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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-21-2011 data...

Greetings gentlemen, exactly 3 months ago I managed to get information of SCRA civil war. Their forces were divided under command of man called Katz and Volkhan. Of course I've see them fighting and got some nice information out of it, even involvement of TAZ to some degree. Details can be found in transmission #529. So I approached one of the TAZ captains with the said informations when I got transmission from Mr.Holliday. The following transcripts are messaged between Mr.Holliday and me, and nature of our relationship, of course mostly business one.

Quote:*incoming transmission*
Comm ID: [TAZ]Doc Holliday
Location: Secure
To: Mr. Paco Pistols

Greetings, Sir,

No one knows that I am sending you this transmission and I'd rather keep it that way. I've never met you but I do know of you and nothing more. An informant of mine told me that you have some information regarding a man by the name of Seeker.Six.One that may be of benefit to me.

I'd like to meet you somewhere in space. How good this information is will depend on how much I pay for it. Sir, you stand to make a lot of money for it. I won't reveal my source nor will I push for this information but if you would like to meet, I will be greatful. You may pick the place of the meeting. I will also be in an independent ship so as not to attract attention since my own ships are so well know.

We can do this however way you see fit. The sooner I find out, the better. And did I say that afterward, we never met each other?

Thank You,
Dr. John Henry Holliday data...

I was expecting to hear from you Mr.Holliday. When dealing with Lane Hackers, discretion is always included. And I indeed do have a very juicy information about pilot in question.

The meeting will take place in orbit of planet Pecos, in the Coronado system. The time of meeting can be adjusted to suit us both, feel free to suggest it.

I'm truly a professional individual when it comes to credits, so as you said it Mr.Holliday, this never happened. terminated...

Quote:Greetings again, Mr. Pistols,

I have well, "borrowed" a ship from an old friend and re-transpondered it for anonymity. I am currently docked on Pecos and await your arrival. I will find you there no doubt. The ship is currently named, "(Information for professorship eyes only)" and is an Eagle fighter. I look forward to this meeting.

Thanks again,
Doc data...

I'll contact you once I reach the orbit Mr.Holliday. The pleasure will be all mine. terminated...

At this point I was informed that TAZ somehow got involved in this war and their people were in danger, of course I decided to help them with my information expertise for a little sum of credits.

Quote:*incoming transmission*
Comm ID: [TAZ]Doc Holliday

Thank You,

For your services. There is something I would like you to poke around on if possible. I know you are no fan of Alvin Katz but trust me when I say that this Volkhan is a huge threat, not just to me but all of Sirius. I have some people out there poking around but they aren't near as good as you are. So far, finding out who is loyal to this Volkhan and who is against him has been difficult at best.

Since good intelligence requires good equipment and therefore, good funding, I'll make whatever you find worthwhile. Since we're both busy men, just send me what you find and I'll be more than happy to wire the funding.
Oh, and does Mactan need anything? Let me know.

-Doc data...

Well Doc, its an interesting situation. First of all by amount of time your people spend with them in space, I figured you already have the list. >>Image 1<< , I presume these two are on Katz side since they were sitting with you pilot next to the base without any hostility. But I could be wrong obviously.

Now what we can see from this one >>Image 2<< This Andrew Johnson was fighting with SCRA on same side as your TAZ pilot. So we can see here that CPW-Karl.Marx is obviously loyalist vessel, along as "MIL" tagged vessels. But there is only one "MIL" vessel on this picture, so I'm not sure if they "mark" all their ships with that.

I'm sure details of that particular fight on Katz side can be found on your pilots ship logs. I'll probably find out more as usual, but I'm not sure they can be identified on regular base at this moment, but using deductive method of finding evidence on some images I have I can find couple of individuals by direction of shots fired from their guns.

As usual, it's up to you to decide how much this evidence is worth to you. I was informed that Mactan needs 380 units of superconductors, 200 units of quantum multiplexors and some wine and tobacco could fit nicely with that order. terminated...

