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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 01-23-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 9.png]
Dear Professors,

I wish to inform you about my progress. During last two days I have liberated funds from sixteen corporate flunkies. Notable donations include five million credits from an aggressive pilot of Ageira's Bison who was humiliated by my nearly armorless Bactrian in Ontario, three million credits from an Interspace Titanic pilot in Galileo and two million credits from DSE Titanic pilot and freelancer Stork pilot in New York, each of course. Remaining twelve donations can be reviewed in my profile.

I have also removed from the pool genes of six corporate flunkies and one pirate. That pirate was fool enough to attack a Lane Hacker. Since I had only limited armour on my Bactrian, I was assisted by our bomber Antimatter Matters. Most notable ships reduced to molecules are Interspace Titanic and Crane and Ageira Stork and Bison. Minor kills can be reviewed on my profile. I have also liberated cargo from several minor transports and delivered it to various bases. These deliveries can be checked also in my profile.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 01-25-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 10.png]

Dear Professors,

I wish to inform you about nine donations I was given by some very nice traders, including a pilot of a Universal Mastodon filled with niobium ore who decided to give me five million credits. I also intercepted IND Stork in Galileo and made him drop all his cargo. Some uncooperative types were also blown up, but nothing really worth mentioning. Maybe the two LSF that I taunted in Zone 21 and lured into mines. I've also exercised some mania interrogation techniques on a fresh Navy recruit in that area and hacked a navcom of a bounty hunter, interrogated him and damaged his ship. I attach surveillance logs.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Surveillance log: New York, Nicole Hunter's Falchion, 24th January

I found a bounty hunter near Planet Manhattan talking to a LPI.
Devin Travors: If you ever want to get ridiculed while you're on the job, become a cop in Liberty.
Nicole Hunter: Amen.
Devin Travors: Tell you what. I've got two of your friends sitting in my hold, and they're making a lot of noise. It's distracting. Please, take them back.
Nicole Hunter: Fellas, did you plant a bomb there? Thank you, hunter.
I don't know why, but I received our two pilots. I decided not to investigate why and quickly disappeared in the debris field. The hunter hailed me on a private channel.
Devin Travors: You sneaky devil, you.
Nicole Hunter: Sneaky... Maybe, but not devil. I am the personification of goodness and godness.
Devin Travors: How so?
Nicole Hunter: *socket open*
Nicole Hunter: Oh. If you want I will upload you my picture. You will see it for yourself.
Devin Travors: That would be interesting.
Nicole Hunter: *initiate upload*
Nicole Hunter: Accept the file, you moron. *laughs*
Devin Travors: You kids and your technology. If I can just find the... *beep* ... I think that did it.
Nicole Hunter: *you see half naked woman for a second, then the screen goes blank and flashes several times*
Nicole Hunter: *waypoint uploaded: sector C5* *initiating cruise*
Nicole Hunter: Oh, you boys are all the same...
Devin Travors: Erm, oh dear.
Nicole Hunter: And now your ass belongs to me.
Nicole Hunter: *weapons control: powering down*
Nicole Hunter: Didn't they taught you not to accept unknown files, especially from a Lane Hacker?
Devin Travors: Well, this is how I die. So, am I going to die today?
Nicole Hunter: It depends. I said I am a personification of godness.
Devin Travors: I see, yes.
Nicole Hunter: *engines stop*
I had complete control over his ship and it arrived as expected.
Devin Travors: This is what I get, I suppose.
Nicole Hunter: Really, I can't believe that hunters are so stupid.
Devin Travors: I suppose.
Nicole Hunter: Now, tell me what I should do with you?
Devin Travors: Well, you could let me live, and let me provide for my family. Or you could kill. *Coughs* Me.
Nicole Hunter: Like that?
I de-shielded him with a mine and shot across his cockpit.
Devin Travors: I suppose, yeah.
Nicole Hunter: You want to provide for your family? Are you a married man? Well, there is nothing more pathetic than married men downloading pictures of girls from Neural Net...
Devin Travors: Eh, no. It's my sister, you see, she can't really do much on her own.
Nicole Hunter: And why did you choose this line of job? You know, very few hunters live long enough to see their retirement bill.
Devin Travors: Well, the LPI won't take me with my criminal record. We do what we have to to get by, I suppose.
Nicole Hunter: You seem to me just a slave. Were you a slave?
Devin Travors: Nope.
Nicole Hunter: You just do what others tell you to do. If it is nothing good for you, you just say angrily... meh. I really wonder why you're still alive.
Devin Travors: I'm just trying to make money legitimately. I'm done with the smuggling and shady characters.
Nicole Hunter: Legitimately! Good joke.
Devin Travors: It's lawful work, I suppose.
Nicole Hunter: Tell me what is legitimate about killing for Ageira, Interspace or Navy. Maybe, because certain very rich people say that its the right thing?
Devin Travors: What do you want from me?
Nicole Hunter: Right now I don't even know. I thought I will kill you here. But now I just pity you.
Devin Travors: How so?
Nicole Hunter: You're broken man who became nothing more than a will-less golem.
Devin Travors: I'm merely trying to carve out a living.
Nicole Hunter: When the only response you get from a man who can die any second now is "I suppose"... It means that deep inside he doesn't want to live. You just want it to end, do you?
Devin Travors: I don't...
Nicole Hunter: That was so convincing.
I de-shielded him with mine and damaged his hull considerably.
Nicole Hunter: Tell me you want to live! Now!
Devin Travors: I want to live!
Nicole Hunter: Third grade actor at best.
Devin Travors: You don't understand, I just want my little sister to have a better life!
Nicole Hunter: I understand. But still I pity you. There are million other ways to do it. And you just choose to become a slave, the worst kind of slave, doing all the dirty work for his master, who doesn't give a ****, because he has million other similar slaves.
Devin Travors: Well, what is it that you want me to do? Go back to mercenary work for people like you?
Nicole Hunter: Well, like I said, originally I wanted you to die, or at least suffer. Now I think I will just leave you be. To have something to think of.
Nicole Hunter: *socket open* *self-terminate trojan in one minute*
I engaged cruise and left him in the Debris field.
Nicole Hunter: But the next time we meet... if we meet... well, it will end differently...
Nicole Hunter: *navigation restored*
Somehow I wasn't happy with the outcome of this encounter.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 01-27-2012

