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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yoshida - 09-25-2011

Greetings Gentlemen. This is another report of my latest operations.

As I was conducting business in Texas system, a LPI came and disrupted the discussion I had with a friendly Universal Shipping employee. The interesting part was the fact that he was using Bounty Hunter weaponry and the RFP pilot in his hold clearly indicates that it recently fought against Rheinlanders:

Of course, I managed to escape from the 2 LPI and continued my business in California. There, a Gateway flunky was extorted and I also found a rude Congressman. I already expressed my complaints to the Congress, here. Later, I also destroyed a fool Kusarian flunky which couldn't meet my demands. Anyway, while I was returning to Leiden, I encountered the ultimate flunky. A stork with IC IFF and Ageira papers. Needless to say that its cargo hold was confiscated and his hull got some holes from my Hellflurries before he realized that it was impossible to save himself:

Another day, I was going to California when I noticed an Ageira flunky in Colorado. It was an Armored Transport and when he noticed me he started running in the vacuum. So we had the time for an extensive discussion with it's captain. Even though he was brain-washed, I think some of the things I told him made him curious. Fortunately in the end he made a mistake so I managed to reach him and he opened fire. The fight didn't last too long. In the end, while we were still 200K outside the system, I made him jettison his cargo and shoot it with his own turrets. Lovely, isn't it?

Back in California, we found an OSI transport hauling Gold Ore to the Ageira base. As I said in my previous transmission, I am not really fond of this "Zoner" corporation. They are not real Zoners. So we asked him to pay 1mil to each one of us. Me, Mr Morant and Miss Orlov. An hour later, near the Cortez Jump Gate we found an IND flunky. He was going to Los Angeles to buy a movie production house and become a movie star. Too bad he won't make it since he had to drop all his cargo. After some other successful extortions, I was attacked by a BHG| in Cortez. I had the upper hand however some minutes later a Mandalorian appeared and helped him:

Some days ago in Texas I found some Unioners and discussed a bit about the issue I have with the Freeport 2 Administrator. They were in fact interested and recently sent me a private message as well. We couldn't discuss more things however, because the "authorities" came and a fight soon started. The latest trent is armourless DSE Mastodons transporting Vehicles to the front and basic alloy to Fort Severn. I have caught some of those. In one occasion a Vigilante tried to stop me, but he was destroyed after the DSE Mastodon paid me. I also found again a smuggler named Black.Market. He still somehow has the idea that because he hates "LNS" he will be exempt from my extortion. I made sure that this is not true. Afterwards, Mr Stewart and Miss Orlov assisted me but we didn't manage to destroy 2 Luxury Liners which were carrying both refined and unrefined gold ore for NY. Too bad... we could have made good money. Half an hour later a transport filled with Niobium was extorted and then a Junker Salvager came by. He was very rude and didn't want to answer in my questions. In the end, he opened fire and he paid that with his destroyed ship. So I launched Silent Circuit and tractored the Luxury Consumer Goods and Mr Stewart in his freighter accompanied me in a small trade run through Kusari, Bretonia and in the end Rheinland. As I was moving Gold to Buffalo, I found an Omicroner in Bering effectively breaking the Rheinland embargo. I am planning to sell this intel to the Rheinland Intelligence:

Yesterday was a good profitable day... I firstly encountered another DSE Mastodon. Soon after I extorted him a Liberty Siege Cruiser and a Gunboat arrived so I was forced to keep distance and wait for backup. Fortunately, a friendly Scylla came by and we destroyed both of the naval capitals. And then.. [Convoy] came which was going to Ontario. They were hauling Basic Alloy and it was heavily guarded. So I let them pass. I tried to call for additional backup and Miss Orlov in her Scimitar came by. Not a very suitable vessel in that occasion, I should add. In the meantime, a <SA> tagged slaver hauling cardamine, however since the [Convoy] was returning I didn't have the time for a little chat with him. This time they were hauling the much more valuable Military Vehicles and we stopped them with the Scylla and the Scimitar. Their escorts were one Templar and 2 Bretonian Gunboats and they were accompanying 2 heavily armoured Shires. I asked from the Shires the standard tariff and their convoy leader offered to pay 75% of my original price. In terms of firepower I didn't stand a chance, so I accepted the deal. I think it was better than taking unnecessary risks. Near Mojave I also found an artifact smuggler named last_pilgrim and a [TAZ] Yacht hauling Marijuana. Later that day I extorted a Shire transport hauling Gold Ore. It didn't comply in any of my demands and in fact it called a Navy battlegroup. However I didn't give up and I met him afterwards, in the lane between Mojave and Los Angeles. It put a hard fight and in the end I forced it to drop all of its cargo and leave. Vanquish soon hauled almost 4200 of Gold Ore to the Ageira base.

