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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 08-19-2011

Another stupid miner gets to his end:

[Image: screen52d.png]

UAU VII was the only thing salvaged. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 08-27-2011

Commence operations.


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 09-06-2011

Uncooperative cooperation the DSE is:

[Image: screen111editedversion.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 09-06-2011

This DSE one paid 7,5 million credits while a navy officer was present:


The navy lad decided refuse my demand of dropping everything not nailed down on his ship and then run away like a baby:


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 09-09-2011

Testing out my new Falchion, with sucsess:

In New York, I destroyed an uncooperative and unrespectful Kusarian trader:

[Image: screen2edited.png]

In the same system, I destroyed a very agressive civilian; pure act of self defense *caugh*:

[Image: screen4edited.png]

I moved down to California and another trader, Bretonian this time, fired upon me without any warning, I tought him a lesson:

[Image: screen8edited.png]

One lane ahead I stumbled upon a ship I saw, and destroyed, yesterday. This time it's captain was willing to pay:

[Image: screen9edited.png]

Back to NY, an Ageira freighter came my way. After a rather long talk he didn't seem to comply and called for help, but the Navy Gunboat wasn't able to protect him:

[Image: screen11edited.png]

I escaped to Alcatraz after that and called it a day.

The test of my new LF was a sucsess: 4 dead traders, one of them a flunky, and an extorted DSE) .

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 09-09-2011

Allright, I actually DIDN'T call it a day.

Back in old hunting grounds, New York, a lone, weak police fool attempted to attack me. Guess what happened:

[Image: screen1edited.png]

Now to the bigger 'event'
I caught a whole OSC convoy full of passengers. A Crane, two Mammoths and an Eagle as escort. They greatly failed to comply and I started to get my Falchion to it's limits. The results:

[Image: screen2editedf.png]

[Image: screen3edited.png]

[Image: screen4edited.png]

[Image: screen5edited.png]

It was ways easier than I thought, they weren't too expirienced I guess, but meh, they got their lessons.

So much for that.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yoshida - 09-11-2011

Gentlemen, this is Yoshida speaking. I had indeed a long time to report my activities since I was outside Liberty thinking of new, unique, insidious and devious plans against the corporate establishment and their military hoodlums. In this report I will list the most important things of the last 3 weeks.

I was extorting some corporate lackeys in Cortez when a Lane Hacker named Warwick came and we grouped together. Firstly we moved in Kepler Gate in Colorado system but because of the low traffic we decided to come closer to the center, so we moved to the NY Gate in the same system. After some successful operations, an IC Border Worlds Transport came through the Gate. Even though I was asking him to stop, he kept squeezing in system-wide messages about being pirated. In the end he got what he deserved:

Some moments after the flunky's destruction a gallic transport arrived with GMG IFF and started shooting at me. Unfortunately for him that was a very bad move. In the end, he paid for assaulting me, his cargo hold was taxed and I took some nice photos of his gallic engines:

Afterwards I returned to my position and some minutes later an IC Stork filled with Optronics came from Planet Denver. The fool didn't listen to my demands and had a painful death since I let his hull burn for some minutes. Since Optronics are not in demand in any friendly or neutral base, I contacted the Congressmen to carry the cargo to Newark Station and of course keep a small profit from their service:
Everything evolved very well. As I waited outside Rochester I also found this:

Another day, back in Magellan, I found a Border Worlds transport filled with Cryocubes and it was heading to Planet Erie. As the foolish pilot didn't comply with my reasonable demands, my Scimitar didn't find any difficulty in ripping it's hull and assuming control of the cargo. As no Hacker transport was available to tractor the cargo hold, I contacted the Steelworkers, a junker groups, but they weren't available either. Then I asked a nearby TAZ transport which seemed to be very rude with me. Something which didn't please me at all. Fortunately, in the end a guy named Zoner.01 came and we shared the 11,000,000 profits of the cargo hold by half:

In another shift, I found a Naval lapdog patrolling close to Mactan. And I didn't leave that unanswered. Later I also found some Freelancers with Zoner IFF in the region too. They belonged to a group named STO| and they were quite co-operative:

Then I took my Scimitar and went to Cortez - California Gate to further promote our interests. The corporate victims who refused to accept my demands were burned again and again:

Yesterday, I pulled another shift. I heard about the humanitarian crisis in Freeport 2 so I decided to focus my operations on Texas. In the New York Gate, 3 USI transports jumped through carrying 5k of Nanocapacitors each. As I was alone, I didn't actually pose a threat to 3 transports which could share regeneratives and their escorts could come any moment from NY, I decreased my demands, asking for 1.5mil from each ship. One of the flunkies sent me 5mil so I let the transports continue their route to FP2. Afterwards I found some smugglers moving Cryocubes to Freeport 2 as well. They thought I would not be demanding with them, for some unknown reason. Later another Universal flunky thought it was a good idea to haul Robotic Components without escorts. I must say that the Freeport 2 crisis proved to be very valuable:

As I was returning back to Beaumont, I found an OSI transport lurking around in New York. I asked him a few things and his lack of knowledge clearly shows that he is just a mindless corporate puppet with a Zoner identification. Even though this combination tempted me to extort him, I didn't do it. Moments later a Liberty Navy Dreadnought, a Guardian and an Upholder appeared and chased me. Undoubtedly they were rookies so after I gained distance from the Dreadnought I decided to engage them two snubs. Some minutes later both of them were destroyed but the Dreadnought kept chasing me along with 2 USI escorts which arrived shortly after.

