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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-17-2008 data..

After reloading at Mactan I teamed with Le.Chiffre and we headed to the Colorado system together. Before we could get that far we got jumped at the Ontario jump hole in California by 2 LSF fighters, one BHG fighter and a BHG Battlecruiser.

We destroyed both LSF fighters and the BHG fighter run away after it saw their fate.

[Image: calc-th.jpg]

[Image: motown.jpg]

Another LSF fighter and an LSF GB came. The fighter was taking heavy damage when the first of Ion Storms arrived. After it the fighter was nowhere to be seen. Two extra Ion Storms hit shortly after, during them both the BC and GB also disappeared.

We returned back to Mactan with only light damage to our Slipstreams and with two more corporate servants eradicated. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 01-18-2008 data..

Greetings. Today as I was in transit to Colorado from New York, a police avenger pilot decided to demand that I drop the pilots I had recently captured. I refused, and and proceeded to Colorado. The police officer followed, and engaged. I quickly stripped his shield, and with great care placed a Nuklear mine right on his nose so as to destroy his ship. Here is the picture from the gun camera: terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-20-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...
The past few days have brought numerous victories for The Lane Hackers against the oppressive Liberty Regime and their lackeys.

Three days ago while fighting to liberate the stolen credits of our brethren from the rich robber barons, our team of Hackers was engaged by a squad of Mandalorian Mercenaries.

Eventually the 3 Mercs managed to explosively decompress Frosty's hull, but all 3 of the vile opportunists were destroyed by our superior skills. The final Merc to face destruction was Dha Piruna, under the combined fire of Svengali, Le Chiffre, Highwayman, and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

[Image: th_DhaPirunaMkilled.png]

Last night our forces infiltrated the New York system to spread the glorious enlightenment of Cardamine to the starving population of Liberty. An LSF GB, =LSF=Tugboat stumbled upon our operation and after a brisk fight with myself, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and Robin Hood was destroyed.

[Image: LSFTugboatkilledbyRobinHood.jpg]
Three other LSF arrived and two of them were dispatched, one of whom died from their own incompetent friendly fire.

[Image: LSFMaximusfriendlyfraggedbyLSFinfig.jpg]
[font=Fixedsys]After our distribution operation was completed, [HF]-Daniel Nance, Aires, and myself engaged a Bounty Hunter Battlecruiser that dared to intrude into Vespucci and vaporized the miscreant with little effort.

[Image: th_FHDominatorkilledbyLH.jpg]
[font=Fixedsys]Today, while conducting a hacking operation of the trade lanes in California, our full team of Hackers was engaged by 2 Bounty Hunter gunships. After a brief fight, both of them were eliminated.

[Image: th_2GunboatskilledbyLH.png]

[Image: th_2ndGBkilled.png]

[font=Fixedsys]Following our triumphs, the Liberty cowards commissioned a force of 6 unaligned capital ships to invade Magellan and attempt to thwart us.

Needless to say, we easily evaded their cowardly attempts to engage us in their floating slagheaps and have regrouped for future hacking operations. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-20-2008
comm.ID.Refrigerator recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data
Yesterday was a great day of victory for the Lane hackers. Okefenokee.Freight.Co - an Ageira Technologies ship, has been thoroughly robbed and humiliated. The chase started in the Kepler system and because of some minor malfunctions, the whale put some distance between us.
"You have to hack me better than that, you rusty old appliance!"
That's what I received in Shikoku, but I knew it was an act of desperation, cause I was gaining on her. The local authorities (buzzing Drakes) slowed me down a little, but I finally managed to stop the ship between New Tokyo and the Shinjuku Station. First thing to do was to rescue the 10 captured colleagues. Shortly after that, several Kusari destroyers have arrived, allowing Okefenokee to run again. I made a few hacks here and there, and disabled the lanes and gates behind while in pursuit, and shaked the fleet from my tail. Thanks to a little backup from the Outcasts, the Ageira shipment was disabled near the sun's coronosphere in Tau-23. I pulled all the turrets out of its hold, and the pilot couldn't speak out of fear. Looking into the database, it showed that he was rank 72, so after paying the appropriately huge ransom, I let him live and let the Outcasts bump his ship on to the Tau-31 Gate Construction site.

The weapons shipment has already reached Vespucci safely.