If Ageira knew who they paid for their services...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Ipuvaepe - 09-29-2011

While en route to resupply at Rochester Base, I encountered a Liberty Navy Guardian-class VHF. No combat was initiated, but I managed to scan his equipment. '€¢

Name: LN-McQueen
Ship: Guardian
Armor: Universal Armor Upgrade Mk VIII
Scanner: Advanced Cargo Scanner
ID: Liberty Navy Guard
IFF: Liberty Navy, probably Liberty Navy Guard

Later, I encountered an Interspace-tagged Ageira Stork-class transport full of Boron. I ordered him to stop many times, and he eventually hopped in the lane ignoring my demands. A friendly Rogue stopped the lane for me, and after he continued to ignore my demands he was destroyed. '€¢

However almost immediately after, a Liberty Assault Battlecruiser arrived. This means it's bye-bye time so I left, but not before scanning him. '€¢ '€¢

Name: LNS-Sharatan
Ship: Liberty Assault Battlecruiser
Armor: Capital Armor Upgrade Mk IV
Scanner: Advanced Deep Scanner
ID: Liberty Navy Guard
IFF: Liberty Navy, probably Liberty Navy Guard
Notes: He had Military Vehicles, I find this unusual. They may be preparing a planetary invasion force

After selling the Boron at Bethlehem Station, I encountered yet another LABC. Went on about my business, but not before scanning. '€¢ '€¢

Name: LNS-Cheyenne
Ship: Liberty Assault Battlecruiser
Armor: Capital Armor Upgrade Mk IV
Scanner: Discovery Scanner
ID: Liberty Navy Guard
IFF: Liberty Navy
Notes: I scanned his weapons, mostly Solaris.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - deepu.sunny - 10-16-2011


Greetings Lane Hackers, this is Cave.dwelleR here after my first day as a trainee.

I was offloading some Xeno rookies at the buffalo base in NY when I met two outcasts ADS_Odkundes and Crash. They were bursting to pirate some unsuspecting corporate traders so I joined them. We flew to the Texas system to trap some flies but we didn't see a thing out in texas. So we took the jumpgate to NY and lo and behold, we re-materialized right in front of an IC flunky Cargo_Master and he was carrying a lot of military vehicles in his adv train.
Since I have no experience in pirating, I took a backseat and watched the pros at work. He paid up 3 mil in all and each of us got a million SC. Only after receiving the credits,I remembered that IC's are in KOS group and the outcasts were loathe to pursue and kill after he paid up.

So we waited near the trade lane entrance disrupting it. Not long after that a civilian trader flied right into our trap. We started harassing him and haggling the tax price when the trade lane came back online and in our haste to taste another successful piracy we forgot about that lil' detail and SOooo he escaped to fort bush. We gave a chase of course and end up right in the mouth of some Navy lackeys. Well... we ran and they followed.
Near manhattan the lackeys accepted the help of some brainwashed freelancers. So that's when I thought enough is enough and hightailed out of the system. Poor Crash.

I managed to scan the Navy lackeys though.

[color=#FF0000]Call Sign : [LN]-Natalie.Cahoone
ID & IFF : Liberty Navy Guard ID, Navy IFF
Ship CLass : BDR 804 Guardian Liberty VHF
Date : 16/10/2011 19:52:29 SMT
Weapons : W1, W2

Call Sign : [LN]-Jacob.Beumont
ID & IFF : Liberty Navy Guard ID, Navy IFF
Ship Class : BDR 804 Guardian Liberty VHF
Date : 16/10/2011 19:53:47 SMT
Weapons : W1

All in all a productive day. I need some R&R to save my shaking knees and chattering teeth.
Cave.dwelleR out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Stewart - 10-24-2011 data...

While returning from Alcatraz, I happened across a Hellfire Legion Sabre and a Liberty Navy <strike>C</strike>Upholder. He engaged my Pirate Transport, and was swiftly destroyed.
[color=#ffbf00]Subject: welshbomber
Affiliation: Liberty Navy
Shiptype: Li-117 "Upholder" Liberty Bomber
Event: Combat, successful
Armament: one ANC-2 "Nova" Torpedo Launcher, one CD95XT Train CD
Status: Destroyed
Just before he was destroyed, a Zoner transport vessel entered range. I stopped him, but he fled and I was unable to get through his armor before he had docked with Riverside Station.
[color=#990000]Escaped Subject: Gomez_Mejm
Affiliation: Zoners
Shiptype: ZBT-100Z 2, Zoner Borderworlds Transport
Event: Piracy, unsuccessful
Cargo: 4950m³ of Luxury Consumer Goods
Fines Outstanding: 2,475,000cr terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 10-25-2011

I was starting right into extorting after my week of absence.

