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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-06-2011 data...

Good evening gentlemen. There a few things that happened lately and will be included in my report. While Mr.Knox, Mr.Largo and I have been extorting an Ageira vessel, the navy squadron showed up and tried to stop us in our attempts. Ageira vessel managed to slip by with huge repair bill on its mind after Navy battleship came. We called Mr.Murik in Code Rebel to give as a hand, and while Mr.Largo destroyed 2 navy snubcrafts we disgronified the said vessel.

[Image: dreadexploded.jpg]

Couple of hours later while conducting our business in California, EDGE vessel, which is an Bounty Hunter company showed up on our scanners. It was a gunship class vessel equipped with Capital Armor Mark 4 and full gunboat cerberus turret weaponry. With combined forced of Lane Hackers and Liberty Rogues we kicked him from the ship into his pod. And of course, we didn't let him keep the ship.

[Image: deadedge.jpg]

On my way back to the Mactan Base, patrol from Vespucci informed me of being engaged by an intruder. A bounty hunter pilot in an Rheinland ship, class "Mjolnir". I made my way there and help them decompress his hull.

[Image: intruder.jpg]

Furthermore, yesterday USI reading detected Interspace patsie moving to Liberty trough the Cortez system. Ambush was deployed by Mr.Largo and me, he was interrogated,laughed at, insulted and destroyed. The cargo was picked up by nearby friendly Liberty Rogue captain who sold it on the Freeport in Yukon.

We are gaining more new operatives who managed to save them selves from greedy and corrupt influence, they will be trained as we all were once we came. The Liberty corruption is loosing its power day by day. I am in develop of a new neural net worm which will be used to dry the bank balance stream of corporate leeches. That would be all. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Asriel - 05-06-2011 data...

Today on duty in Magellan, Mactan area a Zoners Guard vessel showed up and did an inspection of our system. And asked for the way to Vespucci! I screened him for further investigation.
[Image: zrtv.jpg]
[Image: zrvt.jpg]
Because of my weak vessel I answered evasive and passive... until he left the system

After that I build up a wing with LH~Chase Weyland to do some base mission for his proper IFF After that we grabbed a transport. Ni IFF freelancer id with 3600 Neon. We taxed him for 1.5M
[Image: firstpirateing.jpg]

LH*unkown out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Largo - 05-08-2011

...hack data...

Good day, gentlemen. Mr. Pistols and I have taken a trip to Shikoku this morning, in order to intercept a corporate villain working for the Ageira. We successfully tracked his ship, and liberated the cargo from his incapable hands.
Quote:[08.05.2011 12:06:19] Ageira|Feldburg: Cpt. Reynolds: So let's make it quick. How much?
[08.05.2011 12:06:40] Largo:::: All of it, Ageira scumbag, all of it.
[08.05.2011 12:06:51] Largo:::: I want your cargo right here, right now.
[08.05.2011 12:07:15] Ageira|Feldburg: Cpt. Reynolds: Isn't there any alternative?
[08.05.2011 12:07:32] Paco.Pistols:: Yes there is
[08.05.2011 12:07:56] Paco.Pistols:: You can plant cardamine into LSF meals then leave Ageira and join us to fight them
[08.05.2011 12:08:02] Ageira|Feldburg: Cpt. Reynolds: *sigh* Fine.

While he was coming to my position, Mr. Pistols noticed a Daunman convoy heading to Galileo. After we were finished with Ageira, we took it upon ourselves to stop these Rheinlanders in their corporate deeds. We quickly moved, and set a trap for them in Texas. They were hiding and went unnoticed trough Liberty's core systems, but they failed in escaping our ambush.

It was hilarious, their lack of judgment for the Hackers. It was so obvious they were not used to such treatment back home.
Quote:[08.05.2011 12:31:59] Daumann|Vidar: leave us alone, hacker
[08.05.2011 12:32:16] LH~Disco.Volante: Hold still.
[08.05.2011 12:32:30] Daumann|Vidar: fine, what do you want?
[08.05.2011 12:33:50] Code.Rebel: Let's see, Vidar will have to pay an amount for all of you
[08.05.2011 12:34:04] Daumann|Vidar: how much?
[08.05.2011 12:34:07] Daumann|Zisa: let's have it already
[08.05.2011 12:34:07] Code.Rebel: 2 million per each ship
[08.05.2011 12:34:20] Daumann|Zisa: that is negotiable, Herr?
[08.05.2011 12:34:21] Daumann|Vidar: make it 1 million and we have a deal

At this point, we pointed our guns towards Daumann|Vidar and gave him a special treatment.