Quote:*incoming transmission*
Comm ID: [TAZ]Doc Holliday
To: Paco.Pistols

You ask and you did receive:
Mactan Delivery

Getting wine is tough, from the source anyway. Those Gallic Royals don't like us Zoners out in Gallia. No matter, you and your friends can "imbibe" for awhile.
Let me know if you all need anything else.

I also wired your account something for that last proof.

Thanks for your hard work,
Doc data...

Delivery is appreciated Mr.Holliday, I'm sure our operatives will enjoy that fine wine and cigars. Anyway back to business, we have managed to locate SCRA|CPW-Karl.Marx in Magellan system today, as you might assume it didn't work out so well for that ship to pass trough. Seems it will have to go under some unexpected repairs. I managed to get some information before we shot him, I'm sure it will be useful.

Quote:[11.03.2011 00:20:35] SCRA|CPW-Karl.Marx: I am General Viatcheslav of the Volkhan's forces.

This is the name of the commander, as you can see I was right back then, he indeed does work for the Volkhan.

Also I found out he has a unit of SCRA ships on his side, he refers to them as "Straw Dogs".

[Image: 87848415.jpg]

I later on heard an open communication in Liberty between this unit and some people.

[Image: 34863993.jpg]

As you can see this ships are marked with SCRA|SD - Callsign. So I suggest you be aware if they ever come close to you or your pilots. terminated...

Quote:*incoming transmission*
Comm ID: [TAZ]Doc Holliday
To: Paco.Pistols

This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for so that I know who I need to be cautious of. It's been difficult to tell who is on what side. I suspected the Karl Marx but now I have the proof needed. As I am currently doing some research work in a secure location, I will transmit funds for this as soon as possible. My trade ship is being piloted by a young man in my absence. His name is Patrick.

Thanks again for your hard work and do be careful out there. The Volkhan loyalists spare no one.

This deal has been very beneficial to diplomacy of our organization and well for my bank balance. The SCRA "civil war" ended, along with that threat for TAZ people. I'm currently developing a scheme that should make corporate weenies cry even more then usual. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-24-2011 data...


Quote:[24.05.2011 01:51:30] SCRA|CPW-Totenkopf: Wolfe: *He Chuckles*

Hi,Paco's bomber again.

[Image: unled1ltc.jpg]
[Image: unled2zf.jpg]
[Image: unled3c.jpg] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Largo - 05-26-2011

...hack data...

I present you the following:

And a blade going towards it.


This particular corporate weasel tried to: a) Pretend he's piloting a ghost ship b) Torment us with his silence c) Defend himself for the crimes he has committed with silence.

Neither worked. As he wasn't responding to my plea to repent for his sins, the punk was successfully destroyed and the loot was moved to our smuggling cartel. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 05-27-2011 data...

Good day gentlemen, we were busy last few days catching valuable shippings of ore and all sort of corporate garbage around the Liberty. Some payed and managed to see another day while others were left as a scrap to junkers. One of our insurance customers decided he doesn't need it, so we explained him how dangerous being un-insured really is by confiscating his cargo.

Shorty after previously known Interspace patsy that goes under callsign godzilla was disgronified and his gold ore was looted from the remains.

We managed to obtain scans on one more IND ship, seems they're protecting themselves with heavy armors lately, I suggest catching them in teams so their "running" possibility becomes unreal. Due the calculation error by technicians working on USI, this one managed to slip by to his destination by 3.86 seconds. Nevertheless he will be extorted like all the others before him.

Few days back navy lapdog was spotted near Freeport in Magellan, initial scanning of his ship showed us 12 rookie pilots held up in his ship, he was interrogated, shot dead and pilots were liberated.

Yesterday I decided to be ghost on the lanes, traveling unseen until I find a valuable shipment. One [*USI*] ship fell right into my trap. He tried to "bargain" with me, of course that made the price raising till he decided to call me crazy and illogical. Unfortunately that kind of explicit corporate greedy behavior got him into his escape pod.

I'll be on neural net, stealing corporate information. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Asriel - 06-05-2011 data...