The masks have fallen... the corporate lapdogs assumed the position of law enforcers and they even ordered the present Liberty Navy puppet a few times. I entered Pittsburgh debris field so that the dreadnought could not chase me there. Since I was also close to the Rogue Cruiser and could seek protection there if anything went wrong, I switched my attention to the USI Eagle and Liberator which were attacking me all this time. They had to learn what it means to be better in every way through superior firepower. And that's what I did. [*USI*]C.Trenton.[R] was killed and after the ammo of [*USI*]T.Ristar[R] ran out, he started running and squeezing like a good flunky. I didn't chase the latter though. I had sustained enough damage to the LN hoodlums and their corporate masters. It's important to stay focused and to know when it is enough. Because huge success is not far from destruction.

Here are the pictures I have taken from the second phase of yesterday's operation:

It is my wish to advance in the next rank. However, in order to achieve that my mission proposal must be reviewed. It's been a month since I submitted it. I hope I will receive a reply soon.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ipuvaepe - 09-16-2011

Having destroyed all known Bounty Hunter Weapon Platforms near Mactan, I set out for the California system. By the time I reached the Jump Gate to California, I found my target: a Titanic-class transport full of copper ore flying an IMG IFF, tagged as [CBM]. I followed and after it went through the gate, I got in front of it and we entered the trade lane. Fortunately, our brothers received my message and killed the trade lane half way to Planet Los Angeles. After informing the commanding officer of the impending explosive decompression of his bridge, I offered my services for two million sirius credits. He offered 1.2, I counteroffered 1.4, which he found agreeable. He transferred the credits to my enumerated input account, and through to my own after they were funneled through various accounts. I then docked at Alcatraz and retired for the night.

That morning after excercising in the asteroid field, I made my way to the trade lanes between Planet Mojave and the New York Jump Gate. Within a minute of arriving, a Zoner Whale flying the Zoner IFF tagged as Omicron Supply Industries dropped out at my hacked lane. My facial muscles contracted to reveal a smile over a kilometer wide. Zoner Whales are unarmed, I thought to myself. After demanding 2,500,000 credits from him to prevent his ship exploding, he offered three fifths that on the condition that I escort him to his destination. I accepted his offer on the condition that he pay an escort fee, and we went underway to Bethlehem Base in Pennsylvania. He then paid the 6,500,000 total credits due, and I departed. Just before entering the trade lane out, a Vigilante Eagle dropped out. Knowing there was no way I could be the victor, I took my leave. I write this from Niverton Base in Pennsylvania. I will soon be upgrading to a Bactrian freighter.

After returning to California, I ran into a Firefly transport. I demanded 1.5 million, he misheard and paid 500 thousand. I corrected his mistake, and he immediately opened fire. I managed to eject, and was picked up by a friendly patrol. The $500,000 was maintained.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Tachyon - 09-18-2011

It's time for another bloody report I guess, including intel on naval ships, some freelancer trader conversation, guncams of dead enemys.

Personal note: The guncam footage, scans and conversation logs link to my falchion's ship systems and my local data memory cell on Mactan Base seem to be broken. I will fix this a soon as possible.

Starting with some shots;

The first victim was 'Sansibar' , an ageira 'griffin' Light Fighter: [/url]
It tried to protect a miner hegemon at the California Gate in New York, it greatly failed at doing so.

The next one was a Kusarian IC flunky in his 'Bumblebee' Transport, callsign is 'Salzonne':

I met it at the Cortez gate in California first, it tried to jump it's way out of the hopeless situation and after the 4th jump I managed to destroy the vessel. Some Junker took the loot ( basic alloy ) off my hands.

A Hegemon, with seemingly broken comms and brain:
This was a rather odd thing, it attacked me at the Freeport in Magellan and ran towards the Kansas jumphole, but even his anti-figher equipment couldn't save him.

The [LN] officer 'Mardy.Stones' has also been neutralized:
Interrupting my business is one of the worst ideas you might have. It kept me from destroying the trader 'Gabriel.Cash'. It made me so angry I destroyed that VHF right at the place-

Not forgetting to mention the subject 'Tom.Long', a guardian pilot of the secondary navy fleet:
This guy wasn't smart enough to kill me with help of his cruiser capatain friend. After passing by Fort Bush the first time that day after the destruction of some unrespectful freelancer-trader-dude, he wanted to bring me to 'justice'.

Same for the LPI puppet 'Grey.Falcon': [url=]
It engaged me near Baltimore, trying to prevent the destruction of the LNS- Cruiser, which was destroyed right after his death.

And finally, a LNS- Cruiser was destroyed with help of the FReelancer The.One.Furry:
Lured out away from the Baltimore SY, it couldn't stand the fire of The.One.Furry and me.

I did mention 'Gabriel.Cash', right ? Here is the conversation between him and me:

Additionaly I made some scans of the local Navy Battleship Fleet ships 'LNS-Canada' and 'LNS-Goeben':



That's for now.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ipuvaepe - 09-21-2011

After days out to sea, I am making my third deposit. I have delivered twenty nine (29) Bounty Hunter pilots, three (3) pilots of the Bretonian Police Authority, fifty three (53) civilian pilots, three (3) pilots of the Liberty Navy Guard, and twenty two (22) pilots of the Liberty Navy for a grand total of one hundred and ten (110) pilots. They have been securely delivered to the prison facility on Mactan.