Quote:[08.05.2011 12:35:10] Daumann|Vidar: what is this?
[08.05.2011 12:35:17] LH~Disco.Volante: Negotiations.
[08.05.2011 12:35:23] Daumann|Vidar: i didnt say we will not pay
[08.05.2011 12:35:34] Code.Rebel: Then send the 6 millions over here
[08.05.2011 12:35:45] Daumann|Vidar: then stop shooting
[08.05.2011 12:35:48] Code.Rebel: Every time you say something stupid
[08.05.2011 12:35:51] Code.Rebel: Price will rise
[08.05.2011 12:35:49] Daumann|Vidar: my god...
[08.05.2011 12:36:05] Daumann|Vidar: will 4 million do?
[08.05.2011 12:36:12] LH~Disco.Volante: Here he goes again...
[08.05.2011 12:36:09] Code.Rebel: 8 will
[08.05.2011 12:36:21] Code.Rebel: Lets try again
[08.05.2011 12:36:37] Daumann|Vidar: are you serious?
[08.05.2011 12:36:41] Code.Rebel: No
[08.05.2011 12:36:47] Death: Daumann|Vidar was killed by Code.Rebel (Gun)

At that point, we turned our guns towards two other transports. They froze to death due to fear going trough their corporate bones.

Quote:[08.05.2011 12:36:57] Code.Rebel: Ok, price is now 4 millions
[08.05.2011 12:37:10] Code.Rebel: Zisa, your negotiating
[08.05.2011 12:37:12] LH~Disco.Volante: We are back to the old pricing, I suppose.
[08.05.2011 12:37:11] Daumann|Freyr: You can go to hell
[08.05.2011 12:37:27] Death: Daumann|Freyr was killed by an NPC
[08.05.2011 12:37:38] Code.Rebel: Price is now 2 millions
[08.05.2011 12:37:46] Code.Rebel: As it was at the begining
[08.05.2011 12:37:58] Code.Rebel: Do you wish to survive Mr.Zisa
[08.05.2011 12:38:02] Daumann|Zisa: well I guess I have no choice
[08.05.2011 12:38:08] LH~Disco.Volante: Good, a smart one.
[08.05.2011 12:38:16] LH~Disco.Volante: You can take the escape pods with you.
[08.05.2011 12:38:25] You have received 2.000.000 credits from Daumann|Zisa
[08.05.2011 12:38:32] Code.Rebel: Have a nice day
[08.05.2011 12:38:38] LH~Disco.Volante: Have a 'safe' flight.

I believe these Rheinlanders got a lesson in how we 'Negotiate'.
Mr. Pistols and I went back to Buffalo at this point and looked for a best way to entertain ourselves. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 05-10-2011

Lane Hackers:

I am pleased to announce that after a long, comprehensive, and demanding process of evaluation, the Lane Hackers have elevated two exceptional Hackers to the level of Professors.

Both of these Hackers were required to fulfill unique and challenging missions that expanded the horizons of our knowledge, and secured valuable assistance in our ongoing battle against our foes in Liberty and beyond. These missions were accomplished with exceptional skill and professionalism, and serve as fine examples of the leadership abilities that all Lane Hackers should aspire to. Their mission reports will be posted in the Mission Archives for your study, at some time in the near future.

The Lane Hackers have a long history of cultivating raw recruits into the finest examples of expertise and leadership. These two new Professors have fulfilled all that has been asked of them, and have excelled still further in going above and beyond the basic requirements to attain their ranks.

Congratulations to Associate Professors Brutus Clay and Paco Pistols. May Ageira tremble down to its deepest synaptic processors at the future mention of your names.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nilson - 05-11-2011

Greetings, I was stopped by an LPI officer today and I decided to Interrogate him. It turned out to be quite amusing, I don't think he was too amused though.