Good day to all! Today my duty with Mr Largo led me into California system. While covering the lane I was stopped by two Navy guys: Mr. Sputnik and BNG|LNS-Sacramento. They forced me to hand over my Prisoners and unfortunately even my brave pilot.

Quote:[2011-06-05 00:29:01] Francisco.Scaramanga: hello Navy guys
[2011-06-05 00:29:12] Sputnik: What do you say Francisco?
[2011-06-05 00:29:17] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Lets talk. Now dont get rude allright.
[2011-06-05 00:29:35] Sputnik: Will you leave in peace or do I have to force you?
[2011-06-05 00:29:42] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Keith scan the Hackers.
[2011-06-05 00:29:53] Francisco.Scaramanga: I have no business here already
[2011-06-05 00:29:53] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: --Scaning--
[2011-06-05 00:29:59] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Hold it !
[2011-06-05 00:30:09] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Drop all of your hold right now !
[2011-06-05 00:30:14] Sputnik: Of cause you would have to leave those pilots here with us
[2011-06-05 00:30:37] Francisco.Scaramanga: here are the bounty hunters
[2011-06-05 00:30:44] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: All of em.
[2011-06-05 00:30:59] Francisco.Scaramanga: and here the navy colleagues
[2011-06-05 00:30:59] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: The other one too.
[2011-06-05 00:31:06] Sputnik: I will escort you now to the next Jump gate
[2011-06-05 00:31:28] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Now we are even.
[2011-06-05 00:31:31] Francisco.Scaramanga: i prefer the gate to magelan
[2011-06-05 00:31:38] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Negative.
[2011-06-05 00:31:48] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Gates are not for criminals.
[2011-06-05 00:31:53] Sputnik: Thats none of our business there
[2011-06-05 00:31:54] Francisco.Scaramanga: ok you show me the way
[2011-06-05 00:31:59] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: You take the hole !
[2011-06-05 00:32:08] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Ill contact the BAF.
[2011-06-05 00:32:22] Francisco.Scaramanga: ok than cortez hole
[2011-06-05 00:32:35] Sputnik: OK I'll lead you to the Cortez hole
[2011-06-05 00:32:50] Francisco.Scaramanga: ready?
[2011-06-05 00:33:00] Sputnik: Move out!

I was able to interrogate the younger guy Mr. Sputnik on the way to Cortez hole. Here is what happens than:

Quote:[2011-06-05 00:33:55] Francisco.Scaramanga: May i ask a question?
[2011-06-05 00:34:04] Sputnik: Sure go ahead.
[2011-06-05 00:34:13] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Hope he listens to you.
[2011-06-05 00:34:18] Francisco.Scaramanga: So why do you are in the navy?
[2011-06-05 00:34:41] Sputnik: Its a tradition in our family
[2011-06-05 00:34:58] Sputnik: All my ancestors have been Liberty Navy pilots
[2011-06-05 00:35:17] Francisco.Scaramanga: I mean not to bother you but do you have ever think about your point of view in there?
[2011-06-05 00:35:37] Sputnik: Hmmm.
[2011-06-05 00:35:49] Sputnik: How you mean?
[2011-06-05 00:36:29] Francisco.Scaramanga: You see my family was wiped out by Agerian arbitrariness
[2011-06-05 00:36:59] Sputnik: I mean, I had my wild years, who hadn't? But I just dont feel like beeing a pirate or criminal or terrorist
[2011-06-05 00:37:12] Francisco.Scaramanga: supported by the police force and the navy
[2011-06-05 00:37:40] Francisco.Scaramanga: so my way was away from that flunkies
[2011-06-05 00:37:53] Sputnik: There is no side in this war who hasnt done a mistake jet
[2011-06-05 00:38:02] Francisco.Scaramanga: and than I tasted out that cardamine!
[2011-06-05 00:38:12] Francisco.Scaramanga: and after that every thing was very clear!
[2011-06-05 00:38:31] Sputnik: That Cardamine....
[2011-06-05 00:38:40] Sputnik: I know what you mean...
[2011-06-05 00:38:48] Francisco.Scaramanga: Did you ever try that?
[2011-06-05 00:38:53] Sputnik: Yes
[2011-06-05 00:39:04] Sputnik: And I barely got away from that
[2011-06-05 00:39:28] Francisco.Scaramanga: ah, than you didn't get far enough to see that light
[2011-06-05 00:39:49] Sputnik: I still use Weed not to fall back.
[2011-06-05 00:39:56] Francisco.Scaramanga: its a sort of enlightment
[2011-06-05 00:40:14] Francisco.Scaramanga: and than things getting very clear
[2011-06-05 00:40:37] Sputnik: No I didnt get far...
[2011-06-05 00:40:47] Francisco.Scaramanga: so there is no good and no bad
[2011-06-05 00:40:53] Sputnik: I turned the other way
[2011-06-05 00:41:16] Francisco.Scaramanga: but think about you have the choice
[2011-06-05 00:41:31] Sputnik: There is, but there is no good within bad and the other way around
[2011-06-05 00:41:38] Francisco.Scaramanga: support the old system or come and support the new one
[2011-06-05 00:42:01] Sputnik: New System?
[2011-06-05 00:42:06] Sputnik: What should that be?
[2011-06-05 00:42:29] Francisco.Scaramanga: a better future for all mankind in liberty and sirius