At the Cortez gate in California I cought A BMM Transport hauling Gold to New York. To lower the risk of refusal and engagement I lowered my demand to 750 thousand SC and got, what I wanted.

Due to lack of traffic in California, a really rare occurence, I moved to New York and right into a battle betwee one of our Outcast allies and two navy vessel. The secondary fleet officer was killed by a mine and the primary fleet one escaped to West Point after a rather long chase:

Heading back to the Lane I originally wanted to be, I got an IC flunky with Gold and Mining machinery. And just after I disrupted his engines, he opened fire. I showed no mercy:

I am now sitting in the Rochester bar, again. Nikolai out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 10-25-2011

More news:

Just after launching from Rochester space, I stumbled upon a lone Freelancer in his cute little Rhino. So I kindly asked him to contribute to the Lane Hackers, but he refused with the words 'KILL me'. I felt nice enough to fulfill his last, strange, wish:

Additionaly, in order to aid Mission 15, I scanned the Weapon Dealers [Arms.Dealer].Narcotic and W.F.Cody.Equipment.Shop. I will report about that in the Mission Archives, tomorrow.

Yet again in the Rochester Bar. Nikolai out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 10-27-2011

After a short break I continued hunting in New York. Through the California JG, an IMG Transport, though not sporting an IMG IFF Tag, which made me sceptic about the captains affiliation with the guild, came in. I decided to treat him as a regular neutral. He was willing to pay a total sum of 4 million SC for his load of Gold Ore:

Since the New York-California lanes lacked suffiecient traffic for an effective piracy operation, I moved back to Magellan. Mr. Knox joined me on the Corporate Calamity and we began extorting at the Leeds JH. I catched an IC Mastodon, apparently the same captain I lately saw on the BMM Shire, a few questions made clear, that he changed the employer, because Agiera would pay better. I made clear Agiera flunkys pay us by leaving all of his Gold to me:

The Gold is now on the Silent Circuit and the Corporate Calamity.

I decided to relocate the piracy operation to Manchester, in order to intercept a possible corporate target. And only after a minute or two of waiting at the Cortez Gate lane the BMM Hegemon 'Plymouth' ran right into us. The talk was long, but the outcome was clear. The puny defences of that corporate joke weren't able to hinder us at the termination of his ship:

The Luxury Consumer Goods are now on the Corporate Calamity.

Back in California, solo again, I sat at the Cortez gate and waited fo my next target 'Kentucky'. It fell right into my trap. The captain was seemingly empley by the IC, but he was lacking the IC IFF. However, I demanded to drop all the synth paste he had, but the flunky wasn't able to understand even after the third time. I tought him, what that means for him:

The Synth Paste is now floating in space.

On my way back to Rochester I came across a Junker ( Salavager ) with a full acrgo hold of Artifacts. I could swear seeing him smuggling those things already and I propose to keep an eye on him. I kept the intel:

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 11-07-2011

Quote:I got no time for this

Satisfying result afterall.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 11-13-2011

First of all, I want to thank your for promoting me to the rank of Specialist, I will maximize and my efforts and optimize my strategies to bring down all flunkys in Sirius.

Although I only wanted to move a ship very quick, I encountered an IC lackey with beryllium trespassing the California JG in New York. After the captain of the ship refused to comply with dropping all cargo he had, I shot him down until his hull almost lost integrety. He started to beg for his life and I decided to give him a last chance. By leaving all cargo and ammunitions he had onboard his ship to me and pay an extra 2 million credits:

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Mr.Sanguinetti - 01-10-2012 data...

I have been sitting on the wreck of a fellow who disregarded every suggested security measures, such as equipping an armor, or buying an insurance from me. I was cursing myself for I woke up that early when all haulers I could contact were asleep. Even the junkers flying in the system were pretty uninterested to answer my call. Is that stuff so worthless? Anyways, when I was least expecting, two transports appeared from the nothing - both were empty. Let me amend the logs.

[Image: trader.png]
See my point here? That prejudice hurts me. Our ships are on the open market, I try to conclude my business as decent as I can, and we are working for the betterment of the common people of Liberty. And yet... That word.

I got so offended that I immediately connected to the sweet comfy-fluffy Neural-Net to get someone to process that arrogant flunky and get someone to finally haul the alloy.

Woke up in a pod. That's why everyone says not to override -all- your sensory input with the neural interface. But where's the joy in that? terminated...