Quote:[11.05.2011 17:24:35] Greene: Do you accept bribes?
[11.05.2011 17:24:43] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: No
[11.05.2011 17:24:54] Greene: Why not?
[11.05.2011 17:25:15] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: Because im a police officer!
[11.05.2011 17:25:37] Greene: I could easily hack your bank details and add 5,000 credits to it.
[11.05.2011 17:25:47] Greene: Or.. Take all your credits away
[11.05.2011 17:26:04] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: *Laughs* alright my freind
[11.05.2011 17:26:17] Greene: Do you enjoy cardamine?
[11.05.2011 17:26:19] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: it was fun talking to yah
[11.05.2011 17:26:21] Greene: I enjoy cardamine.
[11.05.2011 17:26:23] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: cya
[11.05.2011 17:26:42] Greene: Would you like some caradmine?
[11.05.2011 17:26:51] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: *static*
[11.05.2011 17:26:58] Greene: Also do you pay taxes?
[11.05.2011 17:27:04] Greene: I'm curious.
[11.05.2011 17:28:08] Greene: I'm guessing you do, So what's your opinion on paying taxes to fund an inefficient police force?
[11.05.2011 17:28:57] Greene: Personally I don't see the point in you, because the Lane hackers have extorted countless corporate flunkey's
[11.05.2011 17:29:06] Greene: And you are nowhere to be seen.
[11.05.2011 17:29:22] Greene: Infact, I want to congratulate you on being terrible at your job.
[11.05.2011 17:29:51] Greene: Thank you Mr.Seth Johnson for making it so easy for us to prey on corporate flunkeys.
[11.05.2011 17:31:53] Greene: *hacks comms*
[11.05.2011 17:32:07] Greene: I'm not done chatting to you Mr Johnson.
[11.05.2011 17:33:35] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: Sure son now go back to Preschool and play nicely
[11.05.2011 17:33:38] Greene: Have you ever considered trying Cardamine? It improves your intelligence.
[11.05.2011 17:33:57] Greene: It could increase your intelligence to say that of a primitive primate.
[11.05.2011 17:34:18] Greene: I'm suprised you can even pilot a guardian.
[11.05.2011 17:34:23] LPI-Seth.Johnson[O]: *Leaves the strange wannabe hacker to himself*
[11.05.2011 17:35:38] Greene: I guess you haven't tried cardamine *sighs* terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - chase.way - 05-12-2011
...uploading data...

Good evening,

I have gathered a piece of rather juicy information. To explain the circumstances, I was searching for targets of the intelligence gathering section of my trainee duties. Subsequently to me entering New York, I was informed of a system-wide transmission. Being curious as I am, I activated recording. After arriving to Mactan and reading the transcript, I was more than satisfied to have recorded it. See for yourself.


Can you feel synapses of your grey matter whirl for more? So did I. Unfortunately, the transmissions stopped at that point and did not continue for more than 5 minutes. I assumed the discussion was over.

Note, that this entire discussion was transmitted over the system-wide protocols of the New York system, and thus might be a cheap, staged attempt at deception. In any case, I believe we should locate and interrogate this 'Fran' person. Unfortunately, I was not able to gather any information about ships or papers, since I haven't met anyone from the almost too well spoken individuals.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-15-2011 data...

Good day gentlemen, today I decided to show you few neural net documents along with their explanation. Everything on the neural net has its meaning, its up to you will you able to decrypt it or even understand it. But to be more precise the following transmission are generally made or were influenced to be made by me. I am sure you will enjoy your reading while I explain the more profound truth and details hiding behind it.

The following transmission was made after an very interesting extortion in the Texas system. The IND captain in question decided its a good option to jettison and shoot his passengers rather than letting them live and tell the tale of his fear of Lane Hackers. What you can see in the file is our public approach to their lies, and laughing at their poor attempts of giving public explanation. Right after the new evidence was shown, they tried to get out of problem but kept getting caught in their own lies. You may notice the lack of answer for several months. That is how our corrupt government deals with their internal problems, especially when they're on someone else's payrole. They are trying to hide the reality, by not believing in it. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't go away.

Now let us continue on this tour of harassment toward those who deserve it. The following part of transcript was taken from the same captain who shot his own passengers.