First of all, I eliminated an Ageira ID'd Stork in California, which went down so quickly, that I wasn't even able to get screens on it's papers, but whatever.

Next, in Coronado, another Ageira vessel crossed my presence and I imediately freeded the MV's I found onboard.

In Alberta, I catched some DSE and Universal Shipping weasels mining Platinum Ore - they refused to comply with my demands and I destroyed the Transport.

At last, on the Chimera, the neural net bank of an IC flunky got weightened by 2,5 million credits. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 01-28-2012

An Interspace Transport and it's Samura flunky, which both hauled Copper Ore into Liberty, failed to cut their engines/talk/comply/think/fight and faced the consequences. Their escorts fled to Westpoint in the meanwhile.

On my way back to Magellan I got intercepted by (initially) 3 LPI- vessels (including a SWAT- member), which tried to force me obeying their 'orders' - but even their incoming reinforcements of another LPI- officer, a secondary Police officer and a =LSF= Gunboat weren't able to stop me and as addition to that, I taught some of them a quick lesson about how Hellflurrys effect hull integrity. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 02-01-2012

I eliminated a general annoyance of the ours and our allies - Abraham, first guncam taken, when I have already started terminating him; Ms. Hunter was standing by and enjoyed the lightshow. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 02-02-2012

[Image: screen2bi.png]

And as a little extra: terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 02-04-2012

The Dagger strikes. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 02-05-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 11.png]
Dear Professors,

I wish to inform you that since my last transmission many traders were generous enough to donate some credits to our cause. Others were taught respect through inspiring show of superior skills and firepower. However, I will not bother you with their puny life stories. Instead, I have a juicy catch to share. I've managed to intercept IND transport in Colorado. Its cargo has been confiscated and fine has been enforced.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 02-12-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]
Dear Professors,

I would like to report results of my training in combined art of mania interrogation and extortion. Five targets have been intercepted and extorted. I attach visual confirmation. I am also happy to inform you that one IND flunky has refused to drop his cargo in California and was reduced to subatomic particles. I will, naturally, not bore you any further by mentioning regular extortion operations that rewarded us handsomely.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 02-15-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]
Dear Professors,

I would like to report results of my training in advanced combat tactics and assassination techniques. Three targets from our and our allies' bounty boards have been intercepted and destroyed. I attach visual confirmation and brief description.

The first target was a Zoner Barge bountied by our allies, Liberty Rogues. Since he was a trader I decided to offer him a chance to survive, which was ignored. It was incredibly boring kill as it took ages to wear down that Barge. It was destroyed in Shikoku.

The second target was a known pirate that earned himself bounty both from us and the Liberty Rogues. Since Mr Diavolo destroyed his ship he became very cautious. He was evading me for several days. The first time he managed to evade me in California. His Xeno friend bought him enough time to escape. The second time I decided to prepare a trap near California jumpgate in New York, his usual hunting ground. This time, however, the first second he saw me on his scanner he engaged cruise. I chased him all the way from the gate to Rochester, but was unable to disrupt him successfully. The third time he decided to humiliate me. He waited for me on California side of the jumpgate. When I jumped there he immediately jumped back to New York using the jumpdrive cooldown time to stay ahead of me. I decided to ask two Liberty Rogues for help in interception of him. They managed to intercept him near Mojave planet. They were making sure that he won't escape while I engaged him. When he was low on nanobots and realised that I am too cautious to be SNAC'ed he decided to commit suicide.

The third target was a member of the Bounty Hunters Guild. I detected him on long range scanners in Colorado. I decided to imitate a runaway, mined a tradelane and went to Kepler. Unfortunately, he decided not to follow me. Since I wanted to assassinate this particular hunter, I followed him back to New York. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate him. I decided to use some of advanced mania interrogation techniques to lure him into a trap. I sent him coordinates. I engaged jumpstart in case he was not that stupid to come alone. But fortunately, he turned to be an inept both in tactics and combat.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Victim 1: ID Kill
Victim 2: ID Kill
Victim 3: ID Kill