[2011-06-05 00:42:48] Francisco.Scaramanga: no naval forces and no pirates
[2011-06-05 00:43:07] Francisco.Scaramanga: only one common rule for all
[2011-06-05 00:43:13] Sputnik: How should that be done but not by war?
[2011-06-05 00:43:28] Francisco.Scaramanga: no, war isn't the right way!
[2011-06-05 00:43:43] Sputnik: And basically we do have what you are talking about...
[2011-06-05 00:43:45] Francisco.Scaramanga: look and the systems they raise and fail -
[2011-06-05 00:44:12] Francisco.Scaramanga: and that only due to war - thats no way

[2011-06-05 00:44:24] Sputnik: you just try to destroy it by bringing war and brutality to the systems I try to protect
[2011-06-05 00:44:35] Francisco.Scaramanga: try to understand
[2011-06-05 00:44:44] Francisco.Scaramanga: that is not our goal
[2011-06-05 00:45:05] Francisco.Scaramanga: the goal is to get a compensation
[2011-06-05 00:45:22] Francisco.Scaramanga: and if you have that enlightment like me
[2011-06-05 00:45:30] Francisco.Scaramanga: you would understand!
[2011-06-05 00:46:10] Francisco.Scaramanga: the way is to take that grass here!
[2011-06-05 00:47:11] Francisco.Scaramanga: i can give it to you
[2011-06-05 00:47:31] Sputnik: No, I cant do that - again.
[2011-06-05 00:47:45] Sputnik: Im glad I stopped it
[2011-06-05 00:47:55] Francisco.Scaramanga: its a short step for you and an important for mankind
[2011-06-05 00:48:31] Francisco.Scaramanga: believe me and your way will be clear!
[2011-06-05 00:48:51] Francisco.Scaramanga: its easy
[2011-06-05 00:49:04] Sputnik: Sry pilot, my decisoin is clear.
[2011-06-05 00:50:06] Francisco.Scaramanga: than Mr Sputnik we will part for now - but if you
[2011-06-05 00:50:17] Francisco.Scaramanga: change your mind contact me!
[2011-06-05 00:50:31] BNG|LNS-Sacramento: Veers: Haaa ! Criminals are full of crap !!! Cowards !
[2011-06-05 00:50:34] Sputnik: I'll think about that...
[2011-06-05 00:50:42] Francisco.Scaramanga: have a nice day!
[2011-06-05 00:50:59] Sputnik: But you can always drop by for a joint or two
[2011-06-05 00:51:03] Sputnik: bye
[2011-06-05 00:51:07] Francisco.Scaramanga: thank you

[2011-06-05 00:53:59] /time
[2011-06-05 00:53:59] 2011-06-04 22:54:17 SMT

After that I continued with my daily duty terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 06-07-2011 data...

