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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 06-21-2011 data...

I just found that on the guncam HDD, from today. I think it would worth being printed and shipped to some gallery. I might even hang a copy of that in my office.
[Image: screen71.png]
It's title could be... I don't know... 'The Nightamre of the Flunky'. How do they say, wrong place in a wrong time.. We rarely experience such swift cooperation, right? terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - The Lane Hackers - 06-24-2011
...Hacker.Intelligence.Bureau.recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Mission 16 from Mission Archives is now available for all Lane Hackers. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yoshida - 06-25-2011

Good day. The Technician mission, as I mentioned in the Mission Archives too, didn't end. Mr Kento was in debt for "saving" his life and I decided to make use of that by asking for information about IC illegal activities. The intel that he gave me wasn't anything extremely important, but it still remains juicy.

Even though you can read the whole transmission by accessing this link, I can briefly describe that Kusari Intelligence caught some IC transports breaking the embargo, in Shikoku system. He also stated some interesting things about the IC Barge, Atlantis, being hijacked and stolen by The Society, a pirate gang.

Anyway I have to report that I have encountered many times the collectors, a junker group. They use Magellan to move to Bretonia and then move southwards to the Red Hessians. They transport human cargo, mostly slaves, to Freital Base. In return they bring Blood Diamonds to Niverton. They respect us since they always stop for a little chat before they keep moving. Also, I found an Outcast on a Broadsword who didn't have authorisation to use such ship. He said that he will change it... Uploading data:

While I was brainstorming about a possible target for mania-interrogation, I aimed in finding a target who was part of the Navy or LSF in order to have the possibility to acquire intel about Alaska or other classified projects. I decided to interrogate a member of the Corona Battlegroup, a LN group which operates in the borders and it's not designed to actively participate in conflicts. So I moved to Shikoku Gate in Kepler system and quickly hacked a comm channel of a CB pilot and I pretended being a transport under attack by a rookie pirate in the Colorado Gate. Even though he started coming to assist me on his transport, in the end he switched to his fighter and came to my position. Fortunately, I had taken a safety measure since I was in Shikoku Gate and not in the Colorado one. That gave me some precious moments and then a Zoner Whale jumped from Shikoku carrying Alien Organisms for Ames. I switched to system-wide frequencies and demanded him to come to my position. All this time Mr Largo was assisting me on his bomber. Then, in order to save the Zoner he accepted my demand to move to a radiation cloud in order to have some talking. You can read the rest in the chatlog.

Result: Even though I was aiming in humiliating him before I start aqcuiring intel, in fact I wasn't successful, since he admitted he was "dirty" and he also revealed many secrets about Corona Battlegroup. I already sent a message to them, asking for more information. Oh and I passed the mania interrogation, by Professor Sanguinetti.

Chat logs: here

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 06-26-2011 data...

Good evening gentlemen. In the previous days we destroyed and extorted an Ageira lapdog who though he can get away with it. Or to be more precise who thinks "our demand is too unfair" or " our numbers are unfair to his ship". It is a rather shame, because such a talent in adding numbers is to be appreciated in some other less intelligent groups for sure. You meet one flunky on the beginning of your career and you see nothing ever changes.

Apparently couple of days after that the same captain was given another ship, and the Lane Hackers caught him with same cargo. He tried to trick us by using sun corona but his plan was a failure which costed him his cargo.

As usual navy patrols were flying around Galileo, threating us like some space heroes. Target came, target tried to compromise current mission, target neutralized before anything significant in his poor servant life happened.

[Image: unled1rkqb.png]
[Image: unled2bi.png]

File 382BBRT2 in online Liberty History archives, you can find me on neural net address from that location, track at your own discretion. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nilson - 06-28-2011
...Hacker.Dominic.Greene.recognized....transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Professor Pistols and I ran into an IC|York, hauling scientists through Magellan. We stopped him and decided to mania-interrogate him.


