first involves three targets I'm going to be going to be going after, on my own time. I was at the Galileo Gate, as per usual, in the Colorado system. One little civilian Heron transport slipped past me, his name was Donaugh. Real cocky bugger when he got away. Anyways, later this happened.

Quote:[18.04.2011 23:21:54] Vesuvan: Hello hacker
[18.04.2011 23:22:08] Lawsuit.Impending: Eh, hello.
[18.04.2011 23:22:09] Vesuvan: I have a message from Donaught
[18.04.2011 23:22:32] Lawsuit.Impending: I'm sure.
[18.04.2011 23:22:46] Vesuvan: get ready to die hacker
[Image: 2lackies.png]

Two Bounty Hunter Bombers showed up, with the names Last`Shadow and Vesuvan. I did some real damage to the both of them, then took off, and manage to elude the ploddling Hunters in my wake. I waited near the Colorado hole in the Cassini system, when the idiot jumped through. I spent the next few minutes gunning him down.
[Image: runninaway.png] [Image: killmessageonLackie.png]

The second hunter jumped through, ate two razors, changed his mind, and went home. I later talked to our friend Donaugh about this.

[Image: convosnippet.png]

Needless to say, I'll make him squeal when I see him next.

Next topic of business is a very interesting one. Mr. Unknown and I found a Barge in the south end of the Cortez system. It was carrying 40,000 units of counterfeit software.

[Image: Bargeislarge.png] [Image: bargeID.png] [Image: 40k.png]

Quote:[18.04.2011 16:47:15] "Fortuna": :static: Nero: "Konichiwa Murik-san ... "
[18.04.2011 16:47:28] "Fortuna": Nero: "How may I be of assistance..."
[18.04.2011 16:47:46] Murik: Just had a few questions for you, considering you're hauling our wares.
[18.04.2011 16:48:03] "Fortuna": Nero: "Affraid they're not from anywhere near here Murik-san ..."
[18.04.2011 16:48:33] "Fortuna": Nero: "But ask away ... and if you wish we shall even make a donation for passing through your space ..."
[18.04.2011 16:48:44] Murik: Where exactly did you get them?
[18.04.2011 16:49:00] "Fortuna": Nero: "Freeport 14 at the system of Yukon ..."
[18.04.2011 16:49:23] Murik: And your destination?
[18.04.2011 16:49:43] "Fortuna": Nero: "The Omega systems ..."
[18.04.2011 16:50:08] Murik: Hm. Where, exactly?
[18.04.2011 16:50:13] "Fortuna": Nero: "Freeport 5 to be exact
[18.04.2011 16:50:29] "Fortuna": Nero: "Omega-41 that is ..."
[18.04.2011 16:51:09] "Fortuna": Nero: "May we go along our way Murik-san ? Or should we send credits along your way for entering your space ?"
[18.04.2011 16:51:18] Murik: Actually, one more question.
[18.04.2011 16:52:02] "Fortuna": Nero: "None but aiding our allies ... the zoners seem to be interested in these packages ... "
[18.04.2011 16:52:08] Murik: Very well.
[18.04.2011 16:52:19] Murik: Safe voyage, Mr. Nero.
[18.04.2011 16:52:30] "Fortuna": Nero: "Sayonara Murik-san ... godspeed ..."

He later sent me 5.000.000 for my trouble. Whatever. Murik out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Dexter. - 04-24-2011 data...

Good day. Here's an update on my activies over the past few days.

First, Mr. Greene had a bit of a problem with three Bounty Hunters.

[Image: deaths.png]

I fixed it.

Next, I happened upon a couple of Rogue Scyllas roaming about the Leniex Cloud. They weren't much for conversation. [QcC]-Squatec and [QcC]-Gig@LoupQG were their names. I'm not sure if this is a huge deal, I just felt like it probably should be reported to the Professorship, since they were sitting about 15K underneath it.

[Image: conversationalists.png]

A couple of days later, myself, Mr. Clay, and Mr. Greene took a convoy up to Malta. We brought an Anki and two Pirate transports' worth of Counterfeit Software, and returned with Krakens, Kraken turrets, and Cardamine for Leiden and Mactan.

[Image: convoy.png]

Finally, a rather unintelligent chap named Rip.Red.Rorry tried to steal some miscelanious cargo off the Lawsuit.Impending. I made a clean getaway, as usual.

[Image: rorryconvo.png]

I also have set up Falcata and Waran bombers for myself, now that I'm of the Hacker rank. I'll also be taking my experimental prototype Hellflurries off of my test Sabre, and testing an array of Kraken and Hellflurry guns.