Greetings gentlemen,we have been busy lately extorting the random flunkies and hitting our high priority targets. Most of them decided its better to burn then to pay, I didn't object fulfilling their wish.

The Ageira vessel has been ambushed at Colorado Jump Gate in New York, with cargo hold full of plutonium. He was presented with a chance to live, but he decided its better to run and shoot on my ship. His cargo was picked up by smuggling wing.

I have also took our my personal Falchion out of bay to clean the dust from it, its still a perfectly fine vessel. Extorted some random lapdog.

We located Godzilla, one of our favorite Interspace captains to hunt. He ended up in his pod as usual. Cargo was looted by Calamity.

This particular USI vessel decided its better to shoot full cargo hold of ore then to pay in credits. He was "processed".

His mercenary friend ended up in pod as well. And to my surprise seems he was carrying some codename weapons. They have been transfered to Ontario system.

I've been scheming against corporate hoodlums known as IND lately. The phase one of my plan is completed for now. Phase two will begin when the time is right. This will be a special nefarious plot which should hurt their bank balance more then anything before. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 06-13-2011 data...

Gentlemen, I've been busy lately scheming against my favorite company, the patsies that go by the name IND. I must add it was quite enjoyable making a schemes which would ruin their reputation. Even if I expected more damage would be done, the plan didn't work out in that direction. Not that it matters much, as you may noticed lately number of their ships is drastically low around Liberty. Our members are quite efficient in hunting them soon as they try to earn some money on our territory.

I've sent transmission with juicy information to Outcast Administrator Mr.Jameson, he didn't seem as surprised by it, but I'm glad I could show him who is he working with. Carbon copy will be uploaded in this transmission.

I have involved number of people in this scheme of mine. Reaver Merc Company were hired to send couple of images to head of LSF, along with Mr.Crow of the Junker Congress. I'm sure it will affect IND's reputation as well. While Shinobi Agency was hired to gather some evidence and contact specific people with it. I am more then satisfied by the job done by all involved parties. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 06-13-2011

Mission 15 is now assigned in the Archive in reference to <this request> from the Red Hessians. This is open to all Lane Hackers. All acquired cargoes that are listed in the mission briefing should be directed to the fulfillment of this mission. Documentation of delivery is required.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yoshida - 06-15-2011

Greetings gentlemen, this is my first report to the Comm Channel. Undoubtely the cardamine in my veins has helped me to accomplish many things which I wouldn't believe I could. Probably the decision to join the Lane Hackers was one the best I have made and will make in my whole lifetime.

My Hellflurries have opened many corporate flunky hulls and some of the BAF ships too, who are stupid enough to leave unprotected the Leeds System and patrol Magellan. Probably their higher ups should get some cardamine to wake up. Anyway back to the report:

In a shift that I pulled up yesterday, I moved to the Leeds hole to hit the incoming traffic. However some moments later a BAF| gunboat and an escort jumped through who of course weren't quick enough to stop me leaving the area. Here are 2 scans from the gunboat:

Later, when the Armed Forces left the area, I extorted a Freelancer. He had rather valuable information, so I reduced my demand Afterall, Money isn't time but information, right?

X-Blade: Nikolai: I will make it worth your while.
X-Blade: Nikolai: Do you know of one with the ship name of "Thats.Mine"
Yoshida: No.. why?
X-Blade: Nikolai: He is tarnishing the name of the pirate.
Yoshida: and why you are telling me that thing?
X-Blade: Nikolai: If others keep at it like he does, there will be no more traders, no profit for either.
X-Blade: Nikolai: Because there may be something you can do about it.
X-Blade: Nikolai: Keep an eye out for him and those like him, and you will continue to profit.
X-Blade: Nikolai: He wants it all or nothing, and yet still fires upon those who comply.
X-Blade: Nikolai: *he looks down at the long range scanners* Good, then keep his ship name in mind. He flies with another.
X-Blade: Nikolai: Fahrenheit.
Yoshida: Who is that ?
Yoshida: Another pirate?
X-Blade: Nikolai: A reinforcer.
X-Blade: Nikolai: Yes...perhaps a body guard?
Yoshida: Maybe..
X-Blade: Nikolai: Standby for payment, Pirate. My thanks for letting me go and allowing me to keep my head above water, so to speak.
Yoshida: All this information
Yoshida: cuts the price
Yoshida: Now you need to pay 1.2mil