Quote:[26.06.2011 20:25:13] Greene-: Cut your engines flunkey.
[26.06.2011 20:25:14] Paco.Pistols.: Do not move flunky
[26.06.2011 20:25:51] IC|York: Jake: Make sum boy. I'm in a hurry.
[26.06.2011 20:26:09] Greene-: So, Mr.Jake.
[26.06.2011 20:26:20] Greene-: Where did you get those Scientists from.
[26.06.2011 20:26:33] IC|York: Jake: Umm... Willard station./
[26.06.2011 20:26:48] Greene-: and where are you taking them.
[26.06.2011 20:27:01] IC|York: Jake: The Cambridge system.
[26.06.2011 20:27:07] IC|York: Jake: The bretonians want them,
[26.06.2011 20:27:12] Greene-: I see, I see.
[26.06.2011 20:27:32] Greene-: Are you aware that IC have been smuggling goods across Sirius.
[26.06.2011 20:28:09] IC|York: Jake: Umm... IC smuggling goods?! That's impossible.
[26.06.2011 20:28:33] Greene-: It's not impossible, we have reliable information that IC have been smuggling goods.
[26.06.2011 20:28:45] IC|York: Jake: I don't believe you.
[26.06.2011 20:28:52] Paco.Pistols.: We heard you are smuggling chocolate bars to Ageira boss
[26.06.2011 20:29:03] Paco.Pistols.: Making him fat until he explodes, is this correct ?
[26.06.2011 20:29:07] IC|York: Jake: IC does every contract lawfully.
[26.06.2011 20:29:12] IC|York: Jake: We don't break the law.
[26.06.2011 20:29:16] IC|York: Jake: It's bad for business.
[26.06.2011 20:29:27] Paco.Pistols.: Would you agree that you have made chocolate conspiracy ?
[26.06.2011 20:29:43] Greene-: Cocoa Fiend.
[26.06.2011 20:30:36] Greene-: So, Mr Cocoa Bean Fiend. What's the Director of Ageira's favourite Chocolate Bar.
[26.06.2011 20:30:57] IC|York: Jake: I don't know, hacker.
[26.06.2011 20:31:12] IC|York: Jake: I don't even know who the Ageira's Director is.
[26.06.2011 20:31:16] Greene-: You should know, as you have been smuggling them to him.
[26.06.2011 20:31:33] Paco.Pistols.: I bet you are product of incest Mr.Jake
[26.06.2011 20:31:36] IC|York: Jake: *sighs* ... Please, do not consume cardamine.
[26.06.2011 20:31:40] IC|York: Jake: It's bad for your health
[26.06.2011 20:31:43] Greene-: I've heard you've been developing a new type of donut for the LPI aswell.
[26.06.2011 20:31:51] Paco.Pistols.: *laughs* good one
[26.06.2011 20:32:20] IC|York: Jake: I'd enjoy staying here for longer but I got a schedule.
[26.06.2011 20:32:30] IC|York: Jake: Please make a 'tax' and let's get moving.
[26.06.2011 20:33:05] Greene-: So, do those scientists have a PhD in bakery?
[26.06.2011 20:33:19] Greene-: For the creation of the ultimate donut for the LPI to consume.
[26.06.2011 20:33:24] Paco.Pistols.: There you go , Mr.Greene discoverd you are smuggling bakers !
[26.06.2011 20:33:25] IC|York: Jake: Huh? What are you talking about,hacker?
[26.06.2011 20:33:31] IC|York: Jake: I don't even know these people./
[26.06.2011 20:33:42] Paco.Pistols.: Didn't your boss told you not to transport strangers ?
[26.06.2011 20:34:09] Paco.Pistols.: Now, drop them here....and move away. Or we will play space games with your pod later
[26.06.2011 20:34:13] IC|York: Jake: My boss told me to pick up these guys and bring them to Cambridge system.
[26.06.2011 20:34:31] IC|York: Jake: I don't need to know these guys, and hopefully they won't hear me from the passager's room.
[26.06.2011 20:34:47] Greene-: Sadly your Scientists will be going on a little Detour Mr.Jake.
[26.06.2011 20:34:47] Paco.Pistols.: We are waiting Mr.Jake
[26.06.2011 20:34:54] Greene-: Drop them.
[26.06.2011 20:35:03] Paco.Pistols.: Shoot the flunky !
[26.06.2011 20:35:07] IC|York: Jake: I did drop them.
[26.06.2011 20:35:08] Greene-: Bad move.
[26.06.2011 20:35:16] Paco.Pistols.: You shot them, murderer ! Whole bunch of bakers !
[26.06.2011 20:35:18] Greene-: Time to die Cocoa Bean Fiend.
[26.06.2011 20:37:49] Death: IC|York was killed by Paco.Pistols. (Mine)

As you can see an Interspace Commerce Trade vessel murdered innocent scientists. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Dexter. - 07-02-2011 data...