That's all for now. Murik out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nilson - 04-25-2011 data...

Greetings, While in California today I managed to 'Interrogate' an Captain of a Cruiser & an Gunboat Captain whilst trying to extort an USI vessel.

Quote: Greene: Hello Pearl.Harbour.
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: Hello to all you three.
[*USI*]Milwaukee[T]: Ray: Howdy!
Greene: We were just talking to Mr. Ray here.
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: I see.
Ash.Voidbringer: Yeah. Carrying that much diamonds these days is dangerous indeed.
[*USI*]Milwaukee[T]: Ray: Sure brings a risk
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: and the nice Naval officer telling you to fly away at ludicrous speeds counts for nothing?
Greene: Yeah, Um I 'stumbled' onto a large quantity of diamonds earlier.
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: I mean.. I remember our nice friend barney telling you both to fly off.
Ash.Voidbringer: Bar...who? I cant remember. *inhales some cardamine*
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Well then I'll tell you again. Go back to that asteroid field you came from, You're safe there.
Greene: Safe from what?
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: Assorted groups and individuals.
Greene: So Pearl.Harbour
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: Yes?
Greene: What does one have to do to command such a large ship.
Greene: Kiss alot of ass?
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: No not really.
Greene: Oh..
Greene: What exactly then?
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: Firstly you have to attend the West Point military academy for a while
Greene: Oh I see the prestigious West Point Academy!
Greene: Where the finest idiots of the Navy go to train!
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: cole: After that.. you are promoted to ensign. Then It's do your job for years and years at a time, until high command sees
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Cole: You fit to command such a vessel.
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: So you see it fit to insult the navy?
Greene: I'm merely stating the facts.
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: The next one hit's your hull. Now scram.
Greene: Now Now.
Greene: Got on someone's nerves have I?
LNS-Pearl.Harbor: Allright. Shoot 'em.
Greene: I think not Gentlemen. Goodday!

~~~~Transmission end~~~~

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Largo - 04-26-2011

...hack data...

Good day. I have some interesting news from today.
First off, I intercepted an Ageira vessel in New York, close to Colorado gate.
The Captain in charge of a said vessel was so scared it made me laugh.
[Image: hacker15.jpg]

He of course, did.
As soon as that was over, I started hunting another Ageira, this time in Manchester.
However, a Mandalorian showed up, and interrupted us.
I wouldn't waste time with Mandalorians in normal circumstances, but saving an Ageira tanker made me take additional cardamine dose... Oh well, nothing bad came out from that.

Now, it seems that pissed off Mandalorians, so they have sent two more to chase me and Mister Greene. Well, that didn't end that bad either. Chimera, our gunship, undocked from Mactan and opened fire on three mercenaries around. We were doing fine until... An Outcast gunship showed up and sent his repair robots over to the Mandalorians. He repaired all of them. Chimera was forced to dock and is currently being repaired. I ordered Mister Greene to take cover on Mactan.
[Image: hacker19.jpg]

- "Of course they will".

[Image:] [Image:]

They ceased to be.
Two carefully placed Nuclear mines combined with dual missiles made their brand new repair bots useless. Well, unless repairing my own vessel with those counts.

Now, the Mandalorians were using Outcast technology against us. Also, an Outcast gunship was aiding them against their 'allies'.
I would suggest a long conversation with Maltese authorities.
Largo out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Brutus Clay - 05-01-2011

[Image: decrypt.png]
Good evening.

Today, I managed to obtain a very interesting document.
You see, a Freelancer entered Magellan. While scanning his hold carefully, I found this :

[Image: datae.png]

After a little chat, it appeared that this document contained interesting information about the House known as "Gallia". I therefore asked the Freelancer to drop it and to continue... Freelancing elsewhere. He refused.

[Image: datakill.png]

The files were picked up and dropped on Mactan for further analysis.

Before I forget, yesterday was quite eventful as well. Largo and me were on a "Scare the Corporate Weasels" operation around Pueblo Station, when the base started to launch fighter defense wings.
Here is the result of our little excursion.

[Image: ageira.png]

[Image: enceypt.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-02-2011 data...

"Reality denied comes back to haunt. "

Ageira cargo
Failed attempt to escape
Our cargo

Interspace vessel
Interspace cargo
Our cargo

Interspace vessel
Interspace cargo
[Image: noticdead.jpg]

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

[Image: unled2mc.jpg]
[Image: unled1pd.jpg]

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. " terminated...