Quote:[22.11.2010 14:57:06] Paco.Pistols: Full stop flunky
[22.11.2010 14:57:17] 2010-11-22 14:57:21 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:17] [IND]Invisible.Hand: hello
[22.11.2010 14:57:23] 2010-11-22 14:57:28 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:23] Paco.Pistols: Good day
[22.11.2010 14:57:25] 2010-11-22 14:57:30 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:25] [IND]Invisible.Hand: would you like to talk to my friend Jayce?
[22.11.2010 14:57:35] 2010-11-22 14:57:40 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:35] [IND]Invisible.Hand: he says hello
[22.11.2010 14:57:42] 2010-11-22 14:57:47 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:42] Paco.Pistols: Who is Jayce ?
[22.11.2010 14:57:45] 2010-11-22 14:57:49 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:45] [IND]Invisible.Hand: says you are a great guy
[22.11.2010 14:57:56] 2010-11-22 14:58:00 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:56] [IND]Invisible.Hand: brooks
[22.11.2010 14:57:57] 2010-11-22 14:58:02 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:57:57] Paco.Pistols: Great, tell him Paco said hi
[22.11.2010 14:58:16] 2010-11-22 14:58:20 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:58:16] Paco.Pistols: Now..I believe rogues want you dead
[22.11.2010 14:58:17] 2010-11-22 14:58:21 SMT
[22.11.2010 14:58:17] [IND]Invisible.Hand: he says: let the IND go

You can see captain is trying to use this "Jayce Brooks" person as some kind of getaway card. Unfortunately for him, its never that easy. Many of you weren't around when we met Jayce Brooks, but the following person was a part of SCRA, the very following organization who make little under the table deals while preaching others about honesty and corruption.(More detailed information can be found in mission archives, Mission 9 by Mr.Krest, transmission no. 21) After he deflected from the SCRA, or at least he tried to make others believe he did, I found him loitering around Liberty. I decided to squeeze some information from him, and it wasn't hard at all. The following sentence is taking from the transcript of that conversation.

Quote:[16.12.2010 18:23:08] Jayce.Brooks: And yeah, I seem to remember seeing some IND ships floating around 52...

It is more then funny when both sides admit their cooperation, to bad our navy is to dumb or blind to realize what is going on behind their back.

Right after the conversation between Mr.Brooks and me, he was ready to sell information about his ex organization to us. And he was ready to tell us completely everything his knew for only 4 codename guns. Talking about royalty, morale and such, they aren't so hard to buy. After he realized this information could get him killed he decided to back down and tried to offer some second hand deal in which nobody was interested in. After all, I already got information about their little shenanigans with the IND. Now gentlemen as you can see, everybody is on someone's payrole. Today we live in an galaxy where 90% people have their price, they became puppets of the credits, nothing more. Same reason why we won't stop until we bring these "notorious" hoodlums to their downfall.

Now for something completely different. This transmission was made for only one purpose, to make an special kind of diversion. The main goal is to create totally unrealistic picture of yourself by using quotes from old Sol time materials, either it be books,movies, speeches and such so you gain a distraction. There are couple of reasons why transmissions like this are helpful in your Lane Hacker career, but only after you are already known, because otherwise you would be putting your useful anonymity at unnecessary risk. Let me continue, once you make transmission like this the main authorities will try to track your signal, with our transmitting procedures this will be impossible and it will lead them to a fake position, so you just made them spend resources and time in something they won't be able to discover. Besides that, you are creating a totally fake public image which will make people love you or despise you, but they will never truly get a hint of your own personality. Remember many people will not like you. In the most cases these people are either stupid or the envious. The stupid will like you in 5 years, the envious never. Every single person in this galaxy wants to be special, they all share an addiction, they are approval junkies. Everything you can find about someone, you can use it against him. And every fake information someone finds about you, will end up disastrous if they try to use it against you. With that gentlemen I conclude today's "lesson" about things what happen on neural net. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 05-16-2011

Lane Hackers:

It is time for an upgrade to our encryption protocols. This will be accomplished in a competitive process that is open to all Lane Hackers. Code may be submitted in a pure text format (like our current protocol), or may be embedded in an image for easier visualization.