Murik here.

I gathered some intelligence on the questionable folk known as '€œBDM'€. When I heard a report of their presence in Magellan, I quickly lauched my Falchion to take advantage of its advanced scanning arrays. The BDM appear to be a Rheinalnd covert group looking to disrupt Bretonian traffic. Although, it would seem that they are not picky; they will stop and relieve any vessel bound for Bretonia of its cargo. In Magellan, at the Leeds hole, there was:
  • BDM|U-19, a Rheinland gunboat
  • BDM|U-80, a Mjolnir super heavy fighter
  • BDM|Agt-Viktor.Krum, a Bergelmir bomber
  • BDM|Schwarz-1, a Bergelmir bomber
  • Upload link
Later, another gunboat showed up, without the BDM| tag, as well as a Wraith fighter, carrying Rheinland Guard papers. I was unfortunately unable to get scans of either gunboat or the Wraith in the confusion resulting in the destruction of the LSF agent.

Mr. Greene and myself returned to Mactan and grabbed our Sabres, and were joined by Mr. Clay. We then witnessed the Rheinland forces destroy an =LSF= agent, and we left. They claimed they were going to send a transmission to the professorship regarding future negotiations.

Murik out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 07-06-2011 data...

Greetings gentlemen, there have been some happening around Liberty last days so I will try to sum it up in this report. First of all we were introduced with Liberty Navy group known as =CB= which stands for Corona Battlegroup. Before any negotiations were concluded team of Lane Hackers managed to capture one of their commanders, who was interrogated to confirm goals and facts that those lapdogs stated. Their stance of thinking we will treat them as they are some kind of help to Lane Hackers got them into same situation where other Liberty Navy branches are. Extort their transports and shoot their fighters if they show hostilities.

Besides those little talks we had I took couple of our pilots in space to hunt and extort our favorite corporate hoodlums, Ageira. The ship callsigned Ageira|Etna was ambushed and extorted twice.

The Interspace captain who foolishly jumped to Ontario system didn't end up better, he ended worse ! The corporate snake in question was shoot down after refusing to comply with our demands.

Tonight while conducting ordinary business in space a strange ship emerged next to me, sensors went crazy for a minute there, I quickly re-routed energy from guns to stabilize scanning array so I can gather more information on this ship. The transponder was set as Coalition but the ship was IMG's Battlecruiser commonly knows as "Argus". Exact callsign of the target is SCRA|CPW-Tsiolkovsky.

Also there are specific files which will be in lh.archive file no.594 for future study and use of our operatives. The following evidence has been gathered by Shinobi Agency while working under my contract.

I also brought couple of shipments of fresh Cardamine to our bases along with deuterium and black market munitions. That would be all. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Paco.Pistols - 07-06-2011 data...

[Image: ind2d.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 07-28-2011

Greetings, Diavolo reporting in.

I took me some time to make some trouble in Liberty and started extorting traders in California.

A 5k Zoner Transport showed up rather quick and the first thing I thought was: ZonerZonerZonerMoney !
Wrong, I kindly asked him to spare 2.5 million Credits for supporting the Hackers, but after decades of talking I realised he was probalby just buying time for the Navy's to arrive, so I made his/her ship go 'pop'.

I went to New York, Lane to California Jump gate and waited for several known IC transports to pass by.
I catched one named 'Vahir' a Crane full of Luxury Consumer Goods.

He decided to tell me to die before I stated any demand, so I roasted him: I
Navy showed up, I made my way back to California, instead of trying to pirate another IC Transport next to a Navy Failboat: I , name of the IC Stork is IC|Bochum

I re-armed at Alcatraz very quick and went back to the lane.
A small convoy ( Bumblebee and Camara ) arrived, but they picked the choice of trying to kill me before I did anything:I
The two traders barely got away with their life and a huge repair bill, luck for them 3 Failboats and a LPI LF helped them to survive.

I wasn't in the mood of dying so I ended my little solo tour there. But I guess the Community of Traders in Liberty got a little more fear in their bones now.

Diavolo out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Elektra King - 08-15-2011 data...

Back in business.

[Image: backinbusiness.png] terminated...