Profits summary::nyam:
7,200,000 Credits
9 Adv. Debilitator Turrets (class 4)
10 Lane Hacker Pilots

Specialist Fridge out. terminated

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-20-2008
comm.ID.Refrigerator recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data

I'd like to inform you about these two suspects, that have been spotted yesterday near the Texas Jump Hole in California. They are armed, tricky and resistant disrespectful traders. Their presence near our key smuggling routes can not be tolerated.

ship types:
SilverStorm - Train
Draconis - Behemoth terminated

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-20-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Once again the corrupt Liberty "authorities" demonstrate their ineptitude at slowing the progress of our activities. The LH.illusion was destroyed today under the combined firepower of no less than SIX corrupt hooligans, THREE of whom were in Gunboat class capital ships. That it required such an overwhelming display of brute force to interdict the illusion demonstrates the unquestionably tyrannical
and incompetant nature of the forces that are arrayed against us.
[Image: th_LHillusiondestroyed.png]

Additionally, we have a new recruit, AlecTrevalyan.
His xfire channel is "
eyvindm". terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-21-2008 data..

Towards the end of our Cardamine distribution operation I was double crossed by a corporate servant. He received a free cardamine shipment and left. He came for a second shipment and met at an arranged place. Once I got close to him he send a message and 2 LSF jumped to that location.

Red with anger I destroyed both LSF ships:

[Image: nyG.jpg]

[Image: nyG1.jpg]

And the traitor as well:

[Image: nyG2.jpg]

The anger blinded me though and just as I finished off the traitor my ship disintegrated under fire from another newly arriving LSF fighter.

My escape pod was picked by our smuggling ship a short time later. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - eyvind - 01-21-2008

//Posting under this account since my Alec Trevalyan account is still not activated
...comm.ID.Trainee Alec Trevalyan recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

I was contacted by [BLS]Alernon today and since our current diplomatic standard with the Blue Locus Syndicate is friendly, I offered my assistance. This assistance included merely keeping an eye out for Liberty authorities patroling Manhattan space to let [BLS]Alernon smuggle certain goods onto the planet.

Navy and Police agents were sighted near Norfolk and West Point Academy and only intermittently visited Manhattan. A number of RegEx and unaffiliated traders passed occasionally. Traffic was cumulatively low.

The smuggling operation ended as a quick and straight-forward success. The corporate flunkeys yet again prove their incompetence and obliviousness.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-21-2008
comm.ID.Looter recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data
This is Trainee LH~Looter, submitting data.

After handing in a pack of pilots for interrogation, I've been helping Alec, the new recruit, to earn his affiliation and take down some Hammerheads that were trespassing into the Barrier.

I've been hanging around for quite some time, and I'm therefore submitting my status report as well.


There's a little bonus, I spotted a Guild Core Member just passing near Mactan yesterday. His intentions were unknown, but he was his ship was destroyed later in Magellan, by an unknown force.

[attachmentid=4145] terminated

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-21-2008
comm.ID.Frosty recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data

I've been assisting Alec.Trevalyan on his reconnaisance mission into Liberty. Traffic and commerce seems to be flourishing on the ways in and out of New York.

I've intercepted a few traders, they were usually compliant, with a few exceptions. DARCK/STAR, whom Fridge has already chased halfway across the Independent Worlds, has bought itself an Armored transport.
I've met him at the NY gate in California, while trying to rob mjack with his transport ... he was armed, though, and resistant. I've smashed darck to bits for his silly attempt for revenge. I was too exhausted to finish mjack, so I let him get on with his travels. Few hours later, he was bombed by Stavro for his stubborness, and I didn't even have to cll him to do that. Trying to slip past West Point, there was a Beryllium trader and a weird Police affiliated Zoner guy in an IMG destroyer. He was also silly, if not worse. His huge ship was stationed there while I threatened the trader on a short range frequency. "Halt or be atomized!" He overheard that and somehow thought up that I'm about to attack a Zoner in a Destroyer, which is stationary ... dodging the volleys, I've told him to sober up, and then returned to the LR Destroyer for a cup of tea.

I'll spam the Liberty Governments mailboxes today ... those Police affiliated Zoners have apparently bribed some local authorities... and they're not gonna like the results, if they stay hanging around Liberty. I wish there were no more... terminated