This Fahrenheit guy that X-Blade mentioned, I wasn't aware of him till today when he was hired by us to handle some other annoying people. Here is the story: I was covering the Leeds hole while some other colleagues were covering other spots in the Bretonian-Liberty axon.

There, a transport jumped through and some moments later a BAF| guy as well. I warned the BAF| that if he engages me, he will put in danger the transport he was supposed to defend, however both the transport and the Bretonian were reluctant to negotiate, so my colleagues arrived which took care of the officer and a BH gunship who also came while the mindless trader was tasting my Hellflurries:

However, in the begging only a LH gunship had arrived which of course had trouble against the BH Gunship and the Templar. So we hired Fahrenheit to help us against them. Probably Fahrenheit is working for the unlawful side and various pirates. Oh and yes, the gunship and the templar, were both destroyed and an USI escort who came in their support retreated on flames:

Then another Bretonia Gunboat came and had a similar fate with the Ensign. After that, probably the Bretonians got angry and started sending real reinforcements, both BPA) and BAF| so I was forced to relocate the business to the California Gate in Cortez system. There, the traffic was quite good and the LH transports got some basic alloy from a fool Ageira ship, MOX from another Ageira|, an IC transport was also destroyed carrying Light Arms and Military Vehicles (possible contract with LN?) and I also found a Yacht who bought some software from our base. He was a good guy. Uploading data:

Afterwards, I got reports that USI transport was coming from Kusari, so I moved to Colorado and found it in the Kepler Gate. The captain was unwilling to pay my reasonable demands and thought it would be a good idea to start running from my Light Fighter. Some moments later Mr Pistols arrived and the captain - after some moderate damage on his transport - jettisoned his cargo in order to survive. I guess his action to start running costed him 3 times more credits than by complying with my demand... I wonder how he will explain that to his corporate bosses.

After we secured the cargo, we run to help a RHA who was found by Navy and he was attempting to run to Rochester via the Copperton Asteroid Field. Probably he had some business there? Anyway, me and Mr Pistols found the RHA being attacked by 2 Navy Guardians. We engaged and successfully managed to keep them away from the RHA train which in the end it successfully cruised to safety. However, we continued fighting the Navy and when one of them disengaged, 2 XA eagles came to support the other LN. Quite funny, isn't it? Anyway, the fight went very well and both XA were punished for assisting the Navy which they are supposed to fight. Then the Naval officer's vessel was in flames before he left the area as well. After that I returned to Mactan finishing my long shift. Uploading data:

Oh this might look interesting. I got it several weeks ago. We extorted a heavily armoured Salvager moving Military Vehicles with Freelancer papers - maybe the congressmen will be interested in purchasing that info:

And by the way, a recent hacking in the Ageira Bounty Board, revealed that my activities are known and I have a bounty in my head. Guess that's because I do good work, right? Hopefully in the future I will gather more juicy information and extort more flunkies. Until then...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - sluggsy - 06-20-2011

Good evening,

I got abruptly interrupted while heading to Mactan today. Twice, actually. First time in Colorado by a certain Anna Prentice ( take care around this individual, by the way ) and second time in California by a Xeno named Jessica Lynch. The former was a simple exchange of credits for uninterrupted passage, the latter was a bit more interesting - uploading logs:


Pointing out lines 35-45 specifically. I'm not sure about our current relations with the Legion, but I will let the people in charge decide what to do with this information.

Oh by the way, I am in possession of 500 optoelectronic devices. If anyone needs them, let me know. Mr. Sanguinetti knows the details of how we got to them.

Good evening.