All submissions are due by May 30. Submissions will be evaluated by the Professors.

Any Lane Hacker who is interested in writing new code for our encryption software should send a message to the main inbox so that we know to expect your submission.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 05-19-2011

Lane Hackers:

First, a reminder to begin preparing your code submissions per my last transmission.

Second, congratulations to our Hackers, who have consistently demonstrated such an extraordinary degree of talent, dedication, and attention to their duties that it has become necessary for us to find new ways to both challenge them and honor their achievements.

We have established the honorary title of Operative, to be given to those Hackers who go above and beyond the normal extents of their responsibilities. Hackers who have been active for a minimum of four months, as measured by their first transmission to the Personnel Department, are qualified to begin attempting the Operative criteria. The full details of these criteria shall remain private knowledge, due to the sensitive nature of the assignments. Brief descriptions of the challenges are now available in the Archives below the Hacker promotion criteria. We do not expect that every Hacker will be able to complete all of the criteria and receive the honorary title of Operative. The criteria are designed to challenge Hackers to the outer limits of their abilities. As such, this does not qualify as a new rank, but instead is an award of recognition for demonstrating superior skills. From one to several months of effort may be required to complete all of the Operative criteria. Any current Hackers who have crossed the four months of service mark may request further details from the Professors.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Largo - 05-19-2011

...hack data...

Gentlemen, we've been busy yesterday hunting the main villains in Sirius and wider. Independent Neuralnet Division.
Mr Pistols in his fighter and me on board the Palmyra: hacked in to it's system and set the course to intercept. It wasn't long before I found it trying to bump his way trough the Whitney ice field in California. Soon, I managed to intercept him near the Texas hole, and I finally disrupted his engines after I followed him trough the hole. Now, the most interesting thing about the said ship were it's cargo, and of course, it's captain.


I ordered it to cut it's engines, and soon Mr Pistols showed up.
The said captain successfully disposed of it's 'suspicious' cargo, but not before we took evidence of it.

Quote:[18.05.2011 16:38:41] [IND]Tillerman: hold your fire a$$weipe

Then we applied some of our mania interrogation, which completely drove him mad. His words are the best proof.

Quote:[18.05.2011 16:45:04] [IND]Tillerman: you ruined my run
[18.05.2011 16:45:05] [IND]Tillerman: bravo
[18.05.2011 16:45:10] [IND]Tillerman: you've damaged my ship
[18.05.2011 16:45:22] Paco.Pistols': Isn't it beautiful ?
[18.05.2011 16:45:25] [IND]Tillerman: Do I really have to endure your flapping gums?
[18.05.2011 16:45:38] Paco.Pistols': You are right, we'll be quiet

We tortured him further with our presence, and our silence, which he couldn't endure any longer.


Quote:[18.05.2011 16:41:27] [IND]Tillerman: do your worst pigs
[18.05.2011 16:41:43] [IND]Tillerman: go on
[18.05.2011 16:42:01] [IND]Tillerman: finish it piogs

We of course decided to punish him further. There's no greater torture for a corporate patsy then to steal his precious time, which he equalizes with the profit. So we let him move on impulse speed towards Houston, some 90K's away. Soon, he couldn't suffer anymore, so he altered his course.

Quote:[18.05.2011 16:49:42] [IND]Tillerman: I'll just fly into the sun

At this point, we decided to show just a touch of mercy. We didn't really want to hear screams of pain and suffering due to heat of the Texas sun. We pulverized his hull, and let the precious vacuum take over the job.


At that point we went to Beaumont and started planning our next operation.
Few hours later, a mercenary informed us trough long range comm's that another IND ship is moving towards Liberty with a hold of cardamine. Mr Pistols and me again set our course to intercept. I was covering Cortez gate, while Mr Pistols took Cortez hole. Soon, a Luxury Liner, very similar to the ship we already destroyed, jumped right into Mr. Pistol's hands.

However, this one was a very silent one. He just opened fire, and tried to run for it. Suffice to say - he failed.



And today, on board the Palmyra again, I successfully tracked an Interspace ship and liberated it's cargo.


Relieving them of their profit is our job, and we do